April 23rd, 2015

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Collection update!

I'm still very new to this community, but it is very helpful and nice (even though I didn't get one single comment on my introduction post *advertises* :P). I already bought three times from members here, and they were all very friendly!

So I could already update my collection of Mudkip!
(I somehow forgot to add the Mudkip Canvas to the pic and only noticed later >_< was too lazy to take the pic again because of it.. yeah, next time)

I'm still looking for some Mudkip and watching ebay every day ^-^
Most of them don't ship internationally, so it is quite difficult actually... I can't spend too much money, so I will have to wait unfortunately. Shipping costs are most annoying these days, especially since they vary from country to country so much. >_<

Also, I've been to a con recently where I also saw Pokémon. Most of them seemed to be bootlegs though, that was really disappointing since there is no store here where you can buy Pokémon plushies anyway, so I was happy to have this con... yeah...
They even wanted to tell me that a real Mudkip pokedoll looks worse than a bootleg, and what they wanted to offer me was... guess it... a typical bootleg from china sellers! It didn't even have a tag on it. I was so disgusted and disappointed I didn't buy anything on this con, well, except for a tiny Mudkip figure which I guess is also a bootleg... at least it was cheap (<1$).

Update: I really wonder I got a real US version Mudkip from a china seller. It's exactly the same as the Japanese version, except for the tag. Sadly, that seller had himself deleted from ebay before I could even send him feedback. :(
I wonder if he really sold legit versions or if he just sent one to me because I asked him before if this was a legit version :P
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Hello everybody~
Today I am clearing off whatever spares/extras I have in my house~
Please make sure you read all the T&Cs before making any purchase~ :D

But please don't be offended if I reject your offer. o:


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Thank you. (:
Any comments/ suggestions/ questions on pricing, please let me know.

For NON-POKEMON / Clothing/ shoe sales, please [Click here]! *more to come*

Collection Update and Possible Blastoise Mirage

First the Blastoise... backstory. I bought some blastoise's off of a guy in the Netherlands thinking it was 2 play by plays and a hasbro for my boyfriend. But to my astonishment, I have had several people say they think this little guy is a mirage. Here's the pics.

What is your opinions?

Now my collection update

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Storage question

hey people.. so recently ive noticed that my metal figures are completely taking over my desk and im going to be getting a few more lots in soon so i really need to start storing some of them.. seeing as i want to keep them in as good of shape as possible i was thinking i want some sort of box that has spaces for each figure.. almost like an advent calendar.. and ill line it with clear wrap so nothing can rub their paint.. i obviously want to be able to access them easily

does anyone else have any experience storing metal figures? if so how did YOU do it? and if anyone has any ideas on what sort of box i could use.. like if there are boxes that already have the kind of compartments i want.. id love to know


Hello Everyone

Just wanted to say hello and thank you for welcoming me to this community. I've been a fan of PokeMon ever since the beginning and and starting to get into collecting. I have some merchandise at home, mostly plushes (will post pics when i'm not at work). I am looking into expanding my collection.

Currently looking for Recall TOMY Kyogre and Canvas Umbreon, so if you happen to know someone willing to let these go, let me know. Otherwise say hi and I hope we have a great time together!

New Addition!

Hey names Beanie and I recently joined...a while ago actually, but due to cons and finals I haven't gotten a chance to post until now. So a bit about myself, well I love pokemon and have since I was 10. I've played through every gen game and gen remake. I have to say I have a lot of favorite pokemon, but Totodile is my absolute favorite and I have a tiny collection of him that I only wish to grow!

So you'll probably see me here and there posting about my collection and if anyone has any totodile merch. I also adore Solosis and Reniculous so I'll probably be looking for that too. I plan to put up a pic of my collection soon and I look forward to being apart of this community!!!

mini frame sales

Hey guys, long time no see!I have some really neat little .. movie/anime frame .. things?? Not sure what they're called, but they're gorgeous! :D I have these up for offer along with a bunch of $1-2 kid figures. I also want to show off an amazingly wonderful custom *u* Check them out!

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confused kotone

Quick Wants

Long story short here is that my boyfriend's favorite amphy charm broke today and the seller we purchased these keychains from misplaced them and never told us until now. Soooo if any of you guys have either item please let me know how much you're asking. Thanks so much!

New gets and collection update! New eeveelution plushies!

