June 19th, 2015

new gets (: + question

Hello there! today I got a package from herar (thanks again hah)
is my first buy on Pokemoncenter.com <3

not much but with this I finally start my Kyogre collection! (in process)

[little kyogre cole]

something was strange in the Petit Dedenne... I always thought that there was only one tag

but what is that? a re-realese?
[my dedenne tag]

It sound a little stupid but kinda dissapointed if you know what I mean, the color one was so beautiful ;-;

thanks for read!
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Lots of Kid Figures Up For Trade . ~

For personal reasons, I've decided to let go of my kid figures. I've kept some of my favorites, but I will be letting go of quite a bit of them.
I was just going to throw them into a lot and sell them on eBay, but I figured the community might want some of them, so why not?

I would prefer the trading to be done within the US, but will make exceptions if we trade quite a bit between us. ~

Everything can be found under the cuts.

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Pokemon Center June Pickups Information Post (& Necklaces!!!)

Hello community! (・ω・)ノ☆

Beginning tonight, I'll be going on summer vacation through the beginning of July, and before I leave I wanted to make an informational post about all upcoming/future pickups.  Hopefully this will premptively answer any questions I may get when I am away!

First off, in case you missed my comments or updates on the original post(s) -- anyone with an Eevee Collection or I Love Eevee pickup request has been contacted with a total, and anything paid for has been shipped! If you believe I missed you, please contact me immediately so we can hopefully work out the problem before my trip!!!

  • Eevee Collection Additional Pickups: I will continue to pick up any Eevee Collection promotion stuff that's still around in the Centers once I get back to Japan in early July, but there's no telling what will still be in stock by then. That said, I do have plenty of extras on hand (especially rubber straps & tins) that I'll be putting up for regular sale when I am back.

  • Hiroshima Center Pikachu Mascot Goods: At this time, I have no intention of offering future pickups for the upcoming Hiroshima Pikachu Gyarados goods, as I will be away when they are released and the popular stuff will probably be gone by the time I am back to Japan.

  • Narita Airport Pokemon Store Pickups: I mentioned off-hand a couple of places that I would consider doing pickups for the limited Narita Airport Pikachu goods when I pass through, but I've ultimately decided that I just want to relax when travelling today and not worry about pickups.  I'll still consider doing them on the way back!

  • K.uno Order Made Eevee Necklaces: This is what everyone has been waiting for, right?  For anyone who has inquired about these and was only met with a vague answer until now I apologize, I vowed for the sake of my sanity that I wouldn't start offering these until all I Love Eevee & Eevee Collection orders were completed... which they now are, so I will open up necklace slots today!

Right now I am offering the silver variant only and they will be $185 shipped each.  This price includes everything -- the necklace cost + tax, EMS shipping with tracking and insurance, international money transfer fees, and my standard 20% commission.

Payment is due in full upfront as that's when the Center requires it, but I won't be placing the orders until after my trip, so you have a couple of weeks to prepare if you need :)  The Center stops accepting orders on July 12th and I will continue to take slots up until that point.  Because these are made-to-order, your order is guaranteed after payment is sent!

I'll be taking slots in groups of 10 (as that's how many I can order at a time) but as long as I don't get an extreme amount of demand I should be able to make multiple trips and get everyone's no problem :)

If you have any questions at all about anything, please don't hesitate to ask!  Thank you all so much as always ♡
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Auction Reminder & Sales Update

Reminder for Movie Merch (Part 1), Game Merch, MIP All Around Auction which ends tonight at 10PM EST!

Click the preview image below to be redirected to the thread. There's still quite a few postcards and other items that have not received bids or are still on their starting bids so be sure to check it out.

As some of you might already know, this is just the first batch of movie merch that I'm putting up for auction. I still have lots more and other items incoming that will be featured next time. If you want to receive first word of my next update, feel free to ask me to tag you in the comments or you can watch my Twitter for an early announcement. (If you follow me from here, let me know so I can follow you back!)

I made a few updates to my sales post and snuck in a few thing, /edited a few pictures, and adjusted some prices. If you're bidding on items from my auction and you've decided that you would also like to buy something from any of my various sales or previous auction posts, let me know and I'll hold the item(s) for you. If you're still on the fence about buying something until the auction is over, hey, that's cool too! I'll ask for any final additions at the end of the auction.

