May 15th, 2015

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Big Natu and Xatu collection update and new setup! ^O^

Heyaaaa guys (^o^)/

I have something very exciting today I am really proud of! :)

I bought a big portion of skydramon 's Natu and Xatu collection and have come a HUGE step forwards!!!
(Thank you skydramon!! I will leave you feedback)

*** I have completely new Natu and Xatu collection setup along with my Noiverns now! ***

(please applaud my mad photoshop skills xDD)

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Thanks so much for looking and reading :)

Shiny Mega Metagross on PokeCen site

my pumpkin

Amazon question!

Hey everyone! So I got an Amazon gift card for part of my birthday present! Yaay! Problem is, I'm always scared of buying from Anazon! Cause everything looks like a stock photo! So, how do you avoid counterfeits on Amazon? Thank you! And if this post isn't allowed I'll take it down :)
Have a great day everyone!

Edit: Thanks everyone for your help! It's much appreciated :) (Sorry! Too many comments to post it to everyone!) :)

Sales Update + Gets

Hey hey, wanted to share a few gets and also advertise a few items that I added to my sales.
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-I have updated my sales rules. Based on everyone's much appreciated feedback on my last post, my policy is now first come first serve. Commitments no longer have priority over quotes. Be sure to read my rules for more info on this.
-Most of my candy wasn't selling so I ate it all except for the gum. Gum packets & stickers will now be included for free with all purchases while supplies last :3c

In particular I am selling two somewhat rare items, the Jakks Throw Ball Sneasel and Jakks Flareon, so check it out if you're after those guys. I think Sneasel is pretty hard to come by. I like him but I need to weed more. I also added some new flats.

The Want I almost had! XD

Yesterday I had the most disappointing, heart-shattering, world-ending (maybe I'm exaggerating a bit! XD) loss on Y!J! For the last week, I have been keeping a close eye on the item that I have now decided is my Articuno grail: the DX Tomy figure. It was the last day. I was the highest (and only) bidder. I had been meaning to put a higher bid in, just in case, but unfortunately life got in the way and I completely forgot about it! XD So when I checked back, seeing I had been outbid, it was too late and the auction was closed. Arrrrggggghhhhhhhh!!!!! XD But then I noticed the winner was a From Japan account, so I thought I'd check on the community just in case whoever won it had done so to sell it on (2100 yen is a bargain for a rare DX after all!). So if anyone has an Articuno DX tomy they want to sell, please let me know! :) I made the mistake of thinking of it as mine before I'd won it, so now I need one in my life! XD Shipping would be to UK. Below is a picture of it.
want 6.jpgwant 34.jpg
On another note I am also looking for a Pokemon Time Absol clear file. Can't seem to find one anywhere online! :/ Thanks! :)

May Commissions

Hello again fellow collectors! I finally have a bit of time to relax since my exams wrapped up yesterday, so it's commission time!
I would love to have the chance to bring some extra pokemon cuteness to your lives~

Sales permission granted on March 21, 2015 by areica96.
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Jirachi tile, contour fused.
Finished Jirachi Tile

Spoink tile, contour fused.

There are a few other (non-pokemon related) photos in my lj scrapbook if you'd like to browse some more. :)

Slot 1: mizunosakura
Slot 2:
Slot 3:

Pika Bug Sighting!

Havint post in while. Hey guys!!

So most of yall are familiar with the Pikabug. Only 10 or so were made, then out of those 10 very few actually remained Pikabugs. They were turned back to regular bugs to sell. Well My local friend posted this pictures of Facebook and I wanted to get more info on it.

As you can tell, has some damage. But from when I went to Pokecon in 2013 this one is different from the ones I saw.

The biggest thing is the logo on the side. The Pokecon ones have just the original Pokemon logo while the one spotted in Richmond, VA (my hometown) has a (very faded) Pokemon the Movie logo. I also noticed that the color is a little bit different. My friend talked with the owners who were a middle aged couple who said they had had the car for around 15 years.

I just wanted to get some more info regarding it; I know pikafreakrachel owns one of the ones I saw at the con. But other than that I am fangirling that there was a Pikabug down the street from my house!


Next line

I am quite fon to kecleon still hunting for the ufo and sitting plush but these secort bace plush are getting realse as fast as they can if kecleon is one sign me up also the rigis:////: this is the kecleon nut
I lost the sitting plush twice :( stupid luck and the ufo once

Recent Gets and Odd Want

Hey everyone! I just wanted to show off my most recent gets of this month. Being stressed out for Final exams, buying some major wants relieved me from my stress.

