June 18th, 2015

Offers Reminder!: "Huge Lot Of Kanto Clear Kids" Ends SATURDAY!

G'mornin' peeps!

Just bringing you a quick reminder that my lot of 72 Kanto Clear Kids figures is still up for offers and will be until Saturday!

Either click the above picture or here to go to the original offer page! =)

Just under half of the figures don't have any starting offers at the minute and a lot of the other half are still just at their starting offer price!

Any figures that are left after these offers will not be put into my sales post as originally planned and will instead be bundled up as a lot and put onto eBay!

This is your last chance to buy any single Kids that you may need from this lot so get your offers in before Saturday!

All the best to you all and good luck offerers! =D

Massive Pokemon Trading Figures Group Auction!

We won guys! :D Please be patient while we work out the discounts etc. Payment will be due within 48 hours after the payment post has been made! :)

Hi guys! :) Today we are hosting a very exciting group auction full of lots of rare trading figures! :) These figures are quite rare and always go for a lot when they do appear, so now's your chance to get the one you've been after for a fantastic price! :) Take a look - there might be some you didn't even know had figures! :)

Collapse )You may bid as soon as your desired thread is up! :D All threads are up! Happy bidding! :D

So Miffed! Looking for Sylveon Namco Kid

I messed up my bid on a Theatre Namco Sylveon kid, and missed out on it for a super good price. ;'_';

The one I'm talking about is the standing kid figure you could only get when the Genesect movie was running, and it came blind packaged in crane games.

Image credit to slothyshroom. Let me know if I need to remove it!

If anyone does find one for a relatively good price (and definitely not the one currently up on eBay for $75, that's ridiculous), I'd be interested in buying it. Having one slip by has fueled my desire to have this elusive kid!

Pokemon of the Week - Wurmple Line!

Yes that's right folks, Pokemon of the Week is back! And you know what that means, it means get those cameras rolling because we want to see your pokemon.

The rules are simple, you can post pictures, discuss how awesome this pokemon is and look for merchandise! Please remember to keep it on topic, by which I mean all about the Wurmple line. The pokemon of the week consists of the entire evolution line, so in this case we have 5 pokemon!

does this look like the face of mercy to you?

Stagnant Collector's Weeding Sales

Hello Pokemon Collectors! Does anyone remember me?? I have an awful habit of being really active, then disappearing for months. I think it's been almost a year since I made a post. >_<

However, the reason I am making this post is this: I have been very stagnant in my Pokemon collecting for the past year. Idk, I just wasn't focusing on Pokemon, and was more focused on my anime figure and Monster High doll collections.
But Pokemon is still the most important collection to me. Why was I neglecting it? Well I realized that I just wasn't satisfied with my collection. I had too many things that I wasn't attached to.
And here I am to try and fix that! I am weeding A LOT of my collection, and going to try and re-do it in a sense.

So without further adieu, here are my weeding sales. (I may be adding more. Like I said, I'm really trying to cut down, and get different items that I will like more.)

Pkmn Sales Banner

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Thank you all so much for looking!

Looking for Some Wants!

Hello everyone!
I just have a couple of wants I was hoping someone here would be able to help with =]

The first is this sweater:

Probably in a Medium (I usually take a US men's small, so a medium would be best I think). All the ones on eBay are like $90. Is there any chance of me finding one cheaper? I don't know what the price was in store.

I'm also looking for the male pikachu charm from this set:

I know it may be hard to find someone willing to split a set, so I might be willing to buy the whole set too depending on the price.

I live in NY, USA for shipping purposes.

Thank you everyone!
my pumpkin

Wants: Pumpkins and duckies!! Maybe palkia too...

Heeyyyyy, so I have exactly $13.50 to spend (Nothing more, nothing less)! So I thought I'd turn to y'all for a wants post :)

I'm looking for a couple of things:
-ducklett and swanna kid
-ducklett mpc
-swanna mpc
-fuzzy tomy psyduck
-pumpkaboo/gourgeist charm
-pumpkaboo kid

(I know a couple of y'all have these for cheap, but shipping sometimes shoots me over, sorry!)

Thanks all!
Hope everything is wonderful :)

More flat sales + gold raichu pan sticker offers

Got a few new flat items for you so be sure to take a look in my sales post at the bottom ;D
Heres a little peek at some of the flats I got from the lots that arrived from Y!J
Collapse )

I got this gold border Raichu pan sticker in with my lot, and to be honest I have no idea about prices and stuff so I'm putting him up for a 24hr offers auction! :>
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Check out both pages to find new flats at the top!
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>>>>>> CLICK HERE FOR PAGES <<<<<<

>>>>>> CLICK HERE FOR FLATS <<<<<<
Plush, Latios, custom, pokemon

Eievui Collection T-Shirt Size and some gets

Good evening everyone! I got some items this wekk that I was pretty excited for :)
The fuzzy Lucario from poke_zula and some adorable items from the Pokemon Time Eievui Collection from allinia ^-^


One of the items I got was the Eevee blind bag T-shirt. A lot of people were wondering what size these shirts were so I took a picture of me wearing it. I'm a men's Small and it's pretty baggy on me but it's definitely comfortable. I got my boyfriend to try it on (who is a XL) and it fit but was too tight. So I'd say that the Eievui Collection blind bag T's are a men's L. So I hope this helps ^-^

kyogre needs a new home!

Hey all! Just have a quick sale today, I should have a gets post soon! I'm slowly weeding my collection down to my main collections, but it's hard to part with things...which is why I keep having these tiny sales posts ^^;; As such, Mr. Kyogre Pokedoll needs a new home, anyone looking to adopt? :)

The adoption fee is $50 shipped (open to offers), and as you can see, he's very well fed:

Collapse )

Please give him a new home! (MWT, US Minky Velboa (derp))

Also looking for a metal Dragonair figure! Any and all colors :) (image credit dragonrider49)


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Super Short Intro + Looking For

Hi I'm maybee, and I joined this community about a week ago, though I was lurking for about a week before then. Since then, I have basically spent all my free time on here, ebay, and yahoo!japan. I probably visit here at least eight times a day. It's quite addicting. Just window shopping for things makes me happy :3

I don't have a set collection in mind yet, but I am looking for this guy!

The New Year 2014 Kagami Mochi plush from the Pokemon Center

I know there are some on ebay, but a lot of those feature stock images, and that makes me leery, So I'd like to see if anyone on here has one for sale first.

Thanks for your time! Nice to meet you all!