April 27th, 2015


Looking to buy a few Scyther things!

My birthday was this past weekend, and I decided to pick up a little something for myself since I spent most of it working. Though my awesome coworker surprised me with cookie cake, so it wasn't all bad. ^^

Buildable Scyther figure.
(Image from cardwhale. Let me know if you'd like it removed!)

(Image from aarux. Let me know if you'd like it removed!)

This stamper, but with a green base like this Venusaur from thesunnyclearing.
(Image from aarux and pannsie. Let me know if you'd like it removed!)

Does anyone on the community happen to have any of these for sale? I'm located in USA, 30144.

A Few Months of Gets + Ceta-Birdie Wants

Hello community!
It's been a while since I last updated, just been busy with life things and this winter has been really tough (it seems like that for a lot of people, huh? ).
Anyway, I just wanted to show off my gets from the past five months as well as posting some wants!

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That's all for now. Thank you so much for looking!

Big news, Updated Japan sales & shipping update! :)

First off, guess what? I GOT MY TICKET TO JAPAN!!! :') <3 <3 <3 *Throws confetti*!
I leave June 4th and come home June 15th! I couldn't be more excited and I COULD NOT have done it without all of you guys. I seriously mean that. Literally 90% of my ticket came from sales made off of this amazing comm. :')
A thousand thanks to you guys, you are absolutely amazing. :D
Now I just need to save up for pocket money, food etc. We've got our hotel as well for most of the days. ^__^

SECONDLY, I've shipped out the second batch of packages and have contacted everyone whose package was shipped Friday!
There's one more little batch consisting of the following members:
pikabulbachu m14mouse pepperzark zigguppafu elcardenal12 inkwaffles12 shaymin & shinamishi
Your packages will be shipped by the weekend, perhaps earlier! (Finals are rolling around though and it may tough to find time in between. >_<)

Thirdly I've added a few more LOTS (which can also be sold separately) of 'mons I've decided not to collect in non-flat versions anymore (also to try and get a little more $$$ for hotel and fun times in Japan!)  These consist of Ditto, my dear Rotom and a few others. I've also added more figures such as human kids, vtrainer figures and more to the figures section and a few more flats to the flats section! :D

Preview below! :D
(Click any to be transported)
Please do note there is a LOT MORE than added in the preview! ;D

(Another user seemed interested but then didn't respond after my last inquiry so I am posting this Arbok/Ekans lot here, however they are welcome to purchase it as well. :))

We still have flats galore still! <3
no title

Thanks for looking! ^__~ <3
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WANTS: Greninja amiibo and JP Shinx pokedoll w/ tag

Hello everyone. As you may know the Greninja preorders were dispatched this morning, and I overslept. If anyone has an extra, I may be interested in trading my Lucario for it.

I am also on a hot search for a JP Shinx pokedoll with its tag. The tag can be detached! I would also be interested in buying just the tag! I lost out on an auction for one because while I was trying to place my deposit on FJ it wouldnt go through so I didnt even get to place a bid :/

the one and only auction reminder! as well as an amiibo question

My auctions end in less than 24 hours :) Anything that is without a bid will probably be thrown into a lot and auctioned off on eBay, so please give these guys a loving home!

Da auctions: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/19217396.html

Also, I have a question about amiibos. I know some people order their's from other countries. What website(s) do you guys use to order them? I went to ToysRUs this morning to preorder Greninja, but they only had 10 and I was 11th in line...I'm pretty sure a guy or two cut to the front too because I could have sworn I was 9th in line before the lady came out to give us the slip of paper...I have a feeling Greninja is going to be like Lucario and impossible to find when he is released and I don't mind having one from another country, I just really want him because he's one of my favorite Pokemon and one of my mains on SSB4. I hate that the 4 amiibos that I planned to get are all shaping up to be impossible to find :/ I was able to preorder Lucario, but I'm having the worst luck ever with Greninja. I'm sure Mewtwo will be the same when he's released, so the only break I will have will HOPEFULLY be Charizard. I have a feeling he will be a more common one once he's released but I could be wrong T.T

Another thing, what's up with the PC website!? Half of the stock is gone! I was hoping to order the PC Greninja plush but he's gone and I was looking for other things and most of it's gone as well! Hopefully they will restock. I can wait.

I also reorganized my collection a little. I had to store more of it away for now, but I was able to make enough room to display all of my Pokedolls (with the exception of my two Reshirams and my White Kyurem because they're too big ^^;)

As you can see, my 1:1 Treecko is their leader! (mostly because he's too big to be stored with my other Pokemon aha!)

Now, time for pepperzark's random question of the day! I know we all get tired of eeveelution merchandise sometimes because there's so much of it, but I'm sure we all love at least one of them :) Who's your favorite eeveelution and why!? Mine is Jolteon :) Always has been, always will be! I just love the design and if Pokemon were real, I could see myself having one on my team and outside of it's Pokeball at all times like Ash's Pikachu :) or maybe a Zoroark in the form of a Jolteon XD or both aha!


Good afternoon, community!
I come to you today with a HUGE POST OF STUFF. I'm moving this summer and slowly weeding out my main collections for funds and space, which means a lot of big unique items! My sales post has completely re-done, and houses most of my weeded items. But!There are a few that I'm putting up to be fought over, haha.

Here's a preview of the auctions! Click the cut beneath them to view bigger pictures and starting prices~

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Click the banner to be transported to my newly renovated sales!

