June 6th, 2015

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New Kuttari plushies? owo

So I was browsing some other groups and saw these adorable things!

Gosh are they cute ;u; I'm so excited for all this eevee merch. Does anyone have any additional info on these cuties yet? I node those Eevee and Jolteons in my life >^<

Also got some pokedolls today c:
Tried posting with the livejournal app so I'm not sure if the pics are über massive :s will try and fix if so...

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haunter morty library

Various Flats Auction Reminder and Updated Sales

Here's a reminder that my Various Flats Auction is ending tomorrow night! Many items still have no bids, and there's lots of cool stuff available for those collecting popular Pokemon as well as those not so popular Pokemon that have limited merch. Be sure to check it out here or click on the preview images for the auction to be redirected!

Meanwhile, I've also updated my permanent sales post with loooots of items. There's some pretty cool stuff here that I would be happy to combine shipping for if you win something from my auction as well. Just ask! I also have many leftover flats from Japan from my last sales that would be easier to combine with items from this auction. Click here to be redirected. (You can also click the preview picture below to go to my updated sales.) Next post should be a collection update!

Middleman problems!

Ahhh so for the past few days I've been watching a super rare Articuno item on Y!J. It's now come down to one hour, with no bids placed yet. I go to place by bid and... the seller does not allow bids to be placed by deputy services. What? WHAT! So what can I do? I currently use SMJ as my deputy service. Will all deputy sites be like this? Please let me know! I will be gutted to miss out on this Articuno treasure! XD Y!J has not been good to me lately haha! XD
EDIT: The auction has ended and no one placed a bid, so I think it is very likely that the item will get relisted! :) Plenty of time to find a solution haha! :)

Thanks to everyone for all the helpful suggestions! :) I now have a way to buy it (as long as it gets relisted haha! XD)!

super small sales + bundle offer

Hi everyone!~ In order to save up for the adorable new Eevee Time promotion items, I've got a few small things to sell! It's probably not the best time to post sales since I know everyone is emptying their wallets for said promo, but hopefully you still see something you like!~ ^^

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Thanks for looking and happy collecting!

Huge sales update!!

What's up, guys? I've added tons of plushies to my sales.
Here's a small preview of what I have:

2015-06-06 12.51.23.jpg2015-06-06 12.49.09.jpg
2015-06-06 12.48.15.jpg2015-06-06 12.49.48.jpg
2015-06-06 12.45.37.jpg2015-06-06 12.23.38.jpg
2015-06-06 12.44.38.jpg2015-06-06 12.43.15.jpg
2015-06-06 12.21.57.jpg2015-04-30 17.03.59.jpg
2015-03-27 22.45.56.jpg2015-03-27 12.00.31.jpg

Click the cut below to take a look:

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Domestic shipping in the US starts at $2.70.
International shipping from the US starts at $7.10.

Collection Re-Arrange: Before & After + Lookin For Kids! (Wha?)

So, it's finally happened. Many, if not all of you know what I'm talking about. Even for the lesser-loved Pokemon, it happens.

The day comes, when you need to... re-arrange your pokemon.

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To tie this up- I've got a bit of cash to spare (savin up for a BIG purchase+trip) and I'm looking to get some Vaporeon Kids!

Photo found via Google- will remove if you're the owner and want it taken down!

Specifically, the old Vap kids + the re-releases, and the spinning water attack kid. I don't have enough money to get all of them right now, but if you have two or three, hit me up and I'll buy 'em!

Lastly, I can also trade anything from my sales for Vaporeon stuff, too!

Click the banner above or here to go to my sales!

Thanks for reading- and GOOD LUCK to fellow 'Vee collectiors. We have a lot coming up now. @w@

Eevee Collection

Just picked up the Eevee Collection items and had a look at those necklaces that were on display today. For those who are getting the tshirts and rubber straps, good luck with getting the one you want :) PSA: for every 10,000 yen, you should get a free tote bag and if you buy a Pokemon TCG item, you'll get a Sylveon card per 1000 yen you spend.

Spoils of war/queuing:

As for the necklaces... well yes, they are pretty tiny as many of you guessed :)

So tiny that it was really hard to see the stone on some of them. The most obvious one was Leafeon's emerald but the others were reeeeaaally hard to make out.

I apologize for the quality but my camera really did not want to focus on things that were so small :/ And the display case didn't really help.

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I'm so torn now, because they really are super small. I would guess less than a cm (or 0.4") for the length for the average one.
The new mouse in town!

Searching for stuff!+Tradelist special

This might be an odd request but hey, why not?! You guys are always awesome

Anyway, my brother really like the music theme pokemon (not ones that play music but look like they are playing music like the Meowth playing guitar and the jigglypuff singing) that I got him from purchases here and there. So, I wondered if there is anymore than what I have seen.

