May 26th, 2015

Pokemon Card Trades! (I only have Gen 1 atm)

Well I've been weeding through my cards and it's time to trade some off :U I'll have plenty more to trade as time goes on but for now I've sorted the majority of my gen 1 cards so that's what I have up for trade~

So without further ado---->

1st Gen Pokemon Trades

My wants can be found here c:

I will trade for cards besides the ones in my wants ^w^ those just happen to be the ones I'm specfically looking for~

Thanks for reading c: If you want to trade please comment on the trade post~ Have a wonderful day/evening/whatever :D <3

Recent Gets and Wants List!!

Hello everyone!

Finally got some new gets! I'm so happy right now. Ho-oh had been a grail for me for years, and I finally got my hands on one, here he is! He arrived this morning!

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Also Here is the Raikou Pokedoll and a couple of Mini Pokedolls I got a week or so ago!

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Also here is an updated wants list!

Litleo (with Hand Tag) Purchased!
Ho-oh (TTO / HT) Purchased!
Shadow Lugia (TTO / HT)
Giratina Banpresto 8" (with tag)

Lugia (HT) Preferably the japanese version to go with ho-oh!
Dialga (TTO / HT)
Entei (TTO / HT)
Kyogre (TTO / HT)
Suicune (TTO / HT)
Lapras ( with Hand Tag) Newer version
Shiny Raikou (TTO / HT + wanting payment plan)

(I'll keep adding and updating as I go along, there is a huge list of wants!)
Espurr, Pokemon 5

Greetings and collection photos!

Hello! Fairly new to the community but after various attempts to escape the collecting bug, I've definitely fallen victim to it and I'm trying to be a little more focused in my attempts to "catch 'em all."

I've been into Pokemon since way back when the anime first aired in the USA (and somewhere in the boxes at my parents house is all my stuff from way back then) but have continued a love for it via the games. Most of my collection so far is convention finds, US-available merchandise (bless the new Tomy figures being released here) or gifts from friends.

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I don't really have any set rules to my collecting style, but there are definitely a few Pokemon / Trainers that I pretty much buy anything I find of. (Minccino, N, Hilda (White), Serperior, Espurr, Skyla)

That being said, my extremely wanted/grail list is the following:
- Anything Braviary / Rufflet (outside the movie plush I own)
- Anything Froslass (outside the I Love Ice Type plush I own)
- Anything Furret (outside the Pokemon Time items and Kid I own)
- Anything Dunsparce (one of my top 5 pokemon and I have yet to find anything for it)
- Other items from the Espurr Wanted line outside the plush
- The Patchwork Plush Minccino
- Anything Klefki (outside the Tomy figure I own)
- and probably a million other things I cannot think of right now.


I've been aching for this little gal to arrive since I first found her on eBay- and I'm glad I found her when I did. She completes another piece of the Kanto Trio, and just puts a little spring in my step to have her with me.

(pics, story, and more under the cut!)

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That's not all I got today though!

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That's it for now! I'm still expecting a few more gets from the comm in the mail, and those should hopefully arrive this week. Thank you for reading!
Charizard With You

Collection Update and Reintroduction!


My last post was on October 4, 2014 which is unacceptable, goodness. I've still been reading everybody's posts and commenting occasionally, but I certainly haven't been adding much to the post department. Today I decided to finally post a collection update and a little reintroduction because I felt like that would be a good idea! C: I really want to get involved with the community again! Also I have some newly re-organized shelves that I wanted to share!

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So that's it for my collection update and reintroduction post! It has been quite a beast to write, so thanks to everybody who stuck through to the end! :'D
I also have a collection website if you want to read more about individual items in my collection. It is by far not completely up-to-date, but it does have a good portion of interesting things that could be fun to read! C:

I hope to talk more to you guys in the near future! <3 It feels great to have posted again! I hope everybody has been having a great day!
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gets! +AnimeNEXT meetup?

