May 3rd, 2015

Sales time!

Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I'hv posted. I have just been very busy and by very busy I mean super super busy. Anyways I have got some time befor my exams start so I thought I'd make so extra cash to spend after my exams. Hehe. There's not much in my sales now but I'll be making a huge update after my exams so stay tuned! Thanks guys! (:

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Mini collection update and some wants!

SO it's 1.30am where I currently live, I'm super tired and I need to be up at 6am.

SO OBVIOUSLY this means this is the PERFECT time for a collection update right?


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NOW THATS OUT THE WAY, onto a kinda haphazard wants I suppose! HELP A BRO OUT?!

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Long overdue introduction post

Hello everyone!

I've been silently lurking around here for some time now, but never got around to introduce myself properly due to school and work, so here I go~

People call me Jolty or Joltik, I'm from Germany and 23 years old. I'm an artist and draw mainly Pokemon and Pokemon related stuff. :)
My favorite Pokemon are Meowstic, Litwick, Sylveon, Vaporeon, Braixen and many more but my main collections are Meowstic and Sylveon.

So yeah, I'm looking forward to meet lots of cool people and be (hopefully) more active in this community. If you got any questions, feel free to ask~

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A little image heavy, but I hope you liked it. :)

Biiiiiiiiig 'min collection update! + want! please let me know!

Hi everyone!
I must say, it's been quite the journey at PKMNcollectors ^-^ My Shaymin and Keldeo (and just everything else) collections have grown exponentially ever since joining the comm, and I have to thank all the sellers who have been amazing and sold their stuff to me!

As always, my posts are really image heavy, so everything's under cuts.

WAIT WAIT WAIT! Besides lots of gets, there's MORE this time!
I had to do a cooking project for my French class, and what better way to do a cooking project than make a PIKACHU BENTO BOX?! XD

I still have to mess with all the video footage, but I'll probably post the video on YouTube.

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My one want right now:

(image from @nintendos_girl on Instagram, please let me know if you'd like me to remove it!)

A Togekiss Pokédoll! T^T
I missed out on 2 recently, and I'm super fired up to get one!

I'm offering $40 shipped to Canada for one! ><

Some notes:

Hang tag can be detached/slightly damaged, that's okay! But I'd like it to be there. Even if there's a small crease I'll gladly take it!
EDIT! NO HANG TAG IS OKAY! I just really want the plush, though >-<

The doll itself doesn't have to be super mint. Preferably one as new as possible, though!

Thank you very much for reading, everyone! Looking forward to posting again! ^-^

Love you all!


Kiosk Selection


For anyone living in the Seattle area, this is the current Pokemon Center Kiosk selection at Southcenter mall
Notably, most of the gen 1 pokedolls have been swapped out (that said, the last time I visited the area was awhile back in mid-February), and Celebi and Treecko (non-secret base version) are now available again.

Happy collecting, etc
Adorable Growlithe

May Sales Post~

Hello PKMNCollectors!

Today I bring you part of my collection that I just have no room for! Please adopt them to a good home! I have some rare plush, a few figures and several rare magnets up for sale! And the star of the sales post is up for auction! :D

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Thank you for reading the rules!

Now onto the items! ~
(Growlithe has been used as a size reference only, the little fire pup isn't for sale)

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Thank you for reading! I hope to find all of these guys new homes! <3
(Remember that I'm always open for trades, I'm yearning for a custom plush so if you'd like to trade a custom plush for something on my sales post, I'm sure we can work something out :3)



Venturing forth from the shadows

Hello everyone, I have been in the community for a couple months now and have purchased a few things already but I never made an introduction post so here it goes. I have loved Pokémon and watched the anime/played the games from the beginning and I got into serious collecting over a year ago.Before that I just had a few dozen plush and my old figures until playing the games resparked my intersted again in collecting. My absolute favorite and main collection is Lucario (Which I am always open to buying any merchandise I don't have as long as funds permit). My other favorites/main and side collections include: riolu, togepi,mew, absol, charmander, weedle, caterpie, and anything team rocket I can get my hands on. I dont have a collection picture to show at the moment due to being in the process of moving shelves/displays around but I will eventuaIly take updated photos.I am glad to finally be part of the community instead of lurking and would love to meet/talk with fellow collectors. :)

Offers ending soon, shameless sales and wants plug, looking for a possible GA cohost?

I will be accepting offers on my JP Reshiram pokedoll until Monday, 9PM EST (less than 24 hours from now)

The post:

I haven't had time to update my sales between finals and work but I might as well link the post. I promise to update it later this week once my Organic Chemistry 2 final is over and done with.

