May 31st, 2015


June commissions!

Commissions for June are open! (yeah I know technically May hasn't ended yet but... shhh)

I offer custom Pokedoll tags, Pokedoll charms, Pokemon Time charms, but can also work in other styles (click for examples) if desired.

Click the photo above to be redirected to my commissions page!

Remember I'm always super interested in trades for Hawlucha, but also Toxicroak, Blaziken, Manectric and more, custom or official items!
(I'm really really interested in Hawlucha customs mostly!!!)

Check my website above to see my current collection, as well as my wants page! Thanks for reading and happy collecting!

Quick Want! ;;;;

I have been looking for this adorable raichu tin on ebay since the last time I missed out on it and somehow I missed out on it again ;;;; I'm heartbroken honestly, the bid went slightly over my max bid and it was while I was sleeping :(

So I'm asking if anyone has this baby up for sale?

It doesn't need to have the goods in it, I really just want the tin <3

Thanks for reading! <3
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Good morning everyone :)

I've been sick the past few days so I've decided that to pass the time today I would start working on a collection site for my merch :) thing is I don't really know where to start, which web host to go with, how I should organize it, ect. So I thought I'd ask around here ^-^

Basically if you'd like comment your advice, suggestions, and link me to your collection pages so I can get some inspiration~

Thanks so much :D
Here's some of my pokemon art to make this post more colourful ^^

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June TCG Tins at Walmart?

Hey guys! Quick question/find. I was checking out my local Walmart for cards when I found boxes of these:

The Hoenn Starters EX tins. I thought they were coming out in June, and Toad and Troll seems to agree with me. Did Walmart release these tins early, or...? Thanks guys!

Edit: If anyone here wants one and is in the San Diego area, I saw these at the Walmart in San Marcos (the one next to Costco). :)

Post-auction-loss want!

Ahhhh I hate Y!J extention time! XD I was bidding on a beautiful Absol keychain on Y!J. The price had gone a bit higher than what I'd wanted to pay, but I was winning. With 1 minute left. And then the other bidder went higher! XD It's now gone ridiculously high! XD If I'm not going to pay $50 for an Absol minicot then I'm not going to pay $50 for an Absol keychain (no matter how cool it is! :/) So I'm asking if anyone has one of these beauties to sell:

This was the seller's photo from the auction. The only other time I've seen one for sale is on the community, and that was MIP and sold for $19. Maybe it is worth $50, I'm not sure, but everytime I splash out on something another one gets listed a few days later for much less! XD So I'm going to take the gamble haha! XD Let me know if you have one of these (or any other Absol items) to sell! :) I can also trade. Just let me know what Pokemon you collect and I'll see what I have. Thanks! :)
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Jigglypuff Amiibo Offers!

Hey everyone! I decided that I'm not going to keep my Jigglypuff, and I figured I'd rather sell it to one of you and not ebay! So, I'm going to put her up for offers, ending on Tuesday night at midnight!

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And here's a small sales plug! Everything is still OBO! Don't be afraid to make an offer, I want these items gone to a happy home! c:

Wants: Charizard Pokemon Time plush and Charizard Pokemon Time Strap!! Please help!

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've posted, but I am eager to get a couple of things. I am a Sandshrew collector, but I have to say that I am in love with the Pokemon Time merchandise that is out there. I am particularly fond of the Charizard Pokemon Time merch, and I am looking to buy the Charizard Pokemon Time plush and the Charizard Pokemon Time strap as well. If anyone knows of a good place to look or if anyone has these items that they are willing to sell, let me know! I already looked on amazon, ebay, and buyee but these sites either don't have them or if they did they were too expensive. Please, if anyone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated! Even if someone kept an eye out for these items that would be a big help!! ^_^ Thanks and happy collecting!
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PKMNCollectors? What's that? + Quick Wants

Hi everyone!

So today, I thought I might start up a little discussion post about our community here from when we first joined to now. It applies to both new and old members so everyone can join in!

