May 24th, 2015

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Sales and offers reminder | Help

Hey comm!

Just a reminder of my sales and offers, which includes some really rare items like a Larvitar PlushPlush and a DX Mudkip PokéDoll! All offers end in about 20 hours!

El Collagero 05-19-2015 20_42_57.png
Please click here or the picture above to see the auctions.

Also, can anyone help me find a holder for a mega stone? I'm looking for a pendant/headband/bracelet that can hold one of those Takara Tomy mega stones like in the pics below.

They don't need to be that fancy really, but something along those lines would be great. Or am I able to commission someone for something like this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

- Chain

Ancient Origins

I dont know if you guys are as excited for this as i am ( I also dont know if this has been posted before!!

But the new set of cards coming out is featuring Tyranitar!! Woooh new tyranitar and shiny rayquaza merch!!! Not much info on the set at the moment but heres what i have found

Hopefully they have some pretty neat stuff come in the set!! so keen!!!

anyways guys, im still after the tyranitar line goodies sooo if you got any (preferably not flats this time around) Hit me up (: permanent wants list is on my page aswell (:

Another Absol kids figure?

Calling all kids figure experts! I was having a look through the list of kids figures on the Pokemon Collectors wiki page, and I noticed that Absol has four entries.
So there's the Pokemon kids advance 3 figure, which has a clear version, so I assume this is the sitting kid. There's also the Attack Pokemon kids 1 figure, which has a clear version, which is the Quick Attack figure. And there's the shiny figure. However, there was also a Pokemon kids DP National pokedex figure, which has no clear version. Is this just a remake of the sitting kids figure, or is there another Absol kids figure that I've been overlooking this whole time?! O_o I need to know!
Thanks! :)
Edit: False alarm it was just a remake! XD
Also, on another note, I stumbled across these online:

They are the cutest, chubbiest Articuno babies I've ever seen! XD If you were the one who made them, please PM me I want one! :)
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Long time no see!

Finally out of the hospital, again, and it's good to be back!

My main question today is, is anyone accepting payments for preorders of the sylveon plush strap?

This is the one @-@ She's so cute!!

Also, in latest collection news, I'm downsizing! I've decided to only keep my plushies, but everything else is packed away in boxes. But on the good side, that means I can collect more plushies of different pokemon with all the space I've made! I'm going to be opening up trades hopefully soon!

On a quick note, does anyone know if trades for non-pokemon goods is allowed on here? Like I trade pokemon for non-pokemon goods?

Knee-deep in styrofoam all for this lovely fella~

Hello! Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all of you!

I'm not sure if anyone remembers, but a few weeks back I posted about my recent holy grail get--the 32 inch Play-by-Play Charizard plush! He was in the most amazing condition when he arrived, but, as usual with these big sized carnival plushies, he was filled to the brim with little styrofoam pellets. Since I like to keep my babies nice and plump with squishy stuffing, and since I had some spare time this weekend, I decided it was about time that I give my giant friend a complete makeover! The entire process took about 2-3 hours and my apartment was completely covered in these freakin' little styrofoam balls. Needless to say, I'm exhausted ><

Anyway, I put some before/after pics of my big boy under the cut. Check em out~

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Thanks for looking everyone! Have a great rest of the weekend<3

Free Shipping Sales!

Hi all!

I just have a few last bits to sell! My card lot finally went (huzzah!) so now these are the last few pieces.


As I'm offering free shipping on everything, please be fair with your offers :) Min purchase for this post is $7

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Stack of TCGO code cards - approx 30-40 (can't remember exactly)
Will email photos of the codes, not shipping.
From Primal Clash mostly, might be a few from others.

Full sealed pack of TCG sleeves ft. Dragonite etc.
$16 shipped anywhere.

TCG flip coins, $2 each
Charm thingy free with purchase.

Primal Groudon EX - $15
M Aggron EX - $10
*Others all sold out*

Venusaur EX - $3
Blastoise Holo - $4
*Others all sold out*

I'm shipping TOMORROW so if you're quick I can get you shipped then :)

The measly rest sales.

Hey everyone, only a few items left in my shop, so I lowered the prices and a added a new items: An Eevee Happy Party Time Promo T-Shirt, so please make sure to take a look. :) Made the prices as low as I'm willing to go.^^"

(click the preview to be transported)

Also I won this cutie for cheap today, does anyone know if there are more pillow of this kind?^^
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Relicanth Pokedoll

Identification Question

Hey all!

Just popping in for a quick ID question.
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I've had this Mewtwo figure for awhile now, I bought it here on the comm probably six or seven years ago. It has copyright information on it, but I have no idea of it's origin.

Some time before I bought this figure someone posted their collection of fast food toys from a European fast food chain (maybe Finnish?) and I seem to remember them having a Mewtwo that looks similar.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

Side note! After finally realizing I will never get off my butt and make a collection website I decided to create a tumblr in lieu of one. It's right here!

For more incentive, here are my Mewtwos:
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Quick Pokedoll sales

I have Raikou and Entei US Pokedolls for sale!

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I also have some stuff left from my last sales post- click here

my wants list ;) :
Vaporeon metal figure (I only have bronze)
Vaporeon in case figure w/ red base
Vaporeon stamper w/ pink and blue bases
Diglett in case figure with Santa hat
Diglett water museum game
Diglett swing/keychain plush - vintage one
Diglett/dugtrio pokecen charm set
Cresselia pokecen charm
Cresselia lunar wing (movie promo)- necklace?
Grimer metal figure- only looking for purple one
Scraggy metal figure

Convention Gets!

Hello everyone! I just got back from Anime North and I was there for the whole weekend! I bought a bunch of Pokemon stuff! :D

Here's a little sneak peek

Poor Pikachu is tired from the weekend too! ;o;
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I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I'm super tired but I sadly have school tomorrow haha! ;o;

Also just another thing I wanted to talk about.

Oh my gosh??? I'm really excited for Hoopa merch to come out since I want to collect it but wowee this plushie is so cute??? I can't wait to buy one!!!

Is anyone else planning on collecting Hoopa? Both forms or only one form? I'm planning on collecting both but mainly the Unbound form!

Thank you for reading this post and I'll see you all next time!

Trades and Legitimacy check?

In the above pic, there's a little clear Jolteon I bought some time ago thinking it was an FCS figure. Upon closer inspection, I found not only is it not an FCS, but the only writing on it is "91", on the back raised from the plastic. Is it from another set of figures, or an incredibly nice bootie?

Lastly! My Jolties here are a little small, so I'm willing to trade anything from my sales HERE for Jolteon plush, figs, or flats!

Quick want! ^^

Does anybody have this box set of the Orange Islands? I already have the whole set on DVD from 2002/2003, but I'd really like this cardboard box to hold the 3 DVD cases in, especially since it has Pidgeot. XD So would anyone be willing to sell this EMPTY cardboard box? Not looking for DVDs or cases, just this box. :)