April 9th, 2015

Typhlosion Derp

Tiny Collection!

Hi everyone! I think I've started an accidental Tomy plush collection! I found the Sylveon in store today and couldn't resist bringing her home! I'm really starting to love these plushes and will be on the lookout for more! Is there a current list of Tomy plush available? I checked their website and they don't seem to list them all.


le gasp - sss?!?!

Hello everyone!!
I hope you're not sick of these SSS posts already... hehe.

Although I had a rocky start to my morning, I assured my supervisor that today was going to be a good day. I just had the feeling for some reason.
Around lunch time my husband sends me a very hard-to-see picture of a package. Didn't look like my usual boxes, so I could only assume it was from my SSS partner!! o__o! I couldn't wait to get home to check it out and sure enough, there it was!!


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These SSS have been incredible and I have enjoyed watching people receive their gifts almost as much as I had shopping for my partner! There's real joy in watching how awesome this community truly is. All of this would not be possible without all those fabulous volunteers for the SSS organization. So thank you as well, team!!

I hope we all have a wonderful spring and well wishes for the year!

Happy Collecting, everyone!!

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Recently I have acquired some merch of my favorite eeveelution and it is slowly accumulating so I thought it was worthy of a small brag! I got the TOMY 3 pack figures and plush from walmart, $12 each. The card and tcg figure were from the Sylveon Collection box set from Target and lastly the figure came from Japan in a coolio box I paid like $9 for it! =) All these toys I named after my Faela from the XY games.

 photo bfe48786-6868-4846-82c0-2c2f456a7618.jpg

Enjoy! xoxoxoxoxoxox
Shiny Charizard

Different sized Kabuto Tomy?

Hello everyone!

I have this issue, I just bought a new Kabuto to replace the "loved one".
I noticed the new one is considerably bigger than the old one (few mm), and I was wondering the posibility of it been a bootleg. I don't think it is, personally. But I want to ask for your opinion on this.
I hope the size is noticeable through the picture, lol.

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Animated, Trozei

SSS Gets!!

When I saw my mailman stop the truck and walk over a package I got super dooper excited!!

We had a false alarm yesterday to King was sceptical, but once we saw the pokeball symbol on the pacage we knew it just had to be!
I also came down with a horrible flu last night and really needed this <3
Felling better but I am all achy so I was slow to open things XD

and I do apolagise if my pots were not posted with a long enough gap in between ^^; I would be happy to save this journal and repost later!

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Pokedoll update + name challenge

I haven't really made a post in a while besides my starter poll tour - which, by the way, I will put up the poll for gen6 soon!

So I thought I might as well come up with a Pokedoll collection update!

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~ Name challenge
Second thing is, I want to give names to my Pokedolls!
And this is where you'll be involved! :) Please tell me the names you'd find good for whichever Pokedoll(s) in my collection you can think of! :)
But please understand that each one has different tastes, so don't be sad if I turn your suggestion down. ;-)

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Thanks all for looking/reading (^O^)/

looking to buy

Hey guys. :)
I'm looking to buy a Pokemon Time Furret plush. Maybe $24 shipped within US? I just purchased a grail, so I'm running a little low on cash. I actually want this Furret because it will look adorable with my incoming grail!
Furret does NOT need its tag. I don't even mind if it has a stain as long as it isn't super noticeable. :)
Bought Furret!

I'm also looking for a Tomy teddiursa figure. Does $10 +shipping sound good? Hopefully that sounds good.

Well that's all for now. I will be posting a giant collection update soon, yay. It'll be fun, I promise! :D Thanks for reading. <3
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Pathtags update / info / Small wants

I wanted to put a little update out here since Ive sent out a few hundred pathtags ~

I have shipped consistently every Monday, so the Monday after you sent payment is when your tag was shipped; unless I contacted you otherwise. If your payment was sent on a Monday, it most likely went out the following Monday.

Tags were shipped via normal envelope and stamp so normal mail times are expected. Within the states this is *normally* 2-7 days; however I would ask that you wait some additional time for quirks in processing. International times vary.

If you think too much time has elapsed and think your tag may be lost please contact me with your original payment info; I will do my best to cover losses but supplies are lmitied.

