June 11th, 2015

Special Pikachu Tail Charm Wanted

Hello everyone. I'm using my girlfriend's account because I don't have my own for this post. I bought these tails years ago and they're really special to me. I gave one to my girlfriend and I kept the other. Unfortunately I had the tail attached to my 3DS which was recently stolen and losing the tail is what upset me the most. So I know it's a long shot but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to sell one here, whether it be the single tail or the pack together. I know they made different versions but the one in the picture below is the one I want specifcally.

My email is mgraiden@gmail.com if anyone can help me out, please and thank you in advance.

Pkmn Time Eevee blanket

Interested in the Pokemon Time Blanket - if anyone has one they're looking to sell or would be willing to do a pick up let me know a price, as well as what you'd charge for shipping to the California. I'm pretty open on pricing


Hi all,

I've been semi-absent recently, my new job has taken over my life somewhat :( But I remember seeing a post a week or so ago about a TCG box involing full arts of the Pika-karp or something... I'm really unsure, but I remember loving the FA cards.

I haven't seen them up for sale anywhere yet, does anyone have them listed? And would anyone wanna split a box? I really only want the FA cards so I'll just have to try sell the rest D:
Old Friends

Looking for some wants!

Soo...I have a new line to collect now. WEEDLES!!! <3 I already brought a few things here and there. I would like to see if you guys have any interesting weedle items in your sales. So, I am eager to see what else is out there. I also looking for the Jigglypuff with the microphone kid figure and Meloetta kid figure for my brother. So, bring on the sales!!!

My little card special is still going on here.

Two grails accomplished!

So thanks to dark_tyranitar for paying attention to my wants list, I finally got my ultimate grail, the Heartland Zard!

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For those who don't know, I collect all the Kanto starters, as well as Red and Blue (or the anime equivalents Ash and Gary). I also have a side collection of the Treecko line and Brendan, and some Snorlaxes. While I still don't have all the official plush of all the Kanto starters (besides mirages, still missing the plushplush, a couple bell plush, and some other random little ones here and there), now that I have the Heartland Charizard, I'm at a point where I am definitely content with my collection the way it is. It was definitely THE grail. I won't have a full collection update yet (still need to sort things out), but once I organize some stuff I'll take a picture. :)

Thanks for looking! Keep believing in your grails!
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Auctions ending tonight! And looking for Lillipup line items!

Hello, everyone! My dog Pokemon auctions are ending TONIGHT!

Click here to bid on some cool things!

Also, I'm always on the look up for Lillipup line things!

My most wanted items are the AEON/AR Badges that have Lillipup and Herdier on them. I'm posting a pic of my Stoutland one as a reference.


I'm also looking for any Lillipup line items I do not have. Flats, ads, plush (only need the Tomy Lillipup), figures (GRAIL is the proto for the Jakks Lillipup that I know has to exist...)

Links are here to my website! Lillipup Herdier Stoutland

Thanks in advance!

Few new items and questions.^^

 Good evening everyone! Decided to add a few things to my sales post, so take a look if you're interested. :) As always open to haggling if any pricing feels unfair. Just stay reasonable. :)

(Click above to be teleported to the latest sales)

Now that that's out of the way, onto my actual question!
In light of the recent PokeTime promotion I was wondering what you guys think of blind packaged things? Japanese people seem to love them, but I'm not so sure what to think of those myself. :/ On the one hand having a surprise is usually a nice thing, but the T-Shirts seemed a bit overboard. xD The rubber straps make sense but it was the first time ever I saw clothes blind packaged. Was lucky enough to have a friend get a few ones and open them so I could get the one I wanted (yay Espeon! :3).

As for my other question. What's your experience with cleaning dust off of plushies? All of my collection that didnt fit into display cases is wrapped in transparent gift foil, but sometimes I get the idea to take it off so I can look at em better. XD But I'm deadly afraid of them getting really dusty. Does the fabric get worse in quality if you dust em with a textile brush? Any help would be greatly appreciated.^^
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Lots of 'Cunes! - Some Wants

Oh boy has it been a while since I've updated. Be warned.. a LOT of pictures incoming.

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With all those gets, I haven't updated my collections in a while! Oh boy has my Suicune shelf become packed. I'm beginning to stack them in any way I can. I really need some more room in my room. If only the boyfriend would get his cold feet moving finding a place!
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Onto the WANTS!

Because I totally missed out on all the I<3Eevee and new EeveeTime stuff, and I'm pretty comfortable with my Suicune collection, I think I can finally move on to focusing a lot more on one of my other collections. With that being said,  I'm looking for:

<- Glaceon as well.. can't find a picture.

I'm hoping to get them at reasonable prices, otherwise I'm just going to fork out the money PokeVault wants for them... well everything but the last two as Glaceon is sold out and Vaporeon is 40$. The keychains are 15$ each on PokeVault, so I'm aiming for 10$ish? The Plush are 20$ each, so aiming around 15$? If those prices are reasonable. If not, just give me what you want for them.

I'm also wanting to balance my Vaporeon/Glaceon collection as well so I'm also looking for:
Vaporeon Pita Poke
Vaporeon Eevee Ippai Figure (Sitting Smile)
Glaceon Friends Figure
Glaceon Mascot Keychain Plush

Not for balancing, but still high on wants list for Glaceon/Vaporeon.
Glaceon Kurroto Manmaru*
Vaporeon Kurroto Manmaru*
*Spelling is probably off*
Vaporeon Kyun
Glaceon Kyun

I, of course, wouldn't turn down any Suicune items I don't currently have. My wants list needs a major update, but here is the Suicune Wish List.
fab, fabliau, fleischauer

Eevee pillow want

I accidentally started making my bed eevee themed as a bought the eevee time summer blanket and sheet set, so I thought it would be appropriate to add this to my bed. More under the cut.Collapse )

I honestly don't know how much this is worth. Its price will depend on whether or not I will buy now or at all really. Thanks for the help!

Gen 3 Retsuden Stamp Blind Packs - Livestream

Hello everyone! This morning I got a package from FJ, which contained 18 sealed packages of RSE retsuden stamps! I've been dying to open these all day but I really wanted to wait so I could do a livestream. I know it's late but I thought it might be fun, so please do pop in if you'd like!

The livestream (err, YouNow) will begin at 11:30 PM PST (about 17 minutes from now). Here is the link: http://t.co/au1DOaTZ5Y
There will be sound if you want to hear me narrate lol but feel free to mute as well.
Done! Haha sorry if I wasn't very entertaining, I felt a little stage fright all of the sudden!

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Looking back on stalkingsuicune's first retusden lot, I got the EXACT same pulls as her, and all my stamps are #1-18. Errrm, coincidence? Apparently not - I stalked suicune's post a little more and salamence646 commented with: "Typically, Ensky will fill a box with one half of a set - either the first half, or the second half. That means that no matter what, you're going to get 1-18 or 19-36, or however else the half line falls." So in other words my hopes were doomed from the first pull! Ah well.

Thanks for watching guys!!