April 18th, 2015

updated collection + bootleg?

i'm so happy with my collection right now so i hope you guys don't mind me showing it! picheavy so most will be under a cut.
i didn't include my typhlosion collection in this because they've already had a post about them.

more views!
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last i'm having trouble deciding if this is a bootleg or not? i picked her up at my last con
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i won't be too heartbroken if she is, she does make a nice snuggle buddy.
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Another late sss post! :D

Yaaay, I finally received my spring secret swap too! \(^O^)/

Actually, I already received it a few days ago but I was too busy to photograph it/make a post about it ;____;

But now let's see what I got! :)

A little hint  :>

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As for my overall experience with the sss - this was my first time ever participating in one, and it was an absolute BLAST!! :) I enjoyed every bit of it so much, especially preparing my own gift for my sss! It's a really good opportunity to get to know other members better and spread joy throughout the community. It really shows that we are one big "family" hehe n__n And I love that :) I will definitely be participating next year again, and thanks to the moderator team who made all this possible for us!
Bellossom Lotad & Skitty
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Re-Intro, a small want, and a huge thank you.

Hey guys!

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who sent me cards while I was away. You guys really helped me a lot, and I greatly appreciate all of the support. This community is amazing. I'm waiting on a few more cards from members who told me they sent them, so once those come in, I'd like to personally thank everyone who took the time to write me.

For those of you who don't know me, My name is Destiny. I'm from a small town in Florida, it's pretty peaceful out here (albeit, incredibly hot). I collect a few different characters outside of the Pokemon franchise, particularly from Mario and Zelda games.
As far as Pokemon goes, I've always had a love for Umbreon. Since Pokemon Colloseum came out, I've always adored Umbreon so much; I even have him tattooed across my chest. After joining this community, I've grew fond of Espeon as well, so I collect the duo respectively. Lunatone and Solrock have managed to squeeze their way into my collections, seeing as the two compliment Umbreon and Espeon well.
On the side, I'm obsessed with kid figures. Those chubby, hollow renditions of all of my favorite Pokemon really blow me away.

I have a few photos of my collection under the cut.~

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You can view my Umbreon and Espeon collections here: http://synysterxskittles.weebly.com/
You can view the rest of my collection here: http://synysterxskittle.weebly.com/pokemon-collection.html

If I have failed to answer any messages, I would appreciate a polite reminder. Re-sending the message or informing me would be perfect. These past few weeks have been a little hectic for me, so I've lost a lot of conversations in the mess. Thanks, guys.~

Mew Promo #9 (and #8) Search + other wants


Does anyone have this card in a language other than English, Japanese, Spanish, or Italian? (I have an Italian incoming.)

I saw a French one but it was $30+ and I was able to get the others for around $5 including shipping.

I'm guessing there's probably a German version and possibly Portuguese and Dutch.

Even if you just gave one on your collection that isn't for sale/trade I'd love to see a photo. :D

Also, does anyone have these Italian lamincards for trade/sale? The numbers might be incorrect

#007 Team Magma
#008 Team Rocket
#017 Marshtomp - might want another because mine is misprint 
#091 Flygon - might want another because mine is misprint
#119 Absol
#147 Jirachi

And, I'm also still looking for cards from the French McDonald's promotion - http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/16936575.html

I'm also always looking for Houndoom line items, so feel free to look me of you have any available.

~ Risha

Do they exist?

Hey everyone.. so ive actually been watching pokemon b&w and im learning to love some of the newer pokemon as much as some of the earlier gens.. now i know all of the gen 1 pokemon were made into metal figures but there seem to be less in the newer generations unfortunately.. Now i still regularly come across pictures or mention of metal figures that i never knew existed, so im hoping that a few of my favorites are out there somewhere.. If you have owned, seen, or ever heard mention of any of the following pokemon made into metal figs id love to know!

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Great gift from my Friend ^-^

Hello guys!

Today I'd like to share with you photos of the gift my friend gave me a while ago!
Her brother got it from his Japanese friend via mail when I was like 8 years old (I was big Pokemon lover back then as well! and I was pretty jelly :D)

Here they're: Japanese playing cards from... 1996?!
Here's a little preview, you'll find detailed pics of every card in cut, enjoy!

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That's all for now, hope you guys enjoy that kind of post!
Thanks for looking, see you next time!
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Buying: These Kids All Together + Your First Team

Hi guys, I'm looking to buy the following kid figures, and I'm making this post specifically to see if anyone here is selling ALL of them so I can buy them together. I know of a few people I can buy most from, but I want to save as much as possible on shipping.

Any pose/year/etc. will do. The cheaper the better. I would prefer them to be in good condition - if there is paint loss, please let me know.
If you have most but not all, go ahead and post anyway, I might still be interested.


