May 16th, 2015

A Home For Pika

I am currently looking for someone to "adopt" this MIP talking Takara Tomy Pikachu plush. ^^

I bought him as a gift for a friend a long time ago, but she didn't really want him and eventually gave him back to me. Poor Pika! Now, I am in dire need of space and this guy takes up quite a lot of it, so I am hoping someone would be willing to buy him for $45 shipped. ^^

He stands about 12 inches tall and is made of very soft minky. He requires 3 AAA batteries (which are not included) and says over 15 different "Pika" phrases.
U.S. Buyers Only! Sorry international buyers, but shipping costs for this guy outside the U.S. is just too much for me right now. :(

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*Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014.
*My pkmncollectors community feedback can be found here.

I also have other items in my sales at the moment that could really use a new home, so check it out! :D Thanks, Everyone!

EDIT (6/2/15): A home has been found. Thank you, pikachux! :D

37 Metal Figures to go!!

AH! I'm so excited! Thanks to the amazing efforts of digi and swampeh I now only have 37 metal figures left to get before I complete gen 1! A few of them are fairly easy to find and I just haven't gotten yet because i've been saving my money for the rare ones.. Now I also still want to collect each of the metal figs in EACH of the colors they came in and each generation so if you have any metal figs for sale please let me know :)

The ones I still don't have any figures of are- Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur, Blastoise, Beedrill, Spearow, Fearow, Nidorina, Nidoran M, Nidoking, Ninetales, Zubat, Gloom, Vileplume, Poliwrath, Kadabra, Magneton, Cloyster, Gastly(high high want), Kingler, Electrode, Hitmonlee, Seadra, Mr Mime, Scyther, Jynx, Lapras, Ditto, Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon(high high want), Omanyte, Omastar, Kabutops, Zapdos, Moltres, and Dragonair.. I guess you could count laying Mew as well since I have the standing kind but then id have to start listing all the new versions of gen 1 figures >.

The Furriest Furret (and wants)

Hi everyone! Thought I'd share some of my custom plushes, including the furriest of furrets...hope you enjoy ^-^

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And introducing, the grailiest of grails...

Paras Applause plush - if anyone has one they're willing to part with, please let me know :)
(and if this is your picture and want it taken it down, also let me know)

HALF OFF EVERYTHING for 24 hours :)

Hi Everyone! I decided to do a BIG DISCOUNT for my whole sales post for 24 hours!

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback is

Here is the Rule!

Everything in my sales post will be 50% off only for today but I have a minimum of purchase of $2 for U.S and $3 international

This sale will end on 05/17/15 11:00 AM PST

Also, these Megabloks are all $1 Each!

Please click on the banner to be transported on to my SALES POST!
or you can click this link:

A bit more than 5 hours left in auctions

Hello! There is a bit more than 4 hours left for my 50+ figure auctions! I have lowered the start prices of the unbidded items to .75 and .50 although most were lowered to $0.50! Come check them out and give them a home. :) There are some cool figures that have no bids on them and a lot I bought for like 12x the price!

Again, it ends at 7pm PST and there is a countdown timer there for your reference. Click the image below or this link to be transported to the auction and bidding pages!

Question about shipping

For those that live in US and have sent to Australia before via first class mail international usps...

Is it possible to track an item? If I go to will I be able to know when it was delivered in Australia? ^_^

If anyone knows please help me xD

Is it allow to ask things like this?

Hot off the shelves

Another wonderful release day with the newest Monthly Pikachu and the Heroine series!

Also, next month's Monthly Pikachu looks amazing!

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Aside from the Eevee series coming out in June, it seems there will be a Pikachu Idol merchandise series coming at as well which will be announced in June. I'm hoping for another pikachu event pokemon too :3

Looking for a reasonably priced Dittochu plush

I have a friend who is searching for the Dittochu plush for a reasonable price, it's her grail but she missed out on a recent bid sadly :(
For a small Dittochu plush she can go £150-175, preferably £150 :)
For the large Dittochu(preferred one of the two) plush she can go £200-300 if it has tags she is willing to go higher, can anyone help ?
Thankyou :3 and everyone have a good day ^_^
Pokemon - Bulbasaur

Pokemon Monopoly GA reminder: now with cards!

