April 20th, 2015

Plush gets!

Hi everyone!
Since becoming active on here about a week ago I've been having a great time and have gotten some very cute plushies :) I received two packages on Friday and two on Saturday. Here's my gets from both days - this post is a bit picture heavy, sorry!

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Mini Wants of the Mega Stone variety

A question posed for the sellers among us: would any of you be selling the Mega Stones specifically in regards to the mini charms? I'm after the Red Orb, Latiosite, Latiasite, and Charizardite X. I've been combing eBay as of late for bargains on the original sets, but when it comes down to it, I'm really only after the stones and not the Pokémon themselves. >< If I could purchase the stones independently from someone who would be interested to part with them, ideally more the better to save on shipping, that would be marvelous~

Pictured below, the mega stone charms in question and their original components (for ease of scrolling…and likely not to relative scale :P).

Thank you all for your assistance. <3

On the good news, recently nabbed a Reshiram dot charm and Shiny Mega Rayquaza charm from the interwebs; next in line, the multi-week shipping wait. Whee!

EDIT: Sold-out/price-rising nerves got the better of me and I had since bit the bullet and purchased a full set of Mega Latios and Mega Latias charms. More good news, I forgot I already purchased the Mega Charizard X set! XD Only leaves the Reb Orb then, which might be more of a long-term mulling over slash as opportunity presents itself. :)
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eBay junk lot + Various Gets + Sales

Awawa, hi all~ I'm STILL working on putting up some auctions (I know... it's taking so long XD Just that other things end up taking priority and life gets busy orz and then I still want to figure out how many things I wanna put into the auction, etc... cuz I've got in-case figures and some other goodies I could put in, but more than likely I'll just save them for later since they're still unorganized)

In the meantime, I did have time to gather up a bunch of the broken Pokemon figures and set them up in a large eBay lot, please check it out and help me clear out space lol, especially if you're into doing repaints and such :D http://www.ebay.com/itm/HUGE-POKEMON-LOT-TOMY-Zukan-Figures-Toys-CHEAP-BROKEN-extra-pan-stickers-more-/181722298400?
(I was granted Sales Permission on 9/19/14 by entirelycliched)

Also, I haven't posted any of my gets in a LONG time~ Things are still a mess just because I don't get much time after work and spending entire weekends at my fiancé's place XD It's still a long way before we find a place we can move into together, cuz the housing market is crazy in NorCal~
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Also I had some fun with a Pikachu mask lulz *runs* and Reshiram

I've been doing slow but steady updates to my sales as usual, including an extra of the LARGE TOMY AG Rayquaza figure~ (I remember someone on the comm was looking for one? Sorry I forgot who T_T)
Preview of new items:

...and more!
Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

SSS Gets!

Yet another (very belated) SSS post! The items I received were wonderful. I got a bit too excited and didn't take photos right away, but I mostly repackaged everything. ^^; My mom helped with the 'didn't take photos right away' bit... She got excited and asked if she could open a package, and, not knowing what it was over the phone, I said it was fine. Naturally it was the ONE package I didn't want her to open- but that's how it happens, right? But it's okay because my parents came to visit briefly last night, so I got all 3 of my packages that were still at home!

Sorry in advance for bad picture quality! I'm definitely not a photographer.

Anyways! Cut to the photos:

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Quick note: If I owe you feedback, it should be going up tonight! :)

Domestic Shipping Time?

Heey guys, just a quick question ^^'
At what point should I be worried that a package may have gotten lost on the way to my middleman's warehouse?
It seems to me that most items I've ordered with FromJapan arrive within 3-5 days. One of mine is nearing 8 days, though, and I'm starting to get a little anxious (especially since it's not holiday time or anything, so the mail shouldn't be that slow)
So you find that some packages take longer? Am I jumping the gun (which I tend to do with the mail service aaaha)? I chose the cheaper shipping option rather than the "safer" one, so I'm really hoping it's ok!!

Sales plug

Young Justice Robin

Looking for a Cookie

I'm looking for this Pichu and Pikachu plush set. (Really just the Pichu would be fine.) They appear to be holding cookies (there's a cookie on top of another cookie with velcro on it), were made in 2004 and sold at the Pokemon Centers. I've seen a couple up on YJ recently, and have unfortunately missed out on every one. And this Pichu with a cookie is something I must have in my life. Does anyone happen to have one for sale, or know of any leads for these cuties? :)

As always, still looking for Weezing/Koffing Charms, among many other items on my wishlist! Thanks for looking!

