June 15th, 2015


amazon seller..?

I'm not sure if this kind of post is allowed but I couldn't find the info on the post containing bootleg amazon sellers & the legitimate ones, so...

Does anyone know if this seller is trustworthy?

The price for the hard rock cosplay pikachu seemed pretty cheap and with free shipping but it seemed a bit too good to be true...
The store name is just "life japan I will ship from Japan. We have 10000 traded in Japan" and that's all they talk about in their about page and disclaimers etc.

There's also 2 listings for the Santa Pikachu (2014) but they both have different prices?

i dont know what to tag this post as


PokemonTrader:// Re-Intro + Collection!

Hello Community Members!

I hope you are all having a fabulous Monday!

After getting this new fabulous icon I commissioned, it was time to finally update my collections, show you all what I collect and do a re-introduction into the community. I've been putting off this post for a week (as some of you from twitter know!) but here it finally is!

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I think I'm in love! :)

I was looking around for a very cute custom shiny lapras plush and I was able to find one. It's not an exact replica but it's a MOCHIMON which I guess is a replica of Japanese mochi snacks but in Pokemon form! She is so super soft and adorable so I wanted to share her with you guys. The price was very affordable which I enjoyed very much! Here she is! Enjoy! ^.^


Rayquaza Pokedoll help

Hello pkmncollectors! As a summer project, I decided to repair an old Rayquaza Pokedoll that I has since childhood.

However, it's taken quite a beating through the years (Not pictured: stuffing leaking and a few seams on their last legs. I was not a gentle child).

My question is, does anyone have a Rayquaza Pokedoll they'd be willing to take pictures of? Specifically, I would love to see photos of where the tail is joined to the body so that I can get Rayquaza back into proper shape! Thanks!
my pumpkin

Gets and full collection!

Hey all :) Being home I decided to show y'all my full collection and also their setup :) And some new gets! So here ya go! (Lots o' pictures!)

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And before I go, a question for some of y'all! Any of you guys torn about collecting or starting to collect a certain Pokémon? I catch myself feeling that way sometimes, cause there's just so many!!

I hope y'all enjoy your days! Bye bye :)
Bellossom Lotad & Skitty

Gets and such . ~

Hello, community!

I've gathered together as much of this past month's gets together and decided to share them with you. c:

Here's a small preview of my gets under the cut. :D

Please note that there are quite a few photos under the cut! Not too many, but there are a handful. ^^

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You can view my just updated collection site here: synysterxskittles.weebly.com
You can use the sprites along the top of each page to navigate between the Pokémon. c:

I'm curious as to how other members set up their collection sites. :o
Drop links to them in the comments if you'd like! :D I'd love to go through them. ~

Why can't I hold all these Lucarios and red birbs?!

Hello everyone! It's been a long while since I posted an entry on the comm - almost two months, again (it just keeps happening ;_; ). It's been more than a year since I joined PKMN Collectors and while I wanted to make a before/after comparison post, I have a few things on their way home so I'm going to wait until my next post so that I can re-introduce myself and post my collection progress properly.

I got lots of things since last time - my Lucario plush collection has grown exponentially, and I managed to cross a few things here and there from my wants list thanks to fellow community members! So without much ado, here's Fukutomi welcoming you into my gets post, June 2015 edition:

Pika ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)
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And to finish this (un)expectedly long gets post, a group shot of the cuties I got today in the mail. I've wanted that Tropius plush for a long time since it's a Pokémon I really love and who should have more merch. I also got the Lucario mini PokéDoll and Riolu TOMY plush in a lot together with the Petit eons, which are going to follow me around in my bag from now on <3 As for the figures, I got the TOMY Milotic and Sceptile and the Choco Ball Chespin and Yveltal. They're all very well detailed considering their size!

I plan to clean and shorten my sales post a bit since it's becoming a bit crowded, however I just updated it with some UFO/MPC plushies, Choco Ball figures, and Black/White trainer merch. And of course, the usual flats and figures are still there! Click on my banner to enter the post:


That is all, thank you for reading and I hope you have a great week!!

Offers Reminder: Custom Sculpture Commission Slot! =)

Hello all!

Just a quick reminder that I'm still taking offers on my custom sculpture commission slot which I have opened for this month! I have just two offers at the minute and would love to get more ideas and inspiration from you guys!

I'll be coming to my end decision as to who gets the slot and what I will be ultimately sculpting this Wednesday so you have just two more days to get your ideas and offers submitted!

Here's a quick example of my work and the kind of quality you can expect from this slot ^^

You can find the original offer post HERE!

Thank you and have a wonderful day! =D
Charizard Y: Vampires

Sales reminder + sketch commissions open!

Just dropping by with a sales reminder, plus open sketch commissions. +u+ I haven't added much to my sales post, but there are plenty of things for sale. I'll be out of town from June 22-29, so I'll be shipping this Friday/Saturday. (All payments must be received by early Friday morning!)

Granted sales permission Apr 13, 2012 by entirelycliched. Feedback.

Link: http://aarux.livejournal.com/8352.html

Aaand I'm accepting sketch commissions for this week only! I need something to work on while I'm stuck at my relative's house LOL. I'll work on them while I'm away next week, so all sketches should be finished by the time I return. Slots will be closed indefinitely after this week.

Style shown below, more examples available at my commission page. If you've been wanting a sketch from me, now's your chance! You can order at the below link.

Link: http://aarux.livejournal.com/8125.html

Thanks for looking!! xU

Quick collection update and can someone identify this plush?

Hi everyone! Today I'll be doing a quick update of my collection. My main collection (as a lot of you know) is Takara Tomy figures. I'm trying to collect every single figure they made. I own over 750 different figures now. That's a lot, but I still haven't got them all. The figures I still need are mostly rare, like clear figures, alternative poses, sleeping pokemon and shiny pokemon. I'll be posting a wants list some other time :)
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If someone can help me, I would really appreciate it :D Thank you!

Sales reminder

Tomy Figures

Other figures and items