April 17th, 2015


Metal GA III Final Payment

This post concerns:
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Tagging sometimes doesn't work. We'll start PMing people who might miss the post after 24 hours.

A message from your GA host, swampeh:
I would like to thank everyone with the continuous support of our metal GAs. You thank us, but we should be thanking you!. We wouldn't be able to keep running these GAs if it wasn't for you guys making it awesome for us and being great participants. You guys make it easy and such a blast! We hope we've managed to help you all make a dent in those pesky metal collections and we really hope to keep seeing you all again!

Digi says: ONWARD! Until the next one!

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Questions? Comments? Feel free.

Help-me-get-to-Japan Sales 4.0 - More stuff added! :3

EDIT: I'll be gone and busy for most of the weekend and Monday but I will do my best to respond when I can so feel free to ask questions and comment! :D

Happy Friday Comm-friends! ^__~
(Also happens to be my boyfriend's birthday!)

First off, the first batch of packages has been sent and it seems that almost all domestic packages have reached their destinations! :D

I will be shipping most of the next batch next week! (If I haven't contacted you in the post you purchased from, then this pertains to you! ^__~)
Thanks for everyone's patience with me, the semester is getting really hard and there's little time to do almost anything. >_<

So I thought I was totally done with sales for a little bit, however, I found a lot more stuff, both figures, and flats which have been added to the below links! :D
These include Tomys, special Tomys, keychains, stamps, stampers, a poster, sealed promos, stickers, more lenticular cards, lamin cards and ohsomuchmore!

Again I thank you all for purchasing items from me or commenting with a supportive comment! It really means the world! :') <3

All the new stuff will be at the top of the post! <3

Preview and links! ^_^
Click ANY of the pictures to be transported!
(Click non-flat pictures for non-flat posts and flats pictures for flats posts! :D)

New figures/more:

Old non-flats preview, tons of stuff still available! <3

New flats preview:

Old flats, still PLENTY of stuff! :D

Also, I still have non-pokemon sales here: http://pkmnexcavation.livejournal.com/3018.html

Newest Get + wants

Has anyone ever had that moment when you ordered something, but after a while you forget? That happened to me after finding a pink slip in my mail box yesterday XD I was so confused as I was like what did I order that couldn't possibly fit into my mailbox? That was answered until I got this guy:

My first reaction was just holycow what could this be??

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And as always, I'm on the hunt for Cheren and Lillipup line things :3 so if you have anything or have come across anything let me know ;D I'm also starting my hunt for their TCG's so that'll be helpful as well! Thanks again
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Son of Return of Pikazard -- PC pick-up info

Hi! I've updated my Pokémon Center pick-up post as well as my price menu with information on April 25th's Pikazard releases. The Mega-size Pikazards have some special rules, so please read them carfeully.

For the 25th, I'll be accepting more than 5 pick-up requests, because the Pikazard goods are likely very limited. In the case that things sell out or I can't carry everything, preference will be given in this order: 1. People who have a limited item in their request. 2. Order of signing up.


Comparison photos: old and new Tomy Umbreon plush


Hi all, I noticed that the new X and Y Tomy Eeveelution plush sold at wal-mart and Hot Topic are not exactly the same as the older black and white era plush, so I thought I'd do a comparison post, since I haven't seen one here yet. I only have the Umbreons for comparison, but I think the others are slightly different too. The photos under the cut are sort of large, because I'm posting from my ipad and I have no way to resize them with any quality.

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✿ User-Pic Change, Question, and Grail Wants! ✿

Hello everyone! :D

I've changed my userpic from the little pika icon to a more suitable raccoon photo! I figured i'd mention it since i know some people recognize other users for their icons and not their names! xD (I am guilty!)

Anyways! I have a question about VS cards and Stickers! I have been recently told that the VS Battle Card #30 is of Linoone and Kirlia, however, i can't find a photo of it anywhere!
If you have this card, could you please take a picture for me? I want to search for it and add it to my wants list, but it is hard not knowing what it actually looks like!