Thanks for reading! I hope you have an awesome day~

On a hunt

I'm currently looking for any Pokemikke items, they're all sooo cute, especially the new ice cream ones 0w0, and they feature most my favorite Pokemon all in one promotion c: The only problem is I can't really find much of the merchandise for sale anywhere :/
Anyone know where I can get some?
Thank you c:
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M0ar poke box hunts! Vap & Esp

I've found some amazing deals here and should have another collection update by the end of the week! X3 Seriously you're all so awesome, I'm so thrilled I found this group! I finally got feedback to work and got my first feedback too!! Thank you Splash! :3 ♡♡♡

Now.. I need your help! I can't seem to find these little guys anywhere. Any chance anyone has them or has seen them for sale?

I am willing to make a good offer on them. These are my MOST wanted charms. My grails of charms really. I would just die if I could get that dessert Vap! X.x

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Feel free to message here or on FB (/kozinu) or on my site's contact form: http://akparchym/kozi

Thanks for reading and for being the awesome people that you are! :3 ♡

Bobblehead Wants

Hi :D
I'm looking for a few longterm wants today, pokemon bobbleheads! My sister got a ton from a pokemon themed book order when she was in elementary school, but I guess the school doesn't offer that option anymore ;w; So I thought I'd ask here, does anyone have bobbleheads for a cheapish price? I'm not sure how many I'll buy at the moment, but I'd like to see what's available ^^

And my sister asked me to put this in- does anyone have a Hasbro Taillow plush for sale? She's looking for one.
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European Kids Group Buy! - Updated 5/18

UPDATE: Our kids arrived! Dialga IS clear; it seems to fit snug in the black container so I'll just leave it there.
I'll include the picture of the backing with each Pokemon.
My Gengar IS slightly different! The mold is different than the Japanese one; it's "skinnier" on the right side. I'll be making a post about the EU releases of kid figures later.

I didn't know Gengar got an European release of his Attack kid! I found this pack today and I'm ready to make my wallet cry but maybe some of you will want some of the kids in this pack? The secret figure is Dialga. HappyJolteon says the Dialga in this set is CLEAR and there are significant paint job differences. See their pictures below!

Each kid is $5.05 before fees.
I ship from the USA. I do ship internationally. Domestic shipping starts at $2.08 and Int. starts at $6.31.

I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia.
My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/kidgengar/

These are European releases, so if this follows the trend of my North American Gengar kid, the branding on the back of the figure will be different. It appears the branding is the same; there MIGHT be color differences from their Japanese counterparts. But I can't say this 100%, however, if you're a completionist, you might still want these guys.

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Gengar - Me
Bibarel - zigguppafu
Monferno - Me
Onix -
Dialga - galestork
Chingling -

Also, sorry if anyone was disappointed in the Gym leaders clear file GA. I did find a host but they had some issues with the time the auctions ended. I had deleted the post and didn't feel like bugging again asking for another host. Someone PMd me later asking what had happened to the GA so I thought I would address this publicly for anyone that was interested. Again, sorry!
Bellossom Lotad &amp; Skitty
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Small gets, collection site update & quick want.

So today, I got a huge box of kid figures. :'D (And a few non-Pokemon items as well.)
I apologize for my living room's lighting, it makes everything look so..weird.

To conserve space, I've bundled my excitement under the cut.~

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Also, I've updated my collection site! The Pokemon's icons across the screen can be clicked to navigate between collections, making it smooth to transition between the two sites (because I'm not paying for an extra few pages ;P)

If you want, you can check it out here.~
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The Chuuu (Wants post!) (:

Hello everyone!
First off, I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate your company. I hope that you all know that you guys are amazing! :DD Keep doing what you love, ya? c:
So I come to you guys again for help finding another childhood plush. The Hasbro Pikachu laying plush (I'll put a picture because I don't know the official name). I've only found one but it was $39.99 and I don't know if that's a reasonable price, you know? Well I hope you all can help me, and I would appreciate it greatly! :DD Thank you for reading~ Have a nice daaaaayyyy!

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Looking to Buy!

Really looking to expand my totodile collection! If anyone has some totodile plushes or misc merch I'd be more then willing to take it off your hands. As for the main want, which would be the Trainer size totodile! I haven't seen that since Soul Silver released, saw it at a con, and didn't get it.

Otherwise show me what ya got! I also take an interest in the solosis line and Lugia! I mostly collect plushes so those will surely catch my interest.

Mirage Get, Mini Get, Mega Gets, GETS!!!

First of all we FINALLY found this Gen 1 gem that has escaped us for almost a year now..


Thanks to everyone who messaged us about the auction, raindance11 was the first person to let us know so we have another bounty to pay out! ^.^

Next up our itty bitty Milotic Arrived!

We need to get a good photo of her with Feebas :)

We also added 2 More Mega forms to finally have more than half of all the Mega pokemon!

Our collection is packed up at the moment as we are FINALLY moving. So we won't have any major collection photos until late June :/

Selling Roaring Skies, TCG lots, & Other Items

Hello, everyone! It's been a very long time since I've posted in this community, but I am happy to see it's just as active as I remember it. :)

I have lots of stuff for sale including Roaring Skies TCG lot, sealed booster packs, and more. Sales permission granted by Denkimouse in 2010. All items ship first class with delivery confirmation. Feel free to make offers~

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If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!Thank you very much!

Introduction to the community!

Hello all! My name is Abbi I'm from Pennsylvania. I've been actively collecting for about three years now. I mainly collect plush, but I also dabble in some figure collecting as well. My main collections are the Togepi evo line and the Mareep evo line. I also collect all of the handheld and or system games are pokemon related.
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