June 20th, 2015

Back from vacation! Gets post!

I have returned from my vacation, went to some thrift stores, and had a few packages waiting more me when I got home!

Though I do have one question: Is there a way to track a package I got on fromjapan? I've gotten some stuff in the mail from amiami, but haven't heard anything about my package I got off fromjapan, so I just wanna see the status of that.

Anyways, here's some stuff I got in the mail, and also some stuff I got in stores while on vacation!

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Yoshi! :)

A few new gets and extra amiibo

(First off sorry about the picture quality being a little dark. I've been stuck using a cellphone to take any pics for about a week and a half now since my camera won't shut on.)

Hey everyone. It's been a while since I posted here (Been kind of busy during the past few months), but I have been lurking and checking up on the community from time to time. I'm still collecting Pokemon stuff though and recently got a few new things so I thought I'd share them.

So, I started a bit of a small Primal Groudon/Kyogre collection. Here's my Primal Groudon zukan (Who took a while to put together) and Japanese pre-order figure (Thank you poliwhirl for both of these!), as well as the Primal Kyogre pre-order figure (From eBay).

I'm planning on picking up the big PokeCen plush of these two as well between next month and August to add to the growing mini collection. Also, has there been any news yet on a Primal Kyogre zukan release (Or XY 05 for that matter)?

*Some other recent gets that I didn't get to take a photo of are the Xerneas Pokedoll & Mega Charizard X PokeCen plush*

And now for what has probably took up a lot of my collecting money over the last few months: Amiibo (Currently have 33 in my collection)! Of the Pokemon amiibo that are out I have Pikachu, Charizard, & Jigglypuff. Wasn't interested in getting Lucario or Greninja for my collection though.

With that said however:

I did order a Greninja (While importing a couple of amiibo from Japan for my collection). As well as picking up an extra Jigglypuff from my local Target 3 minutes up the street. I got these extras just in case other collectors might be looking for them. They are both NIB (Jigglypuff is an NA version, and Greninja is a JPN version).

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✿ Good Morning Everyone! ✿

Hello!! :D
Before i go into work today; i just wanted to post a couple small wants!

I just got an ADORABLE furret pokemon time strap for my collection! However, i really want once for personal use as well!!
Please let me know if you have one to sell! I am also looking for the growlithe one! :D I didn't think i would care too much about these straps, but in person they are so much cuter! I like to have 2 charms on each side of my DS XL, and right now it is a little lopsided with only 2 on one side of it! xD

Please let me know if you have these guys and how much you're looking for them! C:
Here are some photos:

tinyzig1.jpg Thank you so much for looking! I hope everyone has a good day! :D <3
Om Nom
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Karuta Card Sales + Offers + Sales Update

Hi everyone! I'm back with some sales! No dice this time. In my hunt for Riolu Karuta cards I won a BW box however the seller mistakenly sent the wrong box and for whatever reason I decided to keep it. I didn't know which box they sent (it was off Y!J and FJ had already packed it away) so it was a complete surprise. There's three Karuta sets I needed to get so I was hoping it was one of the other two. Well....it was but it was the one I wanted the least. xP Ah well. So I'm selling off the rest of the cards. Also have some things up for offers.

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Everything above can be combined with regular sales. They've been updated with new items. Check them out! ~
Sales Banner

Small Weeding Sales!

Hello everyone and happy Saturday :D

I bring to you today some very small weeding sales. I've been doing a lot of thinking about my collection and the limited amount of space I have >< I made the tough decision of letting a few plushes go.

So without further adieu, have some sales!

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Thanks everyone! Have a great rest of the weekend!
Click Char to get to my main sales <3

sales banner2.jpg

Swee and Chika

Collection Weeding, Possible GA!