I was also wondering if there was a website that shows all of the current Amada stickers with each Pokemon's different poses and backgrounds! There are so many variations! I have a few zig/linoone one's, but id like to know exactly how many there are!

I found this cool website that is pretty extensive about both VS cards and Amada stickers, however VS card #30 is not showing up, and neither are the Gen 3 Amadas! It could just be my luck that my computer has decided not to load these particular parts of the page, or just that they haven't been added yet.

If anyone has any info for me, please help! <3

I also made some more organized and cute photos of my grails to post for the off chance that someone will see or have them to sell me! ;u;
First is my biggest and most ultimate grail search;

I have made some of the more important zig items "Mini Grails"! I'm not usually the type to have more than one big grail or have extensive amounts of 'grails', but it seems these items are rare enough and wished for enough that they deserve the title!
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Please please if you see any of these babies around, give me a heads up! I can pay right away for any of them! <333

I'm about to head into a long work week of 9 hour days and not another day off until next Thursday, so i may be a tad slow and tired replying to messages! ;n;
I hope everyone has a great week!! <3

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Thank you all for looking! :D

Question for collectors/sellers~

Hey everyone.
I am stuck in a rut here and completely indecisive and need some outside opinions.

Has anyone here ever reached a point in your collecting hobby where you feel like some of your plushies just dont belong in your collection anymore? And when you considering selling them, you still feel a slight attachment? I want to sell some plushies of mine eventually when i receive sales permission but i need advice on detaching myself from plushies i want to sell.

I have also considered selling my plushies from my child hood because some are worth decent money, but i also still feel attached to those. Has anyone conquered this feeling?

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Pokemon SSS gets!!!

EEEEEEKKKK! I got them!!! (Well actually I got them a week ago, but I'm just getting aroun to post thins.) This was my first time participating and I am so thankful for my swapper.

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On the other hand, my package has been shipped long ago, yet no response, if you gotten my package do tell! and Comissions are being worked on currently, thank you for your patience!

Pokemon Time Wants!!!!

I'm looking to piece together a full set of the Time Plush but I only have Ponyta and Xatu.
I really want them to have all their tags still attached, and authentic is a must!!
(Also is there a full list of all the Time Plush that are out I sound stupid asking but I haven't been able to find one)
If you have any for sale please let me know Thanks So Much!!!!

I hope you're not tired of SSS yet..! + Discounted Sales

It's finally here! :D I've been anticipating my Secret Spring Swap gift for the past few weeks, and my patience definitely paid off when I found this mysterious package waiting for me yesterday after another grueling day. The last struggle towards the end of this semester has been mentally and physically brutal, so this gift was definitely well received! Pokemon collecting is such a great hobby to divert my stressful obligations and anxieties away!

I called upon my Espurr, Mikasa, and my partner Snivy, Lotus, to help me open everything up! Come join us! :D

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And just incase this post wasn't interesting enough, I lowered most prices in my last sales post! The majority of the sales are ORAS poker/playing cards, along with a few other things! I'll add bigger merchandise in May, after I'm finished with this horrible semester.

PLEASE READ FOR SALES: Due to my busy life, my shipping times are a tad slower than usual! As fair warning, it could take me 2-6 days to ship your items (usually I'm pretty fast at 1-3 days, but not at the moment). Do not order if this is a problem, or contact me first if you're concerned. I will keep you updated with when your item is shipped!
Click the picture to link back to my sales post! You can comment for quotes or totals on either page.

Also, here's a preview of what you will find in my next sales post…

These kids come out within the next week or two! I bought a whole box (not really sure why but I felt like it?) and I only plan on keeping a Mega Salamence, Mega Latios, and Wartortle for myself, so if you're interested, go ahead and let me know! Then I can contact you before I set up the sales post and give you a heads up! :) (This does NOT mean I'm taking claims.)
And if anyone has Meowstic kids, I'd definitely be up to trading!

That's all for now! Thank you for taking the time to read this post! I'll be back next time with more sales and new gets!