I have got him so far: Meowth playing guitar kid figure and the mega beanz jigglypuff.

I know that there is jigglypuff with microphone kid figure and rockstar pikachu that I need to get. Is there anymore?

Now, on to me. XD I am looking for Radiant Collection: Ralts card

 photo RaltsLegendaryTreasuresRC8_zps28rsjwgl.jpg

I already have the English and Japanese version of Kirlia and Gardevoir. So, I am hoping to have a matching set.

Thank you! I got it! ^__^ But please, look at my tradelist. I have plenty of cards to go around. XD

I would prefer trading than outright buying it.

My Tradelist can be found here.

By the way, I am still have my trade one, get another one free card special going on. So, come and trade with me!

Paki Paki Charizard auction

Hi guys how is everyone? I have been doing some weeding lately and I have decided to part with my Paki Paki Charizard plush.   As you can see, he is well loved but still in very good condition for his age. He can still be posed quite easily. I haven't got the room for the guy anymore.

Terms and conditions

I was given sales permission on 16/10/11 By dakajojo

I will not sell to anyone banned from pokemon collecters

All prices are is US dollers- paypal only.

I ship from the UK

I will sell internationally- by normal airmail-please messge me for tracking.

Auction starts at $40 for him and ends on 14th June 2015 at 7pm BST.

The countdown is here:

I have also added a few things to my sales if you are interested.


RSE Hoenn Collection 2 Zukan GA *REMINDER*

This is just the friendly reminder that the RSE Hoenn Collection 2 Zukan GA that tdotakichan and I are running is ending in LESS THAN SIXTEEN (16) HOURS.

The GA ends at Sunday, June 7th at 7:13AM PDT.

Countdown Clock


The Nuzleaf Line has no bids, while the other bids are still at or close to the starting price of $5.

See the Original GA Post HERE for rules and other information.

Check it out! Thanks
Sylveon Pokedoll Pile

~Pokemon Boutique Grand Opening~

I drove over to the grand opening of the Pokemon Boutique that opened up today! I was pumped and ready to make sure I get there at a good time, get the shirts I want and meet the VIP Pikachu!

So I got there at 4pm a whole two hours before the show. It was actually really nice out. I had my DS to make the time go by and it really didn't feel like a two hour wait at all.  At first, the line was really tiny but then as 6pm drew near the line was MASSIVE. JapanLA is located at the corner of the block and the line went all the way down the block and AROUND the corner. I'm so happy to get in so swiftly. Everything just fell into place.

Check out the photos and what I got from the event under the cut!

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Auctions and custom Rotom keychains!

After the sales update from last week, it's auction time for this week ^u^/
I ship from Hong Kong, so shipping+fees starts at around $2.5 for all around the world :D

Auction end at around 3 days later, which is Tuesday/9th of June at 11:00pm (GMT+8) Hong Kong Time. It's around Tuesday morning (11am for GMT-8) in the US timezone.
Sales permission granted by dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011!

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If you're bidding on the items, you can always combine with stuff from my sales too ;)
For those who have brought from the store last week, I'll be shipping the items at the following Monday! owo/

Last but definitely not least, I made some Rotom keychains owo/
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They're available in my storenvy store at $2.5 each, but you can also get them in my sales post directly at $3.6 shipped for one strap! ($2 each before shipping and fees :D) Also if you get a set, you'll only have to pay for 5 of them ;3
ballroom of memories

Pokémon Time sizing info

room pants:
Ladies': waist 68-76cm
Mens': waist 84-94cm

I didn't get these myself, but they feel very lightweight. They also have pockets!

hoodie (parka):
S: ??
M: length 67cm, shoulders the guy at the store told me shoulders, but actually I think it's across the chest at the armpit) 50cm
L: length 70cm, shoulders 53cm (I think)

Basically, these more or less correspond to U.S. women's S/M/L sizes (as they are supposed to be Japanese unisex). They are a little tighter in the hip than a U.S. size would be, though. The wrist is also a little tight. This is a lightweight hoodie with two pockets in the front. There's no drawstring on the hood, but the hood is sewn in such a way that you could easily add a drawstring if you are so inclined and handy with a needle.

mattress sheet: 100cm x 200cm x 25cm
comforter cover: 150cm x 200cm
pillowcase: 43cm x 63cm

These are too precious for life itself, but unfortunately there was no opened package, so I couldn't get a feel for the quality of the fabric.

blind-packaged t-shirts:
chest from armpit to armpit 52cm
length 68cm

Made of soft, soft cotton!