June 5th, 2015


Eeveelution Pokemon Time Plush!

I'll just leave this GIF here. :3

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I found this on Twitter randomly. It says they will be released on 6/6/2015, which is the upcoming Saturday!
(Original source: Pokemon Daisuki Club http://www.pokemon.jp/info/pokecen/detail/20150604_13355.html)
They look so soft and cute. Which one is your favorite? Mine is probably Umbreon because of the most innocent facial expression. I will consider getting one. :3

Have a great day!

Casual Shoto

US vs JP Pokedolls comparison pics + sale post

Hi everyone! Over the years of my pokedoll collecting, I aquired some American and Japanese pokedolls of the same pokemon. Before selling the Americain version (I try to only collect Japanese version) I took some comparison pictures ^^ and here they are!

*Caution* Very long post and lots of photos!
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 I am still trying to sell little by little, my non-pokedoll plushies ^^ I am always updating it with new plushies! :D
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Article from PokeBeach

New 'Magikarp and Gyarados Make-Believe Pikachu Box!'

Magikarp And Gyarados Pikachu Make Believe BoxMagikarp And Gyarados Pikachu Make Believe Box 2

To celebrate the grand opening of Hiroshima’s new Pokemon Center, a special “Magikarp and Gyarados Make-Believe Pikachu Box” will be released at all Pokemon Center stores starting June 26th. It will cost 2,500 yen.

Each box will include a holo full art “Magikarp Make-Believe Pikachu,” a holo full art “Gyarados Make-Believe Pikachu,” a deck box, 62 card sleeves, five Bandit Ring booster packs, and a long card box to store cards. Thanks goes to Michael S. for the card translations!

Sadly, it is unlikely these cards will be released outside of Japan.

Magikarp Make Believe Pikachu PromoMagikarp Make-Believe Pikachu – Lightning – HP60
Basic Pokemon

[C] Try to Splash: 10 damage. Flip a coin. If tails, this attack does nothing.

[L][L][C] Thunderbolt: 80 damage. Discard all Energy attached to this Pokemon.

Weakness: Fighting (x2)
Resistance: Metal (-20)
Retreat: 1

Gyarados Make Believe Pikachu PromoGyarados Make-Believe Pikachu – Lightning – HP70
Basic Pokemon

[C][C] Try to Rage: 10x damage. Flip a coin. If heads, this attack does 10 damage times the number of damage counters on this Pokemon.

[L][L][C] Thunderbolt: 80 damage. Discard all Energy attached to this Pokemon.

Weakness: Fighting (x2)
Resistance: Metal (-20)
Retreat: 2

My wallet is crying...


Mini Jolt + Odd Want

Got a teeny tiny somebody in the mail today!

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Also- and I'll delete this if it's not allowed, but its kinda pokemon related- does anyone have THIS extension outlet cable for sale or trade?

I spotted it in Gin's electric themed room, and wanted one for my own, but sadly it is no longer for sale at its original retailer. I'd be willing to do a mini-custom plush for it.

Found! Thanks for your help!

Thanks for reading! ( o wn)7

Pokemon amiibo rumors discussion

IMPORTANT:  THIS IS A RUMOR.  RUMOR (this image is fanmade)

Hello comunity, Have any of you heard the latest rumors about amiibos?  According to someone who has been checking the code stored into amiibos there seems to be a few things that point that Nintendo has left space in the code for every Pokemon in the pokedex,  and many are arguing that this means a Pokemon amiibo line may be on the way.

Here is a news site explaining this better:  http://nintendoeverything.com/rumor-amiibo-code-digging-suggest-potential-pokemon-lineup-and-more/

And this is the post with the findings by the person who made the discovery:  http://www.reddit.com/r/amiibo/comments/38hwbm/nfc_character_identification_my_findings_on_the/

What are your thoughts about this?
Do you think Nintendo would really make every Pokemon into amiibo?
How many of them would you buy?

Personaly, this is really exciting, even if I can only dream of collectin all of them, it makes for an incredible quest for a Pokemon collector.

quick collection weeding sales!

After a lot of thought, I have decided that I only want plushes that are MWT in my side collections. My side collections aren't that important and I really do like my plushes to be MWT, so, I decided that this was for the best. Thus, here is a quick collection weeding sale!

was granted sales permission to my previous account, jodie_kathleen, on September 19, 2014 by entirelycliched.
Feedback for my previous account can be found here, and is also linked to on my feedback for my current account.

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That's it for now. Thanks everyone!

Edit: I don't know why my font looks different from everyone else's. I typed it in normally??

✿ Very Exciting Gets, Sales Offer Reminder, and Small Collection Update!!!!✿

Hello again so soon everyone!! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Today was a very exciting day! Not one BUT TWO very special packages arrived for me today!!

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Next, I posted yesterday about a special sales offer for you guys, however within minutes my post was buried underneath an entire page of newer posts! xD So i'll just throw a quick mini-reminder here for it! I'll just link you guys to the post i made yesterday so you can check out the offer! C: Just click here or linoone to go!

