June 13th, 2015

"Ekans See Clearly Now!" Huge Lot Of Kanto Clear Kids Up For OFFERS!!

Hello comm! Hope you're all doing good =)

So...yesterday was an exciting day! Mr.Parcelforce came to me with a rather big box of goodies from Y!J and out of it, I got -many- new gets which I will show you all once they've -all- been accounted for. Just waiting for a couple more things =P But among them was this...

Look familiar? Yup, you may recall I had a very brief post where I was looking for a co-host to GA this lot a couple of weeks back. Needless to say...I chickened out with it being my first time hosting a GA and I was so worried about getting it all wrong ^^; Me and maths? Never a good marriage. So that should have been the end of that. Until my boyfriend came up with the idea of us splitting the costs between each other and just buying the entire lot outright! Geeeenius! So we bid and of course won the lot after a little tussle with another middleman service bidder ^^;

Now they're all here and we've claimed the figures we wanted from the lot...the rest I have decided to put up to you guys for offers before I add them to my Sales post!

Why? I all too often see clear kid figures being people's grails in their wants posts and rather than letting them go to whoever commits first as I would in my sales, I'd like to give everyone a chance at naming their price and hopefully give them more of a chance at getting figures they perhaps have been looking for for quite some time! So...if you know anyone who may be looking for one of these figures, tag them! =D

Without further ado! Lets click the cut!

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ALL threads are up including the thread for the entire lot which is at the end! Best of luck! =D

Kura pokedoll

Eeveeloution Dot Sprite Charms for Sale! + Buttons added to sales post

I have decided that I don't really want these anymore so I am trying to sell them. I have Vaporeon as well but for some reason I can't seem to find it,hence I can't offer it for sale at this time.

These do not include their packaging but are free from damage and have never been used. I am asking $8 each + shipping.
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Shipping in the US will be *$2.25 while international shipping will be around $4.45. You can see my info as well as my other items for sale in my regular sales post.

(US Buyers: If you are okay with the usage of stamps,shipping will be only $1.25)

I have added these buttons to my sales post too!:


Retsuden Stamp Auctions (Flygon, Hoenn Starters, etc.) + Updated Sales

Hey guys - the retsuden stampers I opened the other night are now available to the comm. Some can be bought in my sales post here, which has also been updated with a few other things, and the rest will be up for auction on this post.

I was originally going to keep Flygon, but have decided to auction him off as well. I'm sure others here will appreciate him more, especially considering I just use stamps to decorate packages. :P

Note: I might not be around for all of today; I will get back to all sales inquiries tonight at the latest :)

Sales Preview + Link

And now, onto the auctions!

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Please let me know if you have any questions or comments c:
Thank you!
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Some wants.. happy weekend!

I'm trying to keep an eye out for these. Has anyone seen any or do you maybe have some you'd part with? :)

They're all by Poke Box.

Thanks in advance!

Also happy Saturday! I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!

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I'm also looking for some cute roundish Cleffa plush and kid divs. Please let me know what you've got. Thank yew!! ♡

Im Back!/Collection Update/Wants

Hey there! My name is Zam and I am an avid Cubone collector. I'm currently going to University to study Japanese language, as well as music.

I was active-ish here about 6 months ago before i was completely wiped out by my second semester. But I'm back now! And with a collection update to boot. These guys have actually been packed away for a while since I moved around christmas, but they are glad to be out in the air again.

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And of course, whats a post without a list of things that I really want but dont have the budget for! (In actuality I don't  have that much to spend currently, but if you have any of these, let me know and I will totally be interested in it once I start getting paychecks again.)
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And to make it fun, a question for you guys!
what is your favorite piece in your collection right now?
Hello There

June Commissions

Hi Everyone!
It’s been a while since I’ve opened for commissions and I have made a few changes to my commissioning rules and guidelines so please give them a read through
The most notable changes are that I will no longer make plush out of felt and will only offer simplified styled plush on an annual basis or for trades. This is because I am really trying to move away from cheaper materials and focus on making plush out of higher quality stuff like fleece and minky.

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Want to see some examples of my various styles? Check the pics and descriptions below
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If you have any questions please feel free to ask! C:
Thanks everyone!

Plush Slot 1 absol - Fleece sitting Mightyena FInished!
Plush Slot 2 clicky797 - Chubby minky Articuno Finished!

trading with aki199257 Big Simplified (fleece) Poochyena Finished , Big Simplified Fleece Dragonite Finished

~both slots are full thanks everyone!~

Gets, Partial Collection Updates annnd Updated Wants List!

Hello all! So today I got some really exciting gets in from YJ! And seeing as it's me, you already know they are metal figures!

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Partial Collection update.. i got 2 new metal Mew's in so I figured i'd get a picture of my growing metal Mew army!

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Last but not least, my updated wants list.. I still want allllll the metal figures in alllll the colors so im interested in any metal figs you have (for the right price) but here are the Gen 1 figures I dont have ANY of yet

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I also have very few from the later gens so any you have i'd be interested in.. these are all of the other gens I KNOW exist that i still need..
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Hi everyone! With the awesome Pokemon Time Eeveelution promo released, I figured I might as well splurge and buy everything Vaporeon related. What a way to spark my interest in collecting again, huh! Anyways, here are some awesome and semi rare goods for sale. Help my Vaporeon addiction! =P

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Gets and some Wants!

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having or had a wonderful day today! I just wanted to show a few gets from the past few weeks, and a tiny wants list.
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Thank you for reading and I'll see you all next time! Also here's a quick picture of my Cofagrigus MPC because I love it so much!

Will I ever see them again? :(

Some of you may remember a post I made last week about needing a middleman to bid on some Articuno items for me on Y!J as the seller did not sell to deputy sites. I managed to find one and was absolutely thrilled, as no one else had placed bids on these items when they were first listed. So I patiently waited for the second listing to end, checking every day to make sure my middleman's bid was the top (and only!) one. Ten minutes to go, and I was sure that the items would be mine. Then the other bidder came in... I really hate the auto extension on Y!J XD It's never worked in my favour! :( Sadly, as I had not foreseen competition, I did not tell my middleman how high I was willing for them to go. So I ended up losing both items to the same bidder! :( But I'm not here to complain or ask if anyone else has one for sale (though if you do I wouldn't say no! XD)! I was just wondering if anyone has seen either of these items for sale before in the past, so I can get an idea of how long it'll be before I see them again! :) Here are the items! :)

This is the seller's image. It looks like an Articuno glass, probably released for the second movie.

And the very rare Articuno wind chime! Sigh... so close... :(
So calling all Articuno experts! :) Just how rare are these things? Will I ever see them again? And how much should I expect to pay if I do? Thanks for your help! :) Feel free to vent about your own Y!J and eBay losses in the comments haha! XD