April 8th, 2015

Lots on Ebay for sale; Will sell Kidney for Feraligatr Minicot figure

Hey guys, I'm moving out of my house and on to grad school. Because of this, I have decided to sell most of my collection. I chose to do this on Ebay so I can reach a lot of people and sell them in lots. There is a lot of awesome stuff for sale, including a Pikazard plush, totodile lot that includes the zukan line, pikachu lot with giant pokedoll, and more!I put the best offer feature on there, so feel free to make any offers. Here is my feedback and sales permission, I'm not sure if I need to post this for ebay sales but just in case: I received sales permission on November 6, 2014 from Entirelycliched. My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/a_flockofmarins/.

Here is a link to my ebay selling page! http://www.ebay.com/sch/cew7f318/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=

Now for my final want. I have stopped collecting for a while to save money and space. I remember I joined this community to find one thing :The feraligatr minicot figure. While I found other awesome stuff, I never got my hands on this. So if anyone has one and is willing to part with it, or know where one is being sold, please let me know. Thanks for being awesome. Below are a few pics of the minicot. I got these pics online, and if they are yours and want them taken down, just let me know. :)

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Help-me-get-to-Japan Sales PART 2! - Sealed stuff, flats, TCG and more! :)

EDIT: I've steadily added more items so if you saw the post when it was just posted, there will be new items! :D

*Squuueeeeeal* I just spent 2 or so hours last night and 2 or so hours now making this post, and after I posted it, I had to change ONE letter, and instread of saving the edit - I DELETED THE POST. ;___; Not recoverable. Not one bit. :'D But I think I got everything correct in the a-lot-less-than-4-hour version you see here!
Anyways, hopefully this will work, such frustration, I almost solarbeamed my computer. >O<

First off, thank you all SO SO SO much for the amazing help and support in my last post! I really was humbled by how many people purchased items from me! :')
Hopefully after a few more sales and some sales on my Etsy the FIRST TIME TO JAPAN EVER dream will become a reality. <3
I am so close to Japan I can almost taste it! :D (And it tastes delicious, nomnom)

OH, also all sales from my previous post, will be shipped Friday or Saturday. (Except for envelope/flat purchases which will likely be shipped tomorrow or Wednesday! ^__^

So on to the sales! :D

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If you missed my previous plush, figures and GAMES post, please check it out if you wish!
ALSO I've added more items! :D

Click the pic below to be transported!


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Dragonite Wants! Quick Sales, Updated Permanent Sales & a story to tell.

Hi all! I'll get the serious stuff out of the way first :)

I'm looking for the Dragonite cards from the new JP Emerald Break series. I did have some of these ordered however there was an issues (see story below!) so now I need the Dragonite cards from this set, particularly the holo ones. Please get in touch, I'm a very sad bear!

Also still looking for a Dragonite Pokédoll Keyring!

Next up, I have a few quick TCG sales for you. I somehow managed to pull ALL of these cards from one tin?! I clearly should've bought a lotto ticket that day too.

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M Charizard EX - $35
Secret Rare Heracross EX - $15
Venusaur EX - $3
Blastoise Holo - $4

And some more recent ones:

Primal Groudon EX - $15
M Aggron EX - $10

You can also combine with any of my sales on my permanent sales page here! Prices and listings were just updated :)

And now, on to my story... I participated in a pre-order claims on the community for Emerald Break from a seller I love and trust :) The cards were shipped in two batches as it was the cheapest way and the first one arrived very promptly. The second, however.... Took almost a fortnight longer and arrived in the dreaded "we broke your stuff" bag D: But wait, it gets worse...

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Looking to buy

I found this outside my house today :( I thought I had it locked away for safe keeping, but it must have gotten out somehow. It must have been out here for a month. I love this item and would love to buy two or so to have back ups and a nice new one. My friend is repainting this one for me thankfully.

Thank you for your time. I can pay immediately. Shipping is to North Carolina, USA.

EDIT: keep offering! I would like to buy more
Kachiki Sabi

Looking to Buy: Lord of the Unown Playset

I'm looking for this playset. I originally only wanted the Entei, but the playset is so cute I can't resist! I would like for it to come with the rest of the little figures, but I already have the Entei. If anyone has any idea or has one for sale, please let me know!

Here are my other entei wants: http://doryphish333.livejournal.com/1344.html
I prefer to purchase elsewhere besides y!japan

Holy grail get!! *squeeeeeaaal!!*

Hello guys!! I'm in a bit of a flap xD My holy grail of all things Pokédoll arrived today!! I can't beleive he's here <3 And it really doesn't seem two minutes ago since I posted my last wants post to try and find him, international mail seems so quick these days! ='D

So who is he? Where is he!? And -why- am I still twittering on and not showing you any pics of the lil guy!?!

Lets fix that shall we with a cut...?

