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22 April 2015 @ 09:12 am
Yesterday I received a package from Japan with a few grails of mine, including my Holy Grail.

What will it be??
Holy Grail (picture heavy)Collapse )
22 April 2015 @ 09:52 am
Hey all! ^-^ I've been very quietly checking the community lately. I'm still buying some things here and there for my collection, but I've really put a halt on it for a while because... I'm moving! I've just started packing up my collection and sorting out what I'll be selling and what I'll be keeping.

So today I come with something of a boring update, but an important question:
Any tips or advise (maybe from past experience) when packing & moving your collection?

Update: THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for the great responses! I knew you guys would be a huge help! I've been reading through them and I really appreciate the tips and experience that you've shared. I'm a little busy but I'll get back to you all soon as I can!


Coming soon:
- New collection set-up photos
- WEEDING SALES (Lots of PokeDolls and figures!)
Rachel the Team Magma Grunt
Hi guys! I'm aaalmost done with my current round of commissions, and I'm currently waiting on a huge order of supplies so I can finish them off :) Since it may be a few weeks before all my beads arrive I thought I'd offer some extremely discounted commissions in the meantime so I can work on something. On a side note, if you're currently trading with me your sprites are most likely done, I just need to take pics. It's been a super hectic school week but I'll try to photograph everything before the weekend! Jheila and Bulbybulbasaur, I'm still working on your sprites since they're pretty large. They'll be done soon though ^^

Anyway, here are the awesome prices xD

Any large sprites: Only 15 plus shipping!
V-Day sprites: Only 6 shipped!
Small sprites: 2 plus shipping, or a team of six for only 7 shipped :D

I'll be opening three slots for the V-Day sprites and big sprites, along with three slots for the teams of 6 and five slots for the individual sprites.

I am also offering squares (I'm blanking on which game they're from... is it Pokemon Ranger?) and trozei heads. Those will be going at normal prices however, because I've never actually offered them up before :) Please note that you'd have to provide the sprite for the squares, and unfortunately not all Pokemon have sprites in these two styles :c

Squares: 10 shipped
Trozei heads: 7 shipped

I'll be putting up unlimited slots for these two since they're not discounted, but please note that they may take a while to make.


arcanine1.jpgno title

Large Sprites:
1. Claimed
2. Claimed

koffing.jpgno title

V-Day sprites:

1. Claimed
2. Claimed
3. Claimed

no titleno title

Teams of 6:

1. Claimed
2. Claimed
3. Claimed
4. Claimed

no titleno title

Individual sprites (you can order as many as you want):

1. Claimed
2. Claimed

Squares and Trozei heads:

no titleno title

I can also make humans or literally anything that has a sprite, so feel free to ask for different ones or message me with any requests :) I'll be working on these all while my colors for the other sprites arrive and try to get as many done as I can. If I still have sprites left over I'll just group them together with the Feb sprites ^^ My goal is to get ALL commissions done by this time next month, but please read my rules if you're not a super patient person lol

More examples and sales info: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18811565.html


Edit: Oh, one more thing! If slots fill up and you want to order something feel free to leave a comment on the Feb page. It won't be discounted as much as here but slightly more than my normal sales~ V-day sprites will be 8 shipped, large ones will be 15-20 plus shipping, and teams of 6 will be 10 shipped.

Status of Orders:

clicky797: 50% done
synysterxskittl: Shipped
aceattorneygirl: Shipped
vortex9412: Shipped
elcardenal12: Shipped
stalkingsuicune: Shipped
glitterzookas: V-day sprite done
marthmellow: Done
ninetails: Shipped
dubslider: -
partywooper: Shipped
moonliteumbreon: Shipped

My beads have come in! All orders will now be combined with those on my Feb page :)
22 April 2015 @ 12:19 pm
Geeting antsy to share a collection update, just got a bunch of new items I just have to share!

Here is my collection website http://yellofr3ak.weebly.com/raikou.html
If you see anything on my wish list that you have, send me a message ;)
You can see all of the new items here as well.

Here are the new items I got recently

Raikou everywhere!!Collapse )

Also a reminder that my Yveltal collection is still up for sale!
I've added a few new things to my wants list and am still looking for some older wants!

Want list!Collapse )
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Hello! I am a bright new shining face to the PKMNCollectors community! To be truthful, I wanted to be a part of the group for quite some time, but never really got the opportunity because I was too nervous, or didn't understand how LJ functioned at the time.

