May 21st, 2015

updated sales, wants, auction reminder

I updated my sales again with more goodies. Here's a preview


I'm also still looking for a Lugia Pokedoll as well as some Zoroark things. If the Lugia is TTO, then I'd like to spend no more than $25. If he has his hang tag then I'd like to spend no more than $42 shipped.


And my auctions have a little more than 48 hours to go, most things don't have any bids. There's a Samurott Pokedoll as well as some Victinis!


Thank you for looking ^^ I'll be doing a gets post soon I think.

EDIT: Is this Lugia legit? I honestly can't tell x.x I don't think I've seen a tush tag like that and it's throwing me off


Wants Post!

My mom handed me a twenty today, so of course I need to spend it right away xD
However, I would much rather trade either cards or perler sprites for these wants ^^

Latios Delta Card- 2 dollars? 3? I'm not an expert on what cards are worth :P

Taillow Plush- 3-6 dollars. I was waiting for a pokecenter plush... but I'm giving up hope T^T

Annnd now LJ isn't letting me upload new pics. Wonderful -.- I'm also looking for a Banpresto Poochyena, Poochyena sitting kid figure, a Koffing figure, and Masquerain merch.

Again, trades are preferred because I can't afford everything right this second.

Also to my buyers/people I'm trading with- I ended up going out of town this week and for half of next week, which is why communication has been terrible ;w; Sorry about that! We were originally going to go several weeks later, but plans changed. I'll get back to all of you as soon as I'm home, and I'll ship out packages then too <3


Card trades: (there's way more than the preview pic)

image.jpgsceptile sprite.jpg

Perler sales:

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Amazing Get+Question

Just got home from school to a package from Japan..

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I had a question for anyone who's used Japamart as a deputy service for Yahoo Japan Auctions.
I made my first ever order there on sunday for my grail, and they said they would be sending us an email for some sort of invoice? Or the seller would make contact with us? It was an auction and we paid for the buy-it-now price. We still haven't gotten any further information and I'm not really sure how this whole process works.

Also I will be looking to own at least one or two of the Eeveelution Mascot plushies. The ones that came out recently in that cute little sitting position? Again, don't really have the money at the moment because of the grail buy but if anyone knows where I can buy one of those cheaply/is selling one, I'd love to know!

The rumors are truuuuuue!! ;O

I just saw Gin posted this so I HAD to share it!
*Throws entire life savings in the direction of these guys*
I can only hope they'll be there when I get to Japan in a few weeks. *A*

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Oh also here's another bit o' cute, I posted it on Twitter the other day. ^__^ <3

Custom Plush Surprise Brag!

I guess I have been good because my husband surprised me with a custom shiny milotic plush all the way from Russia! The shiny milotic is one of my top favorite pokemon of all-time and I actually have one in my game that I have had since Soul Silver version that is currently with me in my AS game! She is so big omg and sooooo SOFT! I love her! (◍•ᴗ•◍)

 photo 05d54d8a-bbfa-4c97-9c1d-4404e71fe166.jpg  photo 6c654fe8-759a-4799-a208-f66fe12fb5ae.png

Introduction and wants

Hello Pokemon lovers and collectors,

My name is Lily and this is my first post. You can also call me Lisa if you would like!

My hobbies include playing Pokemon, listening to music, and running. I also love to draw and craft.

I am a passionate Pokemon lover also trying to collect lots of Pokemon merchandise along the way.

Though my collection is still pretty small, I am trying to expand it.

My favorite Pokemon(s) are Chikorita evo line and Dragonite evo line.

I mostly collect plush keychains and straps!

I am currently looking for these items^^

-2009 Pokemon Time Chikorita strap (MOST WANTED)
-My POkemon Collection Archeops/Archen Banpresto plush keychain
-2012 Pokemon Time Dragonair strap
-2012 Pokemon Center Togepi figure strap
-My Pokemon Collection 2014/2015 (not sure which year) Banpresto Dragonite/Dratini plush keychain (I believe it was from the UFO catcher in Japan...) (2nd MOST WANTED)

Sadly, I can only pay you through cash payments if I'm purchasing an item from you.

**Going to pay first before you send the item.
I do need a proof that you have the item in possession. **

**Reminder, I cannot pay through paypal or any other virtual payments. I apologize for the inconvenience.**

p.s. I know how to read, speak, and write in Japanese so if anyone needs help with translation please let me know any time :)

Nice to meet you all,


Turquoise like the ocean /Updated TCG trades/sales

Look what I got - these awesome customs :D They're my first curstom plushies. Both are crocheted.

I found Charizard on Ebay and as a dragon fan and shiny hunter I just knew I had to get him. He's so detailed :3 I have no idea why he is turquoise like a Salamence and not black like all other shiny Charizards, but this makes him even more special. I've decided that he's just like Ash's pink Butterfree (but I won't release Charizard). And the best thing is that he has wire in all his body parts so he's even posable! He's very fun to play with ^^

The smaller beauty in the picture is called Sora and arrived at my house today after a journey all the way from the US. I normally don't give my plushies names, but the customs from this artist come with a crocheted pokeball and a little card that features the name of the plush. So Sora likes grape juice, her favorite color is turquoise and her birthday is April 1. So cute ^^ I decided this Salamence is a girl. She got along at once with Charizard. Now he has to carry her around and shuff XD I wonder if I should integrate them both into my Salamence collection?

Also, thanks to j_ule for showing where to buy the smaller crocheted plushies and to herar for middlemanning! :)

On a further note, I've updated my TCG trades / sales post with a bunch of new cards. Come take a look:
I'm still looking for a bunch of Rattata and Raticate cards, so if you have one from my wants list in the linked post let me know :)

Have a good day / night, everyone! Pickups

Hey guys! it's high time that I order something for myself from the US Pokemon Center website, but I thought it was sort of a waste to just get one item and pay the full shipping cost. It came to mind that it would be much better if I could bulk order. One user messaged me and asked if I would be willing to middleman for them, and I thought getting some more people involved would not only lower domestic costs for both of us, but also provide this service to those who are outside of the US and can't usually order from the PokeCen website!

I've seen several comm members ask for middlemen for the site before. My hope is that I can provide items for non-US people who would otherwise have a hard time obtaining things, and do so at a (hopefully) reasonable price.

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To reserve a slot: Please comment with 1) the items you'd like to purchase, 2) your location, 3) international shipping preferences.

Please be sure that you understand the rules and let me know if you have any comments, questions, concerns! This is a bit of an experiment.. but I really hope that I can help some people out!! If this run is a success and everyone is happy with the outcome, then I can possibly do this again in the future.

Edit: I will be away from home from May 29th - 31st. If the package happens to come during this time, my family will be home to pick it up! You can still message me during this time and I will get back to you quickly. Regardless, all items will be processed the following week.

Thanks guys! :))
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