May 9th, 2015

Small Gets Post


This is just a small gets post for some items I've gotten recently. Finally able to show them now that exams are over. It includes an item that actually led me to join this community in the first place. It was my "grail" before I ever heard such a term used, although it may seem ordinary to you fine folks - but I just couldn't find them anywhere except 1 private collector who hadn't updated her site in years... but I finally found not only 1 but several, and so, with the help of a kind middleman I met on eBay, I bought a pair! She also got me an item I couldn't find anywhere else either that I needed to complete a certain set of mine. Please see below the fold!

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Thank you!
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the Falkner's cosplayers b-day post :3

You all know that i am now 21 ;D I got a moped and stuff so I got news on my brithday witch have pokemon and non pokemon news ^_^
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Pokemon news
I got Rawing skys :3 at game stop
My ho-oh came in :3
Game stop also wouldn't give my the box for the newest booster box :(
The 21 Plush with pics <3
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Cosplay News :3
So I am a big Pokemon fan I been also cosplaying as pokemon and tales charters these pics are Selfies but I love Cosplaying <3
What I am going to do is go to the world turnamate on augest News and be Falkner and a leafeon I found browning the internet.

My weird Commotions
Okay after seeing a pic on the internet.... I really want a tales Character charm with a poke mon :3
I only can afford one but these are the ones I am thinking about
Sorey and Charzard y
Grune and goomy *cough* I am the comic writer :3
Pascal and Garbidor
Jade in teams rockets gear :3
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Looking for Leafeon Mascot plush UFO and Growlithe UFO

Hi everyone !

I just noticed last month that a set of eevolutions came out in UFO: Eevee, Leafeon and Glaceon mascot plushes.
I think I was not very attentive because I can't find any Leafeon anywhere :'(
And now, there are three others Eevee in UFO... I must have missed something.

As a Leafeon collector, I'm looking for this one:

Please, if someone has this Leafeon for sell, tell me.

FOUND ! thanks :3 *happy*

And it was the same thing with the Growlithe in UFO...

I'm looking for it, before it came as expensive as the pokemon time's...

Thank you ___(.0.)___

Flygon wants

Hey guys! I was on a few month hiatus and only logged in for 2 times, hopefully i'll be on more :p I still have alot to acquire .-.
Currently collecting mainly Flygon merch and some Raichu so I'm looking for these items if you have any please let me know how much you want for them (: I'll be updating this post with pictures!
I can pay via Paypal.
Flygon pan sticker
FLygon Battrio
Flygon pog
Dice with Flygon
Flygon attack kid
Flygon dex sticker
Flygon Ultimate sticker
Flygon bubble magnet
Flygon chocoball figure
Flygon and other pokemon card sleeves
~~~~~~~~~Big Wants~~~~~~~
Flygon Clear kid + Clear attack kid
Flygon chibi mini figure
Flygon pin
Flygon movie charm Figure
Flygon pan card
Will offer alot for these!($40-50)
Flygon retsuden stamp
Flygon bottlecap figure
Flygon Shiny kid
To make this post less boring here's a random pic of my collection so far xD
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trying to complete emerald break set!

Hi everyone! With the recent release of the Roaring Skies TCG set in North America, I feel even more compelled to try to complete my Japanese Emerald Break set. I'm extremely new to the TCG scene, so Emerald Break was the first set I'd ever purchased a full booster box for (though I did used to spend my allowance money on English TCG booster packs at the store when I was a kid lol). Although I was thoroughly satisfied with my pulls (full-art Winona is absolutely stunning <3), I'm still missing quite a few of the rarer cards.

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I'm also looking for the promo Shiny Rayquaza card. I'm kind of bummed I missed out on the promotion (I had 6 of the point cards, but couldn't find a middleman at the time to mail them in).
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Roaring Skies TCG Trades (Sales?)

I was finally able to find the Roaring Skies set at a store near me. I got 4 3 duplicates total from the booster packs that I bought:

I would like to trade them for any card I don't have from the set, or an older set. I don't care for the trainer cards that much so they are lower priority though. They are all normal versions,not reverse holos. I will sell the commons for $0.25 and the uncommon for $0.35 (or I will sell all three for $0.85, not including shipping).

Note: If I don't have a card you have on my wish-list,thats okay! I may still be looking for it I just didn't put it on there because it would take forever to post each and every card that I don't own. I will accept duplicates of Poochyena and Mightyena cards as well.

You can see all the other cards I have available here:

I have four code cards for the online tcg that I am giving away for free, if you are interested please comment here or PM me.

Roaring Skies EX Sales

So, I decide to run which deck so these extra EX's are for sales. Also, I just put up a sales post for all the other cards I have from roaring skies, including common/uncommon, rare, holo rare, reverse, and etc. Take a look at the sales plug I include under the EX's.

SOLD M Latios EX
$8.50 M Gallade EX
$8.00 FA Gallade EX

Price includes shipping and fees. For tracking, add an extra $2.

Sales plug for all other non-EX cards:

Sales permission by denkimouse on 01/28/2011
Ship from Philadelphia, PA and ship worldwide (ask me for quote before committing the purchase)

A new buddy! + Megabloks for trade and grabbys for sale!! :D

 Hi guys, I'm here with a new mate I added to my collection. Some weeks ago thedaftlynx sent me a link with a funny plush really cheap, it was hilarious so I bidded on it and I won it... What could it be? All the Politoeds seem really interested on it...

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TRADES: Does someone would be interested on trade any of these megablocks for a Vulpix or Houndoom ones?
I should get the first lot this week, the other one will take still some weeks but I wanted to try. I think I'll sell them too on the future and I'll auction the rare ones but if you're really interested on any, or you'd like to trade any other thing with me, let me know! ^^

SALES/GETS: I got some packages with a Bayleef grabby that I added on my collection, you can see all my grabbys (SUPER proud of Politoed and Quilava <3) but my boyfriend have a few more Slowpoke, Totodile, Mudkip and Sneasel too! the point is that Bayleef arrived with two more so Croagunk and Pikachu are for sale!! They are 5$ each!

Grabby guys #Pokemon #collection #mareep #politoed #bayleef #charizard #quilava #cyndaquil

Gets +Wants c:

Got some great stuff this week and am on the lookout for more carbink stuff 8U

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Moving onto the main reason for the post~

Does anyone have any Carbink cards they're willing to either trade or sell? I'm only interested in non-English/non-Japanese cards though uwu

Thanks a bunch!
Enjoy your day/evening/ whatever c: