April 30th, 2015

Alola Vulpix

PokeMikke Pickups!

My last post got more pickup interest than I was expecting when I wrote it, so here's a quick reminder that I'm accepting pickup slots on my hunt for PokeMikke goods today/this week! I'm unsure how many of these I'll be able to find but I will try my very best ☆

★ Link to entry: New PokeMikke Goods

Sales Info: Feedback & Sales Rules
* Sales permission granted in 2008
* Can be combined with regular sales

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I've also offered to a few people & should mention to the community at large that I'm willing to search around for the newest Pokemon Kids as well! They would be $6.50 shipped each. Some of the popular guys in this set (Raichu, Braixen, Goodra) I haven't seen for sale online in the usual places & my grocery store usually has Kids stock for a while, so hopefully I can help ♡

Gets post :)

Hey everyone! Figured it was time for another Metal Gets post.. im going to get another huuuuge bunch of metal figs in probably a month or two so thats really exciting too!

anyone on to the gets!

Ive gotten a Gunmetal Aerodactyl, Bronze Kakuna, Copper Persian, Gunmetal Persian, little Silver Smiling Pikachu, Bronze Head Tilt Pikachu, Silver Waving Pikachu, Copper Pignite(though what id really like are the metal Tepigs!), Gold Ledian, Copper Kyogre, Green Shellder, Gold Poliwag, Gold Marowa, Bronze Zorua, and a Pristine Green Hauter!!

Last but not least is my most exciting get and it's not even a metal fig! :O huh? what? the metal queen's get isnt a metal fig? Nope. Its a super ridiculously rare PINK Hoppip Keshimon!! AHHHH

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Gets and Collection Rearrange

So today I open my mail box to have a lovely package from the lovely splash on here,

Obviously you are a person after my own heart for sending me chocolate!!!!!!! Thank you so much for them all they are absolutely perfect in everyway!

Collection Update:
Note: I took these pics yesterday before my package arrived today so they aren't in the pics except one. Also sorry for the Non-Pokemon, it's literally the only way I can keep everything together and out of the floor

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Feel free to message me asking about anything! Im always looking for more things for mine and my bfs collection (squirtle and chimchars)

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Collection post!

First collection post!
I have been collecting Pokemon items since Pokemon blue/red came out!
My main collections:
Vapreon, Diglett, Dugtrio, Exeggutor
Combee, Exeggcute, Cresselia
And also:
Vulpix, Mew, Brock, Regirock

The three main collections- I collect everything. I did not post pictures of flats/clear files ;) how do you guys display bandannas and towels? Mine always end up in a stack :(

Image heavy!

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Also, my wants/needs:
Vaporeon metal figure (I only have bronze)
Vaporeon in case figure w/ red base
Vaporeon stamper w/ pink and blue bases
Diglett in case figure with Santa hat
Diglett water museum game
Diglett swing/keychain plush - vintage one
Diglett/dugtrio pokecen charm set
Cresselia pokecen charm
Grimer metal figure- only looking for purple one
Scraggy metal figure

Thanks for looking!

Quick Sales

Sorry for making another post so soon :'D I just have a really quick sale for you guys, along with a few items that have had their price lowered.

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I got this a while back from a seller in hopes that I could use it as an accessory for one of my Pikachu plush, but I think it's just collecting dust tbh ;w; Never even took it out of the package xD Don't feel afraid to offer, I just want this (and the other things) out.
12 shipped anywhere, OBO

Togepi gijinka- includes the dress and crown! Some felt pieces need minor touching up, along with the crown. Will fit sizes S and M
15 plus shipping, OBO

Gallade Super DX card, mint/near mint condition
3 plus shipping~

Feel free to combine with my perler sales, card trades, or items from this GA-

Keychain GA:

Discounted Perler Sprites:
latios perler sprite.jpgno title

Card trades:

Plush care question ?

Hello !

I haven't posted since december now, and I'm sorry about that... I'm working on a big collection update as well as on a collection website, they'll come soon ! But as I was taking photos of my very first Sylveon plush, I noticed a lot of weird very thin, transparent loose threads coming from her neck and back. One of my older plush ( it's 15 years old ) also has this issue, except the loose threads come from everywhere on his body even if he has absolutely no holes !

