May 22nd, 2015

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Morty & other surprise flat + Lots of Japanese flats for sale (pins, stickers, various cards, etc.)

I bought this fabulous flats lot off of Y!J for the sake of an HGSS Sticker booklet (pictured above) with the hope of seeing Morty's beautiful face again, and I was pleasantly surprised to come across this rare little childhood dream as well. (P.S. If people are interested in seeing the other pages from this booklet, I would be happy to take pictures of every page and put them on my site.)

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Now I have a looot of flats from Japan up for sale. There are so many that they needed their own little thread! There are a lot of stickers including amadas, many various kinds of cards including VS cards, data cards, cardass, ORAS cards, Mega Evolution cards, pins, and other neat little things. I'm on the fence about selling some other stuff, so I held those back for now, but you'll find Pokemon from all regions. I daresay you might find one of every Pokemon at least from Kanto and possibly from Unova as well as lots of gym leaders and other human characters like the fabulous N. I also have a bunch of TCG cards and McDonald's exclusive cards that I haven't listed yet, but I'll gradually get to them when I get a chance.

For the record, if you're on a computer or labtop, take advantage of the Ctrl + F feature for my sales post! I did my best to list every Pokemon/human that I could find just to make your search easier.

Onto the flats sales!

And I've also added some things to my permanent sales thread as well!
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Reintroduction + sales

Hello! I think it's pretty much time for a reintroduction for various reasons :). I was going to post on my new username latias but it looks like my membership application isn't being accepted on there. So a heads up from this post on I'll be on that new account. Anyways! I joined back in March of 2012. I absolutely love this community, and am a huge lurker. I don't post much lately but I'd love to get back into frequent posting. ^w^.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
A little bit about me: I live in central Florida, I enjoy philosophy and darker art. My main collection is latios/latias, but I also collect random plush and pokedolls. My favorite Pokemon types are electric, fire, dragon, and dark. I'm about to graduate from high school, and I'm hoping to go to Europe for college. Not sure yet what I'd like to major in though, but I'd love to do something with animals. I'm a huge animal person, even a vegan, and I'm a pretty isolated person who randomly goes to the local animal shelters to pet cats lol. I love to play video games a lot, and watch a lot of TV shows. My favorite shows I'd have to say are Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, and some others :'D. I enjoy pretty much anything horror related. I absolutely have to listen to music everyday. I listen to mainly alternative/metal music, with my favorite band being Slipknot. Uuuuh not sure what else to add, I think that's pretty much it.
Well on to the sales!! Here's a preview:

And I'd appreciate it if you can look at my wants here :D. And a preview:

(I'm only looking for items that are marked priority atm <3)
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♥ Furret tomy $95 OBO Has the original hang-tags, but detached. The hang tags are in pretty rough condition but the plush is perfect.

Jolteon canvas, attached hang-tag. $70 OBO I do have this on ebay but I'm selling it for $20 lower on here because there are no evil ebay fees here :D.
Thank you for looking <3

I can still have my friend ship items but it may take a little longer to ship.
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Awesome get!

So thanks to herar!! I finally got a standing Sylveon plush for my collection!!
Even though I got a little bit concerned because it disappeared from tracking for almost a week, it finally arrived today and I'm double happy! :D

[Have a look at it!]

herar was the first middleman I ever had for ordering from the US Pokémon Center and I'm really glad it worked out so well!! You really made my weekend!
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Some Gets!

Does anyone think that "leave community" is a little too close to "post to commuinty"? because I think I just about had a heart attack.

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Also here's a list of wants:
-Laying down Buneary figure
-Shiny Buneary kid !!!
-Goodra zukan !!
-Goodra plush !!!
-Buneary pokedoll !!!
-Anything Lopunny !!!!
-That new cute leafeon plush from I <3 eevee.

Pop Up Pikachu Boutique

Thought this was worth mentioning, for those in LA, on June 6th, a pokemon clothing store is scheduled to open for the summer! Hope you cool cats over there can get some styling clothes!

Link here ^_^

There's also supposed to be nail artists and some famous Dj I've never heard of whooo *throws confetti* if anyone is doing pickups be sure to post slots ^^

On a seperate note, is there gonna be anymore pokemon cafes in Japan??

Has anyone ever considered making a pkmncollectors YouTube channel? It sounds like a fun idea ^^
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Sylveon & Goomy Gets !

Hello everyone ~ Hope you're having a good weekend ! I just got a ton of stuff in the mail and I'm super excited to share <33

Also real quick, who is excited about Sylveon being in the anime again? I love Valerie's Sylveon, it's just the tough, scrappy Pokemon I've always imagined it to be ;;o;; My icon took forever to make LOL (dumb LJ file sizes)

Anyway, onto the gets !

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Metagross up for offers!

Hi everyone, just making a quick post today since I'm gradually reducing some of my collections and freeing up some space.

I have a beautiful Metagross plush by MagnaStorm up for sale today! He has been loved for a long time, but due to his size and having to downsizing some of my collections, is up for offer.

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As a reference, MagnaStorm's "large scale" plush range anywhere from $350 to $800, and she is no longer open for commissions for the forseeable future. Metagross is a one of a kind plush, and she will not be making any more, so this is a great chance to own a lovely piece of work by Elise!

This plush will start at $350, and will be taking offers for 1 week. Feel free to leave any questions, comments, or offers in the comments below!
It would be really nice for him to find a nice home. ^^

Finland meet up 3.0 ? :)

Hello guys and girls! Today I bring an meetup post! We've had a annual Finnish Collectors meets for three years now - I can't belive time has gone so fast! (And I really should do a re-intro + collection update. Like, seriously. Lol.)

Behind the cut is full info about a possible meetup (in Finnish. I will provide you with a  translation if neccessary.)

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Weekend Sale!

For Memorial Day weekend I'll have reduced prices in my shop so feel free to take a look! Plush, figures, and more! Only thing is with my busy work schedule packages will be shipped Thursday/Friday. Otherwise, have a great weekend everyone!

piya sales icon
or click here if image doesn't work -> Fox's PKMN Shop