Sales permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015 (feedback link is included in the posts)
The sales:

Also, why not throw in my wants post. I still need to update it, but I'm only really actively seeking a Lugia Pokedoll (and maybe a Shadow Lugia too)

The wants:

Also, anyone interested in helping me GA this? I can do threads and spreadsheets. It ends soon though and I'm not a good judge on the worth everything in the lot so I dunno if we'd even reach the starting bid, but I really want that Dragonite Pokedoll x.x It also has a Marril Pokedoll, a Mismagius Pokedoll, the Banpresto Nidorans and so much more! :)

Sorry for the short and bland post. Let's spice it up a bit with a random question! What's your favorite piece of Pokemon merchandise? While Zoroark is my favorite Pokemon, my favorite piece of merchandise is actually probably my Reshiram Pokedoll :) I love Pokedolls and Reshiram is definitely one of my top 5 favorite Pokemon and the Reshiram Pokedoll is the cutest thing ever in my opinion!

Quick TCG sales

I have some TCG's for sale... they been just sitting in a box and I thought they could use new homes :)
If you want to know, please ask for conditions of the cards but most of them are in good condition :)
They will be shipped out in envelopes, if not otherwise requested

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback is

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Picture #1
Kabutops - $3 Reverse Holo
Slaking - $3 Holo
Crawdaunt- $2 Reverse Holo
Ninetales- $3
Absol - $4 Holo
Garchomp - $3 Reverse Holo

Picture #2
Absol- $3
Froslass- $2 Holo
Umbreon - $3
Metagross- $5 Holo
Claydol -$2 Reverse Holo
Ninetales - $3


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Thank you so much for viewing/shopping!
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Raichu "surgery" and Pokedoll artwork

Hey guys!

I thought I could make another post. :)
I haven't done a collection update in ages besides my Pokedoll collection update.
My 2 year anniversary is still a few m onths away, but I'll be here with a huge gets post probably in about a 1-2 weeks or so. ^_^

This time, it's just a small multipurpose post with a few things I wanted to share :)

First up, I've done something to one of my plush I've never done before.
Normally, I don't alter my Pokemon plush but since I cuddle a lot with this Raichu (the big Banpresto one), I cut off the tail from its back.
I've seen bulbalaur do that to one of her Mews and I really liked the idea since I like to imagine Raichu with that long floppy tail. And I have to say, it looks really awesome, and I love it. ^^

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Secondly, I thought about a collection (probably lifelong lol) project. :D
This is not a fix thing or anything, but since I absolutely love the first generation of Pokemon (still my favorite), it would be so cool to own each of the original 151 Pokemon in Pokedoll form one day. This is just a fancy idea especially since it includes a loooot of customs and it will probably gonna take ages, but I thought about some Pokemon who haven't gotten a Pokedoll design yet and began drawing them!
I especially made some less popular ones because they keep to be forgotten by everyone :(
This is the first time I did this, it was a challenge but also a lot of fun!
They include: the middle starter evos, Arcanine, Cubone, Bellsprout, Ponyta, Venomoth and some others :)

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I tried to orientate myself by the official Pokedoll artwork a bit, but I hand-drew them. If you do Pokedoll artwork yourself and see some similarities - I drew them all on my own, and similarities are probably due to the fact that this is a preexisting style. ;-)

I also made them for everyone to use as references for commissions if you want :) Or if you wanna make official-looking digital artwork/tags for them, you can use them as references too. Maybe it would be nice if you repost them anywhere to say that I made them, but you don't necessarily have to.

(I tried this Pokedoll design thing to make collection related, if this is too much off-topic nevertheless, please let me know!)

What is it today? hint it is not the release date of roaring skies

The correct answer is - GIVEAWAY for Shiny Rayquaza EX. Yes I know I said the official ending time is midnight EST, but I really need to go to bed and get up early tomorrow for the finals. Actually, I should not even be here to make this post. lol. But I am really excited to know that my RSK box is on its way tomorrow, so I decide to announce our winners!

So, after a fair draw of the names, actually I just let my calculator do its work. lol. We have our 4th place here
and the prize would be two reverse foil cards. I already picked the prizes but if you have specific favorites in your mind. Feel free to tell me and I would check if I have them in my binder. Preferably XY-on because I just start collecting English cards.

Next, who would be the 3 times the charm?
and the prize would be one holo card. It can also be a reverse holo rare. Just tell me if you have specific one or type in mind.

Then, our second place winning an alternate EX is
due to the collection, I can only offer some lower end EX or promo EX. But, if you want any old school ex in japanese. Please let me know and I think I can work it out coz I still have a lot of them in the binder.

Finally, our grand prize, SHINY RAYQUAZA EX, would be awarded to this comrade (and I hope you have already ordered a RSK box as well coz you are just lucky to be picked among 45 participants in this giveaway)

Please contact me once you have seen this post and I would get back to you as soon as my final is ended. Most likely when I post my pulls of the Roaring Skies. Yes, I would do it and also invite one of my friends to unpack with me. It is a myth that a new player would get super lucky pulls. Who knows? I would do it probably on Wednesday night or Thursday depending on if I survive the last two finals. lol

Again, thank you everyone who participated and yes I really enjoy reading your anecdotes on collecting cards and playing games. There are regionals and league challenges before the national takes place in Indianapolis, and world champsionship in Boston. You should definitely join the party if you want competitive gaming experience and this summer it would definitely be super fun again for Pokemon Fans.