Do you know what it is ? Could it damage the plush after some time ? I thought it could be the " filling " of the plush escaping...

Thank you very much.
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✿ Most Exciting, and Least Exciting, Gets and Salesss!!! ✿

Hello everyone! :D <3

First up is the most exciting get i could have gotten this week!!
I couldn't resist posting today when i received a very special, and important new member to my ziggu family in the mail today!! May i present to you... Tenzin the Linoone! The very first plushy to join my zigazagoon/linoone collection!!! :D (Ten points to whoever knows why his name is Tenzin!)

I won this beautiful plush from one of baconscreation's auctions!! :D
The artist is Usako! from Professionallycute.com for anyone interested!
I love this little noodle so much! <3 I can't wait until the babies i'm having custom made are here to join him! <3
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Next up is the most disappointing get i've ever gotten!
I was bidding on a "book of 150 stickers", and since the first and only photoed page was of the Hoenn starters, i assumed i'd have found zig and noon stickies in here!

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Anyways! These stickers are all for sale in my post below so please just take them away from me! I don't want these at all! xD

Click here or the Spinda to see my sales!

All Plushies Are In My Ebay Sales! Please Click This Sentence To Continue! If you want something, i am open to haggling! If you see anything desirable in my Ebay sales, we can discuss a price in my pkmncollector's sales post and i can take the listing down and sell it to you here. C:
Let me know if you see anything you want! :D

That's all for today! Goodnight everyone! <3 C:

Handmade Keychains Open for Commissions

Good afternoon community! After some months of absence I'm back to business!
My current queue of commissions is almost all cleared so it's time to bring back what I have to offer with some new features:

In a brief resume, currently:

I make handmade keychains of any character of your choice! It may be from any franchise you would like, such as Pokemon, Legend of Korra, Steven Universe, MLP, Avengers, Disney Pixar movies, anything your heart desires, including OCs!

General features:
- I can ship worldwide, without any restrictions. The fee is the same for any place no matter how far, being even for free starting at the second item purchased (for chibi and detailed keychains only, the others two kinds are for free in the first choice already)
- All buyers get the original sketches of the optional models for the keychain/s completely for free within the package!
- All keychains hold a completely original design and pose for the character in question and doubles will ONLY be reproduced for the buyer who purchased the item or under his/her/their permission.
- If the buyer has a design on his/her/their own art style and would like it to be used for the keychain please feel free to point out! All I need is a brief art reference!
*NEW* - Adult themes such as hentai or so are acceptable! If you would like to keep your order private, please send a message or an email and I promise I won't ever submit any images of it under any circumstances!

Now may we check what customized goods can you get:

1) Chibi Keychains:

- The simplest kind of keychain, and also the smallest, perfect for cute poses and chibified characters!
- Poses are simple!
- The buyer may pick between 2 optional models.
- Price: 12 USD
(+2 USD for shipping fees. If you order 2 or more keychains of this and/or other kind the shipment is for free!)

2) Detailed Keychains:
detailed keychains.png

- Very detailed and dynamic poses and slightly bigger than the chibi keychains!
- The buyer may pick between 3 optional models!
- Price: 20.5 USD
(+2 USD for shipping fees. If you order 2 or more keychains of this and/or other kind the shipment is for free!)

3) Double Team keychain:

- It's a double keychain, two characters together in a dynamic pose!
- The buyer may pick between 3 optional models.
*NEW* - The buyer may suggest which kind of relationship the two characters hold to each the other so all the optional models may follow that aspect!
- Price: 29.5 USD

4) Forever Yours keychain:

- Two characters together that can be detached from each the other! Perfect to offer to a friend, relative or lover!
- The buyer may pick between 2 optional models, all workable for the detachment!
*NEW* - The buyer may suggest which kind of relationship the two characters hold to each the other so all the optional models may follow that aspect!
- Price: 29.5 USD (FREE SHIPMENT!)

