May 29th, 2015

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UPDATE: So I managed to order one a couple hours after they sold out in stores. I was a little hesitant to believe it, but I just received shipment confirmation. Thanks for the help everyone! I'm leaving this post here so that the conversations below can stay put or continue.

I'm sure a lot of us felt the struggle this morning... I was one of the disappointed folks in line at Target who did not get the Jigglypuff Amiibo I was waiting on T^T

I am not willing to pay more than $20 for one OR we could trade Amiibos... I purchased a different Amiibo (not Pokemon, so that would have to be handled via PM)
Note: For anyone who hasn't been keeping up with the Amiibo release news, these were released exclusively at Target this morning. Each store is expected to have anywhere between 20-40 of them. They are not for sale at GameStop, WalMart or Best Buy.

Update for those who recently purchased from my sales:
Things are packaged and ready to go, they'll ship out tomorrow! :)
All tracking information will be attached via PayPal
Pokemon - Starters
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Auctions - RARE Minicots and Fuzzy Figures!

FINALLY auctions for the fuzzy figures I posted so long ago... and them rare MINICOTS! XD

- I was granted Sales Permission on 9/19/14 by entirelycliched. Feedback here.
- I ship from California, USA to anywhere accepted by USPS. Shipping starts at $5.75 for US, $9 for international and goes up depending on size/weight. For USA buyers, I will ONLY use Priority rate shipping for these auction items (Ugh USPS price hikes)
- My Sale rules and community rules apply.
- Bids of $1 USD increments or higher only.
- DO NOT EDIT/DELETE YOUR COMMENTS! If you need to make a correction, just reply to your own thread.
- All auctions end at 10pm PST Monday June 8, 2015. Countdown timer is here:
- No sniping; 5-minute extension rule applies.
- Winners must inform me of their shipping location (USA zip code or country) within 36 hours after the auction ends, and winners must send payment within 36 hours of totals.
- Anything can be combined with items from my sales post! You must be bidding on this thread in order to have a hold until your final quote after June 9. (Also even though my usual sales has minimum $15, I'll make exceptions for auction winners XD)


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These fuzzies were made by Banpresto wayyyy back in 1997 and are all still in AMAZING condition!

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Fuzzy figure BOXES! Each box holds 2 figures, as shown here. For the small fuzzies, since the large ones don't fit obviously. The Pokemon you can put into these boxes are completely interchangeable. I have 8 of the ones that say "Part 1" (I forgot to put 2 in the pic ^^;) and 19 that say "Part 2". Claims on these boxes will be done AFTER THE AUCTION FINISHES, and here's how it'll work:
-You may claim 1 box FREE for every 3 small fuzzy figures you've won
-Any other claims will be $1 each (ex: you won 4 figures and want some boxes, you would be able to claim 1 free box as long as they're available and have the option to claim additional boxes at $1 each)
-Be prepared to pay any additional shipping costs that may be necessary in order to ship the boxes. This is much less of an issue for US shipments because of the flat-rate (As reference, for US shipments, 2 boxes fit comfortably into the starting $5.75 flat-rate, $6 flat-rate can easily fit 4, $10 weighted box can fit all 27 boxes)
-ALL claims including free claims are first come, first serve after the auction is over and I have set up the claims post.
-Each claim is a COMMITMENT. Backing out of the claim after you have made it will result in negative feedback.

You may bid as soon as the thread you want is up! All threads up, bid away!

And finally the usual plug for my sales post :3 Lots of updates as always!
Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Reintroduction/Collection Update/Wants!

Hey all! I haven't been active for a while, so I thought I'd post again. You can call me melo for short, and I collect mainly Dragonair and Scizor, although my side collections are important too!

There's a ton of photos, so I made an imgur album here:

I'm on the lookout for any Dragonair stuff I don't have on my shelf, but I'm especially looking for the clear kid figure and thr metal figure. I'm also looking for the Scizor chou gets figure!


Thanks for looking :)

Show me your vaporeon merch for sale! also, housing ideas?