Sorry I havnt posted in a while, we are cleaning out our room and we had our plushies in a pile while we waited until payday to get and set-up our new poke'mon shelf! It has my husband and I's stuff on it and its all set! Hmmm I need some more dragonair and milotic stuff. Here are pictures, enjoy!
 photo DSCN6851.jpg
This Lugia= my pride and joy! <3
Top Shelf
 photo 2a364896-f399-437a-a419-f00c7f0be37e.jpg
Plush shelves
 photo DSCN6848.jpg
 photo DSCN6842.jpg
 photo DSCN6844.jpg

BONUS! I got some candy from japan! ^-^
 photo acf0d0bb-de72-4936-be7e-e7200ed423a6.jpg

Also, here are some goodies from members on the community! I bought Kingrda and Milotic kids off of splash, a japanese Pokemon Center Nymphia (Sylveon) plush from a new friend, ippai eevee/espeon and eevee pokedoll allll the way from NZ!

Sylvee loves hanging out with my Suicune Pokedoll!
 photo DSCN6857.jpg
I LOVE these new eeveelution and water baby figures!
 photo DSCN6853.jpg

*On the way I also have a black shiny mega rayquaza plush AND a mizugorou (Mudkip) pokemon center plush coming alllll the way from japan! =D
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Collection Update: M0ar Vaporeon! Gorgeousss Poke Box Charm!

Holy Collection Update Batman!

FINALLY LJ is LOADING for me, no more missing CSS! (Watch it vanish by the time I hit submit... ._.) So, I'm still pretty new and still beginning my collection but I'd like to share it with you! :D <3 Thanks so much to the community members who have helped me thus far! (And sorry I haven't left feedback, it isn't working for me for some reason, I keep getting an error. ><)

I think this is my pride and joy. My main focus and the basis for my entire collection of ANYTHING. <3 My Poke Box Charms. I'm a long long way from my goal. I'd eventually like a full set of each of the sets they released of the Eeveelu charms.

It's been hard, I've only found a few so far. No one seems to be selling them. But I'm hopeful, that's for sure. <3

This is my most recent one, the Vappy!
This little guy is sort of a grail for me. I think the dessert version would be the only charm more amazing than this one, honestly. x3

If you or anyone you know is selling or trading any Poke Box charms, PLEASE let me know! <3 (You can e-mail or FB me. E-mail = kozxai (at) gmail (dot) com. FB = http://www.facebook.com/Kozinu )

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For anyone interested in seeing more photos or my wants, check out mah site!

Sorry for so many photos! I am just so excited. Focusing on my collection has helped me relieve a lot of stress and anxiety I've been buried under. It's been a tough semester so this is just so thrilling.

Lots of shiny gets and updates!

Hello collectors!

I got quite a few things recently and since a lot of them are shinies I thought they would make an interesting post. Click the cut to see the items in the preview!

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One final note: I have updated my sales and added a post to my journal for you to check out, as well as pretty much completing my collection website at last - the links can be found below, and thanks for looking! ;v;/

laurakitazawa's sales!

laurakitazawa's collection website!
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quick extra sales/offers - can combine with previous sales [offers & sales]

Hello guys decided to put some more items for offers which will end soon!  `^o^`

Today I have some quick offers/sales that will end within 30 hours, take a look and see if you're interested in anything - anything can be combined from my previous sales if you bought from me last time, up for offer today I have a movie 5 Latios stamper, a lucario 2006 pokemon center bento box, a pikachu & pichu pokemon center bento box, some rare meiji chocopoh dome figures, bouncy ball figures & more!


DSC08459DSC08455DSC084523546787 (9)


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Feel free to offer a price/buy anything not sold in my other sales posts located here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18516685.html and here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/19184820.html

Also my permanent sales posts;

Figures/Stamps: http://xxlatiosxx.livejournal.com/10619.html

Flats/Misc : http://xxlatiosxx.livejournal.com/9493.html

Digimon Sales: http://xxlatiosxx.livejournal.com/10114.html




+ First Batch of items will be sent off Monday 4th May or Tuesday 5th May - you will be informed when yours are shipped out, I will then aim/proceed to send the rest out that same week. Thanks for your patience!

+ WAVE 1 of packages have been sent out on the early hours of the morning on Friday 8th May - you have all been notified. WAVE 2 scheduled next day! Thank you for your patience and apologises for the delay!