This is a reminder that the Pokemon Monopoly GA ends in approximately 24 hours. Several of the metal tokens still have no bids.

Update: GA finished. We raised enough to buy the set! Expect a payment post within a few days, along with auctions for the unseen power cards.

Any cards that did NOT get claimed are up for sale for 65 cents each to the community (plus shipping). Proceeds from these cards will factor into discounts for GA participants.

(Click here or on the image to go to the GA.)

I've also added threads for all 50+ cards to the GA, including the Gamestop-exclusive "power cards". Trying to collect all flats of a specific Pokemon? This is your chance to get the Pokemon Monopoly card without needing to buy the entire game. The original GA post is ctrl+f friendly, so you can search for specific Pokemon names.

Custom Gets of 1:1 Proportions *w*

Hiii guys <3

These are my gets from the past month? Month and a half? Something like that anyway xD

Preview Pic:

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Preview pic:

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Preview pic:

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That took so long to write, holy crap. Thanks for reading <3

Here are some announcements :D

Giveaway results will be posted tomorrow!

mizunosakura, hantsukihaunter, and stalkingsuicune, your sprites are shipping out Tuesday! starpurrloin and marthmellow, yours are going out Friday <3

Perler Sales are going on here:
celebi perler.jpgsharpedo3.jpg

Card trades are here:
I weeded out the traded cards and added quite a few more, so take a look :)

✿ So Many Setteis Auctions! (And Still Looking For Grail!)✿

Hello everyone! I meant to post this a while ago, but haven't had the time for it! ;n;
I have sooooo many setteis for you all today!
I bought this lot thinking i saw a linoone settei in it from the crap quality photo on my tiny phone so i immediately spent a rather large amount of money on it, come to find out it was just a quilava settei when i looked again on my computer. So this is all really just a huge waste of time and money for me. xD

Anyways, there are some really cool ones in here, like Altaria, Salamence, Totodile/Feraligator, Chikorita, Cyndaquil/Typhlosion, Taillow/Swellow, Tropius, Grovyle, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Combusken, Dragonite, Nurse Chansey, and tons more!!

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Also, i am still looking for my grail(s)! If anyone sees them around please please let me know!! <3

Thank you all for looking! Happy Bidding!! <3 :D


Searching for the grail and whismurs!

My attempt to find my whismur grail yet again! hopefully im sucsessful not sure OTL.....been stalking yahoo japan and so far! im failing terribly .-.!

no title
no title
no title
Magnetic Whismur plush. Looks like pokeball plush but has magnets in his hands.

And this whismur bell keychain for my grails.

Also im looking for any other whismur type merch i dont have wants list. And anything new that has whismur on it (i hope??? ) Collection site

i also noticed.....Zinnia???? HAS A WHISMUR MAIN :DDD

does anyone know if theres future plans on making merch of these two?? super curious!
Thanks so much ^^!!!

A small collection weeding sales

Hey all, hope you're doing great wherever you are in the world!

I have gotten some of my biggest wants recently, but for now I would like to do a small collection weeding - they are priced to clear so more haggling is welcomed within reason.
I have some rare plushes and Shibuya Parco Pokemon Cafe goods for sale :)

Please click on the pictures or link to be directed.


I have sales permission granted by denkimouse in 2009 and my feedback is located HERE.

Thank you for looking!

Updated Sales with New Items and Many are OBO!!! Custom Shiny Sylveon Adoption/Trade?

I have added a few more items and updated the pictures in my sale. There are tons of items that are OBO and I am willing to do more discounts for multiple purchases~~~!!

Please click on the banner below to be transported:

Also again, please help me out with my wants: It consists of Bulbasaur, Chikorita, 1:1 lifesize plushies, Totodile, Dragonite, Poochyena, Mightyena, Houndour, Houndoom, Shinx, Luxray, Vulpix and more.

Would anyone be interested to adopt this Shiny Sylveon Custom plush? I can take offers or trade for anything in my wants list or trade for another custom plush!!