June 21st, 2015

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pokedoll collection

For the longest time I'd been meaning to make a stand for my Pokedolls, and when I happened to find an unused piece of foam board while clearing out my closet, I figured "why not?"

I'm pretty happy with the result! I used a single 20" by 30" Elmer's foam board, some tape, and a few pieces of yarn. It holds 10 Pokedolls pretty comfortably, and an additional 5 can be placed in front of it.
Would anyone be interested if I made a tutorial for this?

advice? + collection update!

Hello everyone! <3
I hope this is ok to ask ~ I recently purchased a Nintendo 3DS XL and I wanna know, can I decorate it with Pokemon stuff? Charms, covers, cases, stickers, etc? I googled but couldn't find much. I know there's a gorgeous PC sylveon case but I think it's only compatible with a regular 3DS. :c
So I would really love for you to share pictures of your decorated 3DS XL! Or direct me to any decor/merch. Maybe you could try to sell me something! ;)

Anywayyyy! I haven't posted in a while, & I have a lot of new gets to share with you! Including a Grail, handmade shiny plushies, and other grand things! ;p


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So yea, that's it. :)
You can take a look at my Wants List before you go!!
I won't be able to buy much right now, but it would be nice to know if you're selling/willing to hold. ^-^
Thank you for reading! Yall are the best like no one ever was! <3 :p
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Father's Day 30% Discount Off Flats from Japan Sales

Since it is Father's Day, I thought it would be a great excuse to offer a special discount sale to one of my sales threads. But because I know (and hope) that some if not most of you will be spending time with your father today, this will be a two-day sale. It will officially end on Monday, June 22 at 11:59PM EST.

With a special discount sale comes some new rules to be implemented, so please review these before posting!

Rules for These Sales
- Minimum purchase of $5 (before discount and shipping) for items from the Flats from Japan thread (linked in the banner below) as long as you want to apply the discount.
- The 30% discount only applies to items from the Flats from Japan thread (linked in the banner below). If you would like to combine any items from my other sales threads, I will add the total of those items after applying the discount. The discount also only applies to the items themselves. Shipping will be calculated after.
- Domestic shipping starts at $2.54 for padded envelope & international shipping starts at $1.50 for flats plus Paypal fees. Please do not ask for a quote unless you're ordering many items and/or combining items from my other sales threads. Domestic buyers should ask for a normal envelope if they are okay with no tracking number. I will charge you for the cost of the stamp which is $0.49.
- Committing to an item gives you priority. Committing to an item means you are not inquiring on the condition or shipping cost of an item. Examples include: "(Item) to (location)!" "Could I get (item) to (location)?" Likewise, if you back out of a sale after committing, you will receive negative feedback.
- If you've read and understood the rules and conditions above, please tell me your favorite animal somewhere in your post. Otherwise, click on the image below to be redirected and leave your orders there. Thanks and have a wonderful day! :)

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Sales and Pokedoll opinion time!

Wishing a  good sunday to all of you! :)  This week-end I've added some stuff for sale and also came up with a question that lingered on my mind for a while. Let's get this over with! :3

(click the picture to check out my store. :) )

As for the question... You all know there haven't been Pokedoll releases in quite a while now in Japan. Secret Base Plushes however seem to be a regular thing. So I wondered, are they trying to replace regular Pokedolls with Secret Base ones? If that was the case would you mind, rather want the old designs back, or have both lines continue?

For my part, I wouldn't mind the Secret Base plushes replacing Pokedolls, they seem way more doll like in my opinion and it's a nice bonus that they look exactly like their ingame counterparts. :D Their bigger size also seems to make 'em  even more loveable. <3
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New Items Up for Claims, Eeveelution Pokemon Time Arrival/Payments Information

Hello everyone! :) The Eevees have arrived! (Still waiting on a few things that should arrive tomorrow, but the majority of the stuff is in.) I've started giving everyone their totals. I replied to comments on the original post, so be sure to check back and make sure you pay! If you haven't gotten your total yet, you'll probably be getting it tomorrow evening. Anything that was not originally claimed on the post is available for sale at the same price.

I also was successful in placing the Eeveelution Necklace order! I was able to secure everyone's necklaces, including the ones on the waitlist. :)

Also, I have a few new items up for claims, including some of the new Secret Base charms, and other new items! I also have Eeveelu pop-up notes, and you can claim just a single character's notes instead of the whole set if you like! :) Also, if you're looking for something new that's not pictured but is available on Amazon.co.jp, feel free to let me know and I can see about possibly securing it for you. :) Just ask and I can determine the pricing. 6/29/2015 - Going to be placing a new order including the Magikarp TCG boxes.

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Sunday Art Corner - June 21st to July 19th

Welcome to the Sunday Art Corner, a monthly post where you can share your creations with the community! Here you are permitted to post anything you have created, plushies, sculpts, cosplay, artwork (traditional and digital), writings, etc. Something creative? Post it here! We understand the want to talk to the community about your artwork so this post is going to remain on the sidebar all month for members to use and chat about.

We do have a few rules we would like you to keep in mind.

Absolutely no advertising of any kind is permitted on this post. You will get one warning and then you will be banned from posting here. We are taking this very seriously. This post is meant for discussion and critique, not to gain sales.

Please keep everything Safe for Work. This means any fanfiction needs to be PG or under. We're not here to share your raunchy fanfiction (there are other places for that sort of thing).

Please be respectful of every one posting. We have a wide variety of age groups and talent ranges. If you are here to critique, remember to keep your points valid. "Oh this looks bad" is not a good way to critique and you will be warned and banned from posting for things like this.

If you are looking for critique, please add "Open for Critique" somewhere in your post. Some just wish to show off their artwork while others want feedback on how or what to improve. If someone does not specify then please do not critique.

As always we are trying our best to improve this, if you have any suggestions, questions or concerns please feel free to contact the moderators via Report a Problem

In this post only, any type of art is accepted, not just Pokemon related. We're currently testing the ratio of pokemon to non-pokemon art posted and will change the rules depending on this ratio.

Reminder: Less than 24 hours till Massive Trading Figure GA ends!

Just a quick reminder that the GA for the lot of trading figures will be ending in less than 24 hours! Other people have already begun bidding on the lot so please put in your maximum bid to ensure that we win! :) There are also a lot of figures that have no bids or are still at their starting price, so please click on the link below and place some bids! :) These are rare figures going for amazing prices. Don't miss out!