April 12th, 2015


Small Wants

Hey guys. I'm mainly a plush collector and I've been going pokedoll crazy lately. My slowpoke is probably still my favorite pokedoll. Here he is with some other pinkies.

I'm looking for a couple pokedolls at the moment. I really need these cute little suckers in my collection.

Tags can be US or JP, I don't mind as long as they have both. So if you are willing to sell yours or know someone/place that is, please let me know. Thanks!!

Custom Plush sales!

Hello everyone!

It has been awhile since I posted here last, hasn't it? I actually gave myself the banstick on buying, so I've been trying not to look here. its been hard!

So.... I would like to invite you along to see my latest custom plushies. I currently make them and update my shop every few weeks, so what you see is ready to ship!

My Etsy shop is here - https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TrulyStuffed?ref=listing-shop-header-item-count

I may consider partical trades for custom plushies, depending on what you have.Also, if you don't have an Etsy account, I'm happy to conduct the sale here too.

They are being shipped from the UK, SO if you'd like them shipped with tracking please do ask. I accept paypal and recieved sales permission on 6/10/14 by allinia

My feedback is here - http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/angelberries/

If you have any plushies that you'd like to see in future, please leave a comment!

hello just question about merch

hello everyone, hope you've all been good. ive been busy with life and stuff and have been missing out on pokemon merch

was wondering if anyone could tell me what merch theri is of Inkay/malamr and of Honedge line. Also was wondering if anyone had a ludicolo tomy figure
The 2 kalos pokemon im hoping to collect are the froakie line and inkay line, i got some stuff of froakie alreayd and hope to get more.

more wants!

Hello Pokemon collectors!!!
Today is my BIRTHDAY! *throws confetti* So I have a lot of $$ extra money $$ to spend (on Pokemon of course)! Click on skitty to view my wants list! <3

Lol at my wants sign. ^^;
Also, it's like, storming right now. And I have nothing to do. So I'll probably be updating the list with more & more wants. Check back frequently and hopefully we can make a deal! :)

P.S. This is my last wants post for a while. Collection update (including a grail get) coming soon ahhh!!
Thank you so much for looking!

Sales Pre-Post! :O

First off, I was granted sales permission on March 21, 2015 by areica96 and my feedback page is here.

Secondly, this is not actually a sales post! I'm not selling anything yet XD
I just got sales permission and am kinda new to everything, so I figured I'd start off slow so I could get the hang of it. The worst thing would be to take too many orders and get overwhelmed and mess something up and get a million negative feedbacks.

After I've finished my finals in a few weeks, I'm gonna start doing some smaller sales at regular intervals to get the hang of being a seller. The problem is, I've accumulated a loooot of stuff during my time in the community and I don't know where to start when selling it off.

That's where I need your help! I would really appreciate it if people could comment on this post and tell me what I have that they'd actually have an interest in buying, if anything, so I can know what there's the most interest in.

Smaller images below with links to larger ones:

And as always, I'm open to trade any of these items for anything on my wants list (summary image below):

Thanks lots to anyone who can help out~ <3

Pandaeatworlds Clearout Sales! Everything is OBO!

Hi all,

I really need to clear all this stuff as I want to step back from sales and just focus on buying items that I want rather than bulk (I'm looking at you, TCG Booster Boxes...)

Everything in this post is OBO! If you make a reasonable offer, I'm pretty much definitely going to accept it :)

In this post you will find plush, Tomy figures, misc. figures, TCG from lots of different series (including holos etc.) and TCG accessories.

Everything that isn't sold from this post will be going on ebay in lots next weekend, so this is your last chance to get these items individually. So now is the time to throw out crazy low-ball offers for lots of things, because chances are I'll accept!

I will consider trades for Pokédolls or Full Art TCG.

Sneak peek:

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Some Collection Pictures!

I don't want to catalog my carbink collection just yet since I have quite a few items coming in later this month ^w^ for now I just wanted to post some tcg pics and an overall shot of my carbink/diancie corner as well as my pikachu figs x3

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Hope everyone is enjoying their day/evening ans whatnot ouo/)
Snivy ❀ stargazing

Collection update + a big want!

Hi guys! Seto here with a quick collection update. I was going to post gets but I've got like...three-ish months of them so I figured I'd condense them into a collection update.

If you remember my intro, my collection looked like this at first:

Collapse )

With that out of the way, I'd like to talk about a recent want of mine! It might be a little tricky to find, but hopefully you all can help me!

It's the Tomy interactive talking Snivy plush! I've seen a few of the Japanese version around for sale, but I'm after the English version because I absolutely love Snivy's English voice. I was able to confirm with princess_snivy that the English version only came out in the UK, and is a little tricky for those in the US to get. That's why I've come here! Would anyone here happen to have one of these for sale or possibly be willing to middleman one on the UK Amazon for me? (if the latter isn't allowed, just let me know and I'll remove it!) I'd be grateful for any information! c:

I also have a general wants post, which you can find in the link below. I haven't been able to add picture references just yet, but if you think you have anything I'm after, feel free to let me know!

Thanks so much for your time!

Update, Wants, and Sales

Hey first an update to my swirlix collectcion!

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For my wants right now im looking for Swirlix stickers!
I would really like another swirlix pan sticker so i can use it and another slurpuff pan too but im looking for any type of stickers really.
Im also looking for any merch of either swirlix or slurpuff i dont have so link me to your sales post if you got any! I also might be interested in custom stuff not just official so keep that in mind.
also while i was googling i found this Collapse ) i was wondering if anyone knew what it was?

Now for my sales!
if you need a better picture of anything please let me know! i recently got a better phone with a nicer camera so over the next month when i have time im going to retake all my sales photos but until then if you need better pictures of something youre interested in i will do it asap!
Sales Permission granted by allinia on June 10 2014

sadisticbrit's first post OwO

Hello! This is my first post and I really wish I'd stumbled across this community sooner!

I guess I'll start with an intro!

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I've been into Pokemom since Pokemon Red, and still have my first cartridge! (And lucky enough not to have the problem where the saving no longer works) And a few weeks ago I had the satisfaction of catching all 700+ Pokemon in Omega Ruby!

As hard as it is to choose I think my favourite Pokemon are Seviper, Noivern, Archeops and Marowak.

Now for my collection so far! It's not too big but in the future I'm hoping it will grow.

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And here are a few other things that I've got lying around!

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That's about it from me! I hope to meet nice people here and see everyone else's collections grow as well as my own!

Tomy sales

Hey guys how are things? I found a new set of Tomy figures today at Toys R Us. I only wanted gible so I have put the rest up for sale.

Terms and conditions
I was given sales permission on 16/10/11 By dakajojo
I will not sell to anyone banned from pokemon collecters
All prices are is US dollers- paypal only.
I ship from the UK
I will sell internationally- by normal airmail-please messge me for tracking.

Mega Gardevoir - $10

Victini- $5

Carbink- $5

My normal sales are here

This week I will be doing a collection update.. full of new dragons!

SOS help major want

I dont know who i boughtfrom but it was from here i cleaned my inbox so please talk on this post my gets =)Collapse )
Is this okay if not what pokemon that Falkner has that has plush murch I don't want people to say i do a bad job
hoot hoot
other guys =3
I need your help!
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Collection Update and Epcot Pokemerch!

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting for a while *-* I've been in Florida for the past week and speaking of FL I ended up going to Epcot! It was really hot but it was worth it because the japanese showcase had Pokemerch!
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I also had several packages waiting for me on my porch when I got home!
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I'm also really wanting a few things:
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Thank you for looking!
Airdramon card

Metal GA IV Payment 1 + Extras!


Extra metals up for claims at their respective thread start prices to participants for 24 hours. After 24 hours, claims for metal figures are open to everyone! Non-participants may comment with their claims now, but participants have priority for 24 hours. After 24 hours, non-participants' claims will be applied. Money made from extras will go towards discounting payment 2.

This post concerns:
12mermaid, akeyma, caryh, icyshadowblades, zommie, laurenbachmann, luxray83, m14mouse, neutralemotions, nicolarbear, shinamishi, skdarkdragon, ssjvap, zugagirl

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Metal GA III participants:
The lot has arrived with Digi. Look out for a payment 2 post this week!
He won't mind holding packages, but feel free to send payment when payment 2 is up if you want your metals ASAP!

A month of gets + small grail(s)

 I got a few things over last month but I've waited for two packages in the mail before I post. :3 One of them contained something I didn't expect to find maybe ever. After delaying my posting even more, I finally got around to retake some photos and sit down to write this. I hope you'll enjoy!


Let's see what's inside! (*´・v・)
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Clickity click the cut below for grail stuff. :3

Collapse )

And for the last cut of photos there are the rest of the gets with some new plush members (/^▽^)/

Collapse )

Thank you for reading~! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Update - Mail Day! Call of Legends!

Here comes a quick want. I am trying filling the gaps in my binder (lol). I come across online this Zapdos and I really like its artwork and hopefully I can trade for it. Or I can buy it if the price is right, depending on the condition of the card. Anyone?

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Wow, whew ... Ha ha. Now I know the feeling of a COMPLETE collection. I have also taken the pictures of what I get, but I guess it looks much better outside. Mine is triple sleeved (penny sleeve + normal sleeve + page sleeve) so there is reflection of the light.
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Well, I guess it is very hard for me to tell that I am not posting something related to cards. Okay, first good news is that I sold the jumbo Flygon EX today for a decent price considering its not a standard playable card. So, I decide to try it again to list a lot of cards from my collection with starting bid of $0.99 on eBay.

Sales permission by denkimouse on 01/28/2011
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pegasus2010/
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Second is that for the base set lot we cannot make it because the highest bid is far beyond reach. The lot was sold for 19000 yen finally. I am not too surprised about this price considering a mere Item Finder (sorry item finder) was sold over 20000 yen on yahoo! japan before. Geez, now I missed my chance to obtain two more copies of the no rarity Zapdos. However, it is just so fun to know that there is also a "1st-edition" base set that has a large demand outside the U.S. To people who do not know what I am talking about so far, you can check out this link for the closed auction here:

Last, for people participated in my group buy for the shiny legendaries from Call of Legends. I believe the lot will arrive either tomorrow or the day after that. Stay tuned and get ready to see your cards coz I am gonna take a picture for them most likely before seeing them go. Really, I want them all. lol
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