June 9th, 2015

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Super Collection update! + Collection site :) and a little question

I finally got around to taking a full picture of all my plushies. The last time I did this was back in December. I also made a collection site and while it's still under a bit of construction it does have all of my figures and plush documented :D
Please check it out and let me know what you think and how well it works ^-^

Here's a little preview before the organizing happened xD
and after...

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As for my question I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of the Pokemon Time Eeveelution Pajama pants? I'm thinking about getting a pair but I haven't seen any posts of what they look like >w<

Thanks for reading!
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A wild puppy poké apeared! Sales (again), wants, and question

Ok I bit the bullet and I finally broke down and bought this adorable little pokedoll<3

Houndour!! I am so happy to add him to my collection. My current pokedoll wants are complete. o_o Well for myself anyway- I am still seeking a Jiiglypuff doll for a gift.

Together with custom Houdour. The cute is just overflowing <3<3

I also got these two not long ago. I don't really care about US vs JP versions and I didn't want to wait in line and end up not getting Charizard, so I ordered him instead. He's awesome! I got one for my dad too. Lapras is just too cute!!! Even though I don't have room for it at all, I do wish they made a giant version of this plushie. xD

Sales plug! I did lower a lot of prices again, I also grouped most of the used plush/figures into lots. Everything pictured and more!

Wants plug Looking to buy or -willing to trade any sales item, may also be willing to trade duplicate items from my collection (for grail/hard to find items only) such as: Vulpix Hasbro figure, Raichu Pokedoll, Slowpoke Pokedoll, Vulpix line Zukan, DX Tomy Vulpix, Tomy talking Mew plush (only towards Grail) and some other Vulpix and Mew items.

Question: Who else is feeling like it's hard to keep up with all the cute/awesome things coming out lately??? I want everything! But, I can't fit everything in my room, nor afford it all of course. xD

Mega Eevee Claims Update - Wanting to Trade for Flareon Canvas

Hi all! I've added a few things on my Mega Eevee Pokemon Time Claims post, including some sparkly tins, tote bags, and more of the rubber straps (including secret Eevee!) Feel free to add to your existing claims order. :) If you had wanted something that's just become available, I let you know in a comment. In additional, although most of the plush are gone, there are still plenty of figure straps, stickers, and clearfiles available!

Just click on the picture to go to the claims post!


Also: I'm looking to trade my Espeon Canvas plush for a Flareon canvas plush. Mine is in great shape with hang tag, although the hang tag does have some sun/water damage. I'd be looking to trade for a Flareon without a hang tag. If you're interested, let me know!

✿ Sales!! Dice and More!!! ✿

Hello everyone! -u-

I'm just here today with a couple minor sales. I added some really cool mega evolution dice! Along with a few other random items.
I just would like to get everything out of my house so please take it. ;n;

I'm in a bitter mood today for whatever reason. x.x Probably because i've been working so hard on my collection website this past week, and i've been looking forward to today to go outside, and take some more collection photos, and it is cold and cloudy with incoming rain and thunder storms. :c I swear it is nice out every day i am at work, and as soon as i'm off it's just crappy out. I love thunder showers, but not on days when i have outdoor plans with my ziggys and noonys. :c

This linoone's face accurately expresses how i feel about today.

I'll be so excited when the work on my collection site is done. I just have sooooo much stuff, and it's very tiring making individual sections for every item. ;n;

On a lighter note: I have ice cream in the freezer so maybe ill just play with my website, and eat ice cream all day. :3

EDIT: I cleaned up my room, and took a shower, and feel a little more positive about today despite the butts weather! :D
Here is a fun webcam photo of my shiny sweeties, and i! <3

Anyhoo, enough of my babbling! Please check out the sales!
Thank you all for looking~!! <3

Quick "hi" from Japan! :D

Hey comm!
I've been in Tokyo for 6 days now (still have 6 to go), and it's amazing. <3___<3
Sorry in advance if I haven't responded to a message or comment you've sent me, but I've been pretty busy here in Japan. >_<
~I'll get back to you when I'm home, for sure!~
It's only about 6am here, so I'm too tired to do an extensive vlog but I DID visit the Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center yesterday and it was AMAZING!
Exceeded my expectations for sure!!