I received sales permission on 12 January 2013 by entirelycliched

Please take your order by commenting or sending an email for softmonkeychains@gmail.com

That's all!
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Settei and other items auction + Long awaited Morty gets and a special get! + sales update

First off, a quick reminder that the settei (and other items) auction will be ending tomorrow night (about 24 hours from now)! Most of the settei sheets don't have starting bids yet, and there's some really cool ones like Raikou, Absol, Kyogre, Charizard, Gastly, so be sure to click on the above banner and see if any of your favorite Pokemon are available! I'm tempted to keep them all myself actually. They're just so cool!

Next, I've got some really exciting gets to share with you guys including the very highly anticipated Morty plush!

Whom does that handsome face belong to?

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Lastly, I've added some new XY Korotto Manmaru Banpresto plushes to my sales post (as seen in the above pic). Please visit my sales post by clicking the banner below and feel free to combine any flats with the settei sheets if you plan to bid!

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Lots O' Lots Auction Reminder

Bidding on this auction has officially ended. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Hey Everyone! :D
There is under 24 hours left before my Lots O' Lots Auction ends, so get those last minute bids in. :) Some lots still do not have bids, so if you would like to get them for the starting price, now is your chance.

lots o lots auction reminder
You can click on the banner to go to the original post or click here.

Here is a list of the lots up for auction:
1. "Something Amiss" Lot (includes a Mew plush, Ho-oh pokedoll, Reshiram pokedoll, Galvantula plush keychain, Oshawott plush keychain and more)
2. Keldeo Lot (includes various Keldeo plushies, figures, charms, and keychains)
3. Cobalion Lot (includes various Cobalion plushies, figures, and charms)
4. Victini Lot (includes various Victini plushies and a holo PSA-graded Victini trading card)
5. Raichu Lot (includes three popular Raichu plushies: Canvas, Pokemon Center, and Pokedoll)
6. Eeveelution Kyun Chara Lot (includes all 8 Eeveelution Kyun Chara figures)
7. Reshiram Charm and Figure Lot (includes various Reshiram charms and figures)
8. Pan and Amada Sticker Lot (includes various Pan and Amada stickers)

Also, don't forget that I am having a special, where the winning bidders of the lots above may choose to add any item from my Pokemon sales and/or my Non-Pokemon sales for half off!

*Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014.
*My pkmncollectors community feedback can be found here.

Thank you and Happy Bidding! :D
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Free Summer Surprise Commissions!

Yep. I said it, free commissions. But like it also says, it's a surprise too! So you won't know what kind of custom it is ;) Howeeeveerr, I will be doing your favorite Pokémon too! So tell me what it is after you commit please :)


I'll be taking the first three people who commit! And sadly, I can only do this for people within the US as I can't pay for those high shipping costs! Sorry, next time for sure :)

Please note that since it's summer and that I'll be getting my first job too that these will take a while to get to you :) But! They are free so that shouldn't be too big of a deal!

Okay then! Post "honeysuckle" in order to commit! Just so I know y'all are reading this ;)
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✩ Mother of 'zard! ✩ and more gets~

I've got lots of gets to show off today and i was honestly so excited to see the huge boxes the post man showed up with xP
a little preview~

Today  I recieved an amazing holy grail...
And it arrived in this box.... What could it be?

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kitzune did a huge number of pickups for me who is a super amazing person c: thank you so much :D  now I get to show off these awesome gets ^^
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That's all but I'm gonna throw a little Wants plug in for some thnigs I'm looking for (o uo)
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Good GETS! Plus, family/collection pics!

Hey Guys!
So this is my second post here at PKMNCollectors, and I bear evidence of a good GET!

