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02 May 2015 @ 07:25 am
Hey guys! I'm looking for one pokedoll in perticular right now, Aria form Meloetta pokedoll. I can't seem to find her anywhere. The other form is easy to get, but I like the aria form better.

I would prefer to find one with both tags, but if it's in like new condition I don't mind TTO. Please let me know if you are selling one, or know where I can buy one. Thanks.
I have been promising a collection update but it is kind of hard when I keep getting stuff (I even got more stuff even after I took pictures!) I am just going to do it since I promise zigguppafu that I would. XD
Anyway, lets begin...shall we?

 photo seedralt_zpsfr4qjntq.jpg

Your guides for this tour is going to be Seedling the Seedot and Noa the Ralts (Yes, those names are the ones I use in the game)

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02 May 2015 @ 11:26 am
dooes anybody know what this line of plush is called?

i just discovered it and it's a throwback to HGSS and i want to collect them. a japanese name would help a ton :)
02 May 2015 @ 11:56 am
Finally received my highly wanted grail today! Here's a lil preview;

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The last major Arceus thing on my wants list now is the ShoPro Arceus c:

I got a bit of money yesterday since it was my birthday, so if you're willing to sell one/know someone who's selling one, PM me <3

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I have also updated my sales post with a few more items. You can combine shipping!

Due to some financial issues, the previous buyer had to back out of purchasing Heartland Lucario, so I would like to put him up for sale on the community before putting him up on Ebay. He is in really good condition with tush tag. Im looking for $750 and shipping would be around $40 in the US. If I could afford the money and space for 2, I would keep him but sadly I cant. Payment plans are available! Heartland Lucario Claimed!
no title

I am also auctioning off the Mega Tokyo Charizard Poncho. Starts at $100, mint condition with hangtag.

Then, is the Pokemon Center Bags Auctions!

Pokemon Center Bags Galore!Collapse )
02 May 2015 @ 01:43 pm

Hiya everybody, I've drastically lowered the prices of my items from my sales and hoping to get some of them rehomed, so please don't hesitate to haggle if you see something that you want! (Please don't be offended if I turn down your offer though.) Please note that commitment always gets priority.

ItemsCollapse )Thank you!~

02 May 2015 @ 02:01 pm
Hi all! Just a small figure sales here. :) Pleae give them a good home and have a great weekend!

Flareon Ippai - $4.25
Vaporeon Ippai - $4.25
Leafeon Ippai - $4
Espeon Ippai - $4.25
Mega Charizard Y Box Figure - $5
Mega Lucario Box Figure - $4
Magnemite TFG - $13
Kangaskhan Mystery Dungeon House - $25

Scizor Keshipoke Figure - $6
Breloom Attack Kid - $4
Gulpin Pokemon Time Strap (can provide strap if needed) - $5
Skiploom Pokemon Time Strap - $7
Genesect Rumble U Figure - $5
Litwick Rumble U Figure - $7
Emolga Stamper - $5
Ambipom Clipping Figure - $3

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02 May 2015 @ 04:00 pm

Good afternoon community~
There are just two days left in my auctions and most items have no bids or are past their starting bids!
Click here to be transported!

I also have a lot of new items in my sales. Click the banner to be taken there!

Thanks for taking a look!
02 May 2015 @ 04:57 pm
Hello! I've been meaning to make this post for over a month, but I havent been able to because of the craziness associated with my schedule. Anywho, onto the gets (including SSS)!!

SSS!Collapse )Other Gets!Collapse )
Thank you fo reading!
02 May 2015 @ 06:07 pm
Hi everyone! I have some old shogakukan stamps and a couple of stickers for sale right before I get cracking on my finals!

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Tommy Pappas
Start checking your Wal-Marts as Trainer's Choice series 3 plushes are hitting the shelves. I was only able to find (and buy of course) the new Pikachu & Totodile. Mudkip was sold out.

As for Takara Tomy news. I got this news the other day, but here's what we're getting for Q3 2015.


