April 25th, 2015

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Dragonair Pokemon Time Plush

Help! Does anyone have a Dragonair Pokemon Time plush for sale? I've been searching for a while and I am willing to spend between $20-35 on it.

I am looking for one MWT. If the tag is curved or slightly bent, I don't mind. I just want it to be attached to the plush.

By the way, I live in the US.

Big collection updates, gorgeous new gets, updated sales and needlefelt offers

Edit: I've just come across my grail of grails and I need the funds. SO. Everything in my sales mega mega best offer - no reasonable offer will be refused!

Hello lovelies :3 My post today is going to be a big update was with some sales and auctions and some wants. Its fairly large and picture heavy so I've split it up a bit ^^;

First up, the gets and collection update!

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aaaand then onto the sales! This sales post 'overwrites' all of the others, so if its not here, chances are I don't have it or am not selling it anymore :3

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with  that, onto the goodies :3

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Next up, I have 2 of my needlefelted pieces up for offers, Flareon and a Kyogre. I'm really stuck on how to price these, so I thought I'd let you guys have a say :p They are both very slightly larger than a kid figure, have plastic toy eyes and an eyepin so you could hang them somewhere or use them as a keychain. Both start at $5 and I will close offers either when I get one I particularly like, or Friday 1st May, 6pm GMT.

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And finally, some wants :3 since I'm close to payday, I won't be able to buy all of these at once, but I thought it was worth posting since I don't know what's readily available and what isn't! I'm nearly done with my colelction website so I'll update here with a link to my wants page as soon as its done <3

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If you got this far, thank-you so much for sticking with me! <3

Small get and Togekiss auction

Hey guys. I have been fairly inactive for a little while, but recently I broke down and finally got the plush I've had my eye on for a while; the Marill Pokedoll! I always thought it looked cute in pictures, which is why I thought about buying one multiple times, but when it got here my heart just melted. It's too adorable for words. I'm really happy, I cant stop cuddling and petting him. :)


Here he is with the rest of my small plush on my shelf. He fits right in. :)

I just wish they would release some new pokedolls. I was looking forward to a grumpy faced shroomish, but that's seeming less and less likely.

Anyway, in order to make some money back I decided to auction off my Togekiss pokedoll.

Sales permission granted on 12/9/12 by entirelycliched
Feedback here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/sigiblue/

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Thanks for reading! :)

A bunch of gets and a want!

Hi guys! I've been getting a whole bunch of things recently, and I think now is a good time to post them!
I've been making a few purchases since I joined the community several weeks ago, and I am loving it! I actually have a few more things coming in the mail, but I'll post those when I get another big batch of things to post.

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There's also this plushie I've been looking for
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I am also thinking about posting my collection on a site, like making a database of some sort, as I see some of you guys make for your collections. What is a good site to do that on?
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Japanese pack openings!

I got a Japanese Yveltal "blister pack" from a store today for a huge deal that included 6 packs (the guy was charging 1 pack for $6, and I got the blister for $14 and has 6 packs... eheh) and I will be opening them now! I will post what is in each set as I go. I'll be starting with Furious Fists as it is my least favorite set.

I hope I get some good cards! I've fallen in love with these xD

Large Pikazard comparison

Just to compare sizes and get a feel for their dimensions, here's the large pikazard compared to giant substitute. I thought they were going to be the same size but the large pikazard plush falls just a bit short. More room on the couch then :)

If anyone was interested in knowing, the 40 inch pikachu dwarves pikazard and looks bigger than substitute due to the ears.

Anyone want to trade for my Virizion pokedoll?

Hey everyone! How are you all? c:

This is my first trades post, just a quick one ^_^

Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/Miss_minccino/

I ship from the UK worldwide :D

So this is my Virizion pokedoll (American version) new with both tags. The cardboard tag has a crease / tiny rip. And I was wondering if anyone had a Coballion pokedoll they could trade with me? If you don't have a Coballion and want my Virizion, feel free to show me what else you have ^_^

Thanks everyone!

Espurr and Gizamimi Pichu Question?

Hey guys, since realizing my Pichu Canvas Plush is a bootie, I wanted to ask about my tush-tagless Espurr that does have minky material but no tags? I got it from a guy selling Pokemon Center items at Pokecon in Kentucky on the 12th of January. and also my Pichu that I got from Ebay in a lot for $8. Thanks for looking!

