April 16th, 2015

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another round for the offering table - [offers & sales]

Heyo~ I'm back with a few more sales, I was going to wait for one more huge package but... oh well~ orz

Today I have up for offers more rare retsuden stamps, some metals, rare movie 8 battle stampers, pokepark lati strap and more...!



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OLDER STRAIGHT SALES [I've updated it to memory, I will always double check before I quote you if I have said item in stock - feel free to add items from here! Also added Amadas/Pogs! So ask again!]

Figures/Stamps: http://xxlatiosxx.livejournal.com/10619.html

Flats & Misc: http://xxlatiosxx.livejournal.com/9493.html

Digimon Sales: http://xxlatiosxx.livejournal.com/10114.html

I still haven't got everything pictured but right now so I may browse your wants and offer you things too - I'm trying to make some quick cash! Please have a browse through and if you see anything you like please comment AFTER the auction posts are up. Good luck! <3

STATUS: OFFLINE - [ Zzz - Replies may be slow...]


+ First Batch of items will be sent off Monday 4th May or Tuesday 5th May - you will be informed when yours are shipped out, I will then aim/proceed to send the rest out that same week. Thanks for your patience!

+ WAVE 1 of packages have been sent out on the early hours of the morning on Friday 8th May - you have all been notified. WAVE 2 scheduled next day! Thank you for your patience and apologises for the delay!

+ WAVE 2 of packages have been sent out -  this includes everyone who was part of both auctions - if you still haven't been informed your package will be sent out asap. Thank you!

Kura Icon by Pichu90.

Looking for Wingull and Pelipper Kids!

I finally managed to get a copy of Alpha Sapphire recently and one of my team members is a Wingull. As a result i'd like to get a kid figure to honor her. I'd like to get Pelipper as well!

I am not sure how many kid figures exsist of the two, I think wingull has one and pelipper has two? If there are more let me know. I just want one for each pokemon but I do like to pick my prefered pose out of what is available.

I'd like to spend no more than $10 if possible for the two,my shipping zipcode is 20136. ^_^

Questions about Pricing

***Please let me know if this is breaking any rules***

Hello everyone,

I have just applied for sales permission as i am wanting to rehome my entire collection(other than my precious dinosaurs(Larvitar line, Tyrunt line, and my Zekrom/Black Kyurem) And i was wondering if someone was interested in helping me go through and find acceptable prices for them all!! It would be greatly appreciated!!

On another note, I am still looking for my Tyranitar Chuppa, he is my mini grail!! and i just have to have the adorable little guy!!

Thanks everyone (:

Deep Discount Sales!---shipped!


Hello everyone,

all that purchased from my last sales post: everything has shipped! Technically most packages were shipped the week before, there were 4 packages from my last sales post where I needed to buy certain shipping materials and couldn't get them until today. Anyways, packages should be arriving soon if not already, feel free to leave a comment here if you left me feedback and would like some back!

Thanks everyone!

Hey comm, so after a few weeks with no luck on selling my lot I've decided to just sell things individually. Things are priced to sell, so come check it out!

If you don't respond/commit within 48 hours your item will go to the next person
I ship internationally, though keep in mind international shipping from the US has gotten more expensive
If you are only purchasing clearfiles and flats, I will buy a document mailer for $2 to mail your item so it doesn't get bent.
You can haggle, though if someone else is willing to pay full price the item will go to them.
It may take me up to a week or two to ship items.


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Collection Update :>

Hi Guys! I re-organized my collection shelf today so I thought I'd share some pics with you. I meant to make a gets post with all the new things I got, but that didn't really happen.. so you get to see everything together instead aha.
I'm seriously running out of space! I do plan to put another shelf up in my room at some point, so hopefully that'll help out. I might have to do some weeding in the next few months, though. When I originally joined, I wanted to only focus on figures that really struck me in an effort to save space... as you can see, I sort of lost sight of that. For better or for worse, I suppose. I do love how my lil collection is growing, though.

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Well, that's all for now! I have more in the mail (as always) that i'm excited for so there's that, too.

Be sure to check out these fun things too:

Sales (Updated today)
Collection Site (Not totally up to date yet)

Thanks everyone!

Palkia dx figure HELP!

Hi everyone:)
I've been looking for some dx Pokemon figures and managed to get Giratina and the metallic shiny Dialga, so that leaves Palkia:D

There's 2 Palkia figures that I know about

The Shiny Version (Same release as Dialga)

The normal Version (Same release as Giratina)

and this is the one I'm asking about

1) Is it the same size as the other two?
2) Is it shiny or normal?

