June 22nd, 2015

Help me fund my pikachu collection sales & offers!

Hello! I really want certain pikachu items releasing soon so I'm letting go of a lot of stuff.

I have rare plushes, tomy figures new in package from the jap release (complete set minus charmander! = I believe 92 packages which some are double packs) also have TCG packs (Gaia volcano and phantom gate soon some bandit ring), pokemon cards & psa cards, huge pikazard plush along with smaller smiley and angry version + mascot.

check cut for pics & prices

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For everything else and prices check my sales post: http://stephysanrio.livejournal.com/5374.html

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Pokemon time pyjama pants sizing help

Hey guys! I know it's been quite a few posts about sizing for the pokemon time clothes on the comm lately, but I don't think I've seen anyone post about the pyjama pants yet? :3
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I know the waist measurements are the following but some thoughts from people who actually have them would be super helpful :D

Women's: 68 ~ 76cm (length 64 cm?)
Men's: 84 ~ 94cm (lenght 70 cm?)

Please click the cut for my questions/thoughts on sizing:
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Thanks for reading! Any help would be very much appreciated! <3
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Finally have my Ultimate Grail! (for now...)

Hi all! I am new here. I once had a ton of plush, but realized I had no room and I ended up selling most of my collection, and frequently post on eBay since I am still downsizing. Despite that, I have also continued adding things to my collection, but it's mostly been more useful things like bags, clothing, and home goods.

Now to the point...
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grail get of small proportions :)

There seem to be a lot of grail gets lately aha I want to congratulate everyone :) Mine isn't as major, but I'm so very happy to be able to own this cutie.

My Pokedolls seem to be crowding around something, I wonder what. Poor Oshawott probably feels left out.

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Now if only I could get a Slowpoke Pokedoll at a decent price!

I hope to update my sales soon as I am in need of funds, but for now I have this guy that I would like to sell for $8 or so shipped within the US :)

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
Mah Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pepperzark/

Thanks for looking :)

Looking for Plush!

Hey everyone!

I am collecting once again.

I am in search of pre-made customs, 12"+ size plush, pillows/blankets, sleeping/lying down plush, Tepigs, and Eevees! Or, if you have something particularly soft, fuzzy, or kawaii... I want to see it.

Thank you so much, everyone! :)

More Tomy Fakes? :/

So a while ago I posted a picture of a Ditto I got from a UK seller. I was unsure whether it was fake or not, so posted on here and surprise surprise it was a bootleg! :/ Now that I've finally found Nidorino and Weepinbell, the last two figures I needed, I thought I should check a couple of other figures I'm suspicious about! :/

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So if these are fakes, as I suspect they are, does anyone have a real Shellder and Cloyster for sale? :) These are defo the last ones I need to replace before my first gen Tomy collection is complete! :)

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Pikachu and Friends Music Party! [Merch Announcement!]

I didn't see anyone else post about these yet, so I thought I'd go ahead and do it ^-^
The promotion, as seen in the title is called the Pikachu and Friends Music Party.
It's another one of those Japanese lotteries.
It seems to be taking place mid-July, from what the rough google translation tells me (Though it also says something about an application through June 19-August 16th. It seems to be something about using Twitter to win the double chance pikachu prize. Again not sure.), but if someone has an exact date I would be very appreciative :)

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Does anyone plan on doing pickups for any of these? I know I'm after the Dedenne pillow and scrunchie, maybe the Pikachu as well.

Extending June Cut Paper Commissions through July!

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Hello everybody. Since nobody claimed any of the slots in my June Cut Paper Commissions post this past month (I don't know if nobody saw it, or what), I thought I'd extend my original commissions post through to the end of July, and sweeten the deal a little bit. In addition to keeping the commission slots open another month, I'm also cutting back prices for this month only! Details can be found in the original updated post.

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Hope to see you there :)