Thank you ~

no title

On an unrelated note I'm looking for some Pita Pokes.... Specifically Tympol; I may be intrested in others depending on price. Packaging is not a must.

I'm also intrested in the Zip Pouches from the Goomy Promo ~
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Just another wants post~

I am on the look out for these gardevoir/kirlia/ralts items! It's sop hard collecting for older generations ;-;
The Kirlia flat! I have the ralts, so my need for a complete set is driving me crazy! I don't know if there's a Gardevoir one though...

I have the normal zukan, but apparently there's also a levitating one!

This is basically a grail want. I searched high and low, and I honestly think I once passed one over by accident, so I'm in great need!

I'm practically looking for any ralts line flats too!


I now own some things I never thought I would ever own.

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I'm just. I am so extremely happy with how my collection is right now. It has been a joy to create and nuture into what it is today :')

On a side note:



PLEASE let me know if you know where to find one or if you have one for sale!

*photo belongs to slothyshroom, please let me know if you want me to take it down*

Found one!

On a final note, I hope everyone has a happy spring and all you university students ace your upoming finals! :)
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SSS has arrived!!

Has everyone been having fun with the SSS gifting? I have been enjoying all the photos and pokemon helpers of everyone's gifts! I was so excited when I saw my own package today! I knew what it was, since I wasn't expecting anything this sized that I bought. So happy! Let's get photo blogging!

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This was my SSS from dezi_kitsune, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the lovely items!! XD

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Also am tagging pupstergirl and godudette, so they know I received my swap gift. :D

some collection weeding (pokedolls!) , the search continues, and possible GA?

Due to college expenses, I'm forced to weed out a good portion of my collection sadly. I'm still keeping the ones that I really love or that have meaning to me and I'm still in search of my grail as well as one or two other plush that I've wanted since I joined so I'm not done with collecting, just focusing myself a little more and selling off pokedolls and the like that I really don't find myself needing.

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
Mah Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pepperzark/
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I'm also still on the lookout for my grail :D On top of that, though, I would like a Lugia Pokedoll. I've wanted one since I joined but haven't gotten around to actually getting one haha

(I don't know who's picture this is. If you do, please tell so I can credit them!)

Also, I was wondering if anyone would like to GA this?

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pokemon: mamo!

(no subject)

Hi guys!!
They're finally restocking the Mega Pikazards!! They are coming back the 25th!

They also announced this MEGA sized Pikazard... with a hefty price tag of 7,800 yen... oof!

We've restocked (regular sized!!) Pikazards here: http://www.sunyshore.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=66&products_id=2343

Also an advertisement for items coming out tomorrow!!

May's Monthly Pikachu!

Raichu Pokemon Center plush!

Mega Lati@s plushies!

And Game Dot stuff!

Thank you!!

Looking for Umbreon Canvas

Hi all, hope everybody is well :)

I'm looking to buy two Umbreon Canvas plushies. Ideally, I'd like to buy one with its tag, and one without, so one can be displayed and the other can come travelling around with me :) I'd also like a minky Umbreon Pokedoll.

Just bear in mind that I am based in the UK, I am aware not everybody ships internationally. Let me know if you have one for sale, thank you!

(Off to bed now, will reply in the morning) <3

What is this material? I love it and want to see more!!

I was organizing my shelf to look a little neater and I compared my cosplay pikachu material to the others, this minky matetial seems so much neater and higher quality, will more plushies in the future be made with this kind? Cannot get over the softness @-@ up until now I've been to scared to touch my baby since im always fooling with chickens and makeup and all that jazz XD;


Btw I had no idea you could pull the ears out of the hat.... Welp I learned something today!

Btw have the cosplay pikachus been bootleged yet? The reason I ask is bc my little cousins want one and their father is thinking of getting them one from Amazon but idk bout this :X I mean sure the pictures look fine but...... Either they will get a bootleged one or a totally different pikachu :/ and speaking of the topic, has anyone made a updated bootleg guide? I noticed a lot of members asking latley with concerns so idk maybe it's time XP if be happy to do some research myself!

Also for the lookout for a swirlix pokedoll So I can pretend he came from rose's room.... Feels
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