May 11th, 2015

wanted! dragonite pokedoll!

I sold a few things and I've gotten quite a few hours so my next paycheck should be pretty decent. Instead of saving this money like I should I would like to spend it on a Dragonite Pokedoll :D For awhile I was trying to convince myself that I didn't need this cutie (mostly because he can be a pricey one) but Dragonite was my favorite Pokemon before gen 5 was released and I just have to have his pokedoll! Please help me find this chubby little guy :D

I don't care if he has his hang tag, but I would like the plush to be in mint condition. I'm hoping to spend no more than $100 but if he's MWT then I will of course go higher.

More goin'-to-Japan sales! Lots Galore! Flats & TCG! :3

Hello everrrrrybody! <3
I hope everyone had a nice mother's day and hopefully most people's finals are coming to an end! ^_^
Personally I have ONE more tomorrow and I'm home free! WHOOP! :P
Also, my birthday's a week from tomorrow so I'm really excited. Last year I was dreading becoming a year older, now I'm pretty stoked. Except for the fact that my bf MAY be on call on that weekend. :c Oh wells!

So again I have some Japan sales. I've made a few nice EEVEELU lots , sticker sales, TCG and post cards! ^_^ Also if you missed my last sales post, I have a bunch more figures and such.

Some previews click any to be transported!

And here's a link to the figures/non flats if you missed it! ^__~

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SALES - Amada stickers


>>> Kids figs sales > CLICK
>>> Holo Amada sales > CLICK
>>> Stickers, cards, pogs and everything else sales > CLICK
>>> Non Pokemon sales > CLICK

* Stickers are grouped by the year of the series' release

* When ordering please try to add the link to the photo
* I have doubles of many of these stickers - just ask!
* Prices below the pics
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Pokedoll mail day :) My first pokedolls (also asking for suicune pokedoll legitimacy)

I just recently got into collecting pokemon plushies a bit more seriously.
I got two of my grails though in one shot ^.^
I just got in the mail today Suicune and Togekiss :D
Suicune I got without a tag on yahoo japan auctions so I am wondering if I got a legit pokedoll. Got him for 2300 yen though that is not including shipping.
The suicune pokedoll is very detailed and didn't realize how small these pokedolls are.
Togekiss I got from a really lovely member here through a auction. Thanks so much sigiblue! Togekiss came home to me safely. Also packing the tag so well~

[Pokedoll gets]

[Suicune Pokedoll Pictures]

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I haven't had a whole lot of items i considered a grail - but this is definitely one of them! There have been several Groudon items I have been looking for, for -years- and most of them are such weird/obscure things I have little hope of finding them...But after some vague searches, one of them fell into my hands.

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i am still after my top priority grail...the pokedoll charm.

I'm willing to pay a very, very handsome price. I'm even willing to pay up a bounty to anyone who happens to find it on some auction site before I do! This is without a doubt probably one of his most rarest items and I have a mighty, mighty need. ;_;

the rest of my wants list is here ---> clicky click
I am looking for anything on there and more! If I don't have it, I want it! (Especially of groudon and of pokedoll figures!)
small mudkip

Gets and a question


I got very recently a cute Glaceon and a Sylveon Pokédoll!

Problem is, the Sylveon has got a small hole on the side of its face where the filling even comes out! This is actually the second time I got a plush with a hole (the other one was a lifesize Mudkip with a hole in the middle of the face…).
Is this usual, have you experienced that too? I wonder where those holes come from. They do not look like shipping damage, more like someone put a nail into the plush on purpose. Who should do such a thing?!

Have a look at it! Am I overreacting or is it serious damage I can complain about to the seller?

I'm really waiting for your answers, since I don't exactly know what to do now! Of course I don't wanna send it back (the shipping costs would probably exceed the actual purchase worth), but maybe I can get some money back?
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My Mew Kid Collection + also looking for a used Mew Kid!

Hello peeps! Hope you all are doing dandy.

I'm kinda bored at the moment, but summer classes will change that when they start for me tomorrow! XD

I just wanted to share photos of my Mew Kid collection! I believe I have all of them (at least the general ones and not every single re-release of each Kid lol), so this is a great reference for anyone who is a Mew collector =3

But if you want to skip all this, I do have a want!

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I'm looking for this Mew Kid. Used or not, it doesn't matter. I just need one for my repaint project. And I know there's a few on eBay, but I just wanted to try here first. Looking to spend $3-$5 + shipping for it =P

And that's it! Thanks for viewing! ^__^

Mail Day! Much Hype!!!

