May 6th, 2015

Corsola Plush Want

Hey guys!

I'm looking to purchase one of these Corsola plushies - she was in two of the recent GA's, but both were lost. In one of the GA's they called it the summer Corsola? Not sure if that's right. Anyway, here's a stock photo from Google Images.

I don't believe it's a very rare plush so hopefully someone will have one to sell :)
The only ones they have on eBay are (probably) bootlegs, and I'd like to stay away from buying a bootleg unless it's from another collector on here, but I'd prefer an authentic one if anyone has.

Thanks! :)
my pumpkin

Hey Everyone! Gets and wants! :)

Hi guys! With school being over I'm just chillin at home. Organized a lot of my pokémon plushes a d figures in preperation for an appartment next year (can't wait!).
Anyways, here's a smallish-big gets!
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And now, onto the wants! I'm looking for... Wait for it...


(If this is your picture and you don't want it up here, tell me and I'll remove it)

Specifically I'm looking for a cheaper zukan of it or all the non attack kid figures (one of each form) I can't spend anymore than $20, so can anyone do the kids for 20 shipped? I can go a bit more, same goes for the zukan!

Thanks! I hope y'all have a great, sunshine, fun filled, honeysuckle day!

Recent Gets, Pin Question and More Customs! C:

Hey everyone! :D I haven't updated too much on my collection but I wanted to show off a few recent things I've added~ Here's a little preview of my favorite get lately!

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Also, quick question! Since I now have the normal Scraggy pokedoll pin, I found out there is a shiny version @-@ Does anyone know the value of the shiny one? Or if it is going to be impossible to find? I would love to have them both! :)

EDIT: Just found out, it's not actually shiny scraggy @-@ just a sparkly Limited edition pin. Sorry for any confusion!
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Plus I have been busy making more custom pokedolls! :D Here's a little preview of that~

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Thanks so much for reading/looking! :D 
Aerodactyl LP: Music!
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A frighteningly cool plush!

Hey, everyone! Just dropping by with a very cool plush I recently received. What dangerous Pokemon lurks deep Hoenn waters? :d

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Lastly, I've added a couple figures, keychains, and stickers to my sales post. Best offers are welcome!

As usual, free sketches are available for orders of $10+.
Here's a limited time offer: orders of $12+ may instead add in TWO $2 kids for free! That's a solid $4 off. :d Offer is valid until my next sales update, which will probably be late next week.

That's it for now. Good luck to everyone facing finals week! And GOOD JOB to everyone who has already lived through it, haha. <3

Quick Sales: B2W2 Quiz Book!

Edit: SOLD! Thank you!

Hi! I'm that keychain handcrafter but today I have a different kind of offer to present you:

I have this book in my pose since two years and now, I would like to sale it:

It's a japanese illustrated quiz book focusing Black 2/White 2 games, with + 190 pages of very nice anime-like illustrations! I really like it, but I need some extra money for medicine so sadly I need to gather most help as possible, even if that means to let go the very little of the franchise I got.

So, the book is in very good condition, without any cuts, smudges or any other issues as I carefully used it only for references.

My suggestion goes for 8 USD, plus 3 USD for shipment fees worldwide! Anyone can claim it no matter where may live.

Please let me know if you are interested, or simply asking about the content or anything in particular, feel free!
See ya!

Double Crisis Reverse Holo Trades?


I'm trying one last time to trade for these English Double Crisis Reverse Holo cards.

2/34 Team Magma's Camerupt
3/34 Team Aqua's Spheal
8/34 Team Aqua's Muk
21/34 Team Aqua's Sharpedo
28/34 Team Aqua's Secret Base
29/34 Team Magma Admin
34/34 Double Magma Energy

Edit: I'm going to the local card store tomorrow night. If I can't get them through trades, then I'm going to buy the ones they have in stock. Decided to wait until next week to order, so if anyone wants to trade before the 10th, let me know. :D

The only reverse holo Double Crisis cards I have to trade are Sealeo and Magma's Poochyena x2. I do have foils and regular cards from the set...along with non-Double Crisis cards.

Also, expect a Roaring Skies box opening Livestream from me sometime on Friday. :D

~ Risha

New Job Wants!!

Holy crap this all happened so fast, long story short my mom got me on at this investing office where I will be doing secretarial work, but that's not why I'm posting. Is anyone here selling pokemon office supplies like pencils, pens, or clearfiles for cheap? Lemme know thanks ^^ little tales would be cool but I'm open minded just want a good price! I'll respond tonight :)
I do have a pokebox clearfile for trades here

Something with an American like style such as pokemon time would be great too!


OBO Sales And Play by Play Bulbasaur Up For 2 Days Offers!!! Check them out!

Hey guys! I haven't posted for awhile but today I am offering a Play by Play Bulbasaur up for offers starting at $60 from my own collection. My lost is your gain! He is 15" from the tip of his mouth to the end of his bulb, and 13" tall from the bottom of his feet to the top of his bulb. Because this is item is made in 1999~2000, it has very smelly styrofoam stuffing. However, I already unstuffed him and hand washed him and dried, and restuffed him with new polyster stuffing! So he is all clean and ready to be hugged!!
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ALSO~Majority of the items in my sales are OBO. So please drop by and give me your best offer!! For those that doesn't have OBO beside it, I still might consider :) Please click on the image to be transported!

Thank you for looking and good luck everyone!

New Gets =D!! And a doubt!

Hey there!
This is my first post of arrivals =D today the postman have bring me THREE Pokemon packages =D!! yay!

But first, the doubt: I purcheased in Sunnyshore a pikazard before the release date (preorder) and I have no notices of it, it's normal?

And now... the gets!

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I can't wait to receive the Pikazard ;w;
small mudkip

Little grail get

Hi all!

