May 27th, 2015

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Zukan Auctions Reminder

Hi everyone! This is a quick reminder for the Zukan Auctions featuring Gardevoir line, Kingdra line, Drifblim line and Nosepass/Mawile/Sableye and Chimecho. There's like less than 24 hours left (as of my time of writing this reminder hehe) and most of the zukan figures are still at their starting bid. Click here or at the picture to get transported!

mareep, flaaffy

Auction Reminder and Amigurumi Commissions!

EDIT: Commisions are closed for now! Thank you everyone! If I missed your comment it might have been deleted by the system (my inbox is full of them and I have no idea who you are!). If I quoted you already I will still take your order

Goodmorning everyone! (or good afternoon or goodnight depending on where you live)
Firstly a reminder of my auctions that finish tomorrow night at 8pm (click here to be transported)

no titleIMG_0856.JPG
I have reduced the starting prices, as well as the lot of 42 kid figures!

Next, I received some great news this morning, but it involed money, so I am opening amigurumi commissions!

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Lastest Update: June 26

I'm aiming to have all these finished by the end of June!

I will be taking 3 slots with a max of 3 amis per slot

1.latias_latios_7 (Sceptile, Mighteyena, Houndoom)~finished
2.glitterzookas (ralts, kirlia, gardevoir) ~finished
3.toxiee (lopunny)~finished
4.schenzi (male meowstic, female meowstic, watchog)~finished

Thanks everyone and have a great day! I'm off to school now, and will answer all inquiries tonight!

big want! (Lugia?)

Hey guys! Although I mainly collect vaporeon exclusively, I do buy the occassional plush of a pokémon that means something to me. Lugia is my all time favorite legendary, and I'd love to get a high quality plush of it! I'm looking for either a large custom lugia, or a decent looking official plush that is of decent size. Please post your sales links below! Thanks! <3

Japan gets!!!

Squeee mail time! There is nothing like coming home from work to see a pile of pokemon mail from japan waiting for you!

 photo a1c1ab19-306f-4fd6-b61e-acb842a61825.jpg

First is my new Narita airport pikachu cabin attendant stuffie!!! Big thanks to kitzune for all the help getting her for me! She is adorable beyond words and pictures dont do her any justice! Thanks a zillion and I will be sure to leave feedback! The Pokemon Store bag is extremely cool I have never seen that one before!!! Im possibly framing it today along with my other pokemon bags. I kept one of the many stamps on the box for my japanese stamp collection!

Next is my Secret Base Lappy Pokedoll! I ordered him off sunyshore and I was impressed with the service and fast delivery! He is SO cute and wowowow soooo soff! I need pikachu and clefairy next!

Also in the background is my new blue and pink floral yukata arrived that day too! I ordered it from sakura yukatas! I have a new hot pink obi with white flowers on it coming in the mail to match!

Giratina lot

Need some cash fast for a grail so ill have to let go of my entire giratina collection, would prefer not to separate the lot, could be used for a GB thats fine

Sales perm granted aug 2010 by denkimouse
Ships from SC, USA
Paypal only
Free domestic shipping on the lot!

Lot includes:
Small figures
Medium poseable figures
Ufo catchers
Tomy plush
Lottery figure
Remote control figure
And more smalls!
Asking $275 plus paypal fees for the lot, but i paid 150 alone for one of the rare tomy plush! Some still have original hand tags!

Will update this post with better pics when i get home at 5pmEST but need to gather interest asap!

Comment or PM me if interested! I can ship this Saturday!

THE LOT HAS BEEN SOLD THANK YOU ALL! That was fast! Post will be deleted

✿ Lots On Ebay! ✿

Hello everyone!!

As i mentioned last week, my personal sales page is now empty, and every remaining sales item has been put into various lots on Ebay!
There are plush lots, figure lots, sticker lots, VS Battle Card Lots, a Settei lot, etc etc etc!

Please go check it out! <3

Please do not ask me to split lots or sell things individually! I posted my sales here many times, and everyone had plenty of chances to get what they wanted before i grouped everything together! (I've already gotten messages on Ebay AND Facebook so i felt it was necessary to add this bit.) :c

Have a good day everyone!!! <3 C:

Leafeon/Glaceon Sales Update + Art Customs OPEN

I've added my small side collection of Leafeon and Glaceon to my sales- which include a set of Leafeon and Glaceon Jakks and a Big Tomy Glaceon plush!
I was granted sales permission on March 14, 2015 by areica96!

Click my logo there or this text to go to my sales!