+ WAVE 2 of packages have been sent out -  this includes everyone who was part of both auctions - if you still haven't been informed your package will be sent out asap. Thank you!


This Week's Gets!

Well it's only Thursday for me but I'm really excited about all the stuff I got /)>w<(\
It was my birthday this past weekend so, of course, I ordered a ton of awesome stuff for myself~

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Thanks for checking out my post~ Have an enjoyable evening/day/whatever c: <3
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Grail gets that aren't even my grails x'D

So I ended up with some grials that were never on my list of wants but I couldn't pass up the rediculously good prices I found them at and so I went for them :) I was also incredibly suprised some still had their hang tags like chikorita. And Raichu even has it's UFO string and tush tag with intact ears! I'm still tentatively awaiting sales permission so I can sell some of these beauties x3

Here's the group shot~ there's closeups under the cut c:

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Still waiting on some other super rare gets including the ultimate holy grail for charizard fans. Can't wait to make that post when it gets here >u<

Quick Sales

Hi, I have two cards for sales. One is M Charizard EX 69/106 from FlashFire and the other is Gardevoir EX 105/160 from Primal Clash. Both cards are in NM (or NM/M) condition as you can tell from the pictures. Looking for $30 on Charizard and $5 on Gardevoir. Or take both for $33. Price does NOT include shipping and fees.

Sales permission by denkimouse on 01/28/2011
Ship from Philadelphia, PA. United States.

Gets worthy of a post!

I know, I know, I'm posting a bit much. I promise this is the last one until my auctions near the end date/time. If I need to delete my last post in order to clean the page up a bit, let me know, I don't mind!

I really wanted to make this post because
1) One of my gets was a gift from a comm member so I felt a need to show it off :)
2) School is kicking my butt so I need a small break once I got home and decided to take some pictures!

First up, my bf received this package and gave it to me when I got out of Organic lab and for some odd reason I didn't expect it to be what it actually was...

The MC+ figure and a reflector keychain from stalkingsuicune! and they even threw in a fact sheet on Zoroark which I didn't expect! I love it! My pack slowly grows :)

When I got home, there were quite a few packages waiting for me, first up...

The gift! from bulbybulbasaur! I actually only like Oshawott because I adore Samurott, but I much prefer the Oshawott pokedoll over the Samurott one (Samurott plushes tend to look a bit...derp...) so I was ecstatic to receive this little guy! Thank you so much for giving him to me bulby :D

I also received a package from pokemoncenter.com. Most of what was within it was for my boyfriend, but I did get this cutie...

Eeeeeeee! He's so much cuter than I expected! Now I NEED the PC Greninja plush! I loved Greninja before, but for some odd reason after receiving this plush I seem to love him almost as much as some of my absolute favorite starters now! He's so precious!

I also got the PC Latias and Latios plush, but after I placed the order I realized they were impulse buys. I love Latias and Latios, and these are some mighty fine plushes of them, but I'd rather not start to hardcore collect them. I'd rather stick to custom shiny Latias' and Latias figures to go with my Latias and Latios pokedolls :) If anyone wants them, I can sell them for $22 a piece or both for $40 plus shipping and fees (which I'm sure is slightly cheaper than pokemoncenter.com). If not, then I'll just return them as I could really use the money ^^ Let me know! They're gone!

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
Mah Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pepperzark/

That's all for now :) I'm still in search for my grail, and trying to decide whether or not I'm ready to use a deputy service (I'm a big baby), but, in the meantime, anyone got a Lugia Pokedoll they're willing to let go for around $25!? :D Let me know!

EDIT: Last night I lost on a lot that contained a Jakks Totodile plush so now I'm looking to get one! The lot sold for $27 and contained all three Johto starters so that's a little more than $9 a plush so I'm looking to spend around $10 :)

I must have him for my Totodile army...

plush gets + question

Hello my PKMN loves!
I have a few new pokedolls & other plush and I would love to show them to you all!

So, let's begin with a cut! ;)

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Quick question: What do you do with your pokedoll tags? I always remove them, but I still want to keep them in perfect condition. I also want to store them in a way that looks...appealing. I was thinking about using one of those large clear envelopes but I'm not sure. Any ideas?

Also, please take a look at my wants list!
Thanks for reading!