Today I got very happy, because I finally got something that became somewhat like a grail for me already, since it is so hard to get here in Europe. All the US auctions would not ship to Europe, so I grew more and more desperate.
But then, a week ago, I finally found an auction being shipped to Europe!! So I couldn't resist…

[What is it?]

I'm really happy to add this Mudkip Hasbro Beanie to my collection!
It is so cute and soft and cuddly and in even better condition than I thought it was!
Sadly, he has no tags anymore. But I love Beanies! ^_^

A long shot!

I am wanting to buy this old Pokemon magazine guide. I believe it was only sold within the UK. It is the Vol 1 Pokemon "Master Guide" by Nintendo Magazine. The cover should look like this (although there are variants of other Pokemon):

The content inside looks like this:

I am not sure how much I am wanting to pay for it. There is currently a lot that includes it up for £20, but it is bundled with two other magazines and I am seeing if I could get it cheaper on its own here first ^_^

✿ Tenzin's Trip to the Park! ✿

Hello everyone!~

Today, as much as it pained my heart, i had to pass up on obtaining my grail due to the seller being a potential scammer. I just can't bring myself to risk such a large amount of money on a chance that they aren't, so i guess it's more waiting for me. TnT

My boyfriend brought me and Tenzin the Linoone to the park and got me ice cream to cheer me up! I thought you guys would like these nice photos of him. c:

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All of that being said; If anyone has a Banpresto Zigzagoon UFO Plush for sale, please please hit me up! I really just want my little raccoon baby! <3 :,c
On the bright side; at least now i have most of the money saved up for when he does pop up again!

Thank you for looking everyone! <3 Hopefully i'll have a happier post next time! c:

Offers Post

Hi! So I have some rare (I believe haha!) stuff for Offers as I do not know the price. They are the rare Judge TFG, Yellow TFG, Natu and Gligar Mascot Plushes and a set of the Johto Starters Attack Keychains.

I would like to tentatively end offers on Sunday, but I reserve the right to end them earlier if I get offers I am comfortable with. The starting prices are my lowest price I would accept per the rules. Let me know if I have done anything wrong since this is my first Offers post since the new rules and such!

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Irene&#39;s Pokedoll

Auction Reminder!

Hey all! Just a friendly reminder that my zukan auctions are still open for TWO MORE DAYS! End-date is this Friday, May 8, 2015 at 11:59 pm EST! There are still numerous zukan without any bids, or at the starting price! :)

Sales are still ongoing as well!

Please click the image below to go to the sales/auctions post! Or, alternatively, click here!

 photo 3828671b-471d-4a0a-abd4-18d49ea7af97.jpg

PokemonTrader:// Secret Spring Swap Gets!

I know I'm super late getting my SSS Gets post up. My sender graciously sent it really early on in the swap timeframe, I unfortunately was still at school fighting back exams, so I had them send it to my home. That being said, once I came back home, it has been a whirlwind of events since I've returned but I finally have a chance to give this awesome gift a well-deserved post!

Rotom will help me open up this parcel! What is inside? Click behind the cut to find out!

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hi! thank you for adding me here :3
i took some collection pictures for this post! my main collection has been cubone for a while and i would really like to finish it some day! recently after watching a lot of the anime i've been wanting to collect team rocket's meowth!
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TCG and Topps Cards Trades

First of all, I updated my TCG with tooons of uncommons, rares, signed cards, reverse holo's, trainers, and energies. If you want basic energies btw feel free to ask, I have tons but didn't photograph the common ones.

Here's the link:

Also, I have these Topps card doubles- anyone interested in trading for them?

And lastly, I'd just like to show off a Morty sprite I made :D I originally thought this would be one of those pinball like square sprites, but turns out it's way bigger xD I'm gonna have to make a N for myself if he exists. Can anyone let me know where to find more sprites like these? And feel free to ask for commissions of these, though I haven't added them to any of my sales pages yet.

Unofficial sales/giveaway reminder:
(I haven't been feeling well the past few days so commission progress has slowed this week, but I'll be back on track by next week. Same thing when it comes to replying to comments/messages <3)

Translation please?

I was hoping someone may be able to translate this tag for me. Im seeking this series of plush.

Or can anyone teach me how to translate this?

Also, I have some extra soft green and pink fabric left overs and wanted to make a small cuddly Pokemon plush.

The only one that quickly pops to mind is Hoppip. Any other suggestions for those colors?

Still seeking any applause or walky plushes I do not have. Also any Bulbasaur line or Oddish line items I do not have. I also fancy Togepi, Jigglypuff and the Bellsprout line.

As always, thanks for reading ^^

My fellow pokemon lovers (intro post)

Hey there, this is my first post here at the community and want to say thanks for adding me here. Let's favorite pokemon is Houndoom without a doubt. Dark and Fire are my two favorite types, and the fusion of them into one is awesome (plush they look like the hounds from Supernatural, or remind me of them). I collect mainly plushes, though for the Houndoom/Mightyena line I'll collect anything I can. I love those two, they are a good tie for my favorite.

My current collection is below the cut. Sorry, I know it's VERY cluttered but until I get a net or some shelves for this tiny room, this is it x3

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I look forward to making friends with you guys. :) I'll make a wants post later this week.

Aliexpress update!

I FINALLY got my aliexpress order in the mail. To whoever remembers, I made a post about unreleased Jakks Pacific figures being sold on the apparently unreliable shopping site. However with only pictures to go by, a trusting sales/return policy and a MIGHTY need, I decided to risk US$15 to find out if they really did have a Jakks Pacific-brand Excadrill....or his original character "Blexcadrill".

After a month of waiting, I open my package to find out that what I got was NOT ENTIRELY as advertised.

Open the cuts below to see what I mean.

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