May 17th, 2015

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beware! + a get!

This info pertains you guys, so I thought I would share it.
Starting May 30th postage prices will officially go up from the US Postal Service.
I've heard it's already gone up for some people, so it might already be in place depending on your area.
From what I have seen, it's an average 5% increase for domestic postage, and 7% for first class international.
DOMESTIC priority mail remains unchanged, as well as the price of stamps. has a post detailing price increases for people who PRINT POSTAGE ONLINE ONLY.
clicky click here
EDIT: here is a better chart with some international postage prices. click
Stamps uses the same prices as pretty much all online postage sellers - ebay, paypal, usps.
Expect to pay more if you are buying postage at the actual office! I don't have any confirmed prices for in office, but generally your local post office SHOULD have charts for their new prices. I will be checking with mine on monday.
Etsy also has shipping price info for printing online with a few more examples than Stamps. clicky click

I guess it's to be expected given the last few years, but it sucks! I hope you guys found this helpful. If you guys don't print postage online I highly recommend buying a printer if you sell a lot! It can really pay for itself with the money you save on postage.

Aaaaand to make this post less boring, here's something I got yesterday!

pumpkin chu candy dish! and it came with the box too! i love all the little pumpkin pokemon art.

PS does anyone think they'll stock the Cosplay Pikachus on i've decided to collect special pikas/fancy dressed pikas and basically i need like all cosplaychus ;_;

Metal Collection Expertise Needed

I'm attempting to verify what figures exist in Metal Collection Advanced Generation 4, but the best I can seem to find is this image. I'm curious about the Pokemon in the top right specifically. Would anyone know what Pokemon this is or have the piece of paper laying around somewhere that they could use to check the identity?

A quick want!

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for the Typhlosion Kids Figure - the original standard pose pictured here:

Not looking for the one where his arm is extended or the one where he's on his belly - I wouldn't need help finding those since they seem rather common, but I'm having a hard time finding his original pose! If anyone is willing to part with one, please reply or send me a note.

Thank you! :)

Dreaded Question- Is Lapras Real?

Hi all!!!
I'm sadly on gets hiatus (slow times at work) but I'm here with a question I've been meaning (and purposely forgetting) to ask since I joined.
Back in October, I was still new to Pokedoll collecting, and a lot popped up on ebay for $18. It had legit uxie, mesprit, phione, and shaymin ufo's, a lapras pokedoll, and a bootie/reject (I believe) dragonite ufo (he looks really good, except he's tagless, stringless, and one wing is upside down, so I feel reject).
I bought it for lapras, and she's tagless, and very loved, but I'm trying to figure out her authenticity.
Pics and more info under the cut! ^-^
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Any help/opinions are greatly appreciated!
Thanks everyone!
~ Ebon

P.s. Does it actually work to restore velboa with a tape dispenser? I'd like to try it on her...

golden gets, updated wants and sales, and just a few auctions

I got a few more things in the mail that I just had to show off!

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I've updated my wants somewhat. The list is short and sweet since I'm only trying to get Zoroark things as well as some pokedolls. I'm really searching for a Lugia pokedoll as well as a Dragonite and Slowpoke pokedoll and any help would be much appreciated :)

The wants:

Sales preview

And the sales:

I've also decided to auction off a few things, most things start at $5. Here's a preview

The auctions:

Also, anyone wanna help me GA a small lot on eBay (which I noticed is being sold by a member here :D)? I would do it myself since it's so small, but I don't think I can since I've never hosted a GA before. I really just want a darn Lugia pokedoll XD

Wants post~

Hi! I found some really cute emolga merch that makes me all happy c: [DISCLAIMER: MOST OF THE IMAGES ARE BORROWED FROM EBAY OR FROM GOOGLE, THEY ARE NOT MINE] If anyone has any of these items for reasonreasonable prices let me know ^w^

Highest of the wants are at the top!


This one is a small grail for me cause I go to a tech school that's training me in cullinary arts!
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End of my Collecting Career Sales!

Hello everyone! I've decided to stop collecting Pokemon merchandise. Things have been slowing down a lot lately in terms of my dedication to Pokemon so I've composed a sales post featuring items from my own collection. Don't worry, I've still kept a few items that'll remain with me :) Hopefully these items go to great homes!

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Hi, I'm Toatali, a part time Pokemon collector and full time Pokemon fan. My favourite Pokemon is Duskull, which might seem like an choice, but the little Grim Reaper has been my favourite since I first saw it in Sapphire. Attached under the break is a glimpse at my collection messily laid out on a desk in my equally messy room. Other interests include Ace Attorney, and anime, which I write a blog about some of the time. Anyway, here's a pic of the collection so far:

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Anyway, wants for me are probably any Duskull or Dusclops merch, as well as Cacturne merch. I'm also a big fan of Zukan, as are a lot of people in this community! But nothing in particular. Anyway, it's nice to have been accepted to this community! (By the way, does anyone know the best place to get Pokemon merch in London?

Storenvy Question and Items for Sale


I was wondering if anyone else has ever tried to pay for something on Storenvy and received the error message - "This merchant has disabled Express Checkout in their PayPal settings" ?

I'm trying to pay for the Pokebox Tarot Card GB that hazel_song and I are hosting. I tried to order as soon as I received all the payments. I received this error so I contacted Pokebox. They replied on Friday that they had recently changed their Paypal address and that the settings had gotten messed up in the Storenvy system, but the problem should be fixed. I tried to pay again and it wasn't fixed. So, I'm waiting to hear back from them. I'm hoping they can just send me a direct Paypal invoice since they've done that before when I purchased from them via Facebook.

Anyway, I'm asking because I'm wondering if it's something as simple as Storenvy not liking the browser I'm using. I'm using Firefox.(Edit: Not the browswer unless Storenvy doesn't like Firefox and Chrome.) I also have an ad blocker, but that's never gotten in the way of using the Paypal redirect on webpages before. So, has anyone been able to purchase from Pokebox recently? ^^;

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Link

I bought this yesterday but I'm having buyer's remorse and am wanting to return it. I figured I'd check here and see if anyone is interested in purchasing it. I'd like to get $10 shipped. If it doesn't sell by Wednesday afternoon, I'll be returning it to the store. SOLD!

Asking prices are shipped without tracking. Cards will be sent in a soft sleeve inside a hard plastic case in a white security envelope. If you'd like a bubble mailer and/or tracking that will be an additional cost.

$27 - VS Seeker
$30 - Charizard
$6 - Toxicroak
$6 - Sharpedo (on hold)
$8 - Mega Gallade (on hold)

VS Seeker, Toxicroak, Sharpedo, and Mega Gallade are straight-from-the-pack mint. Charizard has some wear from scratches, dents, bends, etc. Just some smudges and a few places you can see the holo on the bottom and whitening on the edges of the back.

I also have a bunch of TCGO codes. I'd like to sell them for 25 cents each. I think I mostly have XY era (XY, Flashfire, Furious Fists, Phantom Forces, Primal Clash, and Roaring Skies. Did Double Crisis have codes? lol) but I know I still have a few from BW era sets (particularly the three Plasma sets) and some promo ones).

I'd like to sell these 11 Korean Double Crisis packs for $25 $15 shipped (in a bubble mailer without tracking. Tracking will be extra). I was able to pull a complete set from 9 packs (with 8 packs I had all the cards except one uncommon). It is possible that there is another complete set within these packs but I don't know enough about Korean booster boxes to guarantee that.

I would prefer to sell these items but I might consider trading for things from - My Wants

~ Risha

ACen gets/Collection update + Displaying MPC plushies?

Hey everyone! I haven't made a post here in a long time, and that's mostly due to the fact that I haven't been collecting as much; just a few Pokemon Center plushies here and there, nothing really noteworthy. Well, that is, until this weekend, when I went to ACen and picked up a bunch of MPCs and other plushies that I hadn't really felt like putting the effort into finding online. (Shoutout to the two other PKMNCollectors members I met!) Must've made up for at least half a year's worth of collecting, haha.

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While I'm at it, why not give a quick update of other things I've added to my collection?

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On another note, I was just curious, do any of you present your MPC plushies by hanging them up? Since I got a lot of MPCs I'd hate for them to just sit on the back of my shelves and gather dust, and I thought that the possibility of hanging a bunch of them on a long string of sorts might be kind of cool. I'm not much of a designer though so I'm pretty sure any way I'd try to hang them up would look ugly, haha.


Pokedoll Sculpt Custom Auction

It's been awhile, but I'm back with some more Pokedoll sculpts! This time I have some spooky cuties I'm auctioning off. If you haven't seen these little cuties before their OOAK, they won't be repeated. And each Pokedoll sculpt comes with tush tag and custom painted hang tag! Just like the plush only mini and clay. Along with these three I'll also be auctioning off a custom slot. Thank you for taking a look!
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