I joined the community not long ago and have been buying things here and there ever since. Here are a few of the things I've gotten so far!
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Also--is there anyone here in the NJ/NY area (or elsewhere) planning on attending AnimeNEXT this year? I will be in the Artists' Alley with my friend bonus--level (@tumblr), and we'll both have Pokemon merchandise at our table! If there's anyone from the community interested in meeting up, feel free to stop by and I'll give you some free holographic bookmarks ( ^ q ^ )
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some gets and some sales!

I got a big pile of stuff the past week and a big ol FJ box today, so I thought I would post my gets since I almost never do. *^*

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I think that's it for gets! Now, I have some extra stuff for sale, and some of my pouch sales.

* Sales permission granted by dakajojo 7/2011
* I Ship from MI, USA.
* Feedback:
* I accept trades.
* FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. HOWEVER, I only give a 3 hour grace period. If you do not respond to my payment total in this time, your item will be passed on with no warning!
* I do holds for 24 hrs.

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Pouch Info:

1. All pouches are custom made with my own artwork.
2. Printed (double sided) on polyester fabric.
3. Comes in TWO sizes -
a. 7x4 (Small): This fits the 3DS/New 3DS. (Plus lots of other stuff)
b.5x8 (Large): This fits the 3DS XL/New 3DS XL. (Plus lots of other stuff!)
c. Neither of these sizes fit the 2DS, sorry.
4. Zipper is black and they are lined in black on the inside.
5. Pouches under the first cut have a small zipper pocket on the inside for extra space.
6. Pouches under the second cut DO NOT HAVE INSIDE POCKETS, however, they have padding on the inside for some protection.

I have marked what I have available only in one size. Some of these I only have 1 of each size, some I have multiples of.

For anyone outside the US, shipping is currently 50% off. ($4)
After June 1st, shipping goes back to $3 US and $8 Int'l.

(This means they will no longer have pockets, but will have padding when i restock. I do have padded ones for some of these, so just let me know if you prefer those instead.

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Glomp Attack

Back from Japan! Tried too many times at the Random Boxes

Sitting at the ariport for my transfer so don't have a photo of my stuff buuuut I went toooooo many times to the Pokemon Center....

And I tried like 7 times at the random boxes to get Dana and the Girafarig (because I love Girafarig) and never got them.. lol I got both versions of Nita twice and version 2 of Evelyn twice XD I probably should had just got the whole box and then I would had got her for sure! At least I got version 1 of Evelyn. She's cute!

Poll Time!

Hello lovely community members! I'm currently rearranging my collection, and hopefully I'll have a full (organized! yayyy!) collection update for you soon. :)

For now, I'd love to hear your opinions on what pokemon you would like to see on a glass tile! (Keep in mind that designs should be fairly simple & require no pink!)

In the next few weeks I'll have a few different tiles up for auction! :D

Poll #2012192 Glass Tile Poll

Which Pokemon would you like to see feaured on a glass tile?

I do still have some commission slots open for May, if you're interested. Click here
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Introduction Post (Finally!)

Hi everyone! I just joined the community a few weeks ago and haven't had a chance to post yet, but now that school has wound down I finally have the time ^^
I'm Umbreon, otherwise known as Meg, and I've been collecting Pokemon ever since I was a young kid. My collection mostly consists of plush and figures available in the US. I also have loads of TCG cards and some other miscellaneous Pokemon things like blankets, posters, etc.. Pretty much whatever piques my interest is eligible for my collection! I also collect a few things other than Pokemon, some of which nonetheless overlap with Pokemon (Nintendo stuff in general, amiibos, video games). While I don't have a main focus in my Pokemon collecting, my favorite Pokemon are starter Pokemon (especially grass starters), Eeveelutions, and legendary Pokemon. My collection is unfortunately very disorganized at the moment due to lack of space and the fact that a lot of things are currently packed away, but I did round up the majority of my plush for a a few photos. So, without further delay...
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Thank you for putting up with this rather long post. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions about my collection :) I can't wait to expand my plush and other collections as much as my wallet allows. I am really looking forward to becoming more involved in the community and getting to know you lovely folks!

Mr mime help?

One of my friends b days is june 4 and i am looking to find these three things though cheaper than what i have found them for.. Does anyone have these please?

Please an thank you!!!!