April 26th, 2015


New custom gets! Sticker wants

I am in love with buying customs now. I used to be against them, but people are so talented I just can't stop myself. I just got all these sweethearts in the mail recently. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!

xsystem did the lovely Houndour. Piquipauparro did the gorgeous and amazing umbreon (think they are chickapaw on here) and then two cute beanie plush by Yukaminacrafts. All these are super special. I just want more and more!

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Thanks for looking!

As always, I am on the lookout for these flats. If you have them PLEASE let me know! (jumping pan sticker has been acquired) I don't care if they are holo or unholo. Just mint please.
  • ku_bek

SALES - HOLO Amada stickers


>>> Kids figs sales > CLICK
>>> Amada sales > CLICK
>>> Stickers, cards, pogs and everything else sales > CLICK
>>> Non Pokemon sales > CLICK

* Stickers are grouped by the year of the series' release
* All stickers here are holo/shiny etc versions
* When ordering please try to add the link to the photo
* Prices below the pics
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  • jheila

Metal Figure trade?

In my search for a gold diancie, I got left with many, many, metals. There's quite a lot, mainly from the 3rd and 4th sets
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I'm mainly looking for the gold diancie, but will do trades or partial trades for any gen 6 fairy pokemon stuff, oshawott stuff, and ralts line stuff.

Two months of gets

I feel like all of my gets posts start with a "I've been telling myself to post this for weeks but I've been too busy" and this one's no exception :P

Here you have all the stuff I've received over the last two months!

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I've updated my sales post with the spare Amada stickers on top of the figures and cards/stickers I usually sell. There's a preview:

Please click on my (sparkling new!) banner to go to my sales post:

My next post will be pretty exciting - I've got some cool things coming, plus it'll be my anniversary here! See you next time, then :D
haunter morty library

new gets and collection website update

(I wonder how many times I have to type all this up until I manage to post this without losing everything.)

Anyway, I had to do a lot of reorganizing this week to make room for some new arrivals, so let me introduce them. Here's a little preview of arguably my most favorite recent gets. (See the contents and others under the cut! Warning: somewhat image heavy!)

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I've also updated my collection website to include all my latest gets (including even more pictures of the ones featured in this post if you're interested in close-ups). I still have a few more things coming in including my long-awaited Morty custom plush so stay tuned!

If you're interested in specific Pokemon, here's a list:
Umbreon/Espeon and Umbreon & Espeon Pair Items
Haunter & Morty
Houndour/Houndoom/Mega Houndoom
Charizard (and Charmander)
ANA Goods (featuring Latias, Latios, Entei, and other legends and Pokemon outside my collection)
Others (Totodile, other canines, Misty, Gyarados, etc.)

Also, if you have stuff on my wants list, I could be interested! :D


What's this? A non-Absol related want! :O Madness!
But yeah, thanks to some amazing sellers in this community, I've almost finished collecting all 151 first gen Tomy figures! :D I am now searching for the last two: Weepinbell and (more importantly) Nidorino. If anyone on here has both of these figures for sale (or just Nidorino) then please let me know! :) I'd preferably not want to spend more than $45 on Nidorino, but if he's exceedingly minty then I might be willing to pay more! :) Shipping would be to UK. If anyone is selling please let me know and have some pics of the figure on standby! :) Thanks! :)

Lots O' Lots Auction

Bidding on this auction has officially ended. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Greetings, Everyone! :D It's been a while since I posted anything new. Today, I have another auction for you. :) I really need to free up some space and I thought what better way than to bundle some stuff together and put it up for sale?

*Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014.
*My pkmncollectors community feedback can be found here.

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The auction will end on Friday, May 1st, 2015 at 7:00pm HST. You may view the countdown timer here.

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Please note that I will NOT separate these lots, unless they receive no bids and all individual items are spoken for.

Happy bidding, Everyone! :D

Jirachi Strap Question

Hello again friends!

I found the cutest pokemon center strap today. Alas, I have no idea what campaign it's from! (I'm guessing it's probably from 2003 when the movie came out?)

It's so precious, I'm shocked I've never seen it before! Please let me know if you have any information. :)

Here's the picture I found (click for larger image):

grail want

Hi everyone! I hope you're all having an absolutely beautiful pokemon-y day. ^-^
I just wanted to make a little wants post. A Grail wants post! Yes, I'm searching for my Grail and I want all of you to know about it. This way, I have a higher chance of getting it. :) You guys are so amazing, so friendly, and I could really use your help! Woohoo pkmncollectors.
So! I am searching for...
The Banpresto DX Skitty Plush!