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Plushies and zukans and figures, Oh MY!

Hello all! Hope you're well and the sun is shining wherever you may be =P

Today, I've got a few gets that I'm pretty excited to show you all including something that -was- turning into a little bit of a grail! Click the cut and see! =DD

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I hope you all enjoyed having a peek at what I've accumulated in the past few weeks! =D I know I enjoyed opening them and taking pics <3

On a side note, you can expect my very first auction of a rather special custom plush I made coming up very soon! Keep your eyes peeled just in case the lil' dude happens to be of any interest to you!

And last but not least...my customary shameless sales plug! I still have rare Tomy figures available such as Kingdra, Dittochu, Golbat and many more! Take a peek and see if there's anything you like by clicking my goofy snakes below! =D

Thank you for looking guys and hope you all have a wonderful whatever time of day it is for you! <3

Sales Update + Plush Commission Question?

Hiya guys! Just a heads up that my sales are once again updated and haggling is allowed. (Just click on that line <~ for sales!) I just thought that I'd throw that in, but that's not the reason I'm here today.

I noticed that a lot of people are totally in love with commissioning their own plushes, and I was hoping for some "expertise" c; in answering my questions! ^^
- I have an OC eevee who wears a black sweater hoodie with a small star on the front, do you think that's possible to make a plush out of a pokemon wearing clothes? I might also just might want a eevee wearing a pikachu hoodie like the pikazard or a pikachu wearing an eevee hoodie xD or most likely an eevee wearing a totoro hoodie too..!
- How much is the range for a 5"~7" plush USUALLY? I know it varies by complicated designs and the patterns and material and such, but what can I expect? How much were your plushes? ^^
- Can you recommend me some artists? I probably only want one plush made at this time and I understand that artists have a waitlist and I probably won't have some wiggle room until Late Mayish anyways, I'm just trying to plan ahead ^^ Thank you! :3c

Glomp Attack

Hello! :)

Hello everyone! I just joined the community! :D Thanks for accepting me!

I go by Yami online! I am 24  years old and actually just got accepted to be an ALT in Japan so I'll be going to Japan soon. :) Yay! Hopefully I will be able to resist some of the cute for my wallet's sake! I was an illustrator until recently where my company decided to switch to outsourcing.

I have loved Pokemon since I was little. I collect Squirtle things and apparently Pikachu by the number of Pika I have! I mostly just have random plushies of Pokemon I like! I been to Japan a few times and always buy too much at the Pokemon Center and resell stores in Ikebukuro XD

I'll post more of my collection another time!

Oh no Bella Chu and Pikachard missed the family photo! D:

Roaring Skies Prerelease

Hi, guys. I just went to the prerelease of roaring skies at Blue Bell, PA. I cannot wait till my finals end apparently. lol There are just so many people joining in this party. It is prerelease, man! You can find everybody there are trading for cards that were just freshly pulled and still hot in hands! lol I am lucky enough to win all matches during the prerelease.
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Although there are no extra prizes for that accomplishment (lol), I still enjoyed today and guess what, here are my pulls and they are AMAZING!
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Finally, do not forget that my giveaway of ONE shiny Rayquaza EX promo will be ended on midnight next Sunday at US EST time. Enter your comment to win it for FREE!

anime boston gets, sweepstakes, work gets, and more! (Trade offer inside)

Hllo everyone! This may be a tiny gets post, but I'd like to share my newest arrivals from the past month or so!

As always... my updated wants list and sales!

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New gets

Hello everyone!

I know that most of my posts have been collection updates but I do hope to soon have a wants post up. This time around I have gotten a variety of things. Also I was wondering if anyone could tell me where are good places to order recent pokemon center things is. I have been using someone on eBay but was hoping to find somewhere with better prices.I also had a question for anyone who collects kid figures, does ampharos have a shiny or clear figure and where is a good place to buy kid figures. Any info would be appreciated.

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Looking for a few metal charms

As in title! A few metal charms, no more than 3-4, preferably from the same seller to save on shipping.

If you have any charms for sale (please no expensive ones; $3 or less per charm is preferred) please let me know which ones you have and how much they are!

I have no preference atm but if you have a Pokemon of the following colors then all the better: blue, black, purple, red, pink.

I would also prefer a US seller since I would like them within a week or two max.

Thanks for reading!

Got enough to work with for now!