April 19th, 2015

[Discussion] Pokemon Micro Playsets ??

I've been looking for more information for years...

Back in the 90's micro playsets were all the rage.
We had poly pocket, mighty max and many more. So when pokemon became popular, micro playsets for these came out too.

The item(s) in question:

I own two, but my past self was not great at keeping things together, so it's been played with, the paints chipped and a piece or two is missing. And, I just moved to the US so nearly all of my collection is still back in Canada :/ so I can't post a pic.

Anyways, does anyone know how many of these sets were released in the US/Canada?
Does anyone know their official name? I'm fairly certain they only did 2 or 3 in the US as opposed to in Japan. I've never come across any of them in flea markets or anything.

Please, thanks y'all!

SSS gets, quick sales, and my first auction!

My Spring swap gift arrived (well, actually, it arrived last week, but I've been busy and haven't posted until now...I'm such a terrible person)

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I also am running some sales and auctions, including Pokedolls, Kid Figures, and some shiny mons!
Check that out here!

Also: I've got over 130 types of "My Pokemon Collection" plush available (and more!) in my shop here:

and I'm running a contest giving some away (check the facebook post on the frontpage!)

Thanks for looking!
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Announcement for auction participants, Y!J Gets & Updated Sales

First, a quick announcement to those who participated in the posters auction:Collapse )

I received a big box of stuff from Y!J yesterday including some extras that I'm selling in my permanent sales post. If you want to skip directly to my updated sales, click on the banner at the bottom of this post. Below is preview pic of the new items for sale. :)

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Okay...I will promise the next time I post...it will be a collection update (with a cute and amusing story and customs I made for myself...that I just need bake in the oven and paint. Opps.) Anyway...I am looking for stuff...again. ^__^

Clear Nuzleaf Kid
Clear Shiftry Kid

Does anyone know if Seedot or Kirlia has a clear figure as well? My search didn't turn up anything but it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist or that I didn't see them or saw it and didn't save the image.

Seedot Line Zukan
Zigzagoon Line zukan

Nuzleaf Dice
Nuzleaf Pencil Topper

Major: Seedot line and Ralts line
Minor: Zigzagoon line (Although, I think that my fellow ziggy lovers pick those over already. That is why it falls into a minor want. XD) Empoleon, Pichu, and Torchic flats.

I get a little picky in this area because I don't like images pulled out of books or magazines unless it is unique pose that I haven't seen before. Nor do I like those stickers cut out from other sticker sheets.

I am also progress of making a tradelist since I finally hit magically ten number. I have quite a few Primal Clash cards (-eyes the evil Gardevoir card-) and some phantom forces cards (I brought it for the Shiftry card. I regret nothing.) I also have some figures to trade. ^__^ So, it should be fun when I get that done.
Bellossom Lotad & Skitty
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Show me your kitties!

I really want to collect cat Pokemon, and the idea has crossed my mind several times. However, I never really thought I'd actually do it.
Until now.

What I really want, is people to show me collections showcasing their cat collections. :D
Meowth, Persian, Skitty, Delcatty, Glameow, Purugly, Espurr, and Meowstic.

Collection photos, favorite items from your collection, anything would be appreciated.~
Redirecting me to your collection sites would also be appreciated. :)
I'm starting to compile a wants list of my own, so anything at all would be appreciated! I don't care how minor or insignificant you think it is, I want to see everything. ~

The only things I actually have, are the 2004 Hasbro Skitty plush, and the newest Tomy Meowth figure.

If anyone's selling anything of the characters I listed above, I'd be willing to take a look at them. I mean, I'm not exactly interested in buying right now but if they're cute enough I'll take them. ;3
I'm not interested in flats, mainly figures and plushies.~

Quick Sales (Pokedoll merch, Pokecen can badges) and taking offers on Pokedoll X-mas Ornaments

Hi! I'm going out of town next week and am hoping to get a few sales in before I go! I have some neat old PokeCen badges, Pokedoll Stamp pins, and some rare items up for offers too!

Please note that items must be paid for by Friday, April 24th, as the last day for shipping will be Saturday! Please do not inquire about sales after 4/24/15. Any remaining items will be reposted after I come back (5/5/15).

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Pokedoll Stamp Pins (Snivy x 2, Audino x 2, Scraggy x 2 x 1, Tepig, Minccino) - $8 each *I have 2 1 box, free to the first buyer to ask!
1999 PokeCen Christmas Badges - Pikachu $5, Eevee $10 *package is free to first buyer to ask!
2000 PokeCen Christmas Badge - Cyndaquil $5
2000 PokeCen Cooking Badge - Cyndaquil $5
2002 PokeCen Sugimori Ethan/Shiny Charizard Badges (Croconaw, Pichu) - $5 each
2001 Celebi: A Timeless Encounter Metal Charm keychain w/Suicune & logo - $10
Chimchar Pokedoll Keychain - $20

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2002 PokeCen Sugimori Art Ethan & Noctowl Can Badge - offers start at $10, or BIN for $25
*Note, this is a close up pic for detail! It is the standard can badge size.

2002 MIP Pokedoll Christmas Wreath Ornaments
These are super rare! There was a set of 3 that included Celebi (which I'm keeping :) ). Both are MIP...sort of...the Pikachu ornament looks like a factory defect because he's supposed to hang in the middle of the wreath but there's no hook or thread (you can kind of see the gold thread and hook that Pichu hangs from)! Also, there's a gold star that was glued to the bow but fell off and is floating around inside the package.