Hey guys! I have a little bit to spend, so I'm looking to grab some more vappy merch to expand my collection!

Things I already have:

Things I have that aren't pictured (on their way to me):

Vaporeon sitting trick pose plush MWT
Vaporeon mini pokedoll
Vaporeon Kyun Chara figure
Vaporeon kid
Vaporeon Ippai figure
Vaporeon American Tomy figure

Also,as you can see from my picture,my vappies have outgrown their little speaker stand! XD They need a new home. I wanted to ask the community what their favorite set up was for their plushes and figures, and how they acquired their setup? :) just curious!

Thanks guys!

Introduction + New Custom Get!

Hi! I'm MrArcanine! I'm a dude, but that doesn't mean that I can't collect. I'm typically not one for introductions, but bear with me please. Other than that, I mainly collect plushies, amigurumi, and needle felts- but only pokemon-related ones! I've been playing pokemon since I was 6, and ever since then I've had my eye on two evolution lines- my favorite pokemon are Cubone/Marowak and Purugly! I love main pokemon plush, but I love custom gets even more.

Talking about custom gets, a package arrived today!

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Hope I get to make some new friends! (also feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments)


Flareon Zukan piece Auction

I'm embarking on a large money-saving endeavor very soon, so it's time to part with some of my collection.  Starting with this!

Flareon is in excellent condition, and is from the original Eevee/Vaporeon/Jolteon/Flareon zukan set.  She's quite a rare sight nowadays.

Bidding starts at $50, which is what I originally paid for her. $40! Increments of $1 or more. Bidding ends this Sunday, May 31st, at 11:00 PM EST.

Please bid in reply to my comment below.  Any questions should be kept out of the bidding thread.  Thank you all, and good luck!

*I ship from New York, and do ship internationally
*No sniping, please respect community rules
*Sales permission was granted many years ago.  Feedback is here.

Eeveelu patch and shoebadge reminder

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! ^-^

I'm just posting a friendly reminder that my auctions end in 28 hours! i have some rare Eeveelu patches and shoe badges for Umbreon, Espeon, Sylveon, and Vaporeon!

I lowered the starting bid for a few items. I don't see these items offered often on the comm, so get your bids in if you want them! :D

Auction ends Saturday at 8PM EST (New York time).

Please click here or on the preview pic below to view the auctions.

want to commission someone for a flygon pokedoll! help? C:

so since PC are being buttheads and aren't releasing any Flygon merch, I've decided to take matters into my own hands.
I need a Flygon Pokedoll!
There's quite a few designs that I've come across, and basically I want it to be like the Pokedoll style.  If you're good at this stuff, please send me a message or comment with your work and we can talk more. :D
Thank you all for helping my dream come true. ;_;
I also got one of my grails that I have been searching for for about two or three years (english you're weird), and I'm so excited to show you guys.  :)

+15 years old portuguese PKMN Cards and others for Sale!

Hi! I'm the keychain handcrafter who usually stops by for individual commissions but for this time I have something different to offer.Currently I don't collect any goods of pokemon franchise but I did in the past. More precisely in my childhood. More precisely, cards!
I recently found them in good shape in my attic and I thought if anyone is interested to have them. As I'm from Portugal, several of the cards in my possession are in portuguese, mostly from the very first expansions. Almost all of them are around 15 to 10 years old, which make them even rarer, specially from my native language.

[Click to see all the cards!]

I have several pikachus, including portuguese ones from the first expansion. There's also some different raichus as well.

My offer goes to:

Portuguese non-holographic card: 5 USD
Portuguese holographic card: 7 USD
English non-holographic card: 3 USD
English holograhic card: 5 USD

I might have some repeats of the same card, especially commons so please feel free to ask so I may check out.

Shipment is worldwide and FOR FREE regardless how many cards!

That's all! 

sparkle obsession continues!

Just wanted to post some new gets that were on my doorstep today.

