June 8th, 2015

Searching for seller!

I recently received two items: a Lugia pokedoll (which I won in an auction) and a Jirachi pokedoll from the same seller. However, I can't remember who the seller was to leave feedback! XD Normally I keep messages and comments in my inbox until I have left feedback, but LJ has decided to be stupid and it's deleted the messages from that particular seller. So if you were the seller (or know who the seller is) please let me know so I can leave you some feedback! They were also auctioning a Ho-oh, Groudon and Kyogre pokedoll at the same time if that helps?
On another note, I'm also searching for a sales post that I saw a while ago that had a sparkly Suicune kids figure in it. Thanks! :)

new member! hi and vulpix wants :3

Hi :) My name is Shelby Freya, I live in the UK and I stumbled upon the comm after searching the internet for Vulpix figures and toys. I recently finished playing through the games again and well, nostalgia has well and truly hit, haha <3 I don't have a collection to show you right now... I did -just- order a Vaporeon plushie, although after stalking through a few threads I'm thinking she will probably be a bootie. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to it.

I just wanted to ask if anybody has any Vulpix or Ninetales extras they are wanting to sell, or direct me to someone who might be on the comm? I'm really interested in starting my collection ^^ thank you!

A Belated Introduction + Wants!

Hello everyone! I'm Nadoki65 and I joined the community about 6 months ago and I decided it was about time to properly introduce myself. ^^
Also a Parasect? A friend called me a hermit crab the other day since I'm a big introvert (which is a contributting factor to my very belated intro post) and it gave me an idea to make a drawing for this post. XD
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A little bit of everything today

So its a rainy stormy Monday here in Kentucky (BLERGH) So I took the time, worked on my weebly, rearranged my collection, ect.

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So things I am looking for....

I collect Eevee (only Espeon and Umberon, looking for the Leafeon Pokedoll though), Caterpie, Ralts, Ponyta, Goomy, Cottonee, Mawile, Mew, Jirachi.. and now adding to that Fennekin. Reason: She's my favorite starter of all. And my boyfriend collects 3 starters so I figured I'd collect one.

Also always looking for Squirtle, Chimchar, Arceus, Keldeo, Axew, Pidgey for my boyfriend.

check out my weebly.kytnpkmncollector.weebly.com. Has my collection photos on there too in addition to better individualized collection pictures.

by viper_fox

Gets + 2 shelves + Texts finally appearing on my website ^^

Let's start with this picture of my latest gets
Because it's exactly how I feel while I'm trying to write this post %)

They are awesome! Super cute and super soft with amazing poses. Froakie is my favorite starter and probably my favorite plush too but omg! this Fennekin is so adorable <3

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Also, I finally found the courage to write some texts on my website ^^
I postponed it several times because there are so many items, and English is not my native language, so it was a little scary haha
Here are the pages I've done (not so many in fact lol)
Shiny Lottery prizes
Shiny Plushies
Shop Mascots Pikachu plushies
I tried to write more than simply "it's cute" "it's awesome"...(which I always do in my posts xDD).
So I hope they are fine with not too many English mistakes :s

Thank you for reading :)
As for me, I go to bed haha

You can see more pictures on my collection website o/

I also have a Fb page (don't hesitate to like and comment ^^):


USA to UK Middleman wanted.

Hi guys!

I'm in a bit of a pickle - I bid on some auctions online without realising the sellers do not ship to the UK - only to the USA.
If anyone could help me out, I would gladly pay for your time, or send you some new plush or items from my stash.

Ideally I'm looking for someone with experience in sending a high value parcel, with covering insurance. This isn't necessary but preferred.
One of the items isn't Pokemon, but the majority are, if I win.
I may need your help in sending payment to the seller (through Paypal), and will compensate appropriately.

(How're you all doing?) I've been super slow collecting lately, haven't bought much over a few keyrings since January.
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back from vacation gets and sales! and a want

I'm back and with a whole lot of things to show off and some things to sell! Before I went on vacation for a week I got something that I wasn't able to show off until now and I have quite the story to go with it!

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I also got a new addition to my Shiny Latias collection. Can you figure out which one it is?

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I also received two new pokedolls!

I'm so happy to finally own a Shadow Lugia in good condition :) He's almost perfect! Pretty minty for a 2005 doll. Then there's the SB Lapras, she's too cute <3 I can never get her to not face plant though UGH

All my other pokedolls decided to join in, except for Reshiram and White Kyurem. I guess they thought they were too cool!

Also, I lost out on a Slowpoke pokedoll D: I was sniped at the very last minute...I kind of wish I had just BIN'd it but there's nothing I can do about it now ^^; He has basically become a grail now (I have way too many of those) so any help in obtaining one would be great! I'd hate to spend more than $80 on one.

Now onto some sales!
Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
Mah Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pepperzark/
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Request For My New Shop!