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Weird Want:

I'm a huge fan of custom made plushes and beanies when they are executed well. I would LOVE to have an affordable beanie plush of a shiny quilava (no flames) like this stylized plush that looks almost beanie baby-like? If you do make plushes like these, post some of your artwork I would love to see what you make! I hope this doesn't break any rules, and picture is from Etsy. (If you want this removed, let me know).
wedding, sheila, kaftan, chanel, redlips



Today I bring you some pictures of my collection!!!
It's just a part of the whole things I have. I'm not going to show you all the pictures because It's too long to do so.
I hope you enjoy them! :D

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These figures are Takara Tomy. Some are Audley but pretty few of them. All figures are from first generation but I also have a pair of the second one. It's not finished, though. I would like to finish it but I don't think I could. It's possible I will sell the vast majority.

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In this picture you can see my figures with more detail.


These are Takara Tomy but slightly bigger than the others and they have moving parts.

Venusaur, Dragonite, Blastoise and Charizard.

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I think DX figures are the most beautiful I've seen. They're pretty big and soft and they also have moving parts.

Thanks to splash for sending me bulbasaur.
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Wonderful team. Raichu's missing but I haven't found him. I hope to find one some day.

And that's the end today. I'll show you more in a few days.
Thank you all for read and enjoy it.
Let me know your opinion!

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Hi! I joined the community a few weeks ago and have bought things here and there but have never formally introduced myself due to all the rush with AP exams and finals. I'm Christina, and I'm currently in my junior year of high school! I'm not quite sure what I plan on doing with myself in the future, but since I've been most invested in competitive debate for the past few years I'm thinking about going into law. I also run a small business selling my art as prints/buttons/charms/etc. at anime conventions and online.
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I've been an avid fan of Pokemon ever since moving to the United States at the age of four. ( ^ q ^ ) Most of my Pokemon memorabilia from childhood is packed away, and I don't count those items as part of my current collection. Right now my main collections are the TCG, Pokemon Time straps, and stationary! My favorite Pokemon are Arcanine and Murkrow, but outside of the TCG I don't really plan on having any collections of specific Pokemon.
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As for wants, I'm currently looking to buy the white/gold XY clear file binder/organizer, Goomy Damono stickers, and postcard set from the new female trainer campaign. I'm also always looking for good deals on TCG! Here are some of the ones I'm after right now, and if anyone is selling for at least 10% below the lowest going BIN price on ebay (shipping and fees included), please let me know! Cards under $5 (shipping and fees included) can match the lowest ebay price. ( I'd also like to buy from the newest sets (Roaring Skies, Primal Clash, etc), so if you have lots of those for sale hmu!

Thanks for reading! I'm really looking forward to interacting with community members and making new friends ( ^ o ^ ) To conclude here's a pic a friend recently took of my Pokemon Time phone case in action xD
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collection update

Hello everyone! :)
Today I got a new display case so I decided it's time for a collection update! This is actually my first collection update ever. I've posted gets, wants, & a pikazard in a convertible, but no collection updates! Until now!!! Yay.
I haven't been here very long ~ I introduced myself to the community this past March! But I think my collection has exploded and I think you'll agree!

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Thank you so so so much for looking.
Now you can look at my wants list! ;) <3
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New drawing commissions & a rare tomy figure for sale!

Hello everyone! And happy friday! :D

I'm still at hunting money xD and have some new for sale: A pearly gizamimi pichu tomy figure! I really don't know how much worth he is, but he is quite hard to get. He is in absolutely mint condition! I bought him from Yahoo!Japan for a couple of months, but I don't appreciate him THAT much (and even don't collect pichu as yet T_T), so that I would prefer sell him and buy me some other stuff.
I'm asking for 30$ OBO! And trades are welcome! I have a wantslist in my Lj. SOLD

Rules (please read them):
★ sales permission granted by godudette on may 2013
★ my feedback:
★ I ship from germany worldwide
★ Shipping&Paypal are FREE!
★ I accept paypal only
★ prices are in USD
★ I ship without insurance and I'm not responsible for lost packages. Please tell me before you are committed/buying if you want insurance and I will give you a quote.
★ I can just ship out your package every weekend
★ International shipping may take up to a month or longer in exception!
Secondly, I'm open for drawing commissions again! ^_^ ♥

Who is that?! Yesss its my cute I♥eevee espeon plush with the heart-necklace which I got as my secret-spring-swap present! I can draw your favourite plushie as well!
For more information please look under the cut:
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Thank you all for looking and have a nice weekend! :3