Survey time - do you remember the very first team you used in your first playthrough of a pokemon game? Do you collect any of them?
My first game was Gold, and my first team was actually the list above - which is why I'm looking to get kids of them :) They all still hold a special place in my heart. I also have a big chunk of space in the middle of my collection shelf (all my items wrap around this space, if that makes sense) and I thought it'd be cool to put some kids there of pokemon I don't normally collect, but are still important to me.

Sales plug

Edit: I'm getting off the computer for now but will reply to possible sellers tonight.

Final Chance Sales! Everything OBO

This is my last sales post for the foreseeable future. After this everything goes on ebay or to a charity shop.

As such, EVERYTHING in this post is OBO! If you make a reasonable offer, I'm pretty much definitely going to accept it :) Haggle away!

In this post you will find plush, misc. figures, pins, stickers, TCG from lots of different series (including holos etc.) and TCG accessories.

I will consider trades for Pokédolls or Full Art TCG.

Sneak peek:

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Mewtwo Pokedoll?

How easy or difficult or expensive is it to obtain a Mewtwo pokedoll? Smash has really rekindled my love for Mewtwo, my favourite fighter right up there beside Lucario who I already have a pokedoll for so would love a matching Mewtwo! This isn't necessarily a WTB post in case he is out of my price range, but I was just hoping to find out what he would cost realistically. I know there are some up on eBay right now but they are too expensive for me and I wanted to see if that was the going rate for the little guy!

Edit: Purchased! Thanks guys!

quick want(s)!

Hey everyone! Since I had such luck last time with finding what I was looking for after posting about it here, I decided to try again. :)

I am looking for this dice with a Furret on it:

Supposedly its from the BW era, and polahbear below this post has it listed as from the 15th movie.

I'm also kind of looking for the Furret settei.

I want it, but I'm getting low on funds. But... I guess if someone has it for sale I'd probably drop the cash on it.

PLEASE let me know if you have either of these for sale, or if you know where I can get them! 

Trash for Treasure Offer! Phantom Forces Packs Cracking

Petition to improve card quality. I just feel the pain of the original author and have been wondering all the time. Why a Japanese Pokemon card can still keep its condition as pristine as if it was just pulled yesterday; while an English card gets its corners and/or edges rubbed just out of pack? Admin, please let me know if this part is not appropriate here so I will delete it right away. Thank you for your participation!

Hi, I am now offering some of my TCG accessories leftovers. I find them no use but occupying my tiny room but I think some of you may value them more than I do. I am taking offers for this whole lot starting at $1 and the offer will end at midnight (US EST time) on this Friday OR earlier if I receive an unbeatable offer. This is NOT an auction-style list so be prepared if the offer ends early.

Here we go!
Sales permission by denkimouse on 01/28/2011
I ship from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States and ship worldwide
Shipping is not included and this tin is about 8oz I just weighed it
Bid in increment in at least $1 please

Now let's hop onto the Trash for Treasure. Items under the cut.
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A MINT condition EX Power Trio - Charizard tin! EMPTY but includes all the things listed above!

Edit: this has been sent to eBay auction. Click the Charizard to get transferred to the auction!

That's all, thank you for reading!

Hi, guys. Today I got 27 Phantom Forces Packs and I am gonna crack them and post the pulls every 9 packs in the top comment. Feel free to drop by and post a comment. I am not gonna do the livestreaming as the first two times because I have a really not good memo of the pokemon names. Anyway, party is on!

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Sales reminder + Gets :3

Good evening ^-^

I wanted to show you my newest gets! I would say its Weavile time :D
Here we go:

I got some days ago my Weavile Pokedoll ^-^ He is so cute! I love the plush <3 / Also i got my rest of the Weavile kids from mercurrix! (I've left you a feedback) Thank you :D / And i got yesterday my Zukan :3 Its so tiny! Thank you nasija

A cute Weavile Nintendo keychain! Never seen it before O: From nasija too :P

My side collection of Weavile is here: http://absols-sidecollections.weebly.com/sneaselweavile.html

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my wants
collection site

mirage Pika? --- gets --- collection rearrangement

Hi there! Today, I'd like to share my new gets with you :D

I found a cute little Pikachu that is doing an adorable pose. Like a real rodent! Look at the little snout :3 The tail wobbles around nicely, too.
I wonder if it's a mirage plush? The tush tag only says "CE". I couldn't find pictures of it anywhere on the internet. (I'll gladly rewrite the heading of this post if it isn't.)

I also got some items to add to my main collections :D There are dragons, rats and coins featuring a metallic sturdy beast.
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Maybe some of you have noticed that my collections have grown quite a bit. That's why I rearranged everything.
My dragons and my rats are now split on two different shelves to give them proper credit.
Most of the items have found a place already. My Mega Salamence plush has to rest somewhere else, though XD
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Thanks to everyone reading through my post! Hope you enjoyed :3