Here are the questions:

~ When you first joined PKMNCollectors, what pokemon did you collect and why?
~ Do you still collect the same Pokémon or has it changed?
~ What was your very first purchase on the community? Do you still have it?
~ What's your favorite part about PKMNCollectors?
~ Do you see PKMNCollectors or just Pokémon itself being a big part of your life in the future as well as now?

Here's my answer:

When I first joined the community, the Pokemon I collected as my main collection were the Eeveelutions. I loved how cute they are, their bright colours and their merchandise is ADORABLE. However, they are now a side collection to my fire and dark puppies, this is because I found that I was more passionate about the pups and there was simply too much merchandise of the Eeveelu's to collect.

My first community purchase was from the lovely Allinia, and I bought a Minccino canvas plush with a couple of charms. Yes I still have Minccino and the charms but the charms do seem to have wandered off into my room somewhere...

Eventhough I don't collect Minccino, the canvas plush is still one of my favorite plushies!

My favorite part about PKMNCollectors is how close we are! I've never known a community to be this close before and I've made many friends! It's great to have an escape to a place where everyone is friendly and I can discuss my Pokemon passions for as long as I want!
Yes I definitely see PKMNCollectors as being a part of my life in the future because I think this is a hobby that won't become boring or something I'll ever grow out of. That and like hell am I give up my pokepups... Ever.

I'm looking forward to reading through the different answers people give! <3

I'm also looking for some Mightyena merch! I've recently decided to collect the dark puppy so if you have any figures or anything like that (I'm still after a plush XD) then feel free to leave a comment down below! Although please don't be offended if I decline your offer :3

Also, little quick reminder that my rare Pokémon center postcards are ending in a few days! Get your bids in quick, these guys do not come up for sale very often!

The original post can be found here:

Recent Gets, Collection Update (one year later!) and First-ever sales

Good evening, Community!

I realized that this past Friday was my one-year anniversary of being active on PKMCollectors<3 And what a year it's been! I figured that in honor of my one-year I should post a full-on collection update, since my collection has grown quite a bit since I first joined. I have to say, being a part of the comm made me a more serious collector and I've mainly focused on Houndour/doom, Char-line, Froakie-line and Latis as my primary collections. My collection also has gotten a lot more organized haha. I also finally put up two 5-shelf bookcases in my apartment so I can display my collection and get most of them off the floor xD In the past year, I've achieved 3 of my grails and have probably shelled out more money on plushies than on my car....oops.

I've loved spending time on the comm and seeing all your lovely collections, grail stories and of course those new merch posts! It's been such a fun year collecting wise and I really hope I stay here for many more<3

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Sorry for such the long post, but I have some recent gets to share!

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LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I'm sure youre all tired from my ranting about my collection, so here's the best part of the post! I recently was granted sales permission, so I finally put together a sales post on my journal! Click the banner to get to it! Happy Shopping!

Thanks so much for looking, everyone<3
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Giveaway Results, Sales Plug, Etc

Hey guys! I have giveaway results for you all ^w^ Sorry it took so long, I didn't expect to be so busy the past few weeks ;w; I didn't have time to stop and reply to all the entries, but I did read them all and assign numbers <3 Here are the results!

1st place: 1 large sprite and a team of 6
2nd place: 1 large sprite
3rd place: team of 6
4th place: 3 small sprites or Trozei head
5th place: 1 small sprite

1st place: pumpkaboo_patch
2nd place: watabi
3rd place: m14mouse
4th place: hantsukihaunter
5th place: stalkingsuicune

Thanks for all the entries! Winners, let me know what sprites you'd like :) Please keep in mind that these will be started only after my current round of commissions is completed (I'm almost done though!)

bayleef sprite.jpgsceptile sprite.jpgmasquerain perler.jpg

cheren sprite.jpgno titleno title

Discounted Perler Sales:

Card Trades (more have been added!)

Also as a side note to the people I promised pictures to today; I'll have to get them to you tomorrow instead. I ended up spending the day at my friends house, so I don't have access to the sprites right now ;w;


And to make this post more interesting, how about a questionnaire?