Hi guys! Since school is almost over and I'm looking for a new round of orders to work on over the summer (only a few left on here, woo!) I decided to make a store on etsy :)

I'd like to trade sprites for a a custom banner for my shop ^w^ It needs to be 760px by 100px and no larger than 2MB. I'm looking for something simple- a few pokemon playing with beads. I'll get more specific if someone comments. I might be able to pay for one right now, depending on your price. Let me know <3

Here's my shop btw! I'll still be taking orders on here like always to avoid fees and all that.

Oh, and I'm still looking for someone that can laminate this as a bookmark!


To spark up this post a little, I'll just leave two of my favorites pokes.


Thanks :D
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looking for card sleeves

wondering if anyone has some pokemon themed card sleeves for sale ? i recently got in to TCG (weiss schwarz to be exact) and i really want some pokemon card sleeves to go with my cool anime character cards.

i'll be looking at any designs, preferably ones without any text (like the pokemon logo etc). and i really like the pokemon center ones, with full art and stuff as they are quite cool. i need minimum of 50 sleeves, unless you have the new mega tokyo sleeves with the mega charizard, i'm more than happy to take only few of those as i need them for my collection (it has hoothoot on it yay !!).

my favorite designs are the goomy, stunfisk, (mega?) gardevoir and N. but as i said, i'm willing to look at pretty much any other designs too ! i'm gonna have two or three decks so i'm thinking about getting them all unique sleeves.

shipping would be to finland so please be sure you can ship stuff here haha. and reminding; looking for 50 sleeves minimum, unless you're offering the mega tokyo sleeves which i'm willing to buy only a few/the full pack of 24 or so (forgot how many there is in one pack)

also i can't pay till next week when i get my new CC so i can use my moneys from my bank /_/

Quick Trade/Want :D

Edit: I'm still trying to fix this stupid font problem |D Font fixed by playing with the html

I'm looking for a squirtle applause plush :D He doesn't need any tags and can be loved as long as he's in decent condition c:
In return I've got these applause plushies to trade ^w^
(click for bigger) unfortunately none of them have any tags |'D (good job little kid me) All are a little loved but chansey and psyduck are in pretty fantastic condition. Poliwag has signs of his color rubbing off and stuffing hairs coming out. Meowth has a small portion of his bottom left eye cracked.

Let me know if you're interested ^w^ The meowstic button is also for trade :D
If you have a squirtle applause but don't want any of these guys I have plenty of other stuff to trade, so just let me know! <3

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Collection post/Back from a long break

Hi everyone! I'm Sophie, but I doubt many of you remember me...it has been at least a year since I was active here. I had health issues come up both for myself and a family member and have dropped the ball in a lot of things, including my hobbies. I'll reintroduce myself.

I am Sophie, from North Carolina. I am an amination student and part time custom plush maker (I go by sophillia on deviantart). I mainly make MLP, but sometimes I make pokemon too :) I will probably take a few commissions after bronycon.

My favorite pokemon are Whimsicott, Luxray, Leafeon, Noivern, Greninja, and Bulbasaur.

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Hoping to have a few new additions to show soon... Anyway, nice to see you all again. :)


100 Pages of Stickers Later... And Coro Coro Magazine Question

And I still couldn't find this giant sparkly sticker:

Gengar Battle Festa? Sticker

I found this sticker in a lot on a site and I had to go through the trouble of getting a personal middleman to buy it for me. Turns out the seller disappeared on us! Apparently they had this lot crosslisted at other sites, so they probably didn't have any Gengar left and didn't want to deal with explaining that there were no more.

I will give a kidney for this sticker. @_@ I don't have this artwork yet and it appears to be promotional artwork from the Phantom Gate expansion. It's so epic; if anyone has it or sees it, I would be forever thankful if you sold it to me or would inform me about it. I also came across this magazine page:

According to this site, this page is in the September issue of "Monthly Coro". Yeah... but which one?! Is it this one? There's about three different kinds of Coro magazines. Like the "Ichiban Coro" one and "Extras Coro". Ehhh, why so complicated?! If anyone is familiar with this magazine and can tell me if I found the right one that has this Phantom Gate page, again, HIGHLY APPRECIATED. This artwork is glorious. I MUST HAVE IT.

I'm just confused because the September issue I found doesn't show anything about Phantom Gate on the cover. The magazine is out of print now so I don't want to pay a ton and have it be the wrong one.

I'm just looking for one more flat and it's this one:

Picture by Jheila.

Forgot to add this regarding the Sinnoh Marbles GA: I don't have enough mailers to ship the marbles out to everyone but I'm getting some this Thursday when I get paid. I buy bulk mailers and they're a bit pricey upfront but worth it in the long run. I'll have everyone's marbles ready very soon!

Auction reminder!