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Also! I will post a collection update soon. One of my packages was lost in the mail, but it should be here sometime this week. I'll also have a MEGA BIG get to share with you all!!! I've been looking at glass display cases for everything because my collection is exploding, thanks to the community! I'm so so so happy and grateful for this. <3

Don't forget to take a look at my wants list!
Thank you for reading. n_n
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Quick intro, wants and a question

Hello, i've recently just joined and you can call me Dev (though my real name is Lara). I joined in the hopes of beginning to collect pokedolls again (particularly Japanese ones)! I had a Mudkip pokedoll way back when but sold him in a lot years ago, along with the rest of my collection. This intro is brief, but maybe I'll expand on it in the future! It's nice to meet you all and be accepted to the comm ;u; ! Thank-you! I have some wants under the cut!
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I also have a question about the re-releases of pokedolls?  Does anyone know how that works? I was presuming they'd re-release Sceptile, Blaziken and Swampert pokedolls because of ORAS but I guess they released the secret base pokedolls instead. Do you think they'll be re-released? or any other re-releases for that matter? Who would you like to be re-released?

Hopefully I did this post right and if not, please tell me so I'll look over the rules again ; v ; and my writing can be a bit blaeh/a pain to read sometimes but thanks for reading ;v;

April Sales and a chatty auction

Howdy folks! I hope the weather and season is treating you well! :)
I've not had the greatest start to the year, but things are starting to get back to normal, and I can 100% say that we're good to ship again, so I'm reopening my sales! Thank you to the kind folks who have kept in touch in this time, love you guys.

Just a few simple bits today, to get us rolling! Plush at the top, plastics and flats down below!

Up for auction is a talky chatty Eevee! See under the cut below for more.

Then the rest is straight sales - here is a sample of what's on offer below the cut! I'm also selling some of my own collection items, so there's some deals and combos I don't usually offer, and a few I will not offer again.

Also some Stadium XD sticker packs featuring eeveelutions and legendaries:

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- Prices include postage unless otherwise stated - this is Royal Mail standard international
- My Mum and I ship from the UK, from a pet and smoke free home
- All items are shipped with high levels of protection and packages sealed to a professional standard
- Sales permission granted in June 2011 by Dakajojo
- My feedback is here


Birthday wants!

Holy.... Just realized my 23rd is coming up... I'm not ready for this And since my family doesn't want to give me pokemon gifts (understandable) I decided to make a small wants post :)

I'm hoping to spend 25 or under on this before shipping and fees, just wanted to see if I could find a better deal on the comm :) im also looking for a swablu and goomy sleeping together figure mini set for im hoping $6, I could spend a few dollars more so just lemme know thanks :)


Hello Fellow Collectors! I have some new Flat/Stickers today for sale! I am trying to save up for college/summer so please help a friend out~ XD

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia and my feedback is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/haepbrosonearth/

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WHEN placing your orders, please comment the PICTURE # and the PAGE number which is on the bottom right of every page!

Picture #1
$4 each page

Picture #2
$3 each page

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Thank you so much for reading/shopping :D

LF Teeny Chu Wants

Hiya again, I notice that there have been REALLY cute tins lately, and especially since I'm such a fan of pikachu and pichu this one particular tin has caught my eye.

This is the stacking tin and I'm hoping to get my hands on one - I can't find it on ebay or anybody doing pick-ups for these.
And also these sets of charms:

I'd really like the pikachu set but I'm also looking for the other charms! ^q^

As usual, I can pay via paypal for them or trade for them from my sales post here: PLUG


small mudkip

Small want

(I hope I'm allowed to post that here, since I saw so many others do it I guess it was okay... if not, please just remove the post!)

So, I was actually looking through pkmncollectors pages since weeks now, but I can't find anything! Seems like everyone wants to have it and so it's just impossible to find it: a legit Sylveon standing Pokemon Center plush!
I really want it, but I'm not able to pay much more than 20$ (shipped) for it, and the prices I saw were just too much for me. I just want to know if it's possible to get it for that price, otherwise I will have to do without it I guess.
My main merch is still Mudkip, so I won't be able to spend so much on any other collection, but I really like Sylveon (only the standing version, though, since I don't like sitting poses very much!)

I'd really be glad if anyone has something to offer!

Unique Keychain Auctions

Hi guys! I'm auctioning off these cool little bootie keychains for aki199257 :) They arrived at my house recently and I'd love for them to go to good homes! Aerodactyl has been sold, but the others are available and will start at 5. Let me know if you have any questions~

Sales permission was granted by entirelycliched on Feb 19, 2013
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/latias_latios_7/
Auctions will end 4 days from today, on Thursday at 11 PM EST
There will be two payments, you will send the cost of the Pokemon to Aki, and the cost of shipping to me
Members with more than one negative feedback are not allowed to bid
Only paypal is accepted
I'll ship these out within a week
Countdown timer: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20150430T23&p0=421&fg1=9acd79&fg2=a39de0&msg=Keychain+Auctions&csz=1

Let me know if I missed anything, and good luck :)

Aside from the auctions, here are links for really discounted perler sprite sales and card trades:
TCG: http://latias-latios-7.livejournal.com/10690.html
Sprites: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/19222820.html