The banners below will redirect you to my *main* sales posts. Enjoy! :)
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grail get! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ + more

Hello, friends! Today, I'd like to present my newest (and most difficult, haha) ★ grail get ★ . It's a very precious item that I honestly didn't think I'd ever own. And as usual, I have a stockpile of gets to feature. |D

Take a look if you'd like!

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I'll finish up with a link to my collection site. I'd love to add some new sites to my links page, if you'd like to affiliate. Click the banner to go! +u+
Aaand quick reminder for my custom sketch commissions, over here. I'll stop accepting orders on Monday~ Hope you all have a nice day/night!

Last second sales

Hi guys, I'd like to give the comm another shot at these items before I move to ebay.

Biodew28 sales policies:

I recieved sales permission from entirelycliched in July 2013


-All prices are usd
-Items must be committed on by Sunday 10am 06/21/15 MST
-Prices DO include shipping and fees. What you see is what you pay.
-USA buyers only
-Payment by paypal only
-First person to commit has priority on the item.
-I am not responsible for post office mistakes
-I ship from UT, USA
-Feel free to haggle, but don't be offended if i decline.

NOTE: My house has cats that don't touch my collection, but those with severe allergies be warned!

The items:

1:1 Froakie PC Plush MWT $55 shipped
Large Banpresto Blastoise Plush MWT $90 shipped
Canvas Squirtle Plush MWT $28 shipped.

Thanks for looking!

French Double Crisis Pickups? - GB Interest? - Card Wants - Korean XY 5 Box Livestream

Hi, Everyone!

- I was wondering if anyone has French Double Crisis cards for trade/sale? Or if someone would be willing to be a middleman for a French card website (not sure what my options are...I was thinking of checking the France Ebay). I'm only missing Walrein to complete the non-RH set and I'd also like to find the RH versions of Magma's Poochyena and Magma's Mightyena.

- Another community member and I have been discussing possibly doing a Group Buy for the Pikachu Make Believe Magikarp/Gyarados Promo TCG sets that are releasing next week. I was wondering how many people would be interested in something like that? Basically, we would be separating out the items (ie - the 2 promo cards, booster packs, card sleeves, etc) in the sets so that people that only want an item or two are able to get what they want without having to pay for the whole thing.

- Reposting my top English card wants here in case anyone has them for trade/sale -

Espeon - Aquapolis - 11/147 - Reverse Holo
Espeon EX - EX Unseen Forces - 102/115
Espeon Star - POP Series 5 - 16/17 - this card is probably too expensive for me to afford
Flareon - Legendary Collection - 10/110 - Holographic
Flareon - POP Series 3 - 2/17 - Non-holo
Flareon EX - EX Delta Species - 108/115
Glaceon Lvl X - Majestic Dawn - 98/100
Jolteon - Legendary Collection - 14/110 - Reverse Holo
Jolteon - POP Series 3 - 3/17 - Non-holo
Umbreon - Aquapolis - 41/147 (and/or H29/H32) - Reverse Holo
Umbreon - Skyridge - H30/H32 - Holographic
Umbreon EX - EX Unseen Forces - 112/115
Umbreon Star - POP Series 5 - 17/17 - this card is probably too expensive for me to afford
Vaporeon EX - EX Delta Species - 110/113
Arcanine - Skyridge - H2/H32 - Holographic
Arcanine - HGSS 1/123 Non-Holo Alternate Print from Ember Spark Theme Deck
Ninetales - Aquapolis - H19/H32 - Holographic

And possibly - Ninetales - HGSS 7/123 Cracked Ice Holo from Blister Packs - I'm not sure if they all have the Undaunted symbol error

- And now the real reason for this post. This beautiful box arrived in the mail today -

That's 5 Korean booster boxes (and 3 extra Furious Fist packs that the seller included) - X, Y, Wild Blaze, Rising Fist, and Phantom Gate. SO that's 150 booster packs. lol. I already opened the 3 extra ones because I couldn't stand it. I got Glaceon and holo Pangoro. I'm not sure if I'll be opening all 5 boxes or if I'll just open the X and Y boxes today and save the rest for next week.

Hopefully, Livestream will behave this time. Last time, I had to switch websites so we'll see how it goes. I'll update this post if I end up having to switch locations.

Livestream Link As usual, my dogs will probably make an appearance at some point. My livestreams are silent, so don't worry about your sound. I will be typing in the chatroom as "maitaidelight" or "risha."