So I decided that I would combine everything unsold from my sales into one big lot on eBay. I just thought I would post here in case anyone wanted to GA it possibly. If so I can provide more pictures and answer any questions :) I was granted sales permisison on April 20th 2015 by areica96.Here is the link to the auction
  1:1 2009 Pokemon Center Eevee
  Sleepy Froakie
  DX Mew and Mewtwo
  Plusle an dMinun Contest Ribbon Plush

Update, Collection Weeding Lot on Ebay, Possible GA for Members

Hey everbody!

I haven't been as active since March back when I had my Pokemon Kids store open to the comm. If all of you remember, I said that I was going to work on a project and that I'd be back and selling to you guys in no time! Unfortunately, I've hit a bit of a snag monetarily along the way, and due to an extremelt large order cancellation, I am short of the amount I need to finalize everything! SOOOOO, what does this mean? Well, it means that I've meticulously gone through every nook and cranny in my collection, and weeded out things that I can live without in order to help fund my project.

I had quite a few members asking me previously what my project was, and although I can't say everything with certainty yet, I'll post this here as a tiny preview :)

Expect to see alot more of this banner in the near future <3

As for the lot, I am selling it spicifically for this, and although it is a little bit of a bummer to sell them all, I don't mind letting go of these to help finish this project for you guys :) HERE IS THE LINK

Or click on the image bellow!
pokebay 1

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The lot include quite a few Pokedolls, a Custom Wartortle Plush, an angry Pikazard, some Canvas plush, some MPCs, and quite a ton of banpresto crane plushies :)

Hopefully somebody out there would like to GA this lot to the comm, I would be here to answer any questions that the hosts have :)

By selling this lot at the starting bid, I'd be able to fund 70% of what is left to be bought. Also, if anybody ends up buying it for the Buy It Now price, and is also a member on the comm, I will throw in 50 FREE POKEMON KIDS FIGURES :D

All the best guys,

- Jaydee
Gary and Eevee


Hi guys. I am downsizing my collection due to moving soon and I have some nice goodies I am parting with. I am selling some of my Pokemikke collection, Heroine goods, and plushies. As well as some flat items.

Crazy day at the Pokemon Center

Release days are always busy but today was nuts as they re-released some Pokemon TCG items together with the release of the monthly Pikachu as well as the new batch of pokedolls.

The dolls are a bit bigger than I thought; they are basically the same size as the pikachu. I think the totodile looks a bit funny with the eyes :/

But what most people were after were these re-released sleeves and deck box as well as the new Hoopa and Heroine ones.

I think it's going to be very crazy for next week's Hiroshima Pikachu/Gyarados TCG items next week!

Summer weeding sales!

Hello~ been heavily cleaning my room and I decided it's time to part with some things so it won't look cluttered anymore Shoulda taken a before and after picture below I have some neat things for sale including a Persian figure! (Say whaaaat???)

Granted sales premisson by allinia on 6-11-14
I have cats but nobody smokes here!
Shipping is from the U.S
I accept only PayPal
USPS is now offering free tracking hooray!!!
I'm willing to ship internationally (Europe, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan.) if you promise to pm me when your package arrives!

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Got some really cool other sales such as cheap wii games and plush :)

Easy Blanket Display Guide!

A few nights ago I was puzzling over how I could fit the Pikachu/Eevee/Sylveon blanket into my collection without draping it or having it flop over the rest of my stuff (as like many I don't have a whole lot of room), and I came up with a solution I think is good enough to warrant a little how-to guide- with cute illustrations! :D

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As always, I'm looking for small Sylveon things and flats, and can trade stuff from my sales HERE or do a lil' custom in return (which you can find examples of HERE)
Thanks for reading! ( o w<)/
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Psyduck, Claydol, Human Wants + Questions.

Hello, as the title says I'm looking to buy some Psyduck, Claydol, Human related wants. Shipping would be to TX, USA.
- x2 Psyduck keychains/straps/charms/(top priority)
- Claydol Strap (under the cut)
- Atom, Ethan, Blue (remake) and Apollo merchandise

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Questions: Does anyone here collect any pokemon human merch? How hard is it? ;x;)
I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the hellish task.