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Phew! What a ride! =D Thanks for looking guys and keep up the collecting! And maybe check out my sales to see if there's anything there that is missing from your collection? =3 Just clicky-click the purple snakes! =D

Introduction Post!

Hey! My name is Dia, I've been looking over this community for quite a while but I never bothered to make an LJ account until now. Recently I've been hardcore collecting carbink merch and I've found a number of people on here selling carbink related items so I just had to make an account. If I ever get time during the summer, I have a large collection of various pokemon figures/flats/plush/etc I'd like to sell but for now I really just want to buy all the carbink stuff >w</) (I made the carbink art/gif myself~)

I spend most of my time on deviantart (dia-phantom), neopets (diamondphantom), and tumblr (alchemistphantom). I love making art and playing videogames (mostly Pokemon of course).

Thanks for having me here c:

Some pics of my Pokemon collection beneath the cut!

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Fake Ditto Tomy figure?

So a while ago I managed to get ahold of a Ditto Tomy figure. I paid like £1.50 for it (maybe less). It came from someone who didn't have much idea about Pokemon, so I don't know if it's legit or fake. I've heard that legit figures have deep writing and some sort of visible joint where the halves on the plastic were stuck together. My Ditto has both of these things, however the pink colour looks slightly off. This could just be from age though I'm not sure! :/ The uncertainty is driving me insane! XD What do you guys think?
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If he does turn out to be fake, then I will of course be needing a real Ditto! :) Is anyone selling one (also looking for Weepingbell and Nidorino!)? Thanks for your help guys! :)

Gets + beware of Hoppip.

Hello! Hope everyone is having a good day!
I recently received some stuff I want to show you hehe


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And now let me show you the face of the devil. Yes. It's a Pokemon. The more you look at it, the scarier it gets. Are you ready for this?

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Sooo that was it for now haha. I'm waiting on two big parcels to arrive next week; I'll be sure to make a post when they get here :P
Also decided to make myself a collection website, so if you have free time feel free to give it a look♪ (not completed yet but I'm adding stuff slowly hehe.)
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huge gets!

Hello everyone! i went to the post office and got my parcel today which i missed yesterday. here are some photos of the stuff i got. have a look.Collapse )

I got my preorder ticket for pokemon the movie XY hoopa and the archdjinn of the rings and a shiny rayquaza code to redeem the arceus and shiny rayquaza. gonna spend hours trying to get one with good nature and the right ivs. the movie ticket came as a set with the the arceus code and a paper file. i think the file is a preorder bonus. also there's the pokemon shuffle nintendo eshop code. am reluctant to take the card out since i would rather keep it that way but the eshop is currently demanding some funds *gulps*
got some older pokedolls such as charizard ( i already have one back home in malaysia). the canvas growlithe is smaller than i expected but its so cute! its MWT as well and i'm happy i got it at a good price. aside from that there's the beams shiny pikachu and the jolteon from the i love eevee campaign last year. got alot of metal charms and keychains from the pokemon center and also some from the pokemon cafe in shibuya. still looking for the other 2 male and female pikachu to complete the set.
got some mega tokyo merchandises as well. i can never get enough of mega tokyo pikachu merchandises. only the cookie can is a new addition and i already have multiples of the same logo pin. no idea why i wanted that many. weird..
and finally, the lugia and mega rayquaza plush! mega rayquaza is huge! and strange enough i went and got not 1 ,but 2 of the same plush. should have gotten the green one instead lol. i also got a mega rayquaza t shirt, but that was a mistake since it is too small for me to wear. i did not look properly about the size and went ahead before realising my mistake. i guess i could look forward to selling it after i obtain sales permission. but for now, i guess i'm gonna be leaving it in the cupboard for the time being.
thats all from me today! :D also, i'm not used to the LJ cut feature and i think i kinda messed it up =S if anyone has any advise on how to use i greatly appreciate it :D thanks!
Flopped Dratini

Looking for Mewtwo D-Arts

Hey guys! This is probably a long shot but I've decided that I reeeeally want to get my hands on the D-Arts Mewtwo figure after kicking myself for not buying the last one I saw on the comm. Now they're too expensive everywhere... especially with potential customs fees sob

So I thought I would ask: would anyone have one they'd be willing to sell for a max of $55 shipped to the UK? I don't mind which version, the one without Mew would be fine! And I can also do without packaging as long as you can send the figure/parts safely.

Thanks! If this is too much of a long-shot then that's fine too, I will just have to save. XD;

Second Plush

So I made a small plush for myself after finishing Dedenne. I made the pattern and everything all by myself :D I know I sound like a little kid but I'm very happy how it turned out. He stands approximately 4.5 inches tall and took about 4 hours to hand sew and embroider by hand. He is made of really soft fleece from Joanns. I know he's not perfect but I know what I need to do to get better and that is keep sewing. Plus this really is fun to do!