June 23rd, 2015

✿ Last Chance Sales!!!! ✿

Hello everyone!! :D <3

I've been working really hard on my collection website! I was hoping to publish it today, but it still has some work to do, so hopefully next time!

Today i wanted to give everyone a last chance at my sales post!! Until August sometime anyways! I'm going on vacation with my dad for two weeks in July, and then have a third week off which will be dedicated to relaxing, and possibly taking little day trips maybe to the park or the museum of science or something with my boyfriend. C: So that means no more selling, packaging, shipping, anything at all until my time off is over!
June 30th will be the very last day i can ship anything out! So if you want something, please get it now!


Please click here or the precious little spinda to go!~

Also my birthday will be coming up soon, so i'll be posting a wants list hopefully along with my website premiere soon! I'm very excited! >w<

tinyzig1.jpg Thank you all for looking! <3 C:
~ Zigs


Hey ^^
I'm trying to raise as much money as I can in the short amount of time i have, since I will be leaving to California on Thursday! Hoping to buy some Pokemon merch, any store recommendations? I will be having a 70% off sale in my storenvy. Use the code "pkmncollectors" to get 70% off on all items. All sales come with a freebie as well! This offer will end at 8:00 PM PST. I will ship all orders tomorrow! My store will be closed afterwards~ Check out the shop :3 @ http://flygon.storenvy.com/
Oh yeah I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 14/4/2013.
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Small collection weeding and finally a collection update!

Hey everyone! I bring to you some small sales from my collection of some Pokemon I am no longer collecting. I figure instead of hoarding these items, someone who is serious about collecting these could use them! ^_^  There's some Absol, Skitty, and Xerneas items as well as some TCG, Stickers, and a few flats.

I also have some photos to share of how I had my collection displayed in some display cases awhile back. They're back on my shelves sadly, but for the time being it was nice!

Sales Permission was granted by Denkimouse on 11/30/2010
Feedback link is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/eevee_evs_lover/


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More slots open for drawing commissions! <3

Hello everyone :) <3

I´m just posting because I finished all commissioned drawings from my post last month, so I can open new slots! Yay!
I also make a big change about my commission rules, so you have more options and a better pricing! ^-^ As it was in my last post, shipping & paypal fees are free! Also I have more pokemon examples now.
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Thank you all for reading this and have a great day! ^_^

New collection started! Japanese Pokemon Petit plush!

Hey all! I don't really post much, I think this is my second post ever. So if I seem new to you, no worries, I am just a bit of a lurker. I collect plush toys for the most part.

So! I recently moved into a new place and I don't have the luxury of space to store a lot of my collection, so I thought I would downsize for the bigger plush I have and then start a new collection of smaller plush! So I thought, hmm, which plush are small enough to display but still really cute? The Pokemon Petit collection, of course!

So I made up this quick little chart for keeping track of my collection. Used the Trozei Pokemon art for the pictures. Check it out in my journal here!

(They were in gen order but I forgot about Shaymin and Gulpin, whoops! Also I THINK this is all of them, feel free to let me know if there are more)

So I have only 5 at the moment, these guys here:

Milotic, Raichu and Bulbasaur are on their way to me now!

But I'm aiming to get all of them, so if you are selling any for a good price let me know!

Also, I'm always on the look out for the Banpresto Kecleon plush released in 2001.

Deoxys & Friends GA [Time expansion] + Sales Plug

Hiya everybody! Dezi and I have been given extra time on the Deoxys and Friends GA so we're just continuing on the original posts. The new end time ends just tomorrow! Come check it out! 8D Everything is still super cheap!

Click on the banner below! v

and also I've updated both sales of anime + pokemon!

Thanks everybody!
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Pokemon workdesks~! + eBay lots + Sales!

Hey all, I've got a couple lots on eBay right now~

Click for Pikachu lot

Click for Shaymin lot

My ebay listings ship to US addresses only so you will need to commit to BIN prices directly from me if you want international shipping, and also by committing directly I can discount ebay fees from the BIN amount (US buyers definitely welcome for this as well of course!)

And.. was wondering if anyone else here who works at an office desk get the opportunity to deck them out with Pokemon swag? XD;; I understand that most places aren't secure enough to put any particularly valuable swag around, but I'm sure there's plenty of opportunity to display art at the least, like posters, etc. I'd love to see them pokeOffices!

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And sales plug!

Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )
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Card Sales

Greetings collectors! I'm here to peddle my wares, and my wares are TCG cards, and only TCG cards, for the time being. I don't have any cards from the newer sets yet, but I do have cards from all the way in the beginning with Base Set up to as recent as Phantom Gate. Click here or on the banner above to go to my sales post. Thanks!

A Quick Question?

Hey everyone!
So, I'm here with a quick question- I was googling a Meowth UFO that I'm after, and it turned up this guy-

The description didn't give much info, other than it's tagless, and supposedly from 1998.
I'm no expert, but it kinda looked a bit like a mirage to me. The old Play by Plays have plastic eyes and this one... is just frankly kinda derpy.
Has anyone else seen one like this before?
Any help is appreciated!
~ Ebon
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Small gets & trades

Hey, guys.

My gets are under the cut, the trades below. ~

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Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/synysterxskittl/


And, I still have about 150 or so kid figures up for trade here: http://synysterxskittl.livejournal.com/4051.html

Please take them away. xD; I'm willing to trade a ton of these figures for a tiny bit in return, I just kinda want them gone. Don't be shy, just offer whatever you've got and I'll see what we can do. ^^


I got the rest of my pokemon time purchases in the mail today so I thought I would show off all my glaceon time merch now that they are all together!

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So now that the horrors of the eevee promo are over, what pokemon would you guys like to see in the next pokemon time promo? Personally I'd love to see raikou *v*

And last but not least, here's a link to my sales post~

Have a nice day!~   :D

Extra Eevees! And gets! And wants!

Hi all! Everyone should have their totals now from the Mega Eeveelution Claims Post. If I missed you for whatever reason, please message me and I'll get you a total straight away. Most paid items have already been shipped out, too! :) So expect your Eevees in the mail very soon.

I'm so thrilled with my own gets! <3 I'm a light Umbreon and Flareon collector, so I mostly kept their items. I have everything except the Umbreon T-shirt and the Flareon candy tin. If anyone has those and is looking to trade for something on my post, please let me know! <3 Also, for those who have un-bedazzled their tins, did you just peel the rubbery part off easily? I feel like it will come off without a problem, but want to be sure before I try. XD;

<3 That Secret Strap!

And since I ended up with a few extra Eeveelu items, including T-shirts and Candy Tins, I've made a new post for these! Can be combined with anything from my sales post or from my recent new item claims post. (I also have new items available on the claims post.) Sorry, but pre-existing Eeveelu orders have already been shipped and/or packed for the post part, so they cannot be combined! ;.;

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Also! I got a TON of mini models again. If you're a 151 collector, let me know and I can sort out the ones you may be looking for. :)

Thanks for looking! <3