I stumbled upon these on Noppin and became curious as to what they would look like in person.

I must say I'm extremely excited about having them and they're too gorgeous not to share photos of.

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Still ready to give my money to anyone selling applause plushes! Add to my sparkle obsession! XD

Also still wondering what the fabric is called that they use on them. I'd like to buy some ^^

Long time no sales update! And a small question for fan merchs

I have been pretty away from LiveJournal (sorry for those whom sent me messages and I only replied months later /owo;), but it's finally time for me to work up and update my sales post! ^u^/

Click here or the preview above to start shopping~
Sales permission granted by [info]dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011!
There's also a small preview section on the stuff I'm planning to auction off next week, feel free to peek in ;3c
(Going to sleep atm, will reply to stuff tomorrow~)

Also I got a small question regarding selling fan merchs to ask:
Are there any rules about how much the re-selling prices can be set for fan-made merchs?

Thought of that because I often see artists requesting not to sell their custom made stuff higher than the commission price /owo
But then I think sometimes I see retired PokeBox stuff being sold at a remarkable higher price than the official price? Dunno if the policy has been changed or not...

TCG Wrapper Storage Solutions!

I've been saving TCG wrappers for a long time. Unfortunately they've been sitting in a shoebox since I couldn't think of a good way to store/display them. Scrapbook pages were too big and didn't let me store and organize them individually.

But recently I found an awesome solution...

A photo album! The sleeves are the perfect size and I can quickly flip through whenever I want! Plus, you can usally find these for pretty cheap at thrift stores since people are using computer store pic now.
Alola Vulpix

Pokemon Time Eevee Claims Lists

Hello hello!  The Pokemon Time Eevee Collection is just about a week away so it's time for me to take claims lists for all the blind packaged goodies. I'll be trying for a full set of straps and tins for my personal collection, so I plan to buy many many many of these so you can request a specific Eeveelution!

Straps and tins will be $10 each. Sylveons will be $12 each, as I don't anticipate pulling nearly enough to encompass all of the demand for Sylveon.  I will try to keep lists open as long as possible and continue to buy blind packages until everyone gets what they want, but given the nature of blind packages the list is not a guarantee that I can fulfill your order.

There are also 3 "secret" straps and one "secret" tin.  You may feel free to express tenative interest in them now but I have not decided on prices yet since we don't know how difficult to obtain they are. The secret straps are sleeping Eevee, alternate pose Espeon, and alternate pose Umbreon, and the secret tin is sleeping Sylveon & Eevee.  Because I have had bad luck with the secrets (bought 50+ straps and only two secrets..) I will not be taking any claims for the secrets and will sell any extras at a later date.

Tshirts will be $20 each. Sylveons are $25. (I anticipate being stuck with multiple unpopular shirts at the end!) I won't be buying as many shirts as straps and tins since I am not trying for myself, but hopefully I can help you guys out. Tshirt pickups are complete!  You may purchase one blind packaged if you'd like (the Center is currently sold out, but I can keep checking for a restock) but I will no longer be opening them to try for a specific Eeveelution.

To be put on a list, simply comment below with a commitment to the item (strap, tin, and/or tshirt) and Eeveelution you want! Questions, inquiries, etc. will not secure you a slot.  Again I will try to fulfill as many requests as possible but because they are random I can't promise anything.

And the important info:
* Sales permission granted in 2008
Feedback is located here
Sales rules are here & pickup information is here

Here are my full list of prices for this promotion. For the larger items (headphones, blanket, etc.) I cannot provide an accurate shipping quote until after next weekend, my apologies!  Prices below do not include shipping. Photos that we have so far can be found here.

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I am also always open to general Pokemon Center requests as well :) All of my regular rules, information, etc. can be found on my previous entry.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something but I will keep this entry edited & updated with any new info. Thanks all ☆

UPDATE 5/30: I have to head off to a long weekend of work, but I will get to everyone's comments as soon as I can :)  As far as the inquiries about the custom order necklaces, I will be able to do them on a limited basis, but haven't decided on pricing yet.  I will update when I know!