So this post will be image heavy... My plushies got super excited over this box

SO Caterpie (Pistachio), Jirachi (Starfire), Large Eevee (Horchata), Ralts (Ureshii) and Eevee Pokedoll (Cinnamon) were all excited...

Collapse ) So I am always looking for the following plushies for myself and my boyfriend: Chimchar, Squirtle, Axew, Keldeo, Arceus, Dedenne, Goomy, Mawile, Eevee, Ralts, Ponyta, Butterfree, Mew, Jirachi, Whimsicott, including evolutions. Also Shaymins accepted.

Small gets + wants post. (Pokemon forms)

First off, thanks to moonlightpkmn and zigguppafu for the Cherrim Canvas and Giratina plushes plus the adorable Poochie magnet (not pictured) Also want to post some of my wants as well. :)

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Now that being said, also I am looking for certain pokemon plushes. I'm Form Hunting, if you may call it that lol. Anyways I'm on the lookout now for these particular plushes. If your pic is being used, let me know and I'll remove it ASAP.

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Anyways, if you have any or know anyone who does, feel free to let me know. Thanks :)
Bellossom Lotad &amp; Skitty
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Lots of gets and such.~

I managed to get something I've wanted for a very, very long time, and if you stick around, it's at the end of my gets. ^^' And it's Umbreon/Espeon related. Yee.~ <3

Below the cut is a bunch of Volbeat, Numel, and cuteness. >:D

Fun fact: I now own 242 kid figures! That's 8 away from 250! <3

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Also, quick want! Looking for a Solrock AR Card and/or a Solrock Trozei Magnet! :D
Shipping would be to 34748 US.~

You can view my collection site here:

And for those waiting for feedback from me, I'm doing that right now.~

UPDATED SALES!!! Pokemon Friends Plushies + Rare Wind Chimes + Bank + Pokemon Walky

I just updated my sales! Tons of new items! Here's a preview:

*Click on the picture to be transported to my sales :) There are still tones of OBO items in my sale!*

I am unsure about the Poliwhirl and poliwag's value at this moment, but feel free to tag those that might be interested :3

And again, please help me out with my wants: I am willing to trade, partial trade or pay for these items in my wants list!
absol happy love

Sylveon kids?

im really trying to look for a wonderful condition sylveon kid and id really love to get the attack figure as well~ please send me a message~
i was wondering if they have/will have any megalopunny figures yet?! or does anyone know when those will pop out?

Megabloks and plushies sales!

Hi guys, I got two big packages today so a bunch of gets and some sales, yay!! :D I have some megabloks and new plushies. All the prices are OBO since it's a bit hard to price them so if you want to try, just shoot me an offer! Of course I'm open for trades too :DD You can click on the Poochy to see the main post with the rest of figures and random stuff ^^

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And you can see my new gets :DDD A BUNCH OF POKETIME! Alright, I didn't expect the Glaceon DX would be SO SOFT! I need to find the Jolteon (and maybe Umbreon) too >.< Charmander petit, Ducklett MPC, Ampharos and Dragonite new UFOs, Togekiss TOMY (I think I only need the jakks now :O), Shizuo with Helly Kitty ribbon strap xD, Scizor strap and tin PT from happyjolteon and the PokeTime bag, cardboards and tins (those will be for kisty I need to get other set soon :D) I'm still going to get another PokeTime stuff with the starters so I'm waiting to show better photos of them! I thought the bag would be bigger but it's super cute! Ah, of course, the tins have tiny Vulpix on the other side!! :D
GETS #Pokemon #pokemontime #collection #durarara #shizuo #pkmncollectors #pokelove
And, of course, I'm usual I'm searching some guys! Those and my main wants but I'm still searching for the Charmander Heartland or Houndoom megablok too!

new eeveelutions

Small sales and collection update still on the way!

Hello guys! Gosh I haven't posted a collection update in such a LOOOONNNG time! Besides school, I have moved and am in the process of putting my collection in new shelves/display cases! I cannot wait! I have been sooo extremely busy with work, school, collecting, and art, that I don't even know how I've had time to do anything! One more week left in the semester though! ^_^

Anyhow, I bring to you today some items of Pokemon I am no longer collecting or just not planning on collecting so I can fit all my items into my new display cases without things being random :)

Sales Permission was granted by Denkimouse on 11/28/2010.
Pkmncollector's Feedback is HERE:

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