May 18th, 2015


Hi guys, long time no post... I was wondering if someone could be a middleman for me, I want to buy somethings in to start the Kyogre collection and they don't ship to my country ): please (I don't really know if I can do this in a post)
Vigoroth Strong

Reminder Shiny Eeveelution Kyun Auction ends in 5 hours

Just a quick reminder that my "Shiny Kyun Eeveelution auction" ends in less than 5 hours!
Get your final bids in! Most are still at their starting bids. Click the image to be transported.

Also, always on the look out for anything of Sylveon and Hawlucha! Including flats!

Check out my want page!

Thanks, everyone!


small mudkip

Sylveon plush with hole, update!

You might remember my last post, I had got a Sylveon plush with a hole.
Today (after 3 days) I already got a new one from them! They even sent it with EMS.
Of course I offered them to send me a partial refund, but they said it wasn't possible. >.>
Though I never thought they would even use EMS for the replacement! I'm quite flabbergasted now!! ^-^

Quick want

Hey everyone! I just got back from ACen, however, I got no pokemon related gets ):
I haven't posted in a LONG time due to school, as well as preparing/going to Acen.

For my boring post, I'm looking for that DX sylveon with the cloth bows. I was told it's called a theater DX sylveon banpresto plush? But I'm not sure?
I missed a few on ebay since of saving for ACen.

Thanks for looking and have a nice day!

Pikachu in the farm cookies

I really want the Pikachu in the farm cookie jar, however I would like to buy it with the cookies as well, and the site I use to bid on Y!J auctions (Jauce), doesn't support food auctions :/
Does anyone know where I could get the cookie jar with cookies still intact?
Thank you c:
Also, I have a lot of new awesome gets to post soon C:

(UPDATED) Introduction and Current Pokedoll/Merch Wants!

Hello Guys! So I recently just joined this community. So here we go with a small introduction.
I'm located in the United Kingdom. I'm more of a Pokemon gamer, I have a YouTube channel where I post my videos to document my shiny Pokemon finds. I'm almost at 700 subscribers now! I have my own little group of hunters, one or two of them are also plushie collectors. I'm only just getting into it myself! Most of my merch is away in storage right now, I only have the odd plush laying about until my raikou, celebi and victini arrive! Sadly for me, my favorite plushie is my kyogre but he's a bootie from MCM comic con here in the UK. Non bootleg plush here are VERY hard to find. I try to avoid it whenever possible. I'm also an artist, which I do also dedicate a lot of my time too.

At the moment I really want to try get some of my pokedoll wants, i'll be keeping a close eye out for shiny pokemon merch too (I know for sure its very expensive at times). Since i'm shiny pokemon crazy! I'm also trying to collect a few japanese pokemon games, but only those that appeal to me.
I hope in the future I can share my journey of plush collecting with everyone in pkmncollectors. This is one of the very few places where I can avoid bootleg items, I'm trying my best not to support it. I won't be selling here for a while from now, just poking around and sharing. (Hopefully buying!) when I get my plush out of storage in the next few days, I'll be gathering all my plush and sharing it here. I think it would be awesome to look back in months to come to see how small my collection was.

I'm very plush crazy, I sadly don't have many pokemon plush as they are very HTF here. I would say 70% of the plushies I have managed to come in contact with are bootleg. So joining this community is quite important to me. I do indeed hope I can make a few new friends too.

Also apart from this little intro on me, here is a list of my main wants.

Here are my current pokedoll wants. (No bootlegs!)

Litleo (with Hand Tag) Purchased!
Shadow Lugia (TTO / HT)
Suicune (TTO / HT)
Entei (TTO / HT)
Ho-oh (TTO / HT) Purchased!
Shiny Raikou (TTO / HT + wanting payment plan)
Lapras ( with Hand Tag) Newer version

Please do comment or anything if you have any of these, make sure you can ship to the UK! Any help with any of my wants, I would appreciate. I'am looking in multiple places. But already almost purchased the wrong plush (due to the seller listing the wrong stock photo eeeep!)

first gets post!