I will edit this text once the Livestream starts. Which should be around 3:25 pm Eastern Time. (about 5 minutes after the original posting) Livestream is finished! Thanks to everyone that stopped by! I ended up opening all 5 boxes. See below for some of the highlights.

Any duplicates or cards I don't collect will be available for trade/sale after I finish sorting through them. So, if there's something from these sets you'll be interested in or if you see something you like during the Livestream, please comment here and I'll let you know if it is available. ^^

Taking a quick break after the first two boxes since the tips of my fingers are numb after 60 packs. lol.

Some highlights:

X - Venusaur EX, M Venusaur EX, Skarmory, and both Vivillion prints.
Y - Blastoise EX, Emolga EX, and Furfrou.

And the rest:

Wild Blaze - This was the most disappointing box. No Charizards and only one EX (Kangaskhan). I did pull Milotic and a bunch of other holos though.
Rising Fist - M Heracross EX (which will be available for trade/sale), Seismitoad EX, and Sylveon (and Eevee, Glaceon, and Leafeon. XD!)
Phantom Gate - Gengar EX and M Gengar EX. (Also two copies of Jamming Net which I'm not sure I'll keep). Didn't pull a Mightyena, so that was kinda sad.

Got lots of other holos from both sets but those were my favs. :D

~ Risha

Big Bandai Blowout GA Reminder + Sales + Trade?

Hey guys, just a reminder that the Big Bandai Blowout GA will end at 6AM tomorrow morning! There are tons of awesome clear and shiny kid figures in this lot, and some of them are still at relatively low bids! Competition is stiff, so get those bids in soon.

I also lowered the prices on some of my sales, and the stampers that didn't get any bids in my last auction are now up for straight sale for a bit under their starting prices. If you pay today, I can ship out tomorrow; otherwise I can't ship till next weekend. Please do take a look!

Lastly, I got a blind packaged eevee time t-shirt today!... And got my absolute last choice D; Sorry Eevee, you're still cute, buuut..

If anyone is interested in trading any eevee time merch for this guy, let me know! I am potentially interested in any merchandise from the line, not just shirts. Though I'd want the values to be more or less equal.

What have your eevee time blind package experiences been like?
I think I'm addicted to this promo. I-I didn't know that it would be like this.... I've been bidding on more straps and tins on Y!J, have a sunyshore order of more bind packages on the way, and am pondering an Amazon JP order of more plushes. I'm not even an eevee collector

That's all!! Thanks guys!

Auction post! Ash/Misty/Brock's Pokemon metal charms, Marill Pokedoll, Shiny items, & more!

After much deliberating, I've decided to break up the Ash/Misty/Brock's Pokemon metal charms and auction them separately so people can have a chance at individual pokemon! I also have a lot of other great items for auction with reduced prices and updated my sales with a lot of new items too. Please note that auction items can be combined with my regular sales, but I will not hold items without a commitment to buy! It gets a little too tricky to keep track of holds if someone is dependent upon an auction outcome. Thanks for your understanding with this!

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Please don't bid until all threads are up!

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Lastly, here's my wants at the moment!

no title

Also on my wantlist:
Secret Base Lapras Doll
Christmas Turtwig Pokedoll
Amigurumi Turtwig Pokedoll
Turtwig Pokedoll Lanyard
Pokedoll can badges - inquire for list
Emolga Pokedoll Stamp pin (sparkly version)
Clear Drifloon Kid

WHEW! Thanks for reading!
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Eevee Pokemon Time tin Trades? Question!

So I opened my Pokemon Time tins today! I am missing a couple so if anyone is interested in trading please let me know. <3

I was granted sales permission on 9/24/13 by Allinia
Feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/dezi_kitsune/

Here's what I have to trade:
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Jolteon x2, Umbreon, Espeon, Vaporeon

Here's what I'm looking for in order of priority:
Sylveon, Leafeon, Flareon, Glaceon I may also be interested in straight purchasing the ones I need.

It would be best to trade within the USA. I will send out packages with a tracking number and expect my trade partner to do the same. Thanks for looking!

Question for those of you who have collection websites: It seems like such a daunting task. Where did you start? Also, know anywhere to get cute Pokemon styled backgrounds and things?

I want to make a collection site but I'm feeling overwhelmed about it. >_