I also have set up a Customs post for my digital art! I can do emot-icons sets like the ones I made for myself, shop banners, or even just a nice pic of your favorite Pokemon!

Click HERE to go see my examples and prices!

Thanks for reading!
Adorable Growlithe

Rare Pokemon Center Postcard Auctions

Hi Pokemon collectors!

I'm sorry for the small gap between posts but this post has a very important reason behind it!

My grail has popped up If you know me, you can probably guess exactly what I'm talking about XD *cough*Growlithe*cough*
I'm also still trying to find a home for my PC Deluxe Zekrom plush who I've drastically reduced. He's $50 or $65 shipped to the US and Canada, any other country please just ask :3 Message me for details!

Anyway, so, as promised, I bring to you all the some incredibly rare merchandise from the 2001 Pokemon Center promotion that features Arcanine and other popular pokemon as well as an adorable set of 'south island' pokemon postcards.

As always, rules first:

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Now onto the best part, THE ITEMS :D
Shipping for these postcards will be cheap because of them being flats!


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All of these post cards are in MINT CONDITION, that is amazing considering their age.
Not only this but items from the 2001 promotion are horrendously rare and incredibly hard to find information on let alone own. You will probably not see these again.

All postcards start at $5 each

Auctions will end exactly a week from now. Wednesday 3rd June 2015 at 5:00pm GMT+1

Countdown timer can be found here:

Thank you for reading! <3

Anyone need money? Desperate wants! Also, new shirt released

Was this ever posted? I could have sworn I posted this, but it's not on the community. I don't think anyone would delete it :/ If I did something wrong please let me know! I never got any comments on it.

I am after some eeveelu items! (Of course...who isn't)

I will offer $5 to $10 each on the stickers on the top and $25+ for the eevee/diglett card!

And my grailest of grails. Any one have the eevee keychain for sale? I will offer $45+ on it! Doesn't have to be mint in package, but the paint job has to be scuff free. Help me obtain my baby!! I will also trade stuff from my sales post if that helps!!

I am also after an umbreon and leafeon mega blok! Will offer $25 and $35+

Also, before I end this post. These shirts have been released! I can do pick ups if necessary, but go check your local FYE and get one! It's an exclusive design. I need a medium and all my store had was everything but :(

Thanks every one. Hope you are enjoying your summer break!

limited edition pokedex pages sale <3

Hey Everyone!
I am finally getting ready to graduate & leave for my trip to japan next week!
Since I am finally done with all of my finals and what not I decided to sell some pages of the limited edition pokedex from the DP era!

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback is

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Everything $2 each except:
Vulpix/Ninetales - $4
Jirachi-Deoxys-Groudon-Rayquaza - $4
Latios/as - $4
Poochyena-Mightyena - $3
Gengar-Haunter-Gastly - $3

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Thank you so much for checking them out!

Shipping can be combined with anything from my sales post
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is it a bootleg or is it not a bootleg? that is the question.

I've recently added the applause line plushes to my game of hide and seek that I play on these auction websites.

Well, I recently stumbled upon and purchased 2 Vulpix ones.

They are COMPLETELY different.

I'm curious now if these were ever made bootleg or not. I will just assume yes at this point.

These are the only two I've compared thus far and wanted your opinion.

Maybe they're both bootlegs. XD

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Seeking applause plushes! Will pay promptly if they are ones I need.

Thanks for looking!

Some new gets~ Grail ufo plush :)

Just wanted to update how I set up my current plushies in my room.
Its a bit of a mess but hope to have better shelving later on.

Its spot the pokemon every morning XD

Now to the gets~
[New plushies]photo.JPG

Found the UFO Meganium plush on Yahoo Japan Auctions a few weeks ago.
Really ecstatic to own this plush. My fave starter evolution chain.
The Takara Tomy Talking Sylveon I got on ebay a few weeks ago also.
Been meaning to own this for a while and debating if I should open it or not.
Togepi is an old plush of mine that I got at a Sanrio store a long time ago~ Its my baby.

At the moment I am just waiting in anticipation for the Poketime Eeveelution merchandise to come out.
Also the crane machine Sylveon Strap to come out.
Also omg hiroshima cosplay chuuus~ I dunno which one I want the most.

Figure question!

Hello community! I was browsing the webs just now looking for Giratina stuff to add to my wants list and came across this new figure.
The listing I saw it on had it as a pre-order. Wondering if anyone knows anything about it yet/what else would be coming out with it? I can't seem to find anything online about him. o: