June 10th, 2015

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Collection Update and Weeding Sales!

Hello! It's been a while since I posted a new entry, so I figured I would showcase a few of the new things I got in the mail. I have waaaaay too many new things to make a proper collection post right at the moment. I like to do collection photos outside, so I'll have to figure something out for next time. ^^;

Anyway, I have acquired all of the Pokemon amiibo released so far! It involved camping online (and in front of stores), but I was able to add Greninja and Jigglypuff to my group. So far, the most difficult to obtain for me was Lucario, as I never saw that amiibo in a store and had to use other methods to obtain it. Froakie is my favorite starter line, and Greninja always has cool poses!

I recently completed my Pikazard collection by getting the mascot and smiling Pikazard! My friend (that I have known since age 6) asked me about Pikazards a few months back, so I ordered her a roaring Pikazard (far right) to match mine. I took this family photo before sending it to her. :D
As you can see, I love Pikazards. The mega-sized one on the left came from chocolate_chip and still has the cardboard she put around its tag, haha. (It will stay that way until Mega Pikazard leaves the chair it sits in currently! chocolate_chip really picked out a nice one for me.) However, I purchased two mega-size Pikazards and I just don't have the space for both of them. So, it's time to say goodbye to the second one! Pikazard no.2 came from Pokemon Center Sapporo and is looking for a new home.

The items pictured in this sales banner are up for grabs, along with some other items! (Mostly duplicates from my collection.)

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Also, I have an Instagram account and I sometimes post images of my collection there. There's a close-up of the handmade Pokemon Time Teddiursa plush that chocolate_chip picked up for me about two months ago. It's probably the most adorable thing I own at the moment. (She was right about it being super cute.) I also have photos of my recently-acquired 30cm Substitute plush and the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo music box!

I still think the photos I take outside are better, so we'll see what I take next! I hope I have time to do a really cool photo set soon.

Two Of A Kind Auction Reminder

Bidding on this auction has officially ended. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Hi Everyone! :D
Just wanted to remind you all that my Two of a Kind Auction will be ending tomorrow, so if there is anything you'd like to bid on (or buy), there is still some time to do so. :)

You can click on the banner to go to the original post or click here.

For your reference, here is a list of the items available:
1. DX Palkia and DX Dialga Pokedoll Set
2. US Reshiram and Zekrom Oversized Pokedoll Set
3. Japanese Darkrai and Cresselia Pokedoll Set
4. Mega Tokyo Angry and Smiling Pikazard Plush Set
5. Japanese Pokemon Center Xerneas and Yveltal Plush Set
6. Banpresto UFO Catcher Nidoran Male and Female Plush Set
7. Japanese My Dearest Pikachu Pair Keychain Plush Set

*Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014.
*My pkmncollectors community feedback can be found here.

Thank you and please give these guys a home! :3

First anniversary & reintroduction

Today is a special day: It's my first anniversary here! And what a year it has been. My collection has grown so much, thanks to this lovely community!

For those of you who don't know me, I'm a German colelctor who is crazy for dragons.
My main collections are Salamence and Rayquaza (I can't decide which one I prefer!).
I also love Charizard, Noibat/Noivern, Flygon, Tyrant/Tyruntrum, ... Of course I can't collect all of these actively.

Besides dragons, I love rodents - probably because of my gerbils XD Rattata and Raticate are my other main collection. I also really adore Pikachu, Raichu and Mew that are some side collections of mine.

And I have soft spot for eeveelutions, Absol and Metagross :D
What else? I'm a huge fan of How to train your dragon. And I'm a shiny hunter in the games. That's why I'd like to try to add more shiny merchandise to my collection in the future ^^

Since my last collection update wasn't so long ago, I'll only show you some of my recent gets.

I found this tin at a fleamarket for 50ct. ^^ It says 2007 World Championships Decks Ex Emerald and features gorgeous art of Rayquaza, Milotic and Manectric. Does anybody know more about it? Was it a special prize or something? I couldn't find any information on it, so I assume you couldn't just buy it in the shops?

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Have a good week, everyone!
Swee and Chika

Gets and 1 Year Anniversary Collection Update!

So it has been 1 whole year since I joined this wonderful community late last May. And boy has my collection expanded and changed! So first I'll show you my most recent gets, and if you would like to take a tour of my whole collection, you can stay with me :D But know, that cut is suuuuuper image heavy :o There is also a comparison shot of 2008 and 2009 Vaporeon pokedolls if anyone is interested in that sort of thing :P

Ahh so many cute gets! First off, finally my starter pokedoll collection is complete now! I was waiting for the PC to re-release pokedolls of the Hoenn Starters with ORAS, but that never happened, and being the impatient collector that I am, I bought some of the older ones. Treecko was a lucky community purchase and Mudkip and Torchic are both 10th Anniversary pokedolls from Y!J. Zoroark and Buizel are both from the lovely dezi_kitsune. And Buizel is super special because it is only the second velboa pokedoll I have. Before, I was dead set on not having any velboa pokedolls aside from the necessary Mew, but Buizel won over my heart with its huge cute eyes and chubby little body <3
And now, amiibos
So I've pretty much been only collecting the Pokemon and LoZ amiibos with a few exceptions, and these babies finally arrived! Charizard is my trophy from the in-store preorder GameStop debacle months ago and Jiggly and Ninja were lucky amazon.de preorders. So glad everyone arrived alright :D
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And lastly, I still have some cool stuff for sale over on my journal!

Pokedoll Merch Question & Reminders

Hello again community! I recently bought this strap from ebay. It is honestly the cutest thing ever, and I was wondering if there were more like it. It's from 2005, which I believe is right around the time all of the PokePark merch came out. Not sure if it's related to that at all, but I don't think the pokedoll came out in the same year.

At any rate, here's the seller's photo of the strap:
jirachi strap.JPG


My auction for my absol glass tile ends tomorrow at 10:30PM Central time. Currently has no bids. Here's the picture again (click the photo or link to go!).


June commissions are also open! You can comment or bid for either here.

Quick want

Hi all, I am currently looking for a couple of items. Cyndaquil with you pokemon badge and pokemomo lucario mascot. Both are from year 2013. Does any of you know where I could get them? Thank you in advance.

title or description

Pictures are from google image search if they are your photos and you want me to take them down please let me know.

Some new friends!

Pokemon friends plush that is...many of them!
They arrived today in a big ol' box. These are the first friends plush I've had, and they are, in a word, adorable.

This lot I got from ebay- there's 18 in total, a mix of very accurate ones, like the snubbull, and detailed ones, like the wartortle (the stitching on the shell!) and then there's a few that are so derpy- which I absolutely love, that look in the late 90s when some of the patterns just came out sort of...lopsided, off-colour. Like this eevee- it's sort of orange, and has fur on the head, as if the makers couldn't tell whether it was going to be an eevee or a flareon. Caught halfway through evolving I guess!

Hope you all have a good day ^-^

Hello all such a long time being away ;-;

WOW! it's been forever! or at least it feels like forever to me, anyways if you guys don't remember me i'm the crazy girl who was planning her Pokemon themed wedding! so i was away from quite some time

I bring awesome news! I finally got married ^_^!!! June 6 with my amazing man <3 it was a very beautiful wedding wish i could live it over and over again.

anyways here's some pictures Sorry the pictures will be huge D: so click the link!

[pokemon wedding (click to open)]

This is my bouquet! :D it was so beautiful!! <3

My Garter that was made by my amazing friend who also put a eevee charm on there :3

This is my ringbear!!! :D he dressed up as Ash and the flower girl wore a tutu pikachu dress they were so cutee!

This is the table that had all the perler beads of pokemon on it :3 and i made it look like wild grass we made 250 of these they all have magnets on the back (i have alot left over)

just a close up of the perler beads :3

my amazing friend joel drew and painted this for my wedding :3 i love it so much!!

This is what our table looked like it was different from all the rest :3 and Yes these plushie are booties, come on would you really use your collection for this? i would worry too much about them getting stained if it was my real collection ;_;

This is what all my tables looked like all different types of pokemon with figures in the vase, again yes these are booties over 10 people took vases home (just think if that was your collection you would cry)

My favorite part! Our lovely cake <3 not only did it look good it taste good :3! The ash and misty are real the pokemon are not!

This art was amazing draw by my friend joel this is the art work we used for our wedding programs (i would stop you that but that has our last name on it) And please, do not take this art ._.

Last but not least! My husband and i <3 ^_^ we had such a wonderful wedding and the weather was fantastic
I been planning our wedding for over a year! so i'm glad that everything turned out really cute and not too kidish
alot of people said it was there favorite wedding :D im so happy my husband and i got to do something we really love alot even though his parents question our wedding we all had a wonderful time and i will always remember our wedding ^_^

Ps. My 3 year anniversary is coming up July 6 I need to get my husband an amazing blastoise figure or plush please let me know if you have any you are selling!

Gardevoir sales!

Hey all! Someday I'll have a gets update, for real. But today I've decided to discontinue my Gardevoir collection.

First up is my custom Usako-chan Gardevoir pokedoll. I hate to let her go, but it's hard to justify for a side collection.


I'm asking $200 OBO, which is $50 less than I paid. I'm also very open to payment plans and offers, please just ask! Detailed pictures under the cut! ON PAYMENT PLAN

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Next is my Gardevoir MPC, MWT $16 :)


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Thanks for looking!
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4 years of collecting

Hey everyone! tomorrow is my 4 year collecting anniversary! Since i'll be on vacation for a few days I'd thought I'd do a whole update today, especially since i upgraded my shelves on monday.

To start off -
I'm known as Herar by everyone; friend, customer, and stranger. I'm 23 years old and I live in Michigan. I'm also a textile artist and I probably spend all of my money on my collection.
I started out collecting Drifloon and a lot of other pokemon, and honestly i've collected and sold so many different collections I can't really name all of them. But there's always been my #1: Groudon. Hoenn has always had a special place in my heart so it was pretty easy to figure out that I wanted to collect him once I got into the community a bit.
As of now, these are the pokemon I also collect: Quilladin, Chesnaught, Meloetta (Pirouette/Step), Vanillite, Vanillish, Vanilluxe, Klefki, Groudon (Normal + Primal). I also collect Pokedoll figures and special edition Pikachu plush!

Without further ado...My collection!

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okay, i think that's all for today! thank you for looking and thanks so much for being such an awesome community! I hope to be here for more years to come!

June Update!

Hey guys! Home from school (finally) so figured I'd do a quick update. This is mostly my Natu/Xatu Collection, then just my overall collection.

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Full collection! Well, most of it, have another shelf to the side where my birdies are and my Mews and Pikas are, but its looking rough lol

Pokedoll want list is pretty short now... my mini grail is the Smoochum Pokedoll... which I know Ill probably never own but one can dream lol. Others are Magikarp, Noctowl, Houndour, and Corphish.

Also my food collection:

Have a bunch of stuff not pictured like gummy wrappers and a super cool Popsicle wall cling. I also have two Wonderballs, but only one made it for the pic (was still in process of unpacking my collection lol) Really want the waffle box.

Thanks for viewing :D

Who needs sleep? Not me

Hey all! I'm going to use today as my first or second June perler sprite post, can't remember right this second xD Anyway, I thought I'd start off June with a fun game. I added it in a few days after my store launch post, so I don't know if anyone has seen it yet.

Here's the game:

Fill out this form and I'll make you a pokemon that in my opinion reflects you as a person. This is for fun- please do not complain if the pokemon isn't one you like. An explanation card will be included. The pokemon you receive in the mail will be a complete surprise, but that's what makes it fun :D I will make mega evolutions and shinies on occasion too ;) Not including shipping, it's only one dollar to play~


Favorite season:
Favorite color:
Favorite animal:
Favorite school subject:

3 positive personality traits:
3 negative personality traits:

Outside or Indoors:
City or Country:
Ocean or Forest:

Dream place to live:
Worst fear:
A few hobbies:


Link on etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/236422418/perler-bead-sprite-game?ref=shop_home_active_11

***You can commission here or on etsy, but if you have no preference it would be nice to get some sales in my store ^w^

Other perler sprite info/commissions here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/19222820.html

Btw, if you're waiting on a response, picture, or update from me, I'll get back to you tomorrow. Another super busy week, sorry ;w;

And lastly, here is an update with my Houndoom line plush :)

Edit: One more thing, all sprites will be made this weekend. I'm also going to be shipped out two giveaway orders next week :)
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