May 12th, 2015


Secret Base Pokedolls! Who's next?

Ok so at first I didn't know what to make of these guys. I always enjoy when they take items from the game and make them in real life, very cool. With the new batch of secret base pokedolls being announced it dawned on me that they might end up releasing most of these guys (I would like to see all but lets be realistic).

What we have so far.

Very appealing simple designs. Ditto and Clefairy don't have much murch, but Items for the others are pretty common.

What we can look forward to

Looking at this lineup I'm really excitied. Wow some of these guys really need some merch. I don't think they will make some of the larger dolls to scale. I believe Lapras was one of the larger dolls in the game, and they have made it regular size. They might make special exceptions for the Kanto and Regi Trios.

Out of these guys I'm really looking forward to Jigglypuff, Swablu, Kecleon, Smoochum, Togepi, and of course the REGIs. I really hope they end up making the Regis.

Question time.
Which secret base dolls are you looking forward too?
Would you like to see pokemon that aren't pictured here made into dolls also?
Look into your crystal ball, which SB dolls do you think will be made next?

If you have SB dolls can you post pictures of them next to regular pokedolls, I'm quite curious to compare them.

Current Pokemon Collection~ and *Wants*

Just did an impromptu photo shoot with my current collection. The Kuji B Lotto Sylveon with Eevee just came in the mail today :D Its so cute ^.^

[Pokemon Wants *please help*]

I am looking for several Sylveon items.
School Promotion Mascot Duffle Bag~
Pokecen Sylveon Mascot Hard Type Pouch
Pokémon Center Original Plush Doll Sitting Trick Pose Sylveon
Espurr wanted plush
Pumpkaboo Halloween Poké Plush

If anyone has leads to where I could find them that would be sweet :)

Card Sales

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Link

Asking prices are:
$30 shipped - VS Seeker
$30 shipped - Charizard
$5 - Toxicroak
$3 - Sharpedo

VS Seeker, Toxicroak, and Sharpedo are straight-from-the-pack mint. Charizard has some wear from scratches, dent, bends, etc. Just some smudges and a few places you can see the holo on the bottom and whitening on the edges of the back.

Edit: I forgot to include this Mega Gallade for $7.


I would prefer to sell these but I might consider trading for things from - My Wants

Last night, I finished organizing all my English TCG cards. I pulled these four to sell since I'm not sure how long it'll take me to get the rest photographed, priced, and listed. If anyone is looking for other TCG cards, feel free to ask and I can check. They're oraganized by set so it's easiest for me if you mention the set of the cards you're looking for. I mostly have Rare, Holo, and RH cards. I have a some un/common cards from later BW sets and the XY sets (especially Primal Clash and Roaring Skies).

~ Risha

P.S. For those waiting for replies from me, I'm working on it. I think everyone else is looking for non-English tcg and I haven't gotten to go through those yet this week. I'm hoping to do that today or tomorrow.


Hello everyone! I'm back!

For everyone who doesn't know, my favorite Pokémon is Gardevoir so I asked a person to make me a plush of shiny Gardevoir and she can move her arms and legs very well. Even though it is my favorite Pokémon I don't have many stuff of her, but slowly I am beeing able to expand my Gardevoir collection.

You may not belive this, but it only costed 18 dollars and I must say that for me it's awsome and I love it! I never hoped

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Thanks :)
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Grail appears, so selling off custom Sylveon!

As luck would have it, one of my grails has appeared! SO to make sure I have the money for it, I'm selling off the custom Sylveon Bell plush I made!

And thank you all for the lovely comments on it yesterday- I was super tired and didn't respond, but I loved all of them. <3

I was granted sales permission on March 14, 2015 by areica96, and my feedback is here!

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Tons of dmg! Oh I mean tons of gets lol

Hello community,

is here the gets-day today? lol. Sorry guys but i wanted to post my gets too!
I've started a side collection of Manectric :D Not all items are received yet but i wanted to show you my newest gets of my collections ^o^


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I got so many new gets... No time to post all :P Sorry guys <3
Thanks for reading and looking! <3

my wants
collection site

A Question and Wants

Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a great day!

First off, the question. Does anyone know what happend to rika_wulf ? I participated in a group buy and havent heard from them. I've tried contacting them several times and gotten no response.

Onto the better news! I finally finished my wants post, after a week of putting it off and having my comp/internet crash, it's done! Complete with a a little pic i made lazily.
Just incase the photo link doesn't work heres the link

Lucario Fever

Hi again everyone! This will be post number 2 here for me. Here with my ultimate figure want and other wants. I am looking to purchase any Lucario items I don't have already (preferably figures as I know plush can get expensive) But also looking for plush/anything unique with Lucario on it as long as it is not incredibly expensive. My mail goal of this post is to find my figure grail which is the Lucario Gashapon Machine. The last one that I have seen pop up for sale is for $100 dollars, needless to say I am hoping to find one for less. The figures I already own are also under the cut. (Assuming I am properly using it).

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