May 10th, 2015

Sales Update

Hi everyone! :3 I added some Pikazards and the May Pikachu Monthly for sale on my webstore, so I thought that I would post a quick sales update on the comm. Click the image below to head over there and check it out!

(Sales permission granted on March 2nd, 2012 by entirelycliched. Feedback can be seen here.)

Thanks guys!
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Kids Auction and Card Sales

Hello pkmncollectors! Most of you probably don't recognize my username, but I swear I have sales permission. I very rarely post anymore, and haven't been around in a few months, but I was super active like, five years ago. D: Anyway, I'm preparing for a big move out of state and I'm clearing out my collection with some auctions and sales!

These 20 kids are up for auction! There will be more pictures below. The auction is going to end next weekend, May 17th at 3:00pm est. I'm hoping to have these guys in the mail before the 21st, so payment will be due on or before the 20th. Each kid is going to start at $3. When bidding, please be aware of shipping costs! USPS considers anything that is more than 1/4 of an inch thick to be a package when calculating postage, so the minimum shipping/handling cost is going to be $3 (if you are within the USA), no matter how many kids you end up winning. Feel free to ask for specific shipping estimates. Also, you can combine kid(s) you win with any cards you might buy from my sales post:

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Reminders and Trades ^w^


puppet plush.JPG

Just a reminder that we still need a few more claims for the Puppet Plush GB! Here's the link if you're interested:

I also have my giveaway still going on, this is the last reminder post for it so tomorrow I'll be picking winners :D Go here to win some sprites:

And I still have tons of common, uncommon, and rare TCG for trade :D Please comment here if interested; I'll trade for literally any card I don't have.

I also have a few shoutouts, since it was a very busy week and I totally forgot about messaging people back :'D

j_ule I swear I'll reply to your message tomorrow at the latest. I'm so sorry it's taking so long xD

kephisos would you mind pming me your address again? Your package was returned to me ;w;

lulupin your Vaporeon card arrived :D I sent you a message with my paypal a few days ago; I'm going to the post tomorrow so if you send payment by then I'll ship it out ^w^

silverinfinity your sprites are done and shipped! I took pics but haven't had a chance to upload them yet- I'll do that later tonight.

Aside from that, all finished orders have shipped! I've been finishing a ton of commissions and trades the past two days, so most of you guys that are waiting will get pics/shipping updates within a few days :)

Thanks <3
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Happy Mothers Day! :3 (Update & Seeking Charms)

Happy Mothers Day everyone! Whether your kids are human, furry or plushie!  X3 Do something special today to celebrate yourself!

I'm here to share some collection updates and to seek m0ar stuff!

I've been trying to keep my collection organized on my blog page. Here's a link. got the little canvas plushue added!!)

I'm also currently looking to add these little ones to my charm family! Does anyone have them or perhaps someones seen them somewhere? :) Let me know! Thank you! ♡

Sales! Freebies, free shipping, haggling&trades are welcome - all must go!

Hello everyone :3
I have some quick sales with some new things and lowered prices! I want everything go to a new home and that I have more money to buy me new stuff for my birthday coming next month! (yes I wanna make a gift for myself xD)

Rules first (please read them):

- sales permission granted by godudette on may 2013
- my feedback:
- shipping is from germany to elsewhere and prices incl. shipping and all fees!
- I can only ship on weekends atm!
- I ship without insurance and trackingnumber. So please tell me before you buy if you want insurance. Otherwise I'm not responsible for lost items.
- No haggling please
- Trades are welcome! I have a wantslist on my Lj and I might be also open for other things


- Ho-Oh pokedoll TTO, 100% official, the japanese velboa one, but in very very very loved condition! A bit damaged at the yellow wings and it has a teeny tiny whole at a wing. I cleaned him up, so he isn't dirty anymore and brightful colored. Comes from a smokeless home. ~13$ shipped to anywhere

- Raichu kellogs(?) magnet - says nintendo 2000 on the back, 100% official. (spinarak kid for size reference) ~ 5$ shipped to anywhere

- Supercute Raichu pokebox pin (comes with the original box and letters), used condition ~ 9$ shipped to anywhere

- Mixed figures in very good condition.
Beedrill & pineco are 9$ shipped each
Hitmonlee & swinub are free with purchase

- Clear spinarak kid: 7$ shipped

- every card is 2$ shipped or 1$ with other purchase

- everyone is free with purchase! (max. 5 per purchase)

- 1$ with other purchase or 5$ all together

So thats all! Thanks all for looking and helping me let the stuff go! ♥ :3

Card trades! :D

Hello everyone! :D

Welcome to....


I had a really beautiful banner but it was too big D':

Yes! I have decided to start doing card trades! I have too many (like hundreds XD ) which I want to trade to gain cards, and help out fellow collectors gain some nice cards too! :D


Rules / general notices:

- Shipping is from London, UK.
- I ship worldwide!
- I tend to ship out quickly, but if there is a delay I will always keep you updated!
- I receive email notifications, so I will always try my best to respond!
- Please do not delete comments! Simply reply to your own comment if you have made a mistake!
- My default shipping is in an envelope, airmail (or second class if in the UK)

How the whole thing will work:

Since I have hundreds of cards, I don't have the time in the day to take photos of them all and post them, so please mention the pokemon you are interested in in your comment

Then, I will reply with a photo of the cards available.

After that you pick and choose which ones you want, easy! :D

I am only interested in cards of the following:

Riolu, Lucario, Shinx, Buizel, Buneary, Pachurisu, Tepig, Oshawott, Snivy, Cyndaquil, Meowth, Minccino, Emolga, Mew, Mewtwo, Aron, Manaphy, Shaymin (sky form), Reshiram, Vulpix, Zoura, Zoroark, Coballion and Sceptile.

My current main priorities are Lucario, Buizel, Coballion and Unova starters evolutions!

Please add the word 'Pokemonz' somewhere in your comment so I can see that you've read this far!


Thank you!