Kid figure collection update and a Question

As some of you may know, I'm obsessed with Kid Figures, and was going for a full set.
I wasn't going to bother collecting the shinies, due to their rarity and cost,
but a few months ago, I made a post showing off my first shiny: a Rayquaza.
Then something happened...and I got obssessed.
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I ended up with a couple more duplicate shinies in the lot that arrived today, so I added them to my auction post here:

And lastly, I have a question:
There's two other types of figures that I often find mixed in with Kid figures,
and I'm curious as to what they are.
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Gets Shiny Rayquaza Promos and GIVEAWAY


I did not expect so many comments to come in for this giveaway and I find it really fun to read the stories. Actually, I feel like it is more take than give so I decide to add a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place for the prize, feeling generous. The rules and the ending time will not change. I will pick a number and the 4th place would receive 2 reverse foil cards. Then, I will pick a number from the rest and the 3rd place would receive 1 holo rare card. Likewise, 2nd place would receive 1 alternate EX card. Finally, the grand prize of this Shiny Rayquaza will be awarded to our 1st place!

I accidentally click on "spam" when I want to expand the comments so the comments got deleted. But do not worry because I keep track of all comments in my gmails. So, all previous comments count automatically. Just thought you guys would like to know why the comments disappeared. :/

I am just putting a list of the usernames for comments I received in the Questions/Concerns part. Please let me know if you do not see your names and I would add you to the list from there. I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.


I have got the Shiny Rayquaza promos from Japan. The simple fact is that you would find either a "0" point or "1" point card in each pack from Emerald Break set. You can then send 3 "1" point cards to receive a Shiny Rayquaza promo. So, I really appreciate the help of chocolate_chip without accepting any gratuity. So, what else would be better than a giveaway across the community? Thinking of the approaching release of the Roaring Skies, I would love the share the joy for card collection with everyone.

1. One sealed Shiny Rayquaza card will be the prize of this giveaway.
Edit: oops, I forget the most important part here. I would generate a random number using my calculator (lol) based on the total comments I receive at the end of the givaway to decide who the winner is.

2. Please leave ONE comment per person in the thread I am gonna make with title "Shiny Rayquaza Giveaway" of this post (without replying to the others before your comment) in the following format. Otherwise, it will be deleted without further notice.
Edit: oops, apparently we have another misled wording here. You do not need to make a new comment in the post. Just simply reply to the first comment thread I made is okay. Thank you.

Card(s) you wish to see printed in Roaring Skies OR an anecdote you have heard of or experienced related to Gen 3, which can either be something happened in your collection, game, or other Gen 3 related.

For example:
I would love to see Moltres printed in Roaring Skies because this poor bird needs more love without getting printed in Emerald Break. (lol)
When I played original Emerald, I skipped a step in the walkthrough so there is no Rayquaza showing up when I went to the Sky Pillar. (lol)

3. The giveaway will be ended on the Sunday of the release week, which is May 3rd at midnight US EDT. Here is a countdown timer for this giveaway in case that there is confusion.

4. I will send the card from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. The card will be included in a big toploader in a bubblemailer. There will be no tracking for this card since it is not for selling/trading.

5. Card will be sent on or before the release date. Remember that I would have finals on that week so the real delivery time may vary.

6. Have fun!
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Permanent Sales Post!


-I was granted sales permission by areica96 on April 20th, 2015.
-My feedback can be found here.
-All community rules apply.
-I will not sell to people banned from the community.

-Prices are in USD.
-I accept PayPal only.
-I ship from California. I will try to ship every few days, but I can be slow around exam time! I will let you know as soon as I have shipped your item.
-Shipping is not included in the price. You will be charged the price of the item + shipping + paypal fees + $1 to cover supplies. I will try to use recycled packaging, unless you request new packaging or I do not have any left. In those two cases, the $1 supplies fee will apply. If you would like recycled packaging, there will be no supplies fee.
-Payment is due within 24 hours unless you speak to me first.
-I mostly ship only within the US, but let me know! Shipping is definitely pricier internationally, but I'll do my best! International shipping will be slower!
-Minimum Purchase is $5, as any less than that is too much effort for me to make it worth it!
-If any hangtags don't already have protection on them in pictures, you can pay $1 extra for toploader/cardboard protection. If you choose not to purchase protection, I am not liable for however the post may damage the tags!

-Questions about items and quotes will get priority for an item for 12 hours after I have answered. After that, I will move on to the next interested buyer.
-I can do holds for up to 24 hours after the initial 24 hour deadline for payment (a total of 48 hours).
-Once the item is shipped I am no longer responsible for it. I will get tracking whenever possible, and will take a picture of the package before it goes out as a record.