Why do you collect the Pokemon that you do collect?
What is your collecting style?
Why did you start collecting?
Do you plan to ever stop?
What is your favorite region and why?
What is your least favorite region and why?
List of starter choices from each region?

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Customs Question- What kind of plush do YOU want to see?

For personal and timing reasons, I don't do plush customs by order, but I am curious about two things that I'd like to ask the dear community.

1- What kind of/style of plush do you like or want to see more of?

2- What Pokemon do you think needs more plush, or that you love getting custom plush of?

I'm taking this sort of survey to not only make something you guys would like to buy, but to test my plush-making abilities. I've lost some confidence seeing the other fantastic custom makers here, but I know I can put out quality stuff!

To end this post, here's one of my best customs I've done in the past two years~

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Question about Pokemon kids!

Hello there guys!
Today, I would like to come to you with a simple question.....did every Pokemon before Gen 6 have a kids figure, including different forms?

My question is basically because I don't recall seeing any Pokemon that didn't get a kids figure until Generation 6....there are still some Generation 6 Pokemon and if I am not mistaken, Mega Evolutions that still didn't get a kids figure, like Doublade, Phantump and a few others. A lot of the newest sets recently had more older Pokemon being remade.

I am especially bummed about Doublade, as I was expecting that one of my favourite lines ever would probably never get plushies, so I was happy at least that all would get kids figures....right? Where is my Doublade?...

I am also really bummed about the lack of Furfrou merchandise. With all these forms, I was hoping that Furfrou would have a fantastic promotion that would be popular, but nope, not even that. My favourite is the Heart Trim, and I was at least hoping for some kids, which usually include all Pokemon, even their forms. Lately, this has not been the case?

What do you think about this?

A Get, a Sale, and a Want!

Hi! I have a multipurpose post tonight. Sorry for the google sourced images, I needed to make this a bit quick!

First up, my birthday recently passed and good friend gifted me this today!

I couldn't even believe it!? I mean, my friend is a Doll collector and she hunts all the time, but whoa! How lucky. apparently there were 5 of them at her TRU, and she picked up one for me, one for herself, and a Charizard. I love him, he's gorgeous - I'm sure you've seen plenty of pictures by now!

Next, I have some shopping to do! This same friend has a birthday coming up, too! She adores Litleo, and I'd like to see what's out there for her. She already has the TOMY figure, and the Pokedoll. She's extremely picky with Plush, so I am not shopping for those. Please show me your litleo items for sale! Also, I request fast shippers as her birthday is on the 11th.

And finally, I have a quick sale. My fiancé pulled a Primal Groudon and we wanna sell it!

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Some rather general wants!

evening my lovelies! I have a few more little wants today, I apologise for the disorganised post in advance!

First up is a charm case - is the only one the poke centre one that I think came with a Pikachu charm?

Next would be the Spooky party Pumpkaboo charm (I'd prefer to buy Pumpkaboo on its own!
Pumpkaboo spooky charm.JPG

I'd also LOVE the Ghost type focus pouch:
Ghost type pouch.jpg

Recently I've started playing the online TCG game so I'm looking for plenty of codes for that. I'd prefer if they were emailed to save on shipping if possible <3

Finally, some more general wants (all of this stuff will be used so nothing very expensive or rare please!)

Any mini clearfiles - just a better size to keep in my bag. Particularly featuring, vaporeon, sylveon, typhlosion, Drifloon, gengar, Pumpkaboo or Raikou!
A raikou figure strap or charm (I regret stopping my raikou collection, so I'm starting it again!)
Stationary like pens, stickers, zip pouches.

I'd prefer to buy multiple things from sellers where possible to save on shipping!

And as always, a little sales plug here:
And a reminder that I'm still open for art commissions here:

A Variation of Many Gets!

Hello everyone! I wanted to share the new gets that I have accumulated in the past several weeks!

Be warned that this is a bigger-then-usual post, so it's image heavy!


Update at Pokedolls Galore!

Also check out my WANTS list! I'm always on the lookout! ;D

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