Offers for Pichu start at $25
Offers for Pikachu start at $25
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Thanks for looking! :)

Looking for Primal Groudon Pokecen plush

Hi guys, I'm looking to purchase the Primal Groudon plush released in Japan and the US. I am not picky on either, but guessing the US version would be cheaper?
If anyone has one for sale or can middleman one from the US Pokemon Center I would appreciate it, thanks!

Also looking for the following Rumble U figures: Genesect, Shiny Genesect and Deoxys. Would prefer to purchase most from one seller to save on shipping, but since Shiny Genesect is rare I'd be happy to buy it on its own.

Have a great weekend!

WTB: dat lifesize goomy plush... wow much expensive so rare

Title says it all. These gooey babies are worth more than $450 USD now! I honestly see absolutely no way they could be worth this much already. They went up from $60 to $450 in under 3 months. You also have to take into consideration on how many of these exist! This is no Porygon-2 Plushplush, This is a widely released Goomy that retailed for only $35!

As you can probably tell, I badly want one, but the prices are absolutely ridiculous and there's no way I'm paying over $100 for one. This price inflation if horrifying and I hope they drop in value soon. $450 is the price of a Porygon-2 Plushplush and only five or so are known to exist! This Goomy, there's at least 100,000 or so. Sorry for the rant, I felt the need to ;_; i want one of these gooey babies in my life

Looking for BK Pokeball!

Hello there!
I'm looking for this item loooong time ago. I saw some in eBay, but shipping to Spain is very high, and most sellers don't ship overseas.

I'm talking about these balls:

(Photo taken of google img, if it's yours and you want it removed let me know!)

I want one in mint-very good state, box is not essential. Someone here has one for sell me? May you tell me the price including shipping to Spain (Europe)?

Thank you guys!

SSS and Con Gets- Customs Galore <3

So I just got back from Toracon, a local convention in Rochester, NY ^^ I had a ton of fun dressed up as Mako from KLK and formal Rin from Vocaloid, and the vendors were by far the best part ;D

Here's what I got over the past two days!

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Here are the gets I've accumulated over the past few weeks <3

Preview pic~

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And of course, I saved the best for last!


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And as always, here are some links!

celebi perler.jpggreninja.jpg

Perler commissions/trades: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18811565.html
TCG trades: http://latias-latios-7.livejournal.com/10690.html

Edit: Looking for custom or official things of the following Pokemon- Bayleef, Masquerain, Houndoom line, Mightyena line, Celebi, Jirachi, Sceptile, Sandshrew line and possibly Espeon.

$1 Candy Sales!

Hey Guys! How is everyone?

I recently went to Little tokyo which is about 2 hours from my house and bought these awesome candy that features silhouettes of Pokemons
They taste delicious too!

I am selling all of them for $1 each! (But I have a minimum of purchase of $2 for U.S and $3 international)

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia and my feedback is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/haepbrosonearth/

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$1 each
-Bunnelby, Swirlix, Yveltal, Charizard, Gogoat, Chespin

$1 Each
- Talonflame(2), Dedenne(2), Hawchula(2), Fennekin(2), Noivern(2), Voltorb, Pokeball :)

$1 Each
- Wobbuffet (2), Blastoise(2), Ampharos(2), Spritzee(2), Lucario(2), Mewtwo(2) :)

$1 Each
- Blaziken(2), Meowth(2), Venusaur(2), Inkray(2), Xernea(2), Mawile(2) :)

Shipping can be combined with anything from my sales post!

✿ Clearfile Want, Pokemon Books Questions, and Custom Pikachu Blanket! ✿

Hello everyone! :D

I believe i have posted about this want before, but i almost completely forgot about until today again! I am looking for this ORAS clearfile! If anyone has one to sell, please let me know!

Also, a less urgent want is this Swilrix fizzy candy wrapper!
The candy does not have to be in it, as long as the wrapper is in good condition!

Next up is my question! Does anyone here collect or have different Pokemon books? I have bought a few online that have some pages featuring zigzagoon and linoone. I'd like to collect any book or pages of books that feature these guys and swirlix and slurpuff!
If you have any books with pages of any of these guys, please show me! I want to see everything there is! C:
I've found this book on google images! Does anyone know anything about it?? I absolutely must find one!

Lastly i just wanted to show you guys this amazing custom pikachu blankey that my friend made! I know there are some pikachu collectors around here that might like it! You can click on the photo to see the listing and more photos. Honestly, i wish i could get it myself but i need to focus on my zigs right now. xD

That's about it! Thank you all for looking! :D <3

Dorm Room :)

I actually kinda organized some stuff and I thought it was a good moment for a picture of my Pokemon dorm room!!!

Some of you guys may know that this is just a portion of my collection and I obviously dont have room for everything :p I am sooo excited to move out to create a Pokemon shrine :3. Three more years to go!!

Thats all I have for you guys today haha. Havent had any other interesting gets for the most part.

Have a good week!


wanted: anything of hoothoot and noctowl

i have some extra cash so i figured i'd like to buy some new owl merch.
you can see most of my collection + wants here -> http://noctowl.weebly.com/

i'm looking for anything that's on the wants- page or just not added to the site in general !!
shipping is to finland so please be sure you are able to ship worldwide before offering stuff.

i'm gonna post some gets soon, but now i'm being lazy haha /w/