April 10th, 2015

Help-me-get-to-japan Sales part 3! - Last one for a bit. ^__~

You guys are the best! :') I really appreciate all the people who have been purchasing from my weeding-get-to-Japan-for-the-first-time sales or even just commenting wishing me good luck and a great trip! It has meant so very much and as mentioned in my previous post I am starting to not just see it as a dream but as a reality! :D
I really truly do hope it becomes just that!

First off, I will be shipping about half of the sold items tomorrow, and the other half next week - there are a LOT of packages so I've transfered additional money from paypal for shipping, which should be there next week. :) <3
I will update everyone little by little!

Secondly - It turns out I found a bunch more items I didn't realize I had! @_@
For example I didn't realize I had so many VS plastic cards from a booster box I opened a good while back!
There happen to be 2 Sylveons and many more!

Also if you haven't checked out my other sales, go ahead and check them out! I'll actually be adding the new items there to keep everything mostly in just 2 places. :D

This is the last sales post I'm going to be making for a little bit but I will be updating periodically. ^__^ <3

So here is a preview of the new flats (There's more than just this!)

The old flats are there still as well. :D

And lastly the non-flats! I've added a few more items there as well. <3
(click any of the pictures!)


SSS - Sleepy Edition~!

My Secret Spring Swap package arrived today!! I was so excited, I've been following everyone else's and it's really awesome to see how generous people are. <3 I'm definitely going to have to take part again next time!

But anyway, why am I dubbing this 'Sleepy Edition'? Well, look under the cut and you might find out~ |3

Kumo the Greninja is helping me out with this one!

(No he's not reading a paper, just hiding the addresses :P)
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My Spring Swap partner was loveespeon! Thank you so so much for all of your gifts, I totally wasn't expecting so many things off off of my wants list! <3 I can't wait to add these into my collections! :D

I picked up a few other things recently too so I'll have to do a collection update next time! Thanks for looking! :3


Firstly, endless thanks to xxlatiosxx for sharing this info with me!!
I need. I seriously need. If anyone could nab me one or point me to somewhere online that is selling I'd be eternally grateful because oh my gah. This is a dream.
Picture below the cut!!
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eBay Lot, price drop

Hey guys, my eBay lot didn't sell so I relisted it and lowered the starting price by nearly 100$--- please help me give my pokefriends a new home :)


Also I still have a few items for sale from my last post, mostly japanese pokemon games but take a look if you're interested. Prices have been lowered there as well!:


sales permission granted by dakajojo 10/2009
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birthday gets and a collection update!

Hello community! :D

Finally a collection update from me ^-^ The most stuff isn't received yet ;-; I thought i could post it with my collection update. Im still waiting for my Absol shiny kid which is since 25. March in customs D: I hate waiting!! But nevermind here is my collection update!

Quick preview:

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my wants
collection site
~my pokemonz~

Small Sales Update (mostly holo TCG) and I Got My Pathtag

Possibly the last final exam of my life is next week (college graduation woot) but I slipped some time in for some quick updates :3

1.  TINY SALES UPDATE, you know the drill, click the cut below the SALES picture~
2. Got my pkmncollectors 2015 pathtag! I joined in 2008, that's 7 years with you guys! ♥

3. After school is done, I hope to be more active here. I love the collecting hobby, I love the community, I love pokemon.

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New flats for sale!

Hey ho! I got some new flats in the mail from Japan yesterday, finally got them all photo'd up ;D
Theres no new book pages but I put the plug in for my book page sale anyway!

Remember I have multipules of some new things! :)

*EDIT: SIGNING OFF FOR TONIGHT, i'll reply to everything else in the morning :D* <3

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20150410_165828.jpg 20150410_170306.jpg 20150410_174135.jpg

no title

>>> FLATS <<<
>>> BOOK PAGES <<<
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Emerald Break pulls! + small LJ question

Hi guys, what's up?

Recently I got two Emerald Break japanese boxes!
I thought that I'll share my pulls with you, here we go!
Also I've got one question about LJ notifications - hope you can help me with this one!