-I am open to trades, but am not required to accept them. My wants list can be found here.
-Haggling is permitted, but please be mature. Do not be disappointed if I do not accept your offer.
-My current apartment is pet-free and smoke-free. I have a dog at my parents' house, where some of my collection has been. Please ask me if you have any concerns!
- If you've read my rules, please put "Chromcario" in your comment somewhere

Bonus! If you buy more than $25 merch, I'll include your choice of one of these coffee cup cozies I've made! They're soft, double thick, and keep your drink warm and your hands too - but not enough to burn!

-ALL ITEMS ARE NOW OBO as I need these gone!Please DO NOT low-ball me!

(More [non-pokemon] Amiibo and other gaming items here!)

Kyoto exclusive Maiko sitting Pikachu Plush: $35

Winking and Sleeping Pikazard: $6 each
6-inch Vinyl Suicune figure: $15 (has paint-marks/scuffs)
Lucario movie stamp tin with note-papers: $6
Mightyena street playset: $20 OBO (It's part of a larger set but I couldn't find what it's called? Mightyena has fallen off the tree, but you could easily glue it back. I left it off since I liked it better not connected!)

Maison de Eievui stamps: Glaceon and Jolteon $6, Leafeon $4 (Leafeon DOES NOT have a cap, but it still works!)
Pikachu and Banette wood clips: $3 each (only 1 banette left! my roommate stole one between taking the picture and now x-x;; )
Eeveelution clips: $3 each (only Glaceon left!)
Glaceon rubber phone strap: $6

Vaporeon Tomy plush?: $15
Leafeon I<3Eevee DX Plush TTO: $20

Mega Tokyo Limited Edition Angry PIkazard (Hang tag removed, but I can try to find it for you if you like): $55


Zorua pokedoll: $27
Lucario pokemomo rose plush: $35 (OBO, I can't find any pricing for this)
Riolu christmas plush: $11

Suicune boat figure: $10
Fennekin Zukan line: $6
Old Eevee stamp (still works): $20 OBO
Vaporeon tomy: $5
Jolteon tomy: $5 (I can't promise it's legit since I don't remember where I got it, but it says TOMY on the butt under the tail spikes)
Bonsly stamp + sticker: $5 (NOT INKED)
Pikachu stamp + sticker (not pictured): $5 (NOT INKED)
Gen 4 starters magnet+laminate (looks like you can use it as a whiteboard?): $5

sleeping pikachu figure: $4
Lucario botlecap kaiyodo figure NIP: $12
Torchic tfg: $14
Flareon pitapoke: $12 (opened and put on display, otherwise new. Flareon has a paint rub on her nose)
Oshawott tcg bottlecap figure: $5
Ylveltal tomy figure: $3

Pikachu Friends with Berries Promo!

Eevee Scent Hangers: (x2) $10
Pikachu Scent Hangers: (x2) $10
Pikachu Hairties: (x1) $10

Dedenne Towels: (x3) $10

Dedenne Plush: $35 OBO
Prize H Jar: $25 $15

ILE Plushies

Eevee Standing Keychain: $10
Flareon Standing Keychain: $10
Espeon Standing Keychain: $10
Vaporeon Standing Keychain: $10


With peg: $3 (5 available)
Without peg: $1 (8 available)
Without spinner or peg: $0.50 (1 available)

Swadloon Best Wishes Keychain Plush (NO TAG, quite dirty): $2
Lugia mini-pokedoll: $10
Buneary Banpresto Keychain TTO: Offer!(I have no clue and can't find anything anywhere!)

Bandai Friends Treecko Plush: $20
Bandai Friends Munchlax Plush (missing headstring): $40 OBO

All keychain plush have their keychains!
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Sales & Auctions! AUCTIONS CLOSED

Hi! I'm auctioning and selling some items from my personal collection, including Pokedolls, other plushies, a couple of rare Skarmory goods, and more!

My pkmncollectors sales permission was grandfathered in at the beginning of the rule's creation.
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/flag/
Auction Preview:

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Additionally, I'm offering some handmade-to-order Natu mini plushies! Check them out at the link below!

Still looking for Old or New TCG Wrappers! +New buttons made

Still on the look out for those wonderful wrappers 8D

Japanese or English! Please let me know prices and pictures of what anyone has would be awesome!
I started to make them into buttons! I used to hoard them when I was younger and I have a friend who has a button press!

Plus I bought 2 wrappers from hantsukihaunter
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So happy I found these from her! They look so good!

If anyone has any extras to sell please let me know 8D
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Want: Mime Jr. Pokedoll

Hi all!

Just a quick one today! I've been looking for a Mime Jr. Pokédoll for ages but I just can't find one MWT :( If you have one you're willing to part with, get in touch! :) He will have a loving home.

(Also I can't figure out what to search for him on ShoppingMallJapan, no variation of Mime/Mr Mime/Mime Jr brings up anything, so also looking for help with that!)