Lastly! I have a small update for you guys!! (●´∀`●)
I took some new photos of my zigzagoon/linoone shelf, but i'll also throw some other updated collection photos in here for fun! Beware: VERY IMAGE HEAVY!!

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Whew! What a long post! XD
Thank you for looking everyone!! <3 °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Questions about Hitmontop items!

Hi everyone! Incredibly long time since i've posted here. Possibly a couple years? I should post some updates on my stuff someday!

Anyways, I have some questions about certain Hitmontop items I've after before purchasing. First is about the action feature Hitmontop toy. It spins like a top and comes with a rip cord to launch it (Basically a Beyblade. Which is apparently still around and about to get a 3rd gen). Can this figure stand on it's own or does it need to lean/a stand? It looks kind of top heavy (HAH!) which would make it hard to find a place to keep him.

Second is about Hitmontop's one and only Tomy plush! How big is it? I see it ranging from 5-6". Can anyone give me a comparison to a plush similar in size, like is it as small as Hasbro's Heracross plush or as big as a froakie tomy plush? I really want him, but if he's smaller I can wait.

What's his price range too? I only ever see him on eBay from the same sellers always asking for $50 or $60, yet I've seen finished sales posts here only going for $15. Would be nice to find a reasonable price for him. Thanks!

New Pokemon Center Hiroshima Merch Announced!!

Hey guys,

So new merch has been announced for the Pokemon Center Hiroshima!

If you want to see more details it is up on the Pokemon Center Japan Website :)

But here is the pictures they posted. ( I did not post the deck box, as I noticed it has been posted already )

I'm pretty excited for it :) although I wish there was a cookie tin </3
Ed and Chaboikan

Custom Sylveon Plush Auction, and Sales Special!

Hello everyone! I have a custom Sylveon to auction today, as well as a buy-one-get-one-half-off in my sales posts for the duration of the auction. I don't take commissions anymore, so this is probably the only Sylveon I will make!

Click either banner to go to the respective sales post! Buy-one-get-one-half-off applies to any combination of items in any of my sales posts, with the half-off item being the lesser of the two.

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Pokemon, Me, Kecleon

New Wants ^_^

Hey guys! It's been quite some time since i posted on here, however after seeing the beautiful Gyarados/Pikachu promo items coming out i had to come back to the community!

(I also apologise in advance if I make any mistakes while creating this post)

Anyway, so i have a question:

Will anyone be taking orders for the new Gyarados/Pikachu items?

These ones in particular:
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While im here, i'd very much like to trade if possible, Please read below for more info :)!

Received Sales Permission From Entirelycliched On 22nd September 2014
My Feedback Link Is HERE, Please Remember To Exchange Feedback With Me If Applicable.

If possible i'd Love to trade ANY pokemon centre exclusive deck sleeves or deck box for anything I have for sale, I'm willing to trade multiple items if needed. I'm going to be competing competitively and i'd like to make my deck look pretty :)

Edit: Just added these little beauties to my sales/trades post
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Items I have for trade/sale are located here: http://zorafinn.livejournal.com/1426.html

Thanks for reading everyone!


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Pokemon Sepia Graffiti line merch

Hello everyone!

Today I checked AmiAmi for new Pokemon merch and it looks like we'll be getting new merch line featuring... Pikachu ( evo line) XD (there's also a Chandelure in one artwork, also I guess that's a Squirtle tail in Forest artwork, oh and there's also Venusaur!)

The release date is August, we'll be getting a lot of stationery with Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu!
This line is called "Sepia Graffiti" and I've got to say - artwork is pretty cool!

Here's a little preview:

There are key-chains, note pads, pens and lots of other merch, check cut for the pics, prices and links!

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What do you think about these? And will you be getting any of them?
I think the artwork is really adorable, I really like the fact that it is so simple.
Although I'm not really into stationery but I will be surely getting at least 2 memo pads ^-^ and maybe a notebook!

Thanks for looking!
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upcoming banpresto items~

a lot of merch news today! so here i am to contribute!

June/July banpresto news!

2. New MPC! More legendaries! (and Pikachu and Dedenne...again)
3. New Hoopa!

Groudon and the MPC come out around june 25, Hoopa comes out in July

Looking to buy, all feedback current, and -GOOD LORD WHAT-

Hi everyone, short and sweet postings today.

Issue 1: Is anyone taking pickup orders for the Eeveelution PokeTime sheet set? They're just TOO CUTE NOT to have in my bedroom.
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Issue 2: Besides the sheets, I'm looking to buy some Absol items:
#1 came out a few months back now- the Absol clearfile.
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#2 And from Pokemon Petit, the -BUT WAIT WHAT'S THAT?!
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Oh yes, shipping would be to 46311.
Issue/Yayday #3:
Last issue on the list: ALL FEEDBACK UP TO CURRENT PURCHASES HAS BEEN LEFT. (So if possible, please return the favor if yours is missing, ty ; u;)

And with that, I'll leave all of you with this. It's a pretty accurate representation of my brain currently. <3