Now that school is finally out, I finally have the time to make a proper first gets post since joining the community.

I'd first like to say that I'm so happy I joined this community!  Though I haven't posted often since I joined a few months ago, I really enjoy seeing everyone's collections and participating in FFAF's.  Thank you guys for making this place so awesome!

And onto the gets...
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And finally, I managed to take a picture of all my plushies in one place now that I'm home for the summer.  So exciting!  Right now they're being standing on various books and small boxes, but I'm hoping on making some shelving for them as a summer project.

It's a small collection right now, but I've added so much since I joined pkmncollectors, and I have to thank the community for helping me get the plushies I wouldn't have found otherwise!  Here's to hoping that it'll keep on growing!

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gets & wants

Hey guys. :)
Just wanting to share some new gets with you all. <3
It's the Secret Base Clefairy & Pikachu pokedolls! And a Pokemon Time Skitty strap. ^^
Here we go!

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So those were gets! As for wants, I'm currently looking for the following pokedolls: Spinda, Cresselia, Pachirisu, Cleffa, Magikarp, Igglybuff, and Suicune/Raikou/Entei. And I'm always wanting more Skitty plush & figures.
I also have quite a few Tomy figure wants. :)
Please take a look at my full wants list.

Thanks for looking! And happy collecting! My next post will be allll about my Grail. ;)

grail searching, questions and conversation starter

Hello all!

I will start with me expressing that I do not have a max price on these two items I am seeking. If you know of where to find one or if you have one and are willing to part with it I am very interested.

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Seeking any current applause plush I do not have! I am also seeking duplicates if they are a great deal. So name your price and show me the shiny little guys!
haunter morty library

Haunter, Lati, Pikazard, and more gets!

I've got lots of exciting gets to share with you guys, but first, a picture and a brief "story."

One of these two are new gets. Can you guess which one? Well, it's the Mightyena TFG! (I got the Umbreon Chupa surprisingly early on when I joined the community.) I've been taking lots of posed pictures of my Pokemon figures out in my backyard recently. Photography used to be a hobby of mine until I got busy with college and I just grew out of it.

I've been looking at my collection recently and sometimes I just feel bad that these figures and plushes sit around collecting dust. I decided to bring some life into them by taking pictures of them in what I imagine them to be their natural setting and have used Instagram to share them with others. If you're into Pokemon photography or just have an Instagram, I would be happy to add you! My username is the same as my LJ one or you can just click the photo to be redirected to my profile.

Now without further ado, I present to you some of my favorite recent gets. I actually have much more than this, but I think I have too many pics under the cut already, so if you want to check the others out or would like to see more pics of what's below, I have updated my collection site here.

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And here's a reminder for my permanent sales post. I'm also considering trades if you have some high wants of mine here.
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Bellossom Lotad &amp; Skitty

New gets and whatnot.

Lots of Elephants and Fire Hedgehogs below the cut.

I swear, my post office hoards the packages and sends them all out on the same day. xD

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Phanpy was a Pokémon I never thought I would collect. :o
Does anyone have any Pokémon they ended up collecting and didn't expect it, but absolutely love that they started? Because this blue elephant is just adorable! :D

You can check out my collection sites here:
Although, the kid figure site is not up to date currently. My camera is being super blurry and it's not worth the trouble right now. -~-;
Airdramon card

Metal GA XII Payment 1 + Extras!

Note to past GA partipants: GA 4, 5, 6 and 7 have arrived! We aim to get final payment post up by Thursday! Taking longer than expected. Friday, hopefully. Spreadsheet, post and pictures are done. Digi just needs a little longer to pack your stuff up and calculate shipping costs. Sorry if any of you have been looking out for the posts! I won't put any more time estimates.

Extra metals up for claims at their respective thread start prices to participants for 24 hours. After 24 hours, claims for metal figures are open to everyone! Non-participants may comment with their claims now, but participants have priority for 24 hours. After 24 hours, non-participants' claims will be applied. Money made from extras will go towards discounting payment 2.

This post concerns:
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