UPDATE 6/5: Everyone who has commented is on my list for pickups tomorrow!  Any additional pickup requests will be accepted but won't be picked up until later in the week. Necklace pre-order information will also go up this week after the totals for these pickups are up. Thanks everyone!

**RELEASE DAY UPDATE 6/6: Pickups have been completed and *almost* all blind packaged requests were successfully filled!!! I will be trying again later on since I still need to get one of the secret straps for myself.  The current available (guaranteed!!) extras are:

Glaceon Strap x2: $10 each
Flareon Strap: $10
Eevee Strap: $10

Sylveon Tin x3: $12
Vaporeon Tin x2: $10

Secret Tin (sleepy Sylveon/Eevee): $20

Totals will be going out on a rolling basis beginning with small orders :)  Anyone with a relatively LARGE item (backpack, headphones, towel blanket, sweatshirt) will have a slightly delayed shipment since I couldn't carry them home with me so I needed to place an order to my house.  Thanks all for being so lovely and patient and awesome!

***FINAL UPDATE 6/8: I've completed my second trip to the Center for this promo and am temporarily stopping new orders until everything so far is totalled up and shipped. You may continue to make plush & figure purchases on my store.  I will make a new post to the community (along with necklace information) once I am finished and ready for new orders :)  Thank you all!!!

****FINAL FINAL UPDATE 6/14: I'm nearing the end of my totals (about 10 or so people left) so thank you all for your incredible patience!! Anyone who paid already had their order shipped the same day.  I'm going on vacation at the end of this week and won't be taking new orders for Eevee Collection things until I return to Japan in a couple of weeks.  Thanks so much for understanding!!!!

*****ACTUAL FINAL UPDATE 6/18: Everyone should have received a total by now for any outstanding order!  Any payments I receive after today won't be able to be shipped until I return to Japan at the beginning of July, so please send your payment right away if you haven't already.  Everyone who has paid has their order shipped, and EMS numbers have been posted through Paypal.  Thank you all very much for making this promotion pickup a major success :)

Auction Ends in 24 hours! Pokemon BoxCan + Shiny Sylveon and Regular Sylveons Customs!!!

There is only 24 hours left of the auctions! Auction ends on May 30th at 10PM EST. Some still at their starting bids and some with no bids at all! Come bid for them while you can! *PLEASE TAG THOSE THAT MIGHT BE INTERESTED!!!* Pokemon BoxCan that features Dialga, Arceus, Suicune, Entei, Raiku...and more!!! And there is three different sylveons customs made by different artists, including a shiny version!!!

Please click on the pictures below to be transported! And once again, any auction items can be combined with my sales!

Good luck everyone and happy bidding!

First Figure Re-paints! Advice?

Hello everyone!

So I tried my hand at repaints for a few of the figures I had around my apartment that I thought needed good new homes. I'm taking them to a convention next weekend where I hope maybe a few may find a new loving home :) I sculpt and paint my own characters/designs quite often, but as I have not had the time to sculpt for months, I was feeling the paint urge badly. So I thought 'why not?' These turned out super cute and I'd love some feedback to improve! I also am not quite sure what to charge for figures like this so any advice would be great! I have seen some smaller repaints fo got about $20-25 with some legendaries/more details go for $40-50. Thank you all for taking the time to read this! <3

See the cut for a larger pic <3!

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They are releasing these gorgeous Eevee & evolutions necklaces which are up for preorder starting 6th June.

They come in silver, yellow gold and pink gold, with silver being cheapest and pink gold most expensive.

Each necklace comes with a matching precious stone like an emerald or ruby.

My fav:

Check them all out here.

Eevee = Diamond, vaporeon = aquamarine, jolteon = citrine, flareon = ruby, espeon = amethyst, umbreon = moonstone, leafeon = emerald, glaceon = blue topaz, sylveon = pink sapphire

I'm so torn; I want them all!