Thanks a lot for the help:)

Some TCG Gets and a Commission Reminder

Hello everybody! I just wanted to share some of my recent gets with the rest of the community. I've been getting back into the full swing of TCG collecting again, so I've been busy getting my hands on some rare cards.

Here are a few highlights from my recent hauls:

FullSizeRender 9.jpg

In addition to showing off my gets, I wanted to post a reminder that I still have 2 commission slots available for my cut paper artwork sales! If you're interested, check out the original sales post here.

Thanks everyone! Happy collecting! :)


Hello everybody! <3 I'm after a few things to add to my Absol collection. I'd prefer it if I could purchase these from members of the community, if possible!
If any of the photos belong to you, I can take them down on request. :)

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Casual Shoto

An other SSS post? Oh yes :3

Today I am sharing the super cute and blue and awesome and everything gift I received from evilashi :D
I actually received my gift last week :) but I've been really busy with work so I couldn't take any pictures ^^' I also started playing Harvest Moon which doesn't really help :v I go gaga when I start playing a new Harvest Moon game ><

But anyway :D here it is!!!!!

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Latest TCG Gets!

Hi lovely pokécollectors!

Today i finally recieved my last packet, so i can post a little recap :D!

I managed to grab another two pre-constructed deck from XY era plus a fantastic Gift Box from DpT era.

The Dpt Gift box comes in this fancy cardboard suitcase and it's HUGE.

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These decks are over the top. The left one is M Charizard-EX Mega Battle Deck, the right one is the M Rayquaza-EX Mega Battle Deck. They both feature a playing mat, rules book and a coin, even foil cardboard boxes; as always nice art.

A Very Special Surprise Get!

Hey guys!
So it's been a good while since my last post on here! I was meaning to do a hospital-gets part 2 post (yes, there was a part 2 to the whole misadventure - don't worry, I'm okay now for reals!), but I got lazy, so that never happened ... xD I'll also need to do a grail post soon, since I got some very exciting gets over the last few months (here's a teaser: they are some very special pokedolls that I'd been after for a while. Points for anyone who can guess who they are! ^^)

But anyways! That's not what this post is about! About a month ago, it was my 22nd birthday, but a few days ago I got a very special late-birthday present from my best friend that I just had to share with you guys! (Sorry for the quality of the pictures - took them off my iPod, so they're not the greatest ;_;)

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N rabu You

Eevee's new friends!

Hey everyone! I hope you're having a good day~!
I am for I finally received all my parcels hehe.

I've recently found a good middleman on Y!A, and thus have been able to get some plushies I reaaaally wanted!
Eevee was as excited as me when they arrived, but decided to use a knife to open the box which was quite dangerous!

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That was it for today~ Hope all this love made you happy as well :3

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I've finally received 10 positive feedbacks!

Feedback here:

I do not have sales permission BUT I have a few things I no longer want, so, lets trade!

I currently am collecting all things Bulbasaur line and all things Oddish line. I also love the trainer kid figures and any kid figure of Pokemon in action, especially the ones with accessories. I also collect the Walky Plushes.

Those are my main things for now. I do like looking at all sorts of things and all things cute.

Here is my wants list:

Now, onto the goods!

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Well, thats all guys! Hope I can help someone with their collection ^^

Holy Grail Get Finally!!!!

So after a few years of searching to find one I have finally found an item that I have been searching for, for years at a good price.
Now hes not in the best condition, but to finally have him is amazing. He was always way to expensive for me to afford, but a few months ago I got a huge promotion at my newest job that allowed my to quit my old job (that I was at for about 8 years) and just at the right time for me to afford this beauty!!!!!!!
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Back Again and BUYING!

Hey guys! I'm back again after I have moved from TN to MS state!

My boyfriend is having a birthday next month and we always do themed presents for our gifts. His theme this year is DRAGONS and he happens to be a BIG charizard lover (though he likes all dragon pokemon)!

I NEED a Dragon themed TCG binder but haven't settled on one. If you are selling any please let me know! I would love one from Japan but would settle for a nice looking english one.

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Aipom Invasion!

Hey everyone!
My name is Jake.
I joined the community a while back, but just kinda lurked.
Started collecting about a year ago, and I decided I would only collect my favorite Pokemon Aipom.
I went from having a few figures and plushies to having an Aipom Army! :D

Anyways here are some recent pics of my collection:
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I hope to get more active in this community and expand my collection more and more! :)