Also I spent enough to get 20 glittery Sylveon Pokemon center promos so I'll be selling them to the comm for $6.
I'm not home so I can't sell them yet but if anyone's interested I'll be glad to set up a waiting list for when I return home. :D
I'll be selling 16 of these guys with a maximum of 3 per person.
If you're interested just holler!  ^__^ <3

Even though I'm not selling them until I get home here's my sales permission:
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Waitlist for Sylveon promos:

1. lilac_latte
3. chaos_21
4. wobbuwhit
5. eternal_rena
I still have 11 left for sale! :)

Here's a little shot of the haul I ended up getting from there! I MAY go back for a few more items since I am regretting not purchasing a Pikazard plush. ;P

Lapras Secret base plush = soft level = infinate.

OH and lastly, I purchased only 2 blind bagged Pokemon Time tins and got VAPOREON! I was SO shocked since she's my favorite Eeveelu.
I haven't opened the other but watch it be the Eevee/Sylveon *heart explodes with happy*. Haha.

I'll have a video up as well with some fun footage! <3 Thanks for reading guys! ^__^


Umbreon secret strap

Hey guys,

I know this might be a shot in the dark, but I'm trying anyway ;-;

Does anyone out there have the Umbreon secret rubber strap for sale?

I know there's a few on y!j, just wondering if any members here pulled one and want to sell it.

Thanks in advance ^-^
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Collection update, and auction reminder!

Hello! I decided it would probably be a good time to share some of my recent (or not so recent, but never posted...) gets! Including one of my mini-grails! ;^;

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Also, I have some auctions up for sale really great canine Pokemon merch! Check it out! Clear kid figures, DX Tomy, and a bunch of other fun stuff! :)


Click this link to be transported to the auctions!

Looking for ILE Swing Plush + Updated Sales!

Now that I ordered my Pokemon Time eeveelu stuff, I can move on to trying to find the I Love Eevee swing plush! I still need all of them, so I'm hoping to buy as many as I can from one seller to save on shipping (to 48331).

Also, I'm not sure if people saw, but I added more things to my sales, including eeveelution sequin charms, jolteon and flareon bags, eevee 3DS goods, and more! Come check it out if you want!

Thanks for looking!
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Looking for Hiroshima Pokemon Center Pikachu Plush + Umbreon Pokemon Time Keychain Plush

Hi all,

I haven't been very active in the community for a long time but I did notice that a lot of merch has been released/are going to be released!

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can pre-order the Red or Blue Gyarados Hiroshima Pokemon Center plush? I'm also looking for the Umbreon Pokemon Time keychain plush. I think those were released recently. It would be great if I could order both from the same place (saves on shipping) but obviously if the total price for both is less at two different places, that'd be my priority! I'm located in Canada but I also have an address in the USA.

Sorry for sounding so vague but I randomly see pictures on tumblr and I can't seem to find the images again.

Thanks in advance!

First Community Purchase + TCG Gets

This week i have finally recieved some packages i was waiting for. Among these ther's my first comm purchase, a MPC Vaporeon from whitekyurem! It's soo cute i love it!

Next we have the 122XY-P Rayquaza cards kindly redeemed by chocolate_chip. Big up to you! :D

Lastly my latest TCG gets!
I got a XYC half deck and some spare cards.
I think this is pretty awesome: the package is big, and features alternative regular arts and full art cards of Xerneas and Yveltal, an half deck, a deck box, cards sleeves, damage counters, a poster and a flip coin.
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From left to right: BW2 Fullart Victini, 001XY-P Pikachu, 002XY-P Raichu, 102XY-P MegaMetagross, 101XY-P Metagross, 103XY-P Torchic

LJ Latias Icon

Gets! And forgotten things ^^;

Hi! Just received my package from the Pokémon Center site~ It came faster than I expected, so I'm pretty excited!