Now that it appears to be...easier...onto my introduction proper! I'm putting it in a cut to be safe! Since it took up half of my screen, I want to make sure i'm not destroying the rules we all hold dear here.

This is the intro. It has stuff about collecting.Collapse )

ANYWAY to wrap stuff up i actually have a question regarding housing for your collection! Does anyone have any recommendations of shelving or containers for displaying their stuff? I have frankly been on the hunt for months (possibly years) for something that looks nice but is not..hundreds of dollars. If anyone knows anything of those criteria that is either pre-assembled or easily assembled, please let me know! Size isn't a huge issue, though I would appreciate more horizontal space than vertical. Photos in responses are more than welcome since I can gander that way.

In closing, hope to stay a part of this excellent community! Hugs to all of ya (if youre into that), and high fives to you too! (if youre into that).
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22 April 2015 @ 01:47 pm
Good day to you all~

Since I'm quickly running out of figures I want to buy, I've got into the habit of buying doubles and shiny-fying them. :D

But firstly, HLJ strikes my wallet again...

New and ShinyCollapse )
22 April 2015 @ 02:35 pm
I got a package I've been waiting on for a while in the mail today! <3

What could be in here?Collapse )

Thanks for looking! I'll be updating my sales in a few days, but feel free to take a look here!
Quan Tran
22 April 2015 @ 02:36 pm
Hi fellow PKMN lovers,

I'm Q from the States, and I've been with the community for a month or two but never got around to make a post. However, I've really enjoyed reading/watching everyone's post and seen how much passion we all have for pokemon. I also received so much help from several members in navigating around the community as well, so thank you so much !!! I myself am a pokemon fan since my young age. Growing up in a developing southeast asian region, I've always wanted to fill my life up with the pokemon merchandise that I could only dreamed about. My favorites are Scyther and Rayquaza (both green, my fav color ;) and Arceus (because of the various figures available). I collect mostly figures from different brands and different posts. I'm also very intersted in them zukan figures as well !!! Thanks for reading and I hope with the help of the community, I'll be able to expand my little tiny bitsy collection. So let me know if you have any of my wants, I'll be super duper interested :)

My Collection - Start
Really quick sales here... Will ship tomorrow. Please give them a home!!

Cut to see my rulesCollapse )

Really awesome big Armaldo Custom plush with minkyish fabric (big plush as you can see with size ref for MegaQuaza Plush) - $39
Mega Rayquaza Shiny Japanese Plush MWMT - $36
22 April 2015 @ 06:31 pm
Hi guys! Just a quick question: does anyone know how much Pokemon Minicot figures are worth? For those who don't know, these are small, plastic figures on bases made by Banpresto that were UFO prizes in Japan. I've been searching through the internet, but I can't find any guides about how much you should expect to pay for one. Does anyone know off the top of their head, or can point me in the direction of a website that does? I know some tend to go for more than others (like Absol and Eeveelutions). I've searched past auctions in this community, but I don't know if those values are still correct. Thanks for your help! :D 
22 April 2015 @ 10:37 pm
I know I posted recently, sorry ^^; I browse Y!J in search for the 1:1 Tohoku Victini, Zoroarks, and one other thing when I have the time and... I've found that one other thing. I've never used a middleman service though and I'm quite nervous about it. I really never wanted to use one, and I never have the money anyway, but I really want this plush. What's a good middleman service to use (or someone could be my middleman :D) and can anyone give me any advice? I might just chicken out :( I don't know. I really want the item though. Sigh.

I updated the starting prices on my auctions a little. I'm also getting together a bunch of TCGs to sell, and I have a Hasbro Mew plush to sell as well if anyone is looking for one. What's the best way to sell TCGs? I'm selling almost all of my cards (or at least my holos, might just give the commons away to some little kid) with some nostalgic exceptions, my Zoroarks, my Poochys, my full art Reshiram, and my shiny Latias.

Dem auctions:http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/19217396.html

I would make this less boring with a pic of my collection, but I'm too tied up to be taking pictures at the moment ^^; So let's make this less boring by asking a random question! Who was your first level 100 Pokemon? I've played Pokemon since Red and Blue, but I wasn't motivated until Sapphire and Ruby and I leveled my trusty Flygon to level 100 :) To this day, Flygon is probably my second favorite dragon, with Reshiram being the first. One day I will show her off to the comm in her plush form :)