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Princess ♔
07 May 2015 @ 01:02 am
Hey guys ! I'm looking for a couple things, I'm in need of the Goomy & Goodra Trozei Stickers and also the sleeping Goomy Ippai. Looking to pay $1 each for the stickers and $7 shipped for the figure. (Pictures below just in case) Thank you everyone !!

Wants picsCollapse )
***Thanks to aaceattorneygirl for the amazing profile picture. >w<

Hello lovelies!
I am SO happy because my worst exam is over (oral UGHH) and I just have one more on Tuesday before I'm HOME FREE for the rest of the month and you guys know what that means - JAPAN IS COMIN' UP SOON! *Confetti party* >w<
Before then I DO have a birthday May 19th. Little ambivilant about that (once you get past a certain age, yada yada... >_>)
I'm also thinking of doing a giveaway when I get back from Japan for you guys, since you've been SO supportive in heping me get there! :D

I would like it to be known that ALL packages except captainangel 's and pikachux 's, pumpkaboo_patch 's and anti_pineapple 's  !
Those should be shipped by Saturdayt. ^__^ <3
Thanks for everyone's patience!

Also, I have a ton of new sales items in the figure/plush etc section!
I decided to sell off most of my kid figures and just keep my main collection ones and some old gen 1 ones. :)

Preview, CLICKY to be transported! :3

Lookin' for flats? Find them here! (Also newbies!)

no title

Next I have a few lovely gets! I've tried not to spend too much money (lawd knows how hard that is on this delicious site. xD) but luckily Captain angel was purchasing a lot of stuff from me and we could do a partial trade!
Also some other gets like this amazing Imakuni I never thought I'd own but now do thanks to pegasus2010 ! Ahhhh. He's so cute. <3


more gets under the cut!

GETS!Collapse )

Lastly, I keep saying I'm going to do a collection update/anniversary post but now that summer's rolling around I MAY actually have time for it. :'D
Thanks for reading/watching! ^_^
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07 May 2015 @ 01:00 pm
I recently grabbed a Trubbish MPC from the community and I realized, why don't I have any other merch of my favorite trash pokemon?
I'm just looking for a few things right now:
1) Trubbish Kid
2) Garbodor Kid
3) Garbodor MPC

I've seen the Garbodor Waza Museum figure, but I would prefer the MPC to match my Trubbish. The Garbodor MPC seems pretty scarce though, so this might be my first grail haha. He's Garbodorable!
07 May 2015 @ 01:10 pm
Hello guys! Haven't posted this in a while, so here's hoping :P

My highest want is the Heartland Mew plush (pic is from comm member abrahamlure)  Not the same as the AG TOMY plush or the 1:1 or the fuzzy Pokecen one - they all look similar.

And here are the rest....

1. Flygon Bottlecap
2. Other colors of Flygon Puchi Chara.
I have regular and yellow.
3. Flygon stamper(?) I have no idea what this is
3. Bayleef Bell keychain
4. Airgurumi Drifloon
5. Dragonite MPC
6. Dratini MPC
07 May 2015 @ 01:21 pm

Eeeee so today the first item from my wants list arrived and boy is it a nice one! :)

Click for photo! Collapse )

That's all for now! If anyone is selling any Articunos or Absols let me know! :)

Hi everyone! I should probably...cut back on buying things, but I can't, so I decided to add a few more things to my sales, ahaha. I was researching prices, and I didn't realize that treecko and munchlax were the friends plush! I honestly thought they might be bootlegs at first, but it looks like I have a few little diamonds in the rough for you all!

Here's a preview!

Click the images, or go here!

I'll also be swinging by the mail center tomorrow, so I can send any bigger items then!
07 May 2015 @ 04:54 pm
Hi PKMNCollectors!

This is the only reminder for my Rare Pokemon Center Deluxe (11") Zekrom plush!

This beautiful guy is still at his starting bid! He just wants someone to love him ;_;

Get your bids in because he does not come up very often! <3

Link to auction is here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/19304046.html

Thank you for reading! <3
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07 May 2015 @ 05:50 pm
Hey guuuuuuyyyssss! :D

I haven't really posted a gets post in ages besides my sss post.
And today I'm here with a HUGE gets post! OWO

FIRSTLY: I did an art trade with starpurrloin and my AWWWEEESOME friend Rachel (latias_latios_7) middlemanned it for me.
PLUS, we did a card trade PLUS another art trade for another sprite AND I also got the big sprite I won in her first giveaway! Yay, it was me who guessed one of the Pokemon xDD
AAAAND MOST IMPORTANTLY, a few other small friends came in that package :> You see, there's a lot coming, so be prepared! xD

Here's a little preview!

Warning: this is gonna be picture heavy!

POKEBALLS?? What could that be?Collapse )

What else was inside Rachel's box?Collapse )

SECONDLY: I got another small package today from agui_chan :)

Kid figures and small thingsCollapse )

Phewwwww guys! So that was it xD That took me ages :D
Thanks everyone for reading and looking <3
Looking to buy Gary Oak and Professor Oak Kid figures, preferrably good shape!

Does anyone have them for sale? I only seem them on ebay sometimes and they want like $40+ but thats just way too much for me. Hoping to find them for a reasonable price, let me know if you have them for sale or know someone selling please :)
07 May 2015 @ 06:25 pm
I was on eBay (like always XD) and I came across something that, despite my obsession, I didn't find out about until today...

Please tell me more about this + where to get!Collapse )
07 May 2015 @ 09:21 pm
This ends shortly. Go here :) Starts @ $20



Features Zigzagoon, pikachu, pichu, poochyena, mudkip, treecko, torchic!

You made it though today. High five

I also have a grail want. It doesn't have to be in its original package. Just want it mint to near mint, Willing to pay a great price. Please help me out :)

eevee keychain (stamp?)
07 May 2015 @ 09:48 pm
I've updated my sales a tad and would love for people to go check it out :D

Dat preview though!

(Oh no! Jolteon is sideways! Whoops!)

Dem sales: http://pepperzark.livejournal.com/976.html

I've also updated my wants some :D I'm mostly just looking for the Lugia Pokedoll still though, but I'd like to get my hands on a Dragonite Pokedoll if possible @.@

Demi wants: http://pepperzark.livejournal.com/654.html

I'll be back soon with a huge gets post once everything has arrived! If you have bought from me/traded with me, everything will be shipped off by tomorrow or Saturday!

Hi all~~ I just wanted to let all you lovely folk know that there's a sale on at TeeTurtle, which is going to end in about 3 days! Pretty much all their T-shirts will be $12. I was casually browsing online, when I noticed the sale, and I reckon the designs are pretty cute & awesome~~~ (Have fun with all the pokemon references there!) International shipping rates are not too bad, either... (since I live in Australia) ^.^

I couldn't resist the Thor/Pika shirt, as well as one with Zuko riding Charizard <3  Which one are your favourites?? :3

Here's the link to it:  (I'm not at all affiliated with TeeTurtle... just a regular shopper like you guys! xD)

I joined this community about 2 years ago, left for a while and now I'm back, lurking around... xD  Missed being where all the fun & games are! :P  Anyways, I'd love to chat to ya'll later, since it's almost midnight where I am! Nighty nite :3

Hi, I wonder if anybody would be willing to middleman something poké-related for me? :)
He or she would need an Etsy account and be able to pay with a credit card. The shop I'm thinking aobut doesn't accept Paypal.
A member from the US (that's where the item would be shipped from) or from Germany (that's where I'm from) would be perfect.

Found somebody, thank you!