As you can see I also got binder (it's really good!), some sleeves and deck boxes, yay!

Here's how the booster packs looks:
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And here're my pulls from the first box:
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And pulls from my second box!
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Overall I'm pretty happy with my pulls! Too bad I got those EXs doubles... u-u
I've got one box incoming next week so hopefully I'll pull  few nex EXs and holo Jirachi from that one!

*And here's my LJ question:
I'm not receiving notifications when someone tag me in their post/comment. I'm not receiving e-mails as well!
I checked notifications settings and privacy settings - eveything is ON there.
Anyone had a similiar problem? o_O
I hope you can help me guys. Thanks!

Best wishes for all of you!
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want list after ab also who did i sleeves from

After ab I got an emgoa =) but no kecleons =(
I have a punkaboo =) the really big one and the others are n the pic
One of these the huge sinvy and punkaboo cost me a wopping 30 + 40= 70 =) Lol and official also got a treeco from toys 4 us >-< pics of her will be latter
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I still want a kecleon amiibo =) IDK y after april 1st I now convince myself it would be a great idea >-<
also on the charizard/ninja/puff amiibo hunt on may 29th Q_Q wish me luck
this is fallengone now waiting for mewtwo >-< stupid exclusives Jiggy and ninja
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;-; help plz

Dumb buyee banned an auction that I was really looking for! I just can't believe it...

This entire set... I just love it! I'm mainly looking for the dedenne, xerneas, yveltal, diancie, and carbink, but all auctions I see are banned! What gives?

Anyways, if anyone has these, or has passed by them on an unbanned auction, please let me know! They're so adorable ;n;

SSS gets! & garbodor sales & wants

So today I visited my parents house and there was a package on the porch when I arrived :D

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I'm really relieved that I didn't get anything Garbodor related for SSS because I have been thinking about selling off my collection of him. If you are interested at all I'll put the info and pics in this next cut.

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Lastly here are some wants :D
Please let me know if a picture belongs to you and you want it removed.

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Thank you for reading!

Reminder! + Korean eraser figures + stickers quick sale!

Hello there guys!
Just wanted to post a reminder that my auctions for this gorgeous Pokemon Center notebook + Sylveon flats will go on for no more than 48 hours, so get your bids in! I still have over 1000 flats for sale as well! :)


pokedex Sylveon 1
Please CLICK HERE or on the pictures to get there!

I also have a quick sale, I have just received these Korean eraser figures!

Each is 3$, except Clauncher and Spritzee are 4$ each and Pumpkaboo is 5$!

Korean small stickers! Houndoom, Gourgeist and Noivern are 3$ each, the rest are 2$ each!

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Thank you so much guys! :D

Trying to see if this book actually exists

I found references to this book back in 2008 (on Amazon for example), but I can't find anyone online who claims to own it. With such a recent book in comparison to many other items, I'm really surprised. Even more interesting, I found the book on Amazon for a rerelease by the end of this year, complete with a description of 493 Pokémon.

Does anyone here own this book?

P.S. Hey, it's been a while :P Last comment on here was a year and a half ago.

Pokemon - Mudkip Bubbles

Spring Secret Swap


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I was so worried and anxious over whether to participate in the swap but I am SO glad I did. This year has been wonderful and I've loved seeing other peoples posts and how excited they are over their presents! I'm watching my tracking for my gift like a hawk, it's currently on an airplane to its destination so I hope it arrives soon :) So don't worry too much if you haven't got your swap gift yet, it might be me! ;) Thank you again to my wonderful swap partner and also the mods for organising such a brilliant event! I can't wait to participate again next year :D

first collection post!

Hey everyone! My name is Matt, I'm 19, and I'm attending Stony Brook University in NY.

I joined the community quite some time ago and I thought I made a first post, but apparently I didn't - so this is my first post I guess!

I collect Pokemon plush - well actually, lots of different plush, but Pokemon are always one of the more fun plushies to collect.

I hope to make lots of friends while I'm here and buy some awesome plush for my collection! :)

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I hope I conformed to all the rules, if I did something wrong please let me know!