June 3rd, 2015


Bootie or not bootie, that's the question (answered, thanks!)

Hello community,

as usual when your mind is getting ready to sleep and you wander to Yahoo to check goodies you seem to remember something you've been meaning to ask... so before I forget again here comes my question.

Many years ago I got this Weavile plush but not until last year I realised how weird it was; it looks a lot like the PD but it has a weird hang and tushtag combination, the hangtag says it should be a Tomy plush and the tush doesn't give any hints on it being a Tomy.


I know there are high chances of it being some sort of elaborate bootie (it's really well put together), but if it is I'd like to have it confirmed instead of having the doubt haunt the back of my mind XD;

Thanks in advance!

Hello!! c:

A wild introduction appeared!

You can call me Kai and I'm from Mexico. I'm glad I was able to be part of this nice community! Thank you!

In here we don't get to have such cool pokemon merchandise, which is kind of why I'd like to have more pokemon stuff C: I used to have lots of pokemon figures but those are long gone.

I've been pretty much a pokemon fan since its beginning with the red version with gameboy color. I won it on a prize event (so lucky for me) and played it a lot for a kid who barely understood basic english. I love the 4th generation the most though. c:

My favourite pokemons are Luxray, Glaceon, Poochyena, and Swablu. Basically I love luxray's line of evolution but Luxray's my most preferred (so is the same for the other ones).
I like drawing too (doing commissions as well for the time being!)

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This is all for now! I'm planning on giving more information in the future! Thanks for reading c:

I love Pikachu's Ketchup Campaign

Japanese ketchup brand Kagome has a Pikachu promo going right now.
You can get one of these bottle caps from mailing in barcodes.
There's also a lottery for a plate and a plush. (artist mockups)
Unfortunately there are about a 1000 of each.

While I doubt I can get a plush, I'm definitely going to try to make the omlet rice featured on the campaign page (Japanese). English article on the promo.

For those that are entering, good luck, and enjoy your ketchup!

New Pokemon Center Items

Pokemon Center has added a bunch of new items to the site, including contest pikachus!

All this exciting new stuff.. I guess I don't really NEED to pay my bills...
Anyone looking forward to any new items in particular?
I will be getting a few blind bag things from the eevee time promo, if only for the thrill of the pull.

And a Sales plug, though there isn't much there right now

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Some gets c:

Just some gets I've gotten over the last little while ^-^
A litte preview, more under the cut! :D
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On another note thanks to many people here I have also started working on a collection site :D but I'm hesitant to share it before it's done >w< so I hope to do a full collection update post my site here in the near future ^-^

Thanks for looking!
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Pikachu Ketchup promotion in Japan

Hello guys!

I come here today with the special announcment about the newest Pikachu promotion!

So it is PIKACHU KETCHUP promotion! :D
You can get some Pikachu related items for bar codes from Kagome products.

You'll find all details in the cut, let's go!

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I'm kinda excited for this promotion, anyone willing to do some pickups etc? :)

Also - if you can read Japanese or you noticed that I put something wrong - feel free to correct me so I could update the post.

Thanks for looking, hope you like that kind of post.

omigod you guys- so much stuff

Today was a good day xD
I'm gonna start my post with this guy.

So here's a little background on him xD Two years ago, I decided that I really really wanted a plush of one of my favorite pokemon. Sceptile was going a little cheaper back then, and chain put one in a lot that I GA'd with a shipping partner. I claimed him for only 45, and it was a VERY happy moment when we won. Everything was fine until the lot was shipped to my partners house. Once they got there, communication went from bad to nonexistent. She had some personal issues and things that I'm not going to go into, but basically she disappeared along with everyone's plush. I managed to get my money back, but I was incredibly disappointed. Since then I decided that I'm going to wait until Sceptile got a rerelease (I totally predicted ORAS a few years early xD). After a year of the two games being out, I completely gave up hope of a rerelease of Sceptile and the other Hoenn starters. Going back a few months, I decided to start searching again for one that was cheaper than their going price, and closer to what I originally paid. Patience paid off, and I got this Sceptile off ebay with no competition for only 69 plus shipping :D Today he arrived, and is currently my computer buddy as I'm typing this lol
So yeah, it took two years longer than expected, but I finally got my Sceptile <3

I'm honestly too lazy to make a huge gets post right now, so I'm going to do a questionaire with some collection pics instead.

I got all my Houndour line plush together for a group photo :D I'm still waiting on a pokedoll, poketime plush, beanie plush, 2ft tall plush, 12 inch bootleg plush, and another amiguri >w> I'll take a much nicer picture once they all arrive, I don't feel like going outside right now, haha.

Also, I was saving these for my collection update (3rd anniversary here!) in July, but I'm going to post a few pictures now instead. Here's my main collection display. It contains about 3/10th of my plush, 5/10ths of my figures, and 7/10ths of my flats. Everything else is displayed around my room, or in boxes under my bed. When I go buy a house for myself in 9-10 years, everyone will get to be displayed properly xD


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And here's another questionaire 0w0

Newest and oldest plush?
First Pokedoll?
First collection picture?
Most expensive plush/figure?
Most impressive custom?

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Btw, who wants to exchange friend codes? Mine's 5086-2034-0395
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Mid-week sales

My sales permission was granted on December 1st,2013 by entirelycliched

My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/ferix8
Shipping from Canada starts at $7

Clefairy BANPRESTO.....$20

Shimmery Pikachu Pokedoll TTO.....$35
Turtwig pokedoll........$10
Buizel Jakks....$5
Ditto MWT......$8
Oshawott BANPRESTO.......$4
Psyduck BANPRESTO.......$4
Chimchar Pokedoll TTO.......$12
Woobat BANPRESTO.......$5
Reversible Marill....$4

my pumpkin

Life Updates!

Hey everyone!
No, not my life, the collecting scene!! Whoo!

So the updates!

Well, the wait for mizunosakura and starpurrloin is over! Your Super Summer Surprises are done being made and they were shipped this morning :) hantsukihaunter I'm sorry, but yours is gonna take a bit longer :) Your custom decided to be difficult and stop drying; probably because it didn't like being different ;) So, I'm gonna start a new one for you! And it'll totally knock your socks off!!

And, if y'all really want spoilers..

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So that's it for now! Cause, while I did think this would be longer, my pictures aren't loading very well.
And because they won't I guess this is the end of my post :) Sooner than I expected.. But! I'll be making a collection update soon to show everyone my full collection! (Since I'm not at college right now) ;) And also to show y'all my recent gets!!

Talk to y'all later!! Hope everyone has a great night/morning/evening!
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Some TOMY gets!

I decided to buy myself some TOMY figures, some are totally random figures I don't even need but we all know how easy it is to order a cheap figure ;D

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The new Bandit Ring set appearently has TWO new Entei cards! We know how one of them looks and it's so pretty I need 20!

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