To brighten this post up a bit, here's a picture of the birthday cake I got recently from my boyfriend: :D

07 May 2015 @ 11:41 pm
Hello, guys. This is an update that the sales part of the roaring skies is up. It actually took not too longer than I expected it to be. All cards, except for EX's and trainers, are up for sales. If you are looking particularly for a trainer card, feel free to let me know and we can work something out. I play tcg so I hope that I can keep a playset for the playable trainer cards. Also, I would trade M Latios EX, M Gallade EX, and FA Gallade EX for M/non-Mega Rayquaza EX (Dragon Type), Shaymin EX, or a playset (4 copies) of Reshiram from Roaring Skies.

  • Sales permission granted by denkimouse on 01/28/2011

  • Feedback: feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pegasus2010/

  • I ship from Philadelphia, PA and ship worldwide

  • Shipping is $1 on for envelope and $3 on for bubble-mailer with tracking. This does not include fees

  • There is a minimum purchase of $3 $2 for this sales. I would adjust this threshold based on the demand.

  • Special for this sales: if you purchase a playset (4 copies) of a card, you get 50% discount on the playset. The total still meets the requirement of the minimum purchase. For example, if you buy 4 Exeggcute, the total is $1.20 and you only need to buy cards worth $1.80 to meet the minimum purchase. But at the checkout, the 4 Exeggcute would total up $0.60, half price of the original price.

Below is the spreadsheet of the cards I have. Rev? stands for the reverse cards. They are worth a little bit more than the non-reverse ones IMO.

For scans of the cards, you can utilize this site

Have fun!

So, today my box finally arrived at my house. Yesterday I expected it to come in but at the very last minute of the mail day the tracking said that Business Closed. Today I went to the post office to ask my post master and he said it was due to the unexpected large volume of packages yesterday, which I highly doubt that it would be the result of release of Roaring Skies. lol I did not expect that there are so many players in the philly. Nice!

So, I have my friend help me unboxing and there has been a myth that a new player gets better luck. I opened my first pack and pulled out a RA Hydreigon EX at once. Super awesome. We continued unpacking and my friend did not get a single EX until the last second pack of the first quarter of the box; and he let me to do it. And ... bomb!

A RA M Rayquaza EX (Dragon Type). I think I could have seen the disappointing expression on his face because it was his time to pull that pack and he let me do it for him. Anyway, all cards are mine. lol (I do offer him to pick some holo cards at the end of our pulls but he kindly rejected. Nice dude)

Onto the second quarter of the packs. Again, he receded and I chose a pack at his turn and pull out a FA Gallade EX. And on my next turn I nabbe a RA Rayquaza EX (Dragon Type), so I have achieved one EX evolution line. He pulled out the Extended Art (EA) Dragonite and holo rare Salamence.

After the break,Read more...Collapse )

I might want to trade the Latios and Gallade line for some Rays of dragon type or Shaymin if I do not ask too more of it. But I am still pending about this decision because I want to see how it really works to play a deck with it. I do have a lot of commons, uncommons, rares, and reverse foil cards that I might put up a sales post later this week. There would be a minimum purchase but it would not be too much. Hopefully I could put up one because I have never done a big sales post like this before.

Thank you for your reading so far and stay tuned for my sales post of ROS.
07 May 2015 @ 11:48 pm
i doubt any of you remember, but not too long ago i made a post looking for slowpoke merch and this morning i won a grail for super cheap!
jealousyCollapse )
07 May 2015 @ 11:49 pm
Hi everyone, I just wanted to show you guys the Pikachu Secret Base Pokedoll that chocolate_chip picked up for me from one of the Pokemon Centers in Japan! I haven't seen anyone post about them yet, so I thought I'd do a short review of the plush for those who are on the fence about purchasing one.

Read more...Collapse )
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07 May 2015 @ 11:50 pm
New Secret Base dolls going on sale TOMORROW!

We have them available here: http://www.sunyshore.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=66&products_id=2362

I love these new Secret Base dolls!! I feel they're a teeny bit more stylized than regular Pokedolls, so I dig it!
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