However before I get to that, I forgot a few items from my collection post I made last week (I knew I was forgetting something! ;v; ) So I'll post those first!

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And now onto the gets!

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Sales updated and PokeTime gets!

 Hi guys! I got a few packages today so I have a few gets and updated sales! I have new mega bloks (the GA hasn't arrived yet but I hope they do it soon, don't worry about it!), a few extra plushies, amadas and kids!! Please, take a look :) You can click HERE or on the post to see it


There are my gets! More PokeTime stuff, my sant valentines politoed from piplup, an amada, an old Growlithe with different colour and One Piece too xD Those tins are MIP! I opened them and they even have the candy!!! Do you think are they still edible? My boyfriend wants to eat them xDDD You can see a few photos under the cut of this tins with my older ones (for kirsty ) and a shoot with the Squirtle strap of the pen and the Charmander strap, they are the same size :O

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And that was all! I expect some packages more this week, we'll see! :3 I have been lucky with some grails/huge gets this week, but I'malways looking for these and PokeTime! Let me know ^^
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Pokemon Movie Goods Gets!

I promised a collection update but I want to wait just a liiiitle longer so I have time to put up my new Morty/Haunter perler sprites. I'll probably have a complete update next week but I received my package from Y!J so I'll share with you some of my latest gets. (Some are from earlier purchases as well.)

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With new gets means new extra stuff so here's a preview of upcoming sales!

There's especially a lot of awesome Pokemon movie promotion goodies in there (I have stuff from movies 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 at least), but I'll have to sort them out later. If you want me to tag you when I update my sales post or put them up on auction, let me know! In the meantime, you might find something interesting in my current permanent sales post. Click the banner to be redirected. ^^
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June Cut-Paper Commissions!

Hello everyone, I hope everyone's collecting is going splendidly! It's been a while since I made a commissions post, and I've got some extra time on my hands with school being over now, so I thought I'd make another commissions post to try and earn a little extra money for my own collecting :)

So for those of you that don't already know (or forgot, I don't know), I make cut-paper artworks as a little hobby of mine. You can see some of the pokemon ones I've done in the past (click to enlarge):

no title no title

If you're interested in seeing some non-pokemon examples of work I've done, you can see some of them here: http://theotherpromise13.tumblr.com/post/115218073163 For the purposes of this community though, I will only be doing Pokemon commissions on this post. If you are interested in something else, you can always PM me with your idea.

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quick wants

Hello! Does anyone have any items from the 2015 Pokemon With You "Melody of Hope" promo for sale? I'm especially looking for the plush keychain (I'd like to hang it in my car xO), but I also want the clearfile and drawstring bag. I wouldn't mind other things, though!

I know eBay has them, but I wanted to check here first.

Aaand have a little sales plug here. I'm planning on shipping orders this Friday, so if you buy something by then, I can ship out pretty quick!
Thanks, everyone. My next post will be more exciting, haha (a long-wanted grail get!)~ +u+

FedEx shipping from FJ

Hello I have a question.

Has anyone ever shipped stuff from FJ using fedex? Is the only option im being given and its a lot /:

It's for a huge pikachu plush.

I got the option that says priority and then economy.

My question is... How long does each usually take if anyone knows?? Any help would be appreciated ^^

Also what does it mean I might get charge custom fees? I'm worried!
I always use EMS so this is all new to me );

Gets and things to trade!

It's been a while since I've done a gets post because I only get UK sellers to send stuff to my uni address, but I've just received a few items, a lot of which I'm putting up for trade! :)

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This is my first trade post so please let me know if I forgot to include anything haha! XD Also if anyone has any information about what the flats actually are that would be great too! :) Thanks! :)