Just a quick reminder for my auction that's ending within a day ;3c
(Tuesday/9th of June at 11:00pm (GMT+8) Hong Kong Time)
Most of the items are not touched by any bids yet, so good chance to snipe them now on the last day /wait

As always, if you're bidding on the items, you can always combine with stuff from my sales!

On another note, I've went to try out other ecommence places such as Tictail and Etsy and Storenvy:

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tl;dr: No wonder I usually see most people around selling their stuff on Storenvy, it really is the best as long as you don't rely on search engines! 
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Looking for Meowth, Shellder, Porygon, Espeon, & Glaceon items


I am getting more cozy at my job and am in need of some friends to cheer me on at my desk.  :)

Meowth:  I'm looking for the little holographic coin featuring Meowth where he is rubbing his face (one eye closed) and also the little figure of him doing the same thing.

Shellder:  I'm not well-versed in Shellder items, but I like him because he reminds me of my ex so I want to have one around.  :)

Porygon:  I am looking for a good condition Tomy Porygon but will consider any other Porygons including the special colors (I love Porygon!).  Also if anyone (by some miracle) has a Porygon plush for sale, I'm interested to see.

Espeon:  Either plushies or figures, but really looking for the metal keychain (the sitting one).

Glaceon:  Just show me what you have.  :)

I also buy old Pokemon cards, if you have an old collection laying around and want to sell.  Looking mostly for Neo cards, especially Neo revelation.

I'm excited to look at anything so please don't be shy :D

Infested! (Advise?)

So I recently discovered that my collection room (aka Secret Base) has a moderate infestation of carpet beetles. Earlier today while I was admiring and looking around, I discovered a carpet bettle sitting on my Metagross's head X( (I immediately took it off, and luckily no damaged to ShinyGross). I found a few more around my plush that were sitting on the floor, but none around ones sitting in tables and shelves. I've since put the floorbound ones in small bags and inspected them before putting them away.

I eventually found the source when I saw a few crawling out from a closet, and discovered tha they made their home in a cardboard box with utensils wrapped in paper. They were eating away at the paper and found their eggs, larvae, shed skin, ect.

I've never had this problem before, since I vaccum every week. I'm concerned about my collection since they eat paper, fabric, and apohlstry. So has anybody ever had this problem before? If so, what is your advise on the matter? (If this isn't allowed please tell me, although I don't know where to ask for advise on the matter.)

Pokemon - Starters
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Auction end--winners please send me your info! + box claims

Hi all :3c My Minicots and fuzzy figures auction is now over, and now for the aftermath!

This post concerns the following users: peppermmints glitterzookas wowsuchusername blupanther lotad doryphish333 bulbybulbasaur doryphish333 drzoidburger meloman1a dezi_kitsune clicky797 iaibou vaporleon leafyoddish98 wobbuwhit zamakiko vulpeslagopus aki199257 iqream
Spreadsheet detailing winners!

Please reply to this post with your location within the next 36 hours (zip code if USA or Canada, or country name) so I can make your final quote! (I remember selling to many of you before lol but please let me know again just so I can keep this organized, thanks!) If you'd like to combine with stuff from my Sales post, please let me know here as well, i'll be glad to hold if you're ordering! :) clicky797, I'm still waiting on that articuno stamp (maybe this week if I'm lucky, but more likely next week), so your final payment can wait on that as well XD

And also important: Box claims! Recap:

Fuzzy figure BOXES! Each box holds 2 figures, as shown here. For the small fuzzies, since the large ones don't fit obviously. The Pokemon you can put into these boxes are completely interchangeable. I have 8 of the ones that say "Part 1" (I forgot to put 2 in the pic ^^;) and 19 that say "Part 2". Claims on these boxes will be done AFTER THE AUCTION FINISHES, and here's how it'll work:
-You may claim 1 box FREE for every 3 small fuzzy figures you've won
-Any other claims will be $1 each (ex: you won 4 figures and want some boxes, you would be able to claim 1 free box as long as they're available and have the option to claim additional boxes at $1 each)
-Be prepared to pay any additional shipping costs that may be necessary in order to ship the boxes. This is much less of an issue for US shipments because of the flat-rate (As reference, for US shipments, 2 boxes fit comfortably into the starting $5.75 flat-rate, $6 flat-rate can easily fit 4, $10 weighted box can fit all 27 boxes)
-ALL claims including free claims are first come, first serve after the auction is over and I have set up the claims post.
-Each claim is a COMMITMENT. Backing out of the claim after you have made it will result in negative feedback.

Note: bulbybulbasaur and handmadehail may each claim 1 box free!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated! I'm slowwwwwly due for a large room cleaning in the upcoming months so I hope to do an even BIGGER auction next (well, definitely in terms of item size ahhaha). Help me clean out my sales please~

One last thing, thomasvye if you are reading this, I cannot PM or even comment on your LJ to respond to your msg because of your privacy settings set to friends only.. XD