So, I ordered A Thing from Osaka Japan about two and a half weeks ago through EBay. I knew it would take a while to get here, but I didn't expect it to get here as soon as it did (as strange as that seems. I guess im used to shipping times taking FOR-EV-ER). I was gonna do something GLORIOUS to commemorate but truth be told i haven't been doing well lately health wise so I had to settle for just some pictures. I tried to have a little bit of fun at least. So without further ado, pictures!
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Haha, forgive my terrible storytelling. Anyway, that's not quite the end! I decided to take it upon me to also take some "family photos"! As in, getting this guy with the rest of my Gallade collection (and then some! Lets investigate..)
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And one MORE CUT, with general pokemon stuff i've collected over the last 10 years or so...
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Alright, thats it for this behemoth of a post! Have a good night everyone!! I didnt tag every pokemon because frankly theres a lot of them so i just tagged the ones i have multiple items of..
pokemon: mamo!

XY Heroine goods!

They revealed the goods for the Trainer Collection ~ XY Heroine ~ promo!!

Full list: Clearile set, Ringed notebook, 3D posters? lol, Memopad, Postcard Set, PET bottle sticker, tumbler, T-shirts, iPhone 6 case, Folding mirror, Tote bag, Drawstring bag, Acrylic keychains.

We have most goods on Sunyshore! http://www.sunyshore.com/cart/index.php?main_page=products_new

I love it when they collaborate with artists!!! It makes it hard to not want things. :'D

Introduction post + my first get in almost a decade!

Hello everyone! I am new to the community. My name is Natalie, but I also go by Nat.
I've been a fan of Pokemon since it first came out, including the cards, games, merchandise, and anime. While I (until recently) stopped collecting the cards, buying merch, and watching the show in 2004-ish, I have continued to buy and play every Pokemon game.
But...the X&Y series games renewed my love for ALL things Pokemon, and I recently ordered my first Pokemon plush in nearly 10 years!!

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I am so excited to be a member of this community and collect some more merch!
I didn't have time tonight to make a "complete collection" post because 95% of my collection is TCG (I have way too many cards lol), but I will organize everything and get a good group photo for a post soon.

Thanks for reading! <3
Irene&#39;s Pokedoll

reintroduction, quitting sales, auctions

Edit: I'm going to bed, and I have work from 8:30 to 5:00 pm tomorrow, so I may be slow in responding until after 5!

Edit 2: I'm back home from work, sorry for the delay in responses!

Hello lovely community! It’s been quite a while.

I’m lordqua, and I was an extremely active member of pkmncollectors back in 2008 until around 2011, when I decided to stop collecting Pokemon as hardcore as I had done in college. I still lurked around the community in post 2011, but very sporadically and wasn’t as active as I was years ago.

I was the resident Gardevoir collector on the community back then! I’m SUPER glad to see how much love she’s gotten since X/Y, and I will admit that there have been times where I just want to buy every Gardevoir item that is available now! During the times when I was active, Gardy was not super popular, and her entire line was rarely featured, harshly overshadowed by Gallade since we were new to the 4th Generation. I built a respectable collection of customs and anything official that I could find.

I come to you all today for a bittersweet sales post. My collections have been sitting collecting dust in a bunch of crates. I’m here to weed out non-main collections to the community where I know they would be adored and loved as much as I had when I was active. I would rather these precious collections of mine to go to good homes instead of strangers on eBay. And eventually – when I find the time to go through it, I will be parting with a good portion of my Gardevoir and Milotic collection as well. It’s been a good run, but it’s time to move on.

I understand that there was an overhaul in the sales permission application, so I consulted a mod to confirm if I am still eligible to sell, even if I have 0 feedback in the new feedback system, and even if my LJ name and storefront do not appear on the registered grandfathered list. I was informed that I still have sales permission! Wonderful!

Just as an FYI - I was granted sales permission in 2009 by Denkimouse, I had a positive 5/5 feedback from numerous people during my active days, and a couple of people from the facebook page, and personal friends of mine who are still active on the community still remember me.

My old feedback thread(s) can be found at this link:

Now that my reintroduction is complete, please go past the break for rules and sales! It’s nice to meet you all once again, and to those who I’ve met in the past, it’s nice to see you again!

Personal Collection Zukan Auctions Preview!
Offers will go for 1 week until Friday, May 8, 2015 at 11:59pm EST USA
 photo 3828671b-471d-4a0a-abd4-18d49ea7af97.jpg

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