Regular Size:

-Pikachu (Ash's Hat Version)
-Pikachu (Battle Pose) (this could be a new pose though)

Hyper Size:


Some thing called Pokemon Poke Out Gacha
A Spinner set with Shiny Rayquaza & Hoopa (For those who didn't want to buy that set with all the legendaries.)
A Unknown box set


Super Size:

-Mega Altaria
-Mega Salamence

Hyper Size:

-Hoopa Unbound


Super Size:

-Mega Sableye

(Click for 1.5 MB animated version)

So I'm looking for something that is probably (hopefully) fairly simple: a sitting Sylveon plush (a non-shiny one) with the English XY tag.

Originally, I ordered one from Amazon UK as a Christmas present for myself, but they ran out of stock. Unfortunately, I've looked in loads of places over the months, but I just cannot seem to find it for sale.

Is anybody selling such a plush, know a place where I can order the plush or kindly able to do a store pick up for me (I live in the UK)?

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02 May 2015 @ 06:56 pm
Does anyone have one of these empty card sleeve wrappers they'd be willing to sell - preferably for just a few dollars shipped to the U.S.?

I just ordered a nice set of sleeves but didn't realize they didn't come with the packaging, and I need the packaging to display them!

Thank you!
02 May 2015 @ 07:51 pm
Hello folks! :D  I've listed a TON of cheap lots on eBay, hoping to clear out some space!

I've listed quick previews here under the cut!!! Click on the individual photos below to be transported to their listing!

Sales Permission granted by lineaalba on 9/1/2010
Old feedback is here, Recent feedback is here

sweet ebay lots!~Collapse )

Any questions about any items, feel free to ask me here.  Thanks so much for looking!!! ♥
02 May 2015 @ 08:50 pm
Good morning, afternoon, or evening to evereyone! I just wanted to do an update on my SSS and customs gets. ^ w ^ Here's a little teaser of some stuff~! Warning! post might be a little long since I haven't updated in a while. So tons of pictures!
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02 May 2015 @ 08:56 pm
Haaaay I'm nearly broke so have decided to sell some things which are a blanket, N badge, and pokebox clearfile for under 20 :) can ship to most international places :)

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Gonna get a bath so I won't reply right away
02 May 2015 @ 09:35 pm

Just click the picture above to be transported to my old sales post, you can combined items there and here. (:
I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE

So lets begin with the rules:
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I am open to offers! So don't be afraid to ask :3
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02 May 2015 @ 09:37 pm
evening lovelies! I have a couple of wants today and a little request. :3

First up, if anyone has one of the type focus multi cases, would you mind snapping a quick photo of the inside?

Next up, my wants!

- Ghost/Pychic type focus pouch and clear file
- Fairy type focus pouch and clearfile
- Banpresto DX Groudon UFO plush
- Gengar zukan (or just the Gengar piece)

Thanks for reading!!
This is just a useful informational post and totally not bragging or anything. :3

back row: Mega-size Pikazard, 28-inch Pikachu
front row: regular Pikazard, Pikazard mascot, ORAS Secret Base Pikachu Doll, Pikachu face cushion

In shipping news, non Megazards will go out tomorrow, if the post office is open like their website says it will be. Hopefully I'll get boxes for Megazards tomorrow and be able to start shipping them Monday. Sorry about the wait! >.<
02 May 2015 @ 10:12 pm
Hello all! I was talking to a shop about the I love Eevee plushes and I will be able to do a pick up for them :D


Price: $20 SHIPPED anywhere (all fees included) each.

Pick up rules under the cutCollapse )

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That's all for now, thanks :D
02 May 2015 @ 10:15 pm
Got a ton of awesome stuff this week \ouo/

I also have a bunch of carbink wants and I'd like to see if anyone has them up for sale ^o^

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Lastly! Here are my wants, let me know if anyone has seen them for sale here c:
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Thanks so much for reading~ have a wonderful day/evening/whatever c: