April 28th, 2015


Months worth of gets

Hello community!

It sure has been a good while since I said anything about my collection and all, I blame it to the "I'll post once I get this and that on the mail" and keep buying things you want to show XD;

During this time I also rearranged a shelf getting to display things more efficiently so... let's check what I've gotten!

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And this is the Team Magma and Team Aqua corner I'm working on, with agui_chan's wonderful swap art in the middle <3
I'm looking for old Team Magma TCG coin, so if you have it maybe we can work out a trade for something on my sales post, speaking of which...

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My sales post is open once more! I added a lot of flats, Kids, and some other figures that might interest you guys c: Click the banner to be transported!

HUGE and First Ever Collection Update!

I held off posting these pics for the first month because I thought it'd be smarter to wait and do a mass update. Then I held off a little longer to wait for an incoming purchase, and a little longer still to wait for another incoming purchase.... Eventually I realized that since joining the pkmncollector's community I would quite probably always have one more incoming purchase. ^_^;

There are an awful lot of photos below the cut, so brace yourselves. I should also mention that I've formed most of this post by copying and pasting from my own journal. All of the photos originally had their sizes reduced, but I don't know for sure whether those adjustments will remain through the transfer. If someone notices extra large pictures and experiences a slowdown, please say so in a comment so that I can fix it quickly. =x

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I suppose I ought to start working on a wants post next. When I first got here, I didn't think of anything as a grail, but I'll at least mention here (so I don't forget) that the prestigious title of Holy Grail is hereby granted to the shiny Noctowl Tomy figure. My wallet's hurting quite a bit right now, but if anyone happens to catch sight of such a figure, please feel free to throw things at me until you've caught my attention. =P

I'd also like to just tuck in a little thank you to all of the folks here who've sold their precious Pokés to me (you know who you are!). It's only thanks to this community that I can even make a post this big. Thanks very much, PKMNCollectors community. ^_^
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Custom Talonflame plush & commissions open

Hey guys! I just finished this custom Talonflame pokedoll-style plush for a customer :) Hope you like him!

I also made a video feature of him :3

My commissions are full; you can read commission/quote info here. I open slots each 2 or 4 weeks.
Ordering info on deviantart

It's been years since I've taken commissions, and I'm super excited to be able to offer them again~

Feedback link: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/juumou/
Feedback link 2: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/5132873.html?thread=162364489#t162364489
Sales permission had been grandfathered.

Collection Weeding Sales + a few gets

Hi everyone. I know I posted a collection update not too long ago, but since then I've decided to do some big collection weeding. The trouble is that I have no fricken space! I've accumulated way more items than I thought I would when I first started collecting, and as fun as it is, I just don't have room for everything. I've been spreading my items out throughout my room, but it's still too much.

On top of that, I've been interested in a lot of items that don't fit in my main collections. There are just so many cool things to buy, as we all know, and I'm starting to like the look of my shelf with several different species hanging out there. Thus, I've decided to sell a good chunk of the absol/weavile items I have that I don't care for as much to free up space for other 'mons.

A little sad I know, I still consider myself a Weavile/Absol collector, but I think I need to focus more on items that really strike me instead of just buying stuff for the sole reason that it's that species. This is really what my intention was when I first started collecting, but it was very easy to lose sight of that. :P It would be different if space wasn't an issue, but well... it's a big issue!


Click the link to go to my sales! I may go offline pretty soon but I will be in touch if I don't respond to comments right away.

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That's it for now! Thanks for taking a look!
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More New PokeMikke Goods

Hello collectors~!! (・ω・)ノ☆

I've turned into a lurker the past several months.. but I am coming out of hiding because I want to talk about PokeMikke!

I really love these goods, the design is just so cute, and I haven't seen the newer announcements posted here yet.

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**PICKUP UPDATE May 5th: I have been able to get just about everyone's pickup requests so far! Totals will be posted by the end of this week. I'm always open to new pickup requests, so please feel free to ask even though this post is a week+ old now :)

I also have some more photos over on my Pokemon collecting blog~☆

The stock for PokeMikke has been really sparse and random (even at the PokeCen) so please let me know if anyone needs to get their hands on these! I am happy to help ♡

Collection Update!

I think it has been a decent amount of time since i last shared with you some of my recent gets!! However i am still focusing only on my larvitar line!!! as i am intending on re homing the rest of my collection :O i did get my hands on a few other cute things tho!! so stay tuned for more ;D

Just a teaser of my top shelf first :O

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And some wants.... my wants list can be found on my profile... and on top of that id be interested in getting the large size Wailord plush (: but not wanting to spend too much on him...

as always tho, first priority is tyranitar line goodies that i dont have!!
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Bunch of Dice Sales III + More Offers

Hey guys. I'm back with another round of dice (probably the last round for a minute). I didn't find any new dice I needed but maybe some of you can find Pokemon you like!

Additionally I have a few things up for offers from my Lucario collection (I've been weeding it out slowly over time).

PreviewAuction Preview

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Collection Update/Wants

Since the XY set has come out I have been trying to collect a master set of Vivillon and I'm almost done!  Below is a picture of all of the types of Vivillons you can get in the world. :) (Let me know in the comments if you want to see pictures of master set as well and I'll get them!)

I just need two more to make my collection complete. Those being Spanish Rev Holo Pink and Italian Holo Blue. So if you or anyone you know has them please let me know. I'd love to finally finish this collection.

Thanks so much for looking! :D

Reminders and Collection Updates x3

Hiya! After several weeks of taking pics/waiting for items to arrive, I'm finally gonna post a collection update :,D Please note that these are just collections of specific pokemon, and by no means all of my plush/figures/flats. Here's a sneak peak of part of my actual collection setup, but I'll only post it in more detail during the summer (close to my three year anniversary here <3)
It might also be my lock screen, ahaha

And here are my collections :D

These are my side collections! If you see tape reflecting from the camera/light it's because a good number of these are hanging up :)
Here's a bit about my collecting style~ I've never really had side collections until recently. Before that, I'd buy basically whatever catches my eye. However, as of late I've purchased almost all of the official plush/figures I want, aside from some misc plush and grails. I love commissioning customs, so I figured I might as well choose specific Pokemon to commission since I obtained plush/figures of all my favorite Pokemon by this point. So these side collections are basically now being used to commission specific plush x3 I have way more "potential" side collections, for example I have 61 Pikachu's around, but since I don't really want more merch of him I'm not gonna post him here. I also don't collect these just to complete the collection, if that makes sense. The only Pokemon that I care about completing would be Furret plush and Sceptile plush, and I'm only missing one of each~

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Currently waiting for:

Mightyena pokedoll
Houndoom pokedoll
Houndoom poketime plush
Houndoom 2ft tall plush
Houndoom felt plush
Houndoom amiguri plush
Houndoom chibi amiguri plush
Laying Espeon plush
Furret large amiguri plush
Custom Furret figure (and I have another one not yet pictured)
Latias zukan figure
Bayleef small amiguri plush
Several Houndour/Houndoom TCG
Celebi puppet plush

I think that's it? xD

Thanks for reading!

Here are some reminders:

Keychain GA:

Discounted Perler Sprites:
no titlenoivern.jpg

Card trades:

Lastly, if you're selling anything from those collection I may be interested <3
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tin review time: Hanagara

First off, a note to everyone waiting for packages from me: short story, I'm sick, everything's on hold. There's more details on my pick-up post.

Next, I thought I'd like to do more in-depth posts of my tins. Eventually I'd like to review all of them, but that'll probably never happen, since I keep buying more. ^^; I'd love for there to be a comprehensive database of all the tins someday... not enough to do it myself, though. XD

Anyway, first is the recently released tin called "Hanagara", or flower pattern!

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Need some suggestions for neatly displaying my plush

Hello everyone! I am in need of everyones expertise right now. Ive been meaning to make a post about this a while ago (among other posts I need to make) and I finally cant take looking at how uneatly and crammed my plush are in my room! I am in severe need of suggestions because I am running out of space!! Under the cut I will explain further.

Quick edit: Just so you know, I am open to recomendations for new shelves :) I am willing to replace mine.

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Reshiram pokedoll up for offers and sales

After debating for much of the afternoon, I have decided to throw my second Reshiram Pokedoll up for offers. He's the Japanese version and comes with his hang tag but it's detached and damaged. The plush itself is very minty though! Offers start at $65?

I also updated my sales with things that didn't auction off rather than bundling everything into a lot and auctioning it off, but I still may do that if things refuse to sell. I will be slowly updating the post throughout the week so keep checking back! There's a Reshiram figure and flat lot included that would go well with the Pokedoll!

I was granted sales permission by areica96 on March 21, 2015
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pepperzark/
Sales: http://pepperzark.livejournal.com/976.html

As for wants, I'm still looking for a Lugia Pokedoll and the Jakks Totodile plush as well as the elusive 1:1 Tohoku Victini but I'm also looking to get the Posable Genesect Tomy plush, not anytime soon though since my next paycheck is already claimed but